Chapter 1108: Demonic Eye's Charms

The nine-headed black snake's humongous body had already been completely devoured and digested by the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had grown stronger. As for how much, Wu Yu himself knew all too well. It was basically at its limit, about equal to his real body.

The white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu held the Imperial Insignia in his hands, standing by Wu Yu's side. The two seemed more or less similar in terms of power. Each had their own strengths. While they constantly reminded themselves that this was a clone, it was hard not to think of it as Wu Yu's real body when they fought.

His real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Black Phoenix.

When Wu Yu identified the direness of his situation, he swiftly made a series of decisions. The Nine-Headed Demon King had been a crucial first step; otherwise, his Heaven Devouring Avatar would have been hard pressed to change the situation. But now it could.

"You should be thanking your lucky stars that Prince Diablo has to maintain the stability of the Eternal Darkness and is unable to enter. Otherwise, you would be a goner. Or rather, you could go, but your friends would be goners," Ming Long again chided him.

"Don't worry. He's very full of himself. If he fought, he would not fight alongside others." Wu Yu understood these old geezers. Their pride was something they held on to stubbornly until the end.

"What are you planning?"

"To clean this up quickly!"

The first stage was to hide his true strength. The second was to end things decisively. But evidently, his three pieces in this fight held no advantage, especially the Black Phoenix, which might even be at a disadvantage. After all, the puppet would definitely be a little predictable against a demon. Although it would not die easily, it would not be able to occupy its opponent fully.

Although it was very dangerous, he had no choice in the Eternal Darkness. He did not want to be trapped in the Tenebrous Stone Pillar like Prince He, Princess Yun, Prince Feng, and the others.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Black Phoenix spread out readily in different directions. His real body charged at his opponent of choice - the Emperor's Electric Dragon! This was Wu Yu's breakthrough point today. He would naturally use his most familiar real body!

This should have been a walkover, but suddenly, the equaling of numbers made it seem more even. For some reason, the demons were starting to feel a little nervous.

"Electric brother, wait a little. Once I finish off his clone, I'll come and help you immediately!"

"I will disassemble this puppet first as well!"

Each actually had their own selfishness. If the three of them had to fight one each, they naturally did not wish to go up against Wu Yu's real body. This was because they did not consider themselves stronger than the Nine-Headed Demon King, and their only advantage was that Wu Yu had already fought one battle, and might be running out of steam.

Since Wu Yu had locked on to the Emperor's Electric Dragon, then the other two were happy enough to pick off the softened persimmons. Of course, they were more than happy to gang up on Wu Yu together with the Emperor's Electric Dragon when they were done. That way, As long as the Emperor's Electric Dragon could hold on, they would have two points of entry.

"Damn you! See if I don't kill you!" The Emperor's Electric Dragon hurled abuse at him. His entire body teemed with blue electricity that coiled thickly into a web that covered the sky. At this time, he had already covered close to a quarter of the entire Eternal Darkness area, and was swimming within like a mystical dragon. Wu Yu would have to enter the pool of electricity to attack him.

The Emperor's Electric Dragon might not be cussing Wu Yu. He might actually be cussing the other two demon kings, who had abandoned him readily enough.

It was his bad fortune that Wu Yu had locked on to him!

Because in this instant, Wu Yu had to quickly destroy him to stand a chance!

Therefore, he had to be aiming to kill. He charged, and the Emperor's Electric Dragon could feel Wu Yu's killing intent. He did not dare to let up. After all, he had seen the nine-headed black snake die.

"You treat me as a soft persimmon?! See if I don't kill you!" His innately fiery temper fueled his cussing. The electrified area exploded, sending countless lightning serpents after Wu Yu!

"Are you looking over there?" Before Wu Yu clashed with him, he gave a mocking smile, indicating his side.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Black Phoenix had already begun fighting their opponents. The two fights attracted the demons' attention. To their fright, they discovered that the unremarkable-looking Black Phoenix and the sinister clone of Wu Yu could actually completely defend the attacks of these seventh tier Dao Querying cultivators!

And with effort to spare.

Wu Yu brought terror anew. Everyone held their breaths, their furious eyes now with a hint of panic and fear, as well as an abiding respect for Wu Yu.

In their eyes, he was an anomaly. His existence broke the very laws of this world. It was as unthinkable as if they were a hive of ants, and an ant had suddenly appeared carrying a sword.

