Chapter 1121: A Time of Chaos

The colossal, golden titan looked like the Ancient Emperor, but it was definitely not him.

The way Wu Yu saw it, this was no Spirit of the Universe, but something else that he was familiar with.

Which was: a puppet.

That's right, this golden titan was just like the Black Phoenix. It was made out of precious treasures, metals, and valuables. He was very sure that it was a puppet.

But without question, from the awesome pressure that this golden titan was exuding, the golden titan was much stronger than the Black Phoenix.

In its hands, it held two different mystical weapons, made of the same material as its body. They could be said to be a part of its body.

However, the weaponized parts would definitely have more spirit designs, and many Offensive Spirit Designs. Its deadliness might even be solely concentrated in these two huge weapons, which were probably similar to seraphic dao treasures.

The weapon in its right hand was a huge, golden sword, currently blazing with golden flames. Within the sword, there seemed to be huge quantities of tiny fireballs spinning, like a galaxy.

The weapon in its left hand was like a crescent moon. A midnight blue, and gleaming with crystal light. It was breathtaking, but the blade was extremely keen. This blue, curved blade was just as deadly as the huge, fiery sword, and perhaps even a little more chilling.

A golden titan that reached to the skies, appearing at the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower. Two huge weapons, its feet firmly planted in yellow sand, and debris that turned to powder when it battered against its body. One could see the golden titan from almost anywhere on the first level just by lifting one's head....

At the first level, which had been silent for a long time, this sudden uproar had stunned the tens of thousands of people who had been gathered here.

Panic and terror swept through their ranks, including those who had come in pursuit from above. Everyone was massing near the golden titan. The bolder ones continued to inch forward, while the more timid ones watched from a distance. Many had clearly seen that the golden titan had transformed from a gigantic Yan Huang Golden Bead.

This point alone was enough to drive them wild.

Wu Yu, Prince Yu, and the others had also seen this transformation clearly.

At this time, given their strength, they would definitely not act rashly. They knew that this transformation promised deadly risks.

"It actually changed into a puppet!" At the Heaven Devouring Avatar's side, Prince Le's face made the transitions between panic, blankness, and anxiety. He turned pleadingly to Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. "Do you have any ideas? What should we do? Does killing it mean the Yan Huang Golden Bead will be obtained?"

"Don't be hasty, Prince. No one knows what's going on. Best to observe quietly." Wu Yu was still quite unruffled.

"Don't let others seize the advantage," Prince Le nagged. His eyes were glued to the golden titan.

"No one can seize an advantage. I even came into contact with the Yan Huang Golden Bead last time, but still did not manage to obtain it. Speed does not mean you will get it."

Actually, Wu Yu was also racking his brains. How could he succeed?

Now that the Yan Huang Golden Bead had transformed, was Prince Le's speculation right? Would defeating this golden titan equal possession?

That was not certain. Therefore, he saw that Prince Yu and the others were all hesitating.

"Don't go near if you don't want to die. Even we do not dare to go close. Do you want to die?" At this time, Prince Yu roared loudly. Actually, some Yan Huang Tribe members had been moving closer than even Prince Yu and the others. They were uncaring of their strength, even the ones at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. The golden titan seemed a little disoriented from its transformation, but was already scanning those around it.

Wu Yu saw killing intent in its eyes.

Despite Prince Yu's command, there were still a few who did not know what was good for them. They were probably members of other tribes, ghostly cultivators, or sea region demons who did not respect Yan Huang Tribe. They wished to seize the initiative. They were probably also thinking that any who defeated this golden titan would obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

For many, this was their only chance. The mysterious appearances of the Yan Huang Golden Bead previously had been far beyond their abilities. 

And once the clamor began, the rush to get ahead would begin.

Even those who were relatively calm could not resist moving towards the Yan Huang Golden Bead after they saw thousands rush up. With fire in their brains, they also joined the rush forward.

Wu Yu took it all in.

In a flash, there were thousands of people swarming the golden titan like ants. Many were even closer than Wu Yu and the others!

Wu Yu could only describe this as moths drawn to a flame.

As expected, given his understanding of puppets, this golden titan might very well require a ninth tier Dao Querying cultivator to be defeated!

