Chapter 1107: Kill Him

From the beginning, Wu Yu had said that if the Nine-Headed Demon King tried to come in and crush him, he would kill him.

They had all laughed then, but before them now was the body of Nine-Headed Demon King. They all stood straight now, even if they were old geezers who had cultivated for 400 years or more.

They had only experienced similar shocks in distant memory, when they had been young and callow.

They were all old foxes now.

Who knew that this day would come? They had actually been scared stiff by a young man's deeds.

With countless stricken eyes on him, his own eyes smoldered with golden flames, domineering and tyrannic. An awe-inspiring youth whose face had not changed. He even ignored the dismayed looks of the Nanyin Demon Continent demons. Their fallen leader, the body of the nine-headed black snake, was deposited into his Sumeru Pouch.

And then transferred to the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"You rascal, you're getting really unapologetic. All they wanted to do was trap you in the Tenebrous Stone Pillar. And you killed them and ate them," Ming Long tutted.

Wu Yu did not stop. He said, "If it wasn’t for the Ancient Emperor, why would they not kill me? Besides, the one they do not dare to kill is Prince Le, and not me. My Heaven Devouring Avatar's principle is to do no harm to those who do the same. I am all too clear as to when I will kill." Kill or not, he had his own moral measurements.

Today, he was trapped in the Eternal Darkness, his survival unknown. If he did not do this, he would be hard pressed to get anywhere in the Ancient Soul Tower. Before, he thought that he was not qualified to compete for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. But at this stage, he no longer wished to stop.

His movements were speedy. Not more than three breaths of time after the nine-headed black snake fell, it was already devoured within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Black Phoenix still flapped behind him, the qilin battle axe in his hand. Looking mildly at them, he had indeed roused their ire now, and their angry emotions welled.

The demons from the Nanyin Demon Continent, the Dead Souls Sea Region, the Antarctic Eddy, and the Emperor's Electric Reservoir were all wild with fury. If not for the Eternal Darkness stopping them, they would probably swarm up and tear Wu Yu to bits.

"He actually killed the Nine-Headed Demon King!"

"He is a shark in a net, but he showed such daring! We cannot possibly let him off for killing one of ours! Prince Diablo! We must kill this Wu Yu! He killed first!"

"Kill him! Kill him!" 

"Those who dare to kill a member of the Nanyin Empire must be punished with death! Princess Phoenix Dawn, quickly ask Prince Diablo for help and end our humiliation with Wu Yu's death!" They began to batter against the Eternal Darkness's borders, staring at Wu Yu with sinister, red eyes and baring their fangs at him.

From within the hubbub, Wu Yu's eyes again met hers. Wu Yu waved and smiled, as if to say that what he had done here was but a small matter.

Before all the outcry, Wu Yu mildly stated with a smile, "You can't blame me. You can only blame the Nine-Headed Demon King for being weak. I told him from the start. The weak would definitely be killed by me." 

This sort of calm detachment and inner strength often made others sit up and notice a youngster like him. Here in the Ancient Soul Tower, his performance had already broken all the benchmarks of "genius" in others' books, and transcended their imaginations.

Nangong Wei bit her cherry lips. She was a little pale, her look slightly wavering. The look in her eyes was too complex. There was despair, terror, discontent, and some hatred. A medley of emotions that Wu Yu did not understand. She did not say a word, but her eyes spoke to Wu Yu's heart. He felt like he had bullied her somehow.

All the demons were clamoring the same words. "Kill him!"

The murderous voices reverberated in Wu Yu's ears, but they did not intimidate him. His youthful arrogance made his heart swell. Completely uncowed, he spread his arms wide, saying to the demons, "If you want to kill me, come! Don't just show your skill at talking! What Nanyin Empire, what Antarctic Eddy? What Dead Souls Demon Tribe, what Emperor's Electric Reservoir? Are you all wretches with more mouth than skill? Haha...."

This challenge whipped the demons into a frenzy, even though they were many years Wu Yu's senior. They were all goaded silly by Wu Yu.

"Nangong Wei, oh, I mean Princess Phoenix Dawn. Your Nanyin Demon Continent demons won't do at all. I only used 30% of my strength, and he's already dead. When will you dare to come and fight me?"

Wu Yu's gaze landed on Nangong Wei. Nangong Wei could not stand against the keen and burning look, or the force of his will. She took a few involuntary steps back. Even as the demons around her foamed with anger, she could not speak a single word.

She had already been completely put down by Wu Yu. All that she had said before the battle had turned into a slap against her. Her fear and helplessness at meeting Wu Yu before came to drown her anew.

"Alright, pipe down. You three, help the Nine-Headed Demon King get some justice. Prince Le can't die, but this Wu Yu can go down to the 10,000 levels of hell for all I care." Just as the clamor reached a crescendo, Prince Diablo emerged anew from the darkness. He silenced the demons and made arrangements.

No one could enter to deal with Wu Yu without him. The Eternal Darkness was his, and they all naturally had to obey his bidding.

Prince Diablo was probably controlling this world. Wu Yu had guessed right. He had been afraid that Prince Diablo would personally enter with the three. He would have been in trouble then. This was also why he had not shown his true strength against the Nine-Headed Demon King. Others could see that he had won a last-minute risky victory over the Nine-Headed Demon King.

It was undisputable that Wu Yu's strength had surpassed their expectations, reaching a godly level. But with Prince Diablo and the other three around, the demons naturally did not think that finishing Wu Yu off would be a problem.

The three referred to the Antarctic Ice Beast, the Dead Sea Monarch, and the Emperor's Electric Dragon. They came respectively from the Antarctic Eddy, the Dead Souls Sea Region, and the Emperor's Electric Reservoir.

Prince Diablo did not send everyone up, because too many cooks would spoil the broth, and would contrarily benefit Wu Yu. Also, three times the power of the Nine-Headed Demon King was an inordinate safety margin of power to finish Wu Yu off.

Under the authorization of Prince Diablo, the Dead Sea Monarch, the Antarctic Ice Beast, and the Emperor's Electric Dragon entered from three different directions, surrounding Wu Yu and the Black Phoenix.

Prince Diablo was manipulