Chapter 1110: 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer

The spirit designs from the two major seraphic dao treasures from the Ancient Emperor landed one after another under Wu Yu's control. The delay between each hit was less than a breath of time. 

The attack from the Black Phoenix was just a test, a distraction for Prince Diablo. The real killer moves were hidden beneath. When it was shown, they were used with surprising effects! 

First, the Heaven Devouring Avatar exhausted all his strength to trigger the spirit designs within the Imperial Insignia. When the sword pointed to the sky, the roc dragon and tortoise dragon growled consistently, sending tremors through the Eternal Darkness! An energy sword soared through and exploded onto the walls of the Eternal Darkness. All of a sudden, white clouds rumbled, and within the clouds, numerous immortal palaces stood up high. 100,000 heavenly soldiers lined up in formation and immortal war drums started booming, creating an imposing scene! As for the Immortal Slayer Strike, it was forming within the clouds. All the immortal palaces in the clouds and the heavenly soldiers were gathered into the blade of the sword. The center of the huge sword was pitch-black, with the tortoise dragon calmly stationed and the roc dragon moving across the two sides of the blades. Boundless energy roared and murderous intent shot through the roof. 

Propelled by his Violent Art, Wu Yu's main body exhausted all his strength as he lunged towards the sky while holding the Imperial Descent! The three fiery qilin surged into the sky and exploded into raging clouds of flames. At almost the same instant, the flame lord descended. Waving his arms, countless golden clouds coalesced into a colossal flaming spear almost just behind the Immortal Slayer Strike! 

A sword and an axe shot towards the sky one after another, resembling punishment from the immortals. The aura exuded from these attacks was effective against countering ghostly cultivator energy! All these attacks piled upon him, one after another, knocking Prince Diablo off his high horse as he hastily set up a defence!

"Hu!" Prince Diablo probably thought Wu Yu wouldn't pose a threat to him after he easily defended against the Black Phoenix's attack. The moment he had such thoughts, he was instantly thrown into danger. Nonetheless, he wasn't panicking at all. Controlling the Universal Holy Gourd, endless grey mist gathered to form hundreds of giant beasts. These beasts had a material form and weren't afraid of dying as they charged towards the sword and the axe. Giant beasts emerged endlessly from the Universal Holy Gourd. When they tore and crashed into the sword and axe, they were causing the loss of destructiveness in Wu Yu's attacks. Although the sword and axe had decimated lots of giant beasts, Prince Diablo wasn't completely suppressed. 


Nonetheless, Wu Yu’s all-out attacks couldn't be ineffective. No matter how mystical the Universal Holy Gourd was, it couldn't match the speed of the sword and axe. At the very last moment, Prince Diablo was devoured by his own grey mist. The sword and axe descended like the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao onto the grey mist. All of a sudden, the Immortal Slayer Strike exploded into trillions of sword qi, rampantly skewering and wringing while turning the sea of grey mist into a sea of swords! 

As for the flaming battle axe, with an intensity that could blaze an immortal, it raged like the scorching sun and set the grey mist into flames. The flames fused perfectly without conflict with the sword qi, doubling the skewering and wringing effects while trapping Prince Diablo within. The demons outside could no longer see Prince Diablo at this point. 

It was then that the thirty breaths of time ended and the images shown to the Windy Fiery Skies Platform changed. Although they didn't see the outcome, many people were silent after witnessing Wu Yu's incredible battle prowess and how he had turned the tables. Although some among the Yan Huang Tribe wanted to cheer, the thought that Prince Le now had a greater chance of making it to the very end with Wu Yu's increasing strength weighed down on supporters of other princes and princesses. Unknowingly, they realized that they were starting to fear and respect Wu Yu. 

"That young man is outrageously frightening. If Prince Le becomes the next emperor, how is he going to suppress him?" 

"Rest assured. Even if that day comes, we still have the Ancient Emperor.... The Ancient Emperor has definitely thought of this issue before us." 

"Yeah, that is certain. I've overthought this." 

"Definitely. The final outcome isn't cast in stone yet. Who knows who is going to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead? Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, and Princess Xi are all eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators. Furthermore, an attack of that level might not defeat Prince Diablo. It's still uncertain if Wu Yu will survive in the Eternal Darkness." 

This was the internal discussion between the Yan Huang Tribe members. As for the rest, and especially so for the Devilsky Tribe, they were now speechless and flabbergasted. 

If one were to ask who the man of the hour in the Jambu Realm was recently, the answer would undoubtedly be Kingmaker Wu Yu. 

At this point, Wu Yu didn't know if he could finish off Prince Diablo. It seemed like he had completely suppressed Prince Diablo now. However, the Eternal Darkness showed no signs of weakening and the two major Offensive Spirit Designs were still ongoing. This proved that Prince Diablo was still resisting. It would be daunting for Wu Yu to severely injure him! 

