Chapter 1117: Developments in Chaos

Wu Yu naturally did not wish to waste his energy by participating in such a meaningless battle.

Prince Diablo probably wished to capitalize on the mayhem and take his Universal Holy Gourd back from Wu Yu. As well as take revenge.

However, his plan had been derailed, because the Universal Holy Gourd wasn't even here.

Besides, as the place exploded into madness, Wu Yu used Fulgurating Shadows and hid himself in a corner. With his minimized body and the Somersault Cloud, virtually none of the Spirits of the Universe could touch him.

Of course, Prince Diablo did not know where Wu Yu was either.

Actually, it was not very convenient for him to hunt Wu Yu. Like the rest, he had troubles of his own.

The little, golden bead Spirits of the Universe started to shine with golden light after they awoke. They became golden, fist-sized orbs, a little similar to the Green Glows that Wu Yu had encountered in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Like comets, they began to batter wildly against the eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators.


Deafening sounds thundered within the Ancient Soul Tower.

Wu Yu noticed that the eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, Lan Qi Liu Meng, Mu Yunxi, and the others had all used an assortment of techniques to protect themselves, fending off the violent assault.

The attacks of these Spirits of the Universe were truly simple, violent, and effective. The sheer velocity would have leveled a mountain, pulverized until it crumbled. Each time they attacked, you could hear golden lightning battering against the defenses.

One alone would have been manageable, but everyone here was facing hundreds, even thousands of Spirits of the Universe. They continued to ricochet wildly and flash with golden lightning. Some of the Spirits of the Universe were hit and exploded, shattering. Wu Yu thought that this signified their deaths, but the broken light reassembled anew in a flash, and regained their shape!

No wonder they had warned everyone repeatedly before. These Spirits of the Universe were indeed frightening. Wu Yu saw that everyone was being pummeled. They might not be in danger of death, but they would suffer great losses in this fight, especially since the Spirits of the Universe attacked them recklessly.

The entire space was a criss-cross of golden light and lightning. Naturally, there were also counterattacks from the experts. They could destroy dozens of Spirits of the Universe with each attack. They all had their own elite seraphic dao treasures to fight with, but the battle was too unruly. The Spirits of the Universe continued to regenerate, and they would be held down for quite a while.

Perhaps the only one that was completely fine was Wu Yu. He was unobtrusive and very few of the Spirits of the Universe noticed him. If they did, he was able to dodge them with Fulgurating Shadows. It was a superb movement that constantly allowed Wu Yu to reposition. Although he had been caught by the flashing, golden lightning a few times, it was nothing serious.

Prince Diablo was searching for him as he fought. Wu Yu felt like laughing at his worked-up face.

Wu Yu ignored him. He used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look around. He had not noticed anything special when the place was peaceful, and had only understood the mysteries superficially.

In its unordered and messy state, only he could benefit from this. Therefore, he would use this opportunity to explore the eighth level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

Of course, he did not hold much hope. He was completely befuddled regarding the Yan Huang Golden Bead, and at a loss as to its whereabouts.

"It is miraculous that the Ancient Emperor has so many Spirits of the Universe in the Ancient Soul Tower."

The tens of thousands of golden beads had not lessened at all after a quarter of an hour. It was uncanny.

If they could not rebirth, these elite martial cultivators, ghostly cultivators, and demons would have killed all tens of thousands already.

If this continued, they would one day tire from the ceaseless attacks. They might also slip up. Therefore, they were all very anxious, the princes and princesses included.


Wu Yu had spent much of his time examining the soulstone, or the differences between the walls. After this quarter of an hour, he concluded that nothing had changed.

"So still no leads to go on.... Perhaps I should just stay below and wait for the Yan Huang Golden Bead to appear. Seems more likely...." Wu Yu was a little discouraged.

Thinking of the Yan Huang Golden Bead and all the treasures, and how far he had come, he could not possibly give up when he finally stood such a good chance. It was impossible.

He relaxed a little, watching the battle idly. He had lost all motivation to think about the soulstone.

"Eh?" Wu Yu thought he saw a trick of the eye. In the melee, there was a strange object flickering through for an instant before it disappeared again.

"Could that thing be...." A flash of understanding, and Wu Yu tensed up. His entire concentration poured into his vision, and he also used the third tier of the Somersault Cloud. This time, Wu Yu entered the fray, ducking, weaving, and searching.

"Could I have been mistaken?" He also had doubts. After all, all the little, golden beads here looked the same. It was plausible that he had seen wrongly.

But he felt like there was a possibility, and so he continued to search. Amidst the teeming fighters and golden beads, he looked for the object that he had briefly glimpsed.

It was the Yan Huang Golden Bead. In truth, when Wu Yu had entered, he had thought the entire place was littered with Yan Huang Golden Beads.

These little golden beads resembled the Yan Huang Golden Bead, even down to the golden glow. The only difference was that the Yan Huang Golden Bead did not have organs like eyes or a mouth, and also did not make sound.

It was indeed possible that Wu Yu had been mistaken.

But Wu Yu's flash of suspicion was that the Yan Huang Golden Bead was concealed amidst these golden beads. If it were true, then the lack of sighting of the Yan Huang Golden Bead in the last few months could be explained.

In order to pursue this impractical and possibly futile idea, Wu Yu invested considerable effort. He probably would not stop until the battle stopped.

"The Ancient Emperor doesn't play his cards as expected. I must have revolutionary thinking in order to keep pace...."

With this attitude, Wu Yu continued to search amidst the Spirits of the Universe battle, for the Yan Huang Golden Bead that bore slight resemblance to these beads....

A quarter of an hour, half an hour - his hopes continued to dwindle as time passed. The melee was getting even more hectic. They discussed returning to the seventh level, but no one was willing to go while the others remained. Therefore, they were trying to get everyone to agree to go down together. No one could stay here. In a few days, when the Spirits of the Universe were again dormant, they would return.

Right now, Prince Diablo, the Yin-Yang Fish, and a few others had not yet consented. Once they did, everyone would retreat together. They had not asked Wu Yu, but they would definitely force him down.

Wu Yu sighed. He thought that he might have over-thought this one. While he was preparing to head down, his eyes inadvertently landed on something special. Wu Yu saw one golden bead that was only attacking half-heartedly. It was hiding here and there, even making a loop. It seemed like an unrelated golden bead....

Wu Yu cast all other thoughts from his mind. The only matter on his mind now was to catch the Yan Huang Golden Bead!

From the start, he had only wanted to come to the eighth and ninth levels for a look, with no guarantee that the treasure was here. But now he had some assurance that this might very well be the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

This time, he stood a better shot. He had a new technique: the Fulgurating Shadows. Without hesitation, he charged forwards, searching frantically. He could not even keep track of his own position. Just then, Wu Yu appeared before the special bead. He reached out with both hands and grabbed it in his arms!

He had no other choice, because his body was very small\ in order to maximize his agility.

In the instant that he grabbed it, Wu Yu still did not know if what he was holding was the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

But in the next instant, he believed it. All the ferociously attacking Spirits of the Universe fell to the floor. The entire eighth level of the Ancient Soul Tower had fallen into silence, and the martial cultivators were stunned by the development.

Closely following that, all of the Spirits of the Universe turned their sinister, red eyes to Wu Yu. They became even more aggressive, and their killing intent was even more pronounced. They had given up on everyone else, and focused completely on Wu Yu.

Wu Yu confirmed that this was definitely the Yan Huang Golden Bead!

"I succeeded?" He was a little bemused. After all, fortune had come too suddenly.

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