After the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Black Phoenix's surprise, Wu Yu's next move again took them for a ride. They saw a huge, silver eye suddenly appear in the darkness. The silver eyeball was turning slowly. It had dark swirls in it. As they revolved, the patterns continued to change and mesmerize. The Emperor's Electric Dragon had been compelled by Wu Yu, and he had noticed this silver eye as well.

But after seeing this, he started to display strange behavior. He wept and laughed loudly. His expression contorted as he swam through the pool of electricity like a madman, sometimes laughing out loud, sometimes weeping brokenly. Everyone was confused by what he was doing, and he was raving to himself as well.

It was actually the Full Moon of Nanshan's Demonic Eye of Illusions. Before they came in, the Full Moon of Nanshan had decided to give Wu Yu some help and do what he could. His battle strength was not as strong as Wu Yu's, but his illusion techniques could support Wu Yu to a great extent, thanks to the Demonic Eye of Illusions.

Now that the Emperor's Electric Dragon was being controlled, it was the perfect opportunity for Wu Yu!

"Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design!"

His golden, burly Immortal Ape body charged into the electric field, unfazed by it. He caught up to the Emperor's Electric Dragon. The qilin battle axe was raised up to the heavens, and fiery, golden clouds began to form above the electric field. A terrifying flaming immortal appeared, as if summoned by Wu Yu. It brought a flaming battle halberd down, as if an entire volcano or fallen sun was crashing down. The Emperor's Electric Dragon was struggling in panic. As he roared in pain, huge waves of electricity burst forth, as if he had used his Natural Mystique. But under the effects of the Demonic Eye of Illusions, the lackluster response to Wu Yu's prepared attack was completely ineffective!

The golden battle halberd chopped through all, and embedded itself in the gigantic body of the Emperor's Electric Dragon and exploded from inside out. The lightning contracted back, as if to protect the Emperor's Electric Dragon. In agony, he screamed, but the power of Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design was too terrifying. After three anguished cries, his body was completely carbonized!

This explosive attack had happened in an instant, and no one knew that Wu Yu was capable of this.

"I expended too much energy. I'm headed for a rest. All yours, Brother." The Full Moon of Nanshan had indeed gone all out for this, but he had successfully disrupted the Emperor's Electric Dragon severely. In his Gone from the Skies state, Eternal Darkness was still very dangerous for him.

"Don't worry." Wu Yu had not stopped for an instant after cleaning up this opponent. He turned to the Heaven Devouring Avatar without hesitation, which was locked in an intense battle with the Antarctic Ice Beast for the upper hand. However, the death of the Emperor's Electric Dragon affected the Antarctic Ice Beast very strongly. Seeing Wu Yu charge straight for him scared him silly. He hurriedly shrank his body and hid far away, shaking the Heaven Devouring Avatar off his tail.

On the other side, the Dead Sea Monarch was the same way. Even though he had Black Phoenix well under control, he, too, hurriedly fell back, grouping up with Antarctic Ice Beast. Their hurried fleeing made everyone's jaws drop. Of course, no one was ridiculing them either. After all, they had been equally shaken by the Emperor's Electric Dragon's immediate death.

Another shock! Wu Yu again blew their minds! They looked at Wu Yu now as if he was a god. Even outside the Eternal Darkness, they were speechless, and took a few involuntary steps backwards, as if it would make them safer. Nangong Wei included.

The second death of a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator was a piece of cake for Wu Yu.

The Emperor's Electric Dragon's death was completely within Wu Yu's calculations, but he knew that the remaining two were hard to deal with. Now that they were scared stiff, Wu Yu had no way to pursue and kill them. The one he was truly wary of was Prince Diablo. He would definitely join the fray at this time. It was Prince Diablo's failed plan - he had underestimated Wu Yu. If they had attacked all together from the start, Wu Yu would not have stood a chance.

"Alright, you all get out. Help me stabilize the Eternal Darkness. I'll do it!" At this time, the black-robed man appeared in front of Wu Yu. He was indeed the most terrifying one.

Wu Yu was most afraid of him.

However, what Wu Yu had truly feared was him joining forces with the remaining two. However, he clearly still wished to control the fallout. In order to preserve the stability of the Eternal Darkness, he would need the Dead Sea Monarch and the Antarctic Ice Beast to help defend the formation if he were to drop it. He had already changed the spirit design, and these two only had to pour in Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

"Yes, yes!" The two could not wait to get out.

Right now, they believed that only the eighth tier Prince Diablo could finish Wu Yu off....

Of course, Wu Yu also knew that the following events would determine if he lived. He had worked so hard to reach this point, a solo face-off against Prince Diablo, with his Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Black Phoenix free to act...

But even so, he was in a disadvantaged spot.

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