Chapter 1116: Mayhem at Ancient Soul Tower

Wu Yu's real body spent his days here at the peaceful eighth level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar remained with Prince Le and the others at the seventh level of the Ancient Soul Tower in relative peace as well. After all, they were concealed and not moving.

Occasionally, they would meet the Spirits of the Universe of the seventh level, beings formed from white light that were difficult to deal with. They were shapeless, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar often had to join forces with the Black Phoenix to resolve the difficult battles.

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had almost finished mastering the Universal Holy Gourd.

Although the Universal Holy Gourd had 800,000 spirit designs, there was only one main Offensive Spirit Design, experimented with until it had reached the highest level. 

This spirit design was called the Universal Creation Design.

This spirit design could create limitless things from within the Universal Holy Gourd. Weapons, attacks, and defenses in all shapes and forms, even beasts or warships. The possibilities were infinite.

Wu Yu's main focus was still at the eighth level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

These days, he focused completely on scrutinizing every detail on the eighth level.

To be honest, he felt that he might have made progress, or he might not have made progress.

Many of the things here left one feeling perplexed, as though there were endless mysteries beyond one's understanding. But the deeper one dived, the more difficult it was to understand.

And one mystery here might have nothing to do with another mystery at all.

In any case, he knew that the others were equally confused. Their cultivation levels in spirit designs was higher than Wu Yu, but none of them had come up with anything. Wu Yu felt that he had no need to expend more energy in this direction.

Instead, why not spend more time on a unique idea? He believed that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor might be purposely toying with them.

And at this time, perhaps because the Yan Huang Golden Bead had not appeared in the sixth or seventh levels for a long time, the other empty-handed eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators had come up to the eighth level as well.

Firstly, Xue Qingyin of the Snow God's Domain. She was a great beauty, unblemished by her years. A legendary ice queen of little words, to the point of reticence.

And then the Yellow Springs Nine Realms's Huang Guzi, wearing haggard yellow robes on his gaunt frame, with yellow qi revolving around his body.

The demons had come as well. First up was the young emperor of the Sky Demon Nation, whose real body was a Void Breaching Cloud Beast. He was the future emperor of the Sky Demon Nation, but his father had been ruling for too long, and he could not hold out much longer.

Million Demon Mountain's Soulful Inner Ape warranted extra attention from Wu Yu. This person maintained the semblance of a youth, pure and fresh like the morning sun. His eyes were extremely deep, as if one was looking into the sea itself. A wealth of knowledge was contained behind it.

And then the sea region demon Yin-Yang Fish, from the Burning Sea Region. It did not have too many friends. This person's human shape was strange. Its left and right sides were completely different. With the nose bridge as the centerpoint, his left side was dark maroon in color, flames burning from his pores. The other was a deep blue, and looked like a woman. Therefore, no one knew if this Yin-Yang Fish demon was male or female.

Wu Yu felt that things were getting crowded here.

"Prince Diablo will probably come up as well, since he can't find me below. But he can't fight here either. Not with so many Spirits of the Universe all around." Because of the little, golden beads, everyone who came up was given a warning at the first instance.

Towards the end, Princess Xi and Prince Xiao came up together. They were completely surprised that Wu Yu was here. Especially Prince Xiao - he had been beaten by Wu Yu once. If not for the special circumstances here at the eighth level, he would definitely test Wu Yu's mettle.

"You're a shrewd one. You even dared to take his Universal Holy Gourd away. Brave." Princess Xi fixed Wu Yu with a stare.

Wu Yu smiled and didn't say a further word. 

Word got around quickly that Wu Yu had a conflict with Prince Diablo and that he had taken the opportunity to take his Universal Holy Gourd. That made his reputation rise in the eyes of others.

Intangibly, he had already come to be regarded as an equal rival.

Prince Diablo was probably searching ceaselessly for Wu Yu, to no avail. Finally, he came here. Wu Yu had been studying the soulstone. His face popped up, causing quite a stir.

After he came, virtually all the eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators were present.

The martial cultivators of the Yan Huang Ancient Country numbered seven, or eight if you counted Wu Yu.

There were three ghostly cultivators.

A total of four demons, one of which was a sea region demon.

After Prince Diablo arrived, he, too, was quickly warned not to cause a stir, or there would be trouble.

Prince Diablo nodded. He had seen the Spirits of the Universe as well.

