Chapter 1111: Princess Xi

Prince Diablo made Wu Yu clearly realize the difference he had with the most elite group of people in the Ancient Soul Tower. 

These guys had been cultivating for close to five hundred years and had just roughly a hundred years or so left to live. However, their experiences, cultivation realm and many aspects were nearing the pinnacle that one would reach in a lifetime. 

They had numerous years to delve into battles, Mystiques and Dao techniques while researching spiritual arts and refining immortal medicine. 

Under Wu Yu's attacks, Prince Diablo was forced to disengage the Eternal Darkness and used the Tenebrous Stone Pillar to withstand Wu Yu's attacks. When Wu Yu thought he had defeated Prince Diablo, Prince Diablo seemed to have only suffered light injuries. 

If Prince Diablo was still in peak condition, anyone in the vicinity could tell Wu Yu couldn't just escape with the Somersault Cloud as Full Moon of Nanshan, Prince Le and others were still around. 

However, the Eternal Darkness was no longer trapping them. He could choose to escape, just that his speed would be negatively affected by bringing along another group of people. 

"I'll be a fool to clash with him again now!" 

The instant Prince Diablo appeared before his eyes, Wu Yu sat on his Somersault Cloud and retreated without saying a second word. At the same time, he was pulling the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat, which clearly wasn't as quick as his main body. 

The sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower happened to be a world of darkness. If he could open up a distance, it would still be possible for him to shake off Prince Diablo from the Devilsky tribe. 

However, Prince Diablo clearly also knew he was going to escape! 

Just as Wu Yu was about to escape, Prince Diablo took control of the Tenebrous Stone Pillar. His low and nauseating roar reverberated across the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower. 

"How dare you run away after taking my Universal Holy Gourd. Wu Yu! You will definitely not escape from me alive today!  It might be nothing to die in the hands of others. However, if you die in my hands, I'll show you a nightmare that is worse than death!" Indeed, ghostly cultivators were known to possess various tricks to make their opponents experience an outcome worse than death. 

It was also because of this that ghostly cultivators were frightening and hated. 

The Devilsky Court, Rising Cloud Nation and Yellow Springs Nine Realms were all ghostly cultivator immortal kingdoms. On most days, other immortal kingdoms barely had any interactions with them.  

Prince Diablo was especially eerie. It was a moment of life and death now. Just as Wu Yu was about to leave, the shadow of Prince Diablo had blocked out the sky, resembling a vast sea that was about to devour Wu Yu. 

Within the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat, seeing that Wu Yu had miscalculated, Prince Le could still keep his cool. However, the other three were starting to shiver. 

If they were to die, they would rather die in the hands of any other person before Prince Diablo. It wouldn't work even if they were to commit suicide.  Fortunately, they had a certain standing as compared to Wu Yu. Prince Le would definitely be fine as well. It was just that losing Wu Yu would be equivalent to him losing all chances in the competition. 

This was indeed a horrifying moment!  It was rare that Wu Yu would miscalculate so badly. He had wrongly overestimated his ability. 

Nonetheless, many had to say his luck was tremendous at times. 

Initially, almost no one would detect any commotion in this world of darkness.  However, when the Eternal Darkness exploded, it still caused a huge commotion within the darkness. In a place like this, such commotion would spread far and wide. 

If someone was around, it was natural that one would be attracted over. The chances of this happening would be more than ninety percent. This was also why Prince Diablo had chosen to use the Eternal Darkness previously.  

When Wu Yu fled less than ten miles and were pursued by a large army, including Nangong Wei and others who were still within range, Wu Yu could hear a melodious, cold and tough female voice directly ahead of him. 

"Prince Diablo, did you just use the Eternal Darkness to target my Yan Huang tribe?" 

Just as Wu Yu heard the words, a girl in white robe emerged before Wu Yu's eyes. In the darkness, Wu Yu could see a red mystical dragon embroidered on her white robe. This added a tinge of dominance and majesty to her appearance. Taking a further look, she had long hair that was fluttering and her eyes were pure gold in color. There's the word "Xi" between her brows and this gave away her identity. The third princess, Princess Xi. 

She's also one of the three eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators among all Yan Huang princes and princesses.  Wu Yu had seen her previously but didn't take a close look. Now, he realized Princess Xi was so stunningly beautiful. She had a dignified and imposing looks and the airs of a female emperor. Her red lips were like fire, her eyes were glossy and her skin was tender and fair. One couldn't tell she was over four hundred years old. To Wu Yu, she didn't look like an older generation cultivator. Instead, she looked more like a rather attractive older sister. 

He had seen many types of princesses. All of them enjoyed high status but the one who best fit the demeanor of the Yan Huang royal family had to be Princess Xi. She was elegant, pure and imposing.   In terms of these aspects, she was a notch greater than other princesses, just like how her strength was the strongest among them as well. 

It was said that when Princess Xi was young, she was an absolute beauty. However, she preferred to remain alone. Therefore, she didn't have a dao companion or a Kingmaker at this age. She travelled frequently and had extensive knowledge and experiences. In the mortal realm, she was well-known and respected. 

In comparison, Prince Yu was reclusive and an extremist while Prince Xiao was sloppy. Although Princess Xi was a girl, she was way better recieved in Yan Huang Ancient Country than them. 

