Chapter 1109: The Predetermined New Emperor, Prince Le.

After comitting what many would consider brutal murder, Wu Yu made all the demons realize that he would be a tough nut to crack.

Previously, Princess Yun, Prince He, and many others were almost on their knees, begging for mercy under the teasing and humiliation. Seeing this was very satisfying. 

And now they were being forced to swallow the bitter truth. It was especially so for the Nanyin Empire and the Emperor's Electric Reservoir. Both of their leaders had died in battle. 

"Prince Diablo, you have to avenge the Nine-Headed Demon King and the Emperor's Electric Dragon!" From the end of the demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent, the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King mourned tragically. 

"Kill Wu Yu!" 

Those who were calling to kill Wu Yu were chanting even more fervently. 

"Who would have thought he has such strength. In his first battle against the Nine-Headed Demon King, he held back his strength intentionally to fool us!" 

The demons had naturally seen through Wu Yu's scheme by now. 

"Rest assured. Once Prince Diablo acts personally, Wu Yu will be overwhelmed. In this Ancient Soul Tower, there are fewer than ten people who could match Prince Diablo. And it is clear that Wu Yu is not among their ranks." 

"It must have been a blessing in disguise for this lad when he was devoured by the sun. He's the greatest obstacle for everyone gunning for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Furthermore, with his current strength, he definitely stands a chance of getting the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Therefore, we can't let him get out of this place. Otherwise, we will be in true danger." 

Prince Diablo turned around abruptly and bellowed, "Shut up! Stop nagging. I know it well enough," signalling for them to shut their mouths. His voice was very creepy, and anyone who heard it would get chills down their spines. It sounded just like two pieces of wood rubbing against each other. 

At this moment, Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar was standing below the wings of the Black Phoenix and opposite of Prince Diablo. 

"Prince, why don't I give you a hand? We can just let him maintain the Eternal Darkness alone." The Dead Sea Monarch probably recalled how wretched he was previously and therefore raised this suggestion. 

If the Antarctic Ice Beast was the only one maintaining the Eternal Darkness, it would be relatively unstable. There was a good chance Wu Yu might break out of the area and escape from it. 

However, Prince Diablo wasn't too concerned about this. He answered, "In this Ancient Soul Tower, I don't require any help to kill someone I want dead. Just watch and learn." 

Truth be told, this was Wu Yu's wish as well. If there was another enemy to allocate part of his battle strength toward, he would really not stand any chance at all. 

Prince Diablo was now raging in anger after he was humiliated by Wu Yu. Clear murderous intent could be felt from him. From his words, Wu Yu could tell that he now truly possessed killing intent. 

However, this wouldn't intimidate Wu Yu. With just his main body, he had successfully pushed Prince Xiao back previously. The difference between a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator and an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator wasn't that huge. 

Moreover, there was something really important. 

Just as Prince Le had said, to ensure that the Eternal Darkness could trap Wu Yu, he couldn't use the Tenebrous Stone Pillar. That seraphic dao treasure was a huge part of his overall strength. Although he had another seraphic dao treasure, he would still be slightly off his peak power. 

This was an opportunity for Wu Yu. 

He wouldn't seek to defeat Prince Diablo. Instead, he wanted to escape from this place and keep their lives intact. 

Now that they were facing off, the grotesque face of Prince Diablo resembled that of an evil ghost. His black gown was rolling and black mist surrounded him and extended out like devilish claws. The entire Eternal Darkness seemed to be in his control, becoming a realm where he had full reign. In this realm, the tragedious aura of a ghostly cultivator amplified and swept across, turning the Eternal Darkness into a mountain of corpses and sea of blood with countless skeletons and vengeful spirits. And all of these were probably the millions of people that had died in his hands. 

A ghostly cultivator would create millions of vengeful spirits. Although Wu Yu had often killed, he paled into insignificance when compared to this 400-year-old ghostly cultivator. 

Unbeknownst to Wu Yu, he was being on the mirror on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform for the first time since he was sucked into the sun. This time, he was on the sixth mirror. The images changed and reflected Wu Yu, the Eternal Darkness, Prince Diablo, Nangong Wei, and the demons from all three parties. Wu Yu was clashing with Prince Diablo the moment the images swapped to them. The images would remain for thirty breaths of time under normal circumstances and when the Yan Huang Golden Bead had not appeared. However, even if it was just a moment, a commotion had broken out on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. 

"Wu Yu and Prince Diablo from the Devilsky Tribe?" Di Shatian mumbled. This was a battle he had never envisioned. 

Although they had seen Wu Yu get devoured by the sun and expected him to become stronger, they had never expected his opponent to be one of the most elite experts in the Ancient Soul Tower. 

