Chapter 0111: 120,000 Years Ago

"Release?" Elder Shentu was extremely unhappy. Just because the enemy was a follower of the Ninth Spirit, they would overlook his crimes of blood and let him go!

"Mm." Feng Xueya nodded.

Lan Huayi bit her lip, equally unhappy.

"Alright." Elder Shentu retracted the Demon Fishing Rod, restoring the Ghost-Faced Ape's freedom.

"My thanks to you three. When this humble creature returns, I will definitely counsel the Ninth Spirit, even persuade her. I will help you three to tide through these hard times."

The Ghost-Faced Ape smiled and turned, preparing to leave quickly.

Just at this moment, a golden sword appeared in Feng Xueya's hands. In a flash, he appeared behind the Ghost-Faced Ape. The golden sword in his hand had skewered the Ghost-Faced Ape.


The Ghost-Faced Ape collapsed limply to the floor.


He was answered with Feng Xueya's cold smile and the sword in his hand!

Slash, slash, slash!

The sword cut the Ghost-Faced Ape into a thousand pieces.

The Ghost-Faced Ape could not be more dead.


Feng Xueya turned back, his face and body stained with blood flecks.

Deathly silence.

"You.... This way, that 1,000-year fox demon will definitely join the fray against us...." Lan Huayi was trying to consider the bigger picture. Even though Lan Shuiyue was dead, she still tolerated it.

But Feng Xueya had not held himself back.

"If the fox demon did not wish to participate, then the Ghost-Faced Ape would not have come to challenge us. Don't be naive. Prepare for a war on three sides."

Feng Xueya sheathed his longsword and turned to leave.

Perhaps the spiritual qi changes had drawn too much jealousy. A river of blood would soon flow in the Bipo Mountain Range.

From old, the demons were cunning. Now that the Heavenly Sword Sect was looking like a juicy piece of meat, even the Zhongyuan Dao Sect was eyeing it, let alone the demons and the ghostly cultivators.

"Make my commands known. Move all the demons in the Spirit Banishment Tower to the Immortal's Battle Stage, and kill them as an example. Let them be penance for the disciples that perished in the Valley of Immortal Fate today!" 

Today, the Bipo Mountain Range was destined to create waves.

The deceased disciples would spur many painful tears amongst their loved ones. For example, Su Yanli....


Falling down!

He and Lan Shuiyue were falling down endlessly. If this continued on, they would be dashed on the floor.

Wu Yu realized that they were surrounded by some dark rock that looked extremely depressing. This endless hole was not wide, about five zhang. But there was a force that continued to hold him and Lan Shuiyue in its thrall, rendering the pair unable to move to the wall. They were forced to continue the descent.

Lan Shuiyue had thought she was dead. And now she was descending into an unbelievably deep hell. She kept screaming as though she had gone mad.

"Ming Long, what the hell is going on?" Wu Yu remembered that it was Ming Long's suggestion that had gotten him into this situation.

"What kind of attitude is that? You dare to talk to Granny like that?" Ming Long appeared before him. Seeing his wretched state, she was extremely gleeful.

"Alright, please, what is happening...." Under such dire circumstances, Wu Yu was compelled to treat her nicely. But actually, Wu Yu was very grateful. If not for her, he would have been finished off by the Ghost-Faced Ape.

"Alright, I won't tease you any further. I just realized that that stone wall had the traces of dao techniques from my era. I guessed that it was a hidden tunnel. Guess I was right."

"Your era? 120,000 years ago?"

Ming Long had said that she was an existence from one yuan ago.

"Who knows? Might be even further back. I don't have much ability now, just a bit of cognisance," Ming Long said indifferently.

"Then where am I dropping to? What should I do?" Wu Yu was panicking. If they crashed down, they were dead for sure.

"How should I know?" Ming Long's eyes widened as though it was none of her concern. He dearly wished he could beat her up.

"Alright...." Wu Yu did not know what to do.

"Stop screaming!" he screamed. Lan Shuiyue finally ceased, but her face was still ashen. Her arm was still tightly wrapped around Wu Yu as she sobbed, "Wu Yu, I'm already dead, right?"

"Yes. You are correct." Wu Yu could not be bothered to deal with this chick. He was endeavoring to move towards the wall, but the downward pull was just too overpowering.

"Waaa!" Hearing this, Lan Shuiyue cried harder than ever.

Luckily, the Demon Subduing Staff was still with him. Wu Yu gritted his teeth as he pulled it out with much difficulty. He grasped one end, and then thrust at one side. It was difficult to move forward, but he had an idea. As long as he blasted spiritual power towards his front, he would definitely move backwards!


