Chapter 0112: Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike

He held the crystal in his hand and brushed off the dust to discover that it was a sparkling stone. As for whether or not it was an immortal root, he was not sure.


When he took the crystal, the skeleton crumbled into dust at his touch, falling to the floor and scaring Lan Shuiyue again.

"Ming Long, is this an immortal root?" Wu Yu asked tersely.

"Who allowed a little brat like you to call me by name? I just saved your life. Got nothing from it, eh?" Ming Long blinked her shining eyes.

"...Almighty Dainty Beauty, is this an immortal root?" Wu Yu found those words hard to mouth, but Ming Long adored it.

"This girl is not in a good mood. I'm feeling to lazy to continue this conversation. Don't disturb me, I'm going to sleep." She vanished.

"Alright then...."

Wu Yu could not do anything to her. After calling a few more times, he desisted when she did not deign to respond. He put the crystal into his Sumeru Pouch, then started considering another problem: how to get out?

Lan Shuiyue stared at him from the side, resentful. "It's said that all who discover a treasure have a share. You're just grabbing it for yourself?"

Although she did not think that it was an immortal root, anything that could persist until now had to be something special....

"Say another word and I'll cut your tongue out."

This girl had already caused him considerable trouble, and even tried to kill him. Although that was all behind them now, Wu Yu still detested her. Although they were one man and one woman in the same room, and she was a beauty in her own right, Wu Yu had no stray thoughts.

If he really hooked up with her and could not shrug her off later, that would really be trouble.

An emotional debt was not so easily repaid.

"You! Don't let me get the chance, or I'll make you beg." Lan Shuiyue hugged.

Wu Yu ignored her. He paced the small chamber, observing. Besides the skeleton, he found nothing in the area.

The stone platform in the middle was just rock with nothing special about it.

Wu Yu tapped the surrounding stones, as well as those above and under. They were indeed solid.

"Since the above passage is sealed, does this means that I'm trapped here with no way out?"

This caused him to worry a little.

After all, being trapped in such a deep place to die was also a fairly horrible thing.

"I came down this passage, only to get sealed here. Unbelievable. Who would have done this?"

Wu Yu was still very calm.

On the other side, Lan Shuiyue was also looking. After she came to the same conclusion, she abruptly sat on the floor and burst into tears again.

"Who would have thought that I, Lan Shuiyue, would be trapped to die in this place! "I...."

She cried in a very miserable way.

"Shut your mouth!"

Wu Yu loathed how noisy she was. His outburst made her stop crying. She shrank in a corner, hugging her knees and weeping. Right before their deaths, she was clearly in no mood to quarrel with Wu Yu.

Wu Yu did not notice.

He was thinking that there might be some mechanism. Once triggered, he could leave the place.

That was why he did not pass up on even an inch of ground. He began to search, knock, and even use his spiritual power to check for any abnormalities.

"If you don't want to die here, come and help."

Lan Shuiyue was not a bad person, just an arrogant one. And her close shave with death this time would definitely have changed her. In response to Wu Yu's encouragement, she obediently joined him to search for a way to leave.

One man and one woman. Their every heartbeat and breath was amplified in the quiet chamber.

Wu Yu was secretly glad that he had pulled her down; otherwise, being down here alone with no living company would overwhelm him with loneliness.

"Perhaps Master, Senior Sister, and the others have presumed me dead, and are mourning me.

"I must get out."

Wu Yu continued to struggle hard, unwilling to give up.

"Auntie....Waaa...." After a few days, their search was fruitless. Every inch had been combed. And when Lan Shuiyue thought of Lan Huayi, she squatted down and wailed.

Wu Yu gritted his teeth and began an even more meticulous round of searching.

"Wu Yu, you bullied me in the past, and I made you kneel. And then there were so many fights that made me want to kill you. And then there was so much death around us. I think... I don't hate you anymore," Lan Shuiyue suddenly said, looking at Wu Yu.

"Suits me." Wu Yu nodded. Being able to alleviate their conflict was a good thing. He did not want to have to deal with her bickering on top of being trapped here.

Thinking of their rough kiss, Lan Shuiyue could not muster any hate. An idea suddenly came to her, and she lifted her head to look at Wu Yu. Although she did not say anything, her eyes never left him.

"What are you looking at me for?" With only the two of them around, any look or action on her part did not escape Wu Yu.

"Who's looking at you? Shameless." Lan Shuiyue hurriedly averted her gaze. In the corner, her skirt was covered in mud, but her beautiful features could not be so easily sullied.

"Turn your head. You're not allowed to peek. I'm going to change clothes," Lan Shuiyue said.

"Even if you wanted to show me, I wouldn't want to look."