As there were demons from various factions, the Phoenix Supreme, the Dead Souls Demon Lord, and the other demons from the three factions were paying additional attention to it. Naturally, the Devilsky Tribe was as well. After all, the one in battle was Prince Diablo, whom they believed had the highest chance in the Devilsky Tribe to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. 

"Why would Princess Phoenix Dawn be with the sea region demons?" asked the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree. 

The Phoenix Supreme answered indifferently, "Probably an alliance. Teaming up and trapping the Yan Huang Tribe would be a wise decision." 

"However, Princess Phoenix Dawn doesn't look too good." 

"Cut the crap. Seeing Wu Yu reaching this level after just a few days, would you be feeling alright?' 

"Perhaps the Yan Huang Golden Bead is predetermined to go to Prince Le?" The Kunwu Demon Lord knew that this wasn't the appropriate place to talk about it. However, he still couldn't hold back as he had a short-tempered personality. 

"Don't doubt the Ancient Emperor. The Ancient Emperor is a distinguished immortal. He's not at the same level as ordinary mortals like us." The Phoenix Supreme stared daggers at him.

Although that's what the Phoenix Supreme was saying, most of the other tribes couldn't help but have such thoughts. Wu Yu's performance had been too exceptional. It was just like the Ancient Emperor was slowly putting the Yan Huang Golden Bead into the hands of Prince Le. This was no different from appointing Prince Le as the new emperor. 

However, they couldn't help but question the purpose of going through all these shenanigans in this case. He could have just made Prince Le stronger directly! Why would he send Wu Yu to help Prince Le? 

Nonetheless, there were lots of questions in their minds. However, they knew that the battle in the Ancient Soul Tower was coming to an end. In no time, the outcome would be known to all. 

Prince Diablo was confident of emerging victorious within thirty breaths of time. 

He wasn't aware that him making a move personally had caused a commotion outside the tower. 

This was because no one knew when and who would appear before the eyes of the outsiders. They could only focus on their battles at hand. 

Wu Yu made the first move. Without attempting to sound out Prince Diablo, he moved expeditiously to suppress Prince Diablo with force, depriving him the opportunity to even retaliate! 

As for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he held the Imperial Insignia and surfaced behind Prince Diablo. 

The Black Phoenix was hovering to his left. 

As for Wu Yu's main body, he was clashing with Prince Diablo directly. Without saying a word, terrifying flames erupted from his body. The raging, golden flames birthed a surging fireball in the Eternal Darkness. The scorching and majestic aura dispelled the mountains of corpses and sea of blood from Prince Diablo. Within the Eternal Darkness, he was starting to show that he could put up an even match. 

"Trillion Fatal Feathers!" 

The first to strike was the Black Phoenix. While flying, its wings extended like illusions. It was frighteningly quick, and while flexing its wings, countless feathers flew out like trillions of daggers that rained down towards Prince Diablo. Each metal feather was a razor-sharp blade, cutting through the air and causing ear-piercing howls. The sea of blades was catastrophic. 

Prince Diablo was a little surprised, but he didn't know that this was just an appetizer from Wu Yu. 

At the same time, Wu Yu was observing every action of his. When facing Wu Yu's attack, Prince Diablo didn't show any hesitation. He was cautious of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. At this time, he retrieved a greyish calabash. This calabash looked simple and plain, but Wu Yu knew that it was a seraphic dao treasure known as the Universal Holy Gourd. It had 800,000 spirit designs and it was said that the Universal Holy Gourd had hidden countless treasures of this world and could create anything. As for the details, it wasn't clear in the information available. In battles, Prince Diablo typically used the Tenebrous Stone Pillar. 

Facing the sea of blades from the Black Phoenix, Prince Diablo still carried a creepy smile. He tapped the Universal Holy Gourd and a large amount of grey mist was spewed instantly. All of a sudden, the grey mist solidified into material form, creating a huge, round shield that blocked ahead of Prince Diablo. To the astonishment of Wu Yu, the shield made from the grey mist was like cotton, trapping those feather-like blades and stopping them from moving an inch. It was just like he had stopped the attack with an umbrella. 

An eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator indeed had incredible strength. This was something that Wu Yu had to admit. Otherwise, he wouldn't have had to come up with such an elaborate plan. Surviving this trap wouldn't be easy. If he wanted to leave this place alive, he had to do something that exceeded their expectations. 

"Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike!" 

While the Black Phoenix was attacking, Wu Yu wasn't just standing still. Both his main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar made use of the time to attack their enemy. Since this was a three-pronged attack, he had to be relentless to stop Prince Diablo from catching his breath. 

"Small feat. When I started cultivating, even your great, great grandfather was playing in mud." Prince Diablo snorted. The Universal Holy Gourd constantly spewed greyish mist, creating strange objects around him. 

However, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had descended with the Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike. Immediately after, his main body descended even more brutally with the Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design after casting the Violent Art. 

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