At this moment, the Demon Subduing Staff bit deep into the wall!

Ping, ping, ping!

The stones exploded around them, and then Demon Subduing Staff left a huge, gaping scar on the wall. But, fortunately, their descent slowed; otherwise, they would have been dashed dead.

Lan Shuiyue still did not let go of him, and that saved her life.

Wu Yu dearly wished to abandon her, but he remembered that she had lit the Beacon of Flame, giving the pair hope at life. And so he saved her life.

Even so, the two still continued descending, although the speed was not as terrifying. The deeper they went, the slower they moved. Finally, Wu Yu stopped in mid-air. Looking down, they could see a light from below. There was ground. It should be the bottom.

And they looked up. After falling for so long, it would probably take a month for them to climb up, perhaps even longer.

After pondering for a while, Wu Yu decided to go down first. Perhaps there was a different way out.

Clearly, if he had not used the Demon Subduing Staff to slow their descent, he and Lan Shuiyue would’ve been dead on the floor now, dashed into pulp.

"Where is this?" Lan Shuiyue looked around wildly.

At this time, Wu Yu retrieved the Demon Subduing Staff. They both fell towards the ground and looked around them. They were in a sealed room at the bottom of an unfathomably deep place. There was no way out. The only way was above their heads.


Just as Wu Yu landed, something happened. Countless stones started to rain down above his head. They actually crowded together, and the passage above them vanished in an instant, sealing the place shut.

They stood in a sealed chamber far underground. They were completely isolated. If it wasn't for the fact that they had started to condense their qi and no longer breathed normal air, they would have suffocated to death in this small pocket of air. Even so, without any supplement, their spiritual power would be naturally consumed by the body, and they would die here.

"If I had known, I would have not come down, but instead climbed out...." Seeing this, Wu Yu regretted his decision.

Lan Shuiyue's beautiful face was covered in dirt. She stared blankly at the sealed chamber, and seemed to understand the circumstances.

"Wu Yu, I... am not dead, I guess...." She had finally reverted to normalcy.

Wu Yu was in no mood to tease her further. He nodded.

"This must be a very deep place. A small chamber, and we can't get out. How did you know that knocking that rock would bring us here?" She looked at Wu Yu, bemused.


"But even though we weren't slaughtered by the demon, we're trapped in this chamber to die?" Saying thus, Lan Shuiyue's eyes welled up again. She had grown up in a sheltered situation. Although she had killed before, against such a demon and such a deep abyss, she completely crumbled.


Wu Yu also felt that death was inevitable.

But he would not give up so easily.

Some ancestor had left a tunnel. Although it might have been hundreds of thousands of years ago, perhaps there was a way out. He discovered that there was light somewhere. He therefore stood up and began to inspect the surroundings.

The source of light!

In the middle of the chamber, there was a platform of three feet tall. It was covered in dust, and there was a cushion made of who-knew-what material. It had been preserved for so many years. And on the cushion sat an old and grey skeleton.

A skeleton!

Clearly, the person must have died here.

Besides that, they were surrounded by orderly stone walls on all sides. The chamber seemed to have been carved out.

"Ah!!" Lan Shuiyue was frightened by the skeleton.

"What is this?"

Wu Yu stood in front of the skeleton, looking at the place from which light emitted. The skeleton had been here for a long time, but the glowing place was like a crystal, although it was covered with a thick layer of dust.

It was a crystal a little like the Gold and Jade Sword Core, and was nested just above the pelvis. It was difficult to see what it was immediately, due to the thick layer of dust. 

Lan Shuiyue had spotted it as well. She looked at it for a while. "Strange, why does it seem to be an immortal root? Is it this person's immortal root? I have never heard about immortal roots enduring even after someone dies, which means he must have left this immortal root behind? That must be a joke. How could an immortal root be preserved for so long? It can't be...."

From its appearance, it seemed like an immortal root, only they did not know what it was.

Logically, this place was too old for such a crystal-like immortal root to exist for so long....

That was why Lan Shuiyue was puzzled.

"Whatever. If I hold it, I'll know." She reached out.

Wu Yu pressed her palm and pushed it aside.

"What?" Lan Shuiyue retracted her palm. She was aloof now, and did not want Wu Yu to touch her.

"It's not yours. Don't touch it."

Since they had come here, he had already guessed that someone might have left something behind. Clearly, if there was, then how could he let Lan Shuiyue just take it?


"Get out of the way."

Wu Yu reached out and took the strange object.



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