Suddenly, many martial cultivators and demons sent attacks towards the golden titan. A few demons even changed to their true forms, intent on duking it out with the golden titan.

Ting, ting, ting!

The golden titan seemed to have been buried under all sorts of dao techniques, mystiques, and dao treasures.


A flash of golden light, a blast of sapphire light. The gleaming blades whirled and a cacophony of howls sounded out. The martial cultivators and demons from before were currently fleeing in fright!

They made good haste in their escape. Luckily, many people had not gotten that close yet. The closest ones were currently screaming. Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold. By his estimation, more than 100 had died, and the golden titan was completely unharmed.

If not for their distance, or their hasty escape, more would have died. Everyone was dispersing like a swarm of bees, and the golden titan was like a nightmare in their midst.

Those with a little more sense would not join the bandwagon. Seeing Prince Yu and the others watch from afar while making no moves, they knew they should not charge up impulsively.

"The defenses of the golden titan are formidable."

Wu Yu marveled. He could see that there had been a few fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators in the mix. Their attacks had hit the golden titan. Given the Offensive Spirit Designs on their advanced dao treasures, they had only managed to brush some dust off the golden titan.

Most fearsome of all was that the small gashes quickly disappeared. Apparently, the golden titan had automatic regeneration as well. It was basically the Invincible Vajra Body.

When the golden titan's fiery sword scythed through them, many demons and martial cultivators were burned to ash. This cooled the survivors down abruptly. Knowing that they were out of their depth, they retreated sensibly.

The area around the golden titan was vacant now. Many had hidden far away in fright. To them, death was but a thread's width away.

More and more people were gathering at the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower. Everyone looked at the golden titan, wide-eyed with stirring hearts.

The people at Windy Fiery Skies Platform were just as shocked as they were. When the huge fireball had landed in the first level, they saw that all nine mirrors had merged into one huge mirror, and lit up, including the ninth mirror.

The huge mirror that was formed was completely trained on the fireball. Everyone saw it transform into the semblance of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

"Should be a puppet."

"The Yan Huang Golden Bead seems to have changed. Or rather, its change was stimulated. Perhaps it is very dangerous, but this might be the only way to obtain it."

"Is the Ancient Emperor really testing their fighting power? And in such a chaotic setting. If that's the case, then whoever emerges from this messy battlefield with the Yan Huang Golden Bead is indeed something special."

The grandeur of the scene took the audience's breath away, especially since they saw the likes of elite experts like Xuan Jinzi, Lan Qi Liu Meng, Prince Diablo, the Yin-Yang Fish, and the Soulful Inner Ape reflected in the mirror.

The Phoenix Supreme saw Nangong Wei at this time. Her sharp eyes quickly noticed that the Nine-Headed Demon King was not by Nangong Wei's side. She remembered commanding the Nine-Headed Demon King to never leave Nangong Wei's side.

She frowned. Without the Nine-Headed Demon King, Nangong Wei would be hard-pressed to move through this mess. The difficulty was immense, nigh impossible.

The Phoenix Supreme was disappointed.

Others were very tense as well. The Dark Sea Emperor had seen Princess You Xue as well. Princess You Xue still remained by King You Ying's side, and they had come through largely unharmed.

But the hundred or so corpses had put a fright into them. This included the younger generation of many powerful countries. If not for the fact that they could not see clearly and identify the dead, many more would be panicking.

"Do you see Wu Yu? It's come so far now. Perhaps he still stands a chance?" One mystical dragon had been searching for a while now.

Luo Pin's eyes glowed, her long hair framing a pair of serene and confident eyes. She said unhurriedly, "No, but he must be nearby. Somewhere not too obtrusive. That is the shrewd decision."

The elders looked at each other, but said nothing. Behind Luo Pin's back, they shook their heads slightly, implying that her faith in Wu Yu was overdone. They felt that she had been driven beyond reason, and was slightly irrational.

But they did not say more. They did not wish to cross her. After all, she was the Lord of the Four Seas. They simply wanted time to pass quickly. When Wu Yu returned, foiled, Luo Pin would naturally be disappointed....

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