Wu Yu was not thinking of her body at all . He knew that what they had gone through might have raised some goodwill for him, but Wu Yu did not like her. Even in this underground world, he would not cave in.

Tap, tap!

Wu Yu tapped on the walls ceaselessly.

"We're doomed." Lan Shuiyue was very pessimistic.

"Just stop talking."

The more pessimistic she got, the more frustrated Wu Yu became. Since he could not find any mechanism to leave, he got angry. He whipped out the Demon Subduing Staff and laid into the surrounding rock.

"If there's no way out, I, Wu Yu, will beat a path out!"

Bang, bang, bang!

The rock crumbled around them.

Lan Shuiyue screamed in fright, retreating to her corner again. She looked at Wu Yu in shock.

After a while, the stone had been battered and fell to Wu Yu's feet.

"There's something here!"

Three of the walls were ordinary stone and crumbled to the Demon Subduing Staff. Logically, if Wu Yu could continuously attack these three walls, then he could bash his way out.

But in such a deep place, they would probably die along the way.

After Wu Yu smashed the surface rock, the last wall was actually black and completely smooth. Evidently, it was man-made, and not a natural thing!

It was like finding a light in the night. Wu Yu went into a frenzy to smash all the rock around it. He realized that the wall was actually a stone plaque buried in the space. There was more ordinary rock behind the stone plaque.

An inky-black stone plaque!

Who knew how long it had been buried in the rock?

"Ah!" It renewed Lan Shuiyue's hopes. But after looking at it for a while, she said dispiritedly, "It's just a stone plaque, not a way out. We're still going to die here...."

Indeed, it was just a stone plaque.

And a stone plaque could not help them leave.

To Wu Yu, anything here that was not ordinary rock represented hope for life. He cleaned the dust off the stone plaque and realized that there were words and diagrams carved densely all over it. There were tens of thousands of words.

Lan Shuiyue crowded in for a look. She was startled. "These look like ancient characters. They're a bit different from modern ones, but still legible. These characters existed at least one yuan ago, which is 120,000 years. This means that the skeleton belonged to some ancient person...."

Her face was filled with wonder.

"I see now. This must be the historical remains of an ancient martial cultivator!" Lan Shuiyue said.

"What do you mean ‘ancient martial cultivator?’"

"You're really ignorant, aren't you? Our Dong Sheng Divine Continent has been around for countless years. Throughout this long passage of history, innumerable martial cultivators have lived. For example, this person. This might be the cave in which he trained. Time might have changed the spirit veins and spiritual qi in this place. The spiritual qi might have been very dense here in the past. He was someone who lived one yuan ago, and therefore should be an ancient martial cultivator," Lan Shuiyue said conceitedly.

In this vast world, there were indeed many cave abodes, only, they were difficult to find. It was said that there were many in the Bipo Mountain Range, although the one they were in was probably unknown even to Feng Xueya.

"What do the words say?" Lan Shuiyue was extremely curious. Leaning against Wu Yu's side, her feminine scent assailed his nostrils. And after being seduced by the fox demon, he looked at Lan Shuiyue differently now as well.

"There is only one dao companion for me. I cannot be influenced by her." Wu Yu would find someone who could cultivate with him on the path of dao, his equal in progress. He was clear that Lan Shuiyue was not her.

"Go away. Who said you could look?" Wu Yu glared at her.

Lan Shuiyue flared up. "Wu Yu, you're annoying!"

"So what if I am? Want a beating?"

Lan Shuiyue saw that he was serious, and her heart quailed. The goodwill that was building towards Wu Yu vanished in a flash. She raged, "If we leave here, I'll definitely show you."

Relationship: back to square one.

Wu Yu could not be bothered with her and was immersed in the characters on the stone plaque.

"It's a dao technique."

After perusing it briefly, Wu Yu was surprised.

Lan Shuiyue was peeking from behind, and exclaimed, "An ancient dao technique?"

Wu Yu looked towards her.

She said, "I remember that ancient dao techniques do not have a very high level restriction. Even the mighty ancient dao techniques can be cultivated in the Qi Condensation Realm. Not like now. We can only learn normal dao techniques. Jindan dao techniques can only be cultivated by those of my aunt's level."

Wu Yu had not known this.

He continued analyzing it carefully.

"Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike."

This was the name of the dao technique.

"It's actually a sword dao technique."

This was a pity. He had just left the sword dao, and to think he would find a sword technique here.

And the immortal root crystal that he had acquired was also in a sword shape.

That skeleton must have once been a sword cultivator.

Wu Yu was not a specialist in sword dao techniques.

"Perhaps if I cultivate this dao technique, I can leave this place?" He was thinking that the ancestor had set it up so that he would reach this place. He would not let him die here, trapped.

"Wait, ‘Yin Yang?’"

He seemed to have hit on something.

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