He had come up here prepared to put the matter of Wu Yu on the back-burner, and focus on searching for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. But when he looked up upon his arrival, the first thing he saw was Wu Yu. Wu Yu stood before him. Their eyes met. "Prince, long time no see. I know you hate me, but the situation here is delicate. Please do not be hasty. After leaving the eighth level, you will have chances aplenty."

He also wished to avoid this guy blowing up and breaking the order here. Therefore, he had specially emphasized this. Others knew of what had transpired between them, and were warning them as well. They were all thinking of ways to get to the ninth level, and no one wished to disturb the slumbering golden beads. Chaos and conflict here would do no one any favors.

Everyone was watching Prince Diablo.

After he saw Wu Yu, his emotions were unsteady.

"You two have a quarrel. Go down and settle it," Prince Yu suggested. He could not wait for Wu Yu to leave, because he was jealous of him.

Prince Diablo fixed Wu Yu with a baleful stare. He clenched his jaw. "Come. Follow me down."

Wu Yu laughed. "I wasn't born yesterday. I would be sliced like fish meat if I went down. You better hurry up and get to studying the eight level, Prince Diablo. Otherwise, everyone else will have taken something away but you. When it comes to chasing the Yan Huang Golden Bead, you'll have no advantage. Right now, everyone knows that obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead might very well have something to do with the eighth level...."

"Follow me DOWN!" Prince Diablo was angry now, and caused a stir with his words. The Spirits of the Universe showed some sign of waking, and were drowsily stirring.

His outburst had caused widespread alarm, and they scolded Prince Diablo.

"Can you control yourself? Everyone is silent, except you. You're so old already. Are you that worked up over one measly seraphic dao treasure?" 

"Can it, Prince Diablo. Don't ruin your own reputation." In any case, everyone was generally unhappy with the ghostly cultivators - even those from the Rising Cloud Nation and the Yellow Springs Nine Realms did not get along well with Prince Diablo. They would not offer words in support either.

"You all dare to scold me? It wasn't you all who had your treasure stolen by this rascally kid. What business do you all have saying such things?" Prince Diablo demanded. He was a real prick, and his aggressive manner caught Wu Yu off guard. Wu Yu felt like he had underestimated how angry he would be at losing the Universal Holy Gourd.

"Shut up!"

They saw the little, golden beads display some signs of waking. Some had even opened their eyes, and the tension was palpable.

"Don't be like a kid, alright? You're a few centuries old. There's no need to throw a tantrum. What good does it do you?"

"How did the Devilsky Tribe raise a joke like you?" They were angry now, and warning Prince Diablo repeatedly. But he was obdurate.

Everyone was targeting Prince Diablo now. It was truly a talent to be able to piss off everyone at the same time.

However, his rage had made him lose reason. Or rather, others were purposely goading him. After all, the eighth level of the Ancient Soul Tower had been very quiet, and no progress had been made. Some wished to throw things for a loop. Perhaps some breakthrough would come of it. But as everyone demanded quiet, no one was going to break the peace and become target number one. And Prince Diablo had appeared just in time to take the fall.

Of course, Prince Diablo was also unhappy with his rivals. Someone threw an insult that fired him up, and his eyes went flat. He shouted, "Which son of a bitch said that? Step forward if you have the balls! What kind of jokes are these Spirits of the Universe? With all of us here, do we even need to be afraid of them? Kill them first, then we can fight it out!"

He shouted so loudly that his voice rang with tremors from the sound waves. They blasted the eighth level of the Ancient Soul Tower into chaos. The tens of thousands of Spirits of the Universe were startled awake, and all opened their eyes, which turned from golden to red. These little things were evidently hopped-up and furious at being awakened. The eighth level rang out with shrill shrieks! 

Seeing this, everyone dove for cover in their respective corners. Those furthest out would have to deal with attacks from all directions, but if one had their back to the wall, there would be no attacks from that direction.

The turmoil was especially serious in the area between Prince Diablo and Wu Yu. It exploded into action. The little golden beads had mouths and noses, like little heads.  Their eyes turning a sinister red, their screeches filled the entire eighth level, and even Wu Yu felt ill.

"Someone is hoping to plunge this place into disorder. They might be thinking that chaos breeds opportunity. I have to be more careful." Wu Yu was not worried about Prince Diablo. He was already buried under the most Spirits of the Universe.

Wu Yu quickly shrank himself with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth so that the Spirits of the Universe would not be able to detect him so easily.

The eighth floor was plunged into absolute mayhem, as never before!

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