Obviously, the future Yan Huang Emperor wasn't a position that one would be elected for just because she was well-recieved. 

Nonetheless, her appearance would definitely defused the crisis Wu Yu and the group were facing. Therefore, Wu Yu hid behind her without a second word and said, "Princess Xi, you are right. They allied together and used the Eternal Darkness to specifically target the Yan Huang tribe. After which, with their superior numbers, they humiliated and killed our Yan Huang tribe!" 

When Prince Diablo saw Princess Xi, he instantly frowned. He knew when he retracted the Eternal Darkness to protect himself, this situation would be inevitable. It was just that he didn't expect the first person to appear was Princess Xi, who could pose a threat to him. 

The dignified Princess Xi took a glance at Wu Yu with her almond-shaped eyes and was subtly in shock. She asked, "You managed to get out from the Eternal Darkness?  They have so many people on their side and yet you still survived. This is truly a miracle.  I just heard that you did not die on the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower the previous time." 

She was still amiable but she also saw Prince Le as a competitor after all. Therefore, Wu Yu didn't make Prince Le show himself. What he wanted was to let Princess Xi hold Prince Diablo back as this would be his only chance of leaving this place. Therefore, he said anxiously, "Princess Xi, let's not stay at how I managed to get out. Before me, there's close to a hundred members of the Yan Huang tribe that had fallen into their hands. Among them included Princess Yun, Prince He, Prince Feng and other princes and princesses. They are still now trapped within his Tenebrous Stone Pillar." 


Perhaps there had always been a competiting relationship between the princes and princesses. However, Princess Xi was one that would see the big picture. Before the common enemy of the Yan Huang tribe, the outer tribe members, she naturally chose to help her own people. After all, this concerned the face of the Yan Huang tribe. 

Princess Xi turned genuinely solemn. A woman might be known to have mood swings but Princess Xi was definitely the leader in this aspect. All of a sudden, her dominance was bursting forth and her golden eyes were affixed deadly on Prince Diablo. She said, "You must have swallowed the guts of a leopard to resort to such despicable and shameless acts! Aren't you even concerned about your identity? If you have the guts, I'll fight you fair and square. What do you have to gain from using such underhand means to target my younger brothers and sisters. You better let them out now or there would be no end between our Yan Huang tribe and you!  Don't think you could do anything you want in the Ancient Soul Tower. If it isn't because you don't even have a friend, would you have to hang around a group of juniors?  I can get my second brother over immediately. Be decisive and let them go!" 

Prince Diablo was facing a daunting issue. Setting up the Eternal Darkness was undoubtedly a shameless thing. However, it wouldn't matter if no one knew about it.  The key was Wu Yu had forced him into retracting the Eternal Darkness and now Princess Xi knew about it.  Judging from what she said, Prince Xiao was also in the vicinity. 

Also, Princess Xi had poked his Achilles's heel. In the Ancient Soul Tower, he was a maverick. There wasn't even one eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator who was willing to fight side by side with him. After all, he was known to be unscrupulous and sinister.  Therefore, he was naturally afraid of Prince Xiao and Princess Xi teaming up. Based on his estimation, if Prince Xiao was really in the vicinity, Princess Xi's words wouldn't just be a scare. She definitely had asked Prince Xiao to rush over. 

Although Prince Xiao and Princess Xi were competitors, he wouldn't just sit back and do nothing when their people were humiliated. Otherwise, how would the Ancient Emperor see him? 

Prince Diablo soon came to a difficult conclusion. He wrecked his brain and could only give up. Therefore, he said, "I can let them go and I have only myself to blame for this after working for nothing for so long.  However, Wu Yu has to return my Universal Holy Gourd to me too! I'll let the people go once he return me my Universal Holy Gourd. Otherwise, even if Prince Xiao is here, the lives are in my hands and the reason is on my side. What could you guys do to me?" 

At this point, the other demons had retreated a far distance while watching the events unfolded. 

"Universal Holy Gourd?  That seraphic dao treasure?  Wu Yu?" Princess Xi was shocked again and looked in confusion towards Wu Yu. Wu Yu's acting skills was off the charts as he exclaimed, "What Universal Holy Gourd?  You mean the calabash that you used to target me previously?  That's in my hands?  You are blatantly lying. What is your cultivation realm? I'll wouldn't even be in time to run for my life! I could still take the Universal Holy Gourd from you?  Even if you put it right before my eyes, I wouldn't be able to snatch it from you!" 

As the saying goes, all's fair in war. 

His performance was vivid but Prince Diablo had erupted completely. He expected Wu Yu to refuse but was surprised to hear Wu Yu denying. It was hard for him to swallow the grievances as he berated, "Bastard! How dare you prevaricate!" 

Immediately after, Prince Diablo was getting ready to dash towards Wu Yu. Wu Yu was right behind Princess Xi and Wu Yu realized this was, in fact, his best opportunity. Therefore, he turned around to flee immediately. 

"Still trying to escape?" Prince Diablo was anxious about his Universal Holy Gourd and wanted to give chase. 

However, Princess Xi would never let him off without releasing the people he had trapped. Just as he had expected, Princess Xi intercepted Prince Diablo the moment Wu Yu turned to flee. She bellowed, " Seems like you aren't going to release them! In that case, don't even think of leaving!"

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