After casting the Violent Art, his main body was fatigued. He clearly knew that if he couldn't overwhelm Prince Diablo in a single move and allowed him to catch his breath, trouble would be looming over him. He might be able to escape with the Somersault Cloud, but the issue was that the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were still here. They didn't have any special status or standing and therefore could be killed at any time. It was because of this that Wu Yu would choose to take such frenzied risks. 

"Black Phoenix! 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer!" 

His thoughts ran on for a while. When he thought of Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan, he made up his mind. At this point, the Imperial Insignia on the Heaven Devouring Avatar turned into the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat, holding Prince Le and the rest. Immediately after, the Black Phoenix was ready. Its huge body flew towards the region where the flaming sword qi raged, just like a moth flying into a candle. Its fearlessness in the face of death was likely because it was a puppet. In its world, there were only orders to be followed and no regard for itself. 

Naturally, after using the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer, it had to rest for a while and wouldn't truly die. The Floating Dreams Pagoda would repair it to its original state. 

"Wu Yu! Now that you are out of tricks, you are dead once I recover!" From the battlefield, Wu Yu suddenly heard hideous laughter. He was probably enraged by Wu Yu's suppression. However, this had also fostered his killing intent, which spread even beyond the Eternal Darkness. 

Nangong Wei and the rest were pretty worried. This was because Prince Diablo looked like he was in trouble and they were even thinking of escaping from this place. When they heard Prince Diablo, they almost cheered out in joy. Indeed, the older, the wiser. Wu Yu had risked everything in his attack. Once he failed to take down Prince Diablo, he would be all out of tricks. Even the Antarctic Ice Beast and the Dead Sea Monarch were confident in taking Wu Yu down. 

The instant Prince Diablo finished his words, the Black Phoenix charged ahead and let out a piercing scream. Or rather, it was the sound of metal grinding together. The sounds were so vexing that even Wu Yu, who was not the target of the attack, was confident that Prince Diablo would find it miserably painful. 

The Black Phoenix was about to sacrifice itself, but Wu Yu was confident in the puppet. 


It charged straight into the flames and sword qi. Soon, it was devoured and seemed to be lost. 

All of a sudden, all the spirit designs and materials exploded! 

Wu Yu had to admit that the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer had exceeded his imagination. The explosion was loud and crisp and the force created was unprecedentedly frightening. Despite being a long distance away, he was still hit with strong tremors. 

Amidst the explosion, endless flames, and tumbling of sword qi, Wu Yu could see a huge phoenix glowing glamorously like fireworks. After a moment of brilliance, the light faded. After which, the space of the region where the explosion erupted seemed to have cracked. Taking a closer look, Wu Yu realized that it was the Eternal Darkness. Just as expected, strong tremors had reverberated throughout the Eternal Darkness. While struggling, Wu Yu was falling. When the Eternal Darkness started to collapse, he managed to get out. Nangong Wei and the rest were now right before his eyes. 

The first question he had was whether Prince Diablo had died. 

Had the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer killed Prince Diablo? 

He was a little surprised by it. After all, he never had such thoughts since the beginning. 

When such thoughts arose in his mind, a black metal piece fell into his hand. It was roughly one zhang in length, and that was the piece that recorded all the materials and spirit designs of the Black Phoenix. Wu Yu just had to place it back in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the Black Phoenix would be repaired automatically. 

However, Wu Yu saw something that made him surprisingly overjoyed. Embedded in that piece of metal was a grey calabash. It was wrapped in the piece of metal and couldn't get away. When the Black Phoenix exploded, it had probably taken the opportunity to capture the Universal Holy Gourd! 

He reacted swiftly and put the piece of metal in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Universal Holy Gourd was now his, and Prince Diablo hadn't even fully shown the full might of this treasure. 

After which, he took a deep breath and looked around him. All the demons were retreating in fear, including the Antarctic Ice Beast and the Dead Sea Monarch. They led their own groups and were scampering around in sorry state. 

"Prince Diablo is dead! Prince Diablo is dead!" 

"We have to leave! We can't get entangled with this devil further!"

Although they were old, they were still scared out of their wits. Nangong Wei was even pulled back forcefully by her demon subordinates. 

"Wu Yu, you did well. However, aren't you a little too brazen to take my Universal Holy Gourd away?" To Wu Yu's astonishment, several dozen zhang behind him, a sphere of black mist was coalescing. In the end, Prince Diablo appeared with the Tenebrous Stone Pillar in his hand. He stared vengefully at Wu Yu and said, "If it wasn't for the Tenebrous Stone Pillar, I might just be severely injured by you. However, you should be out of all tricks by now. It's my turn now...." 

So he had released the Eternal Darkness on his accord to protect himself! 

Wu Yu was in deep trouble now. 

He still couldn't win against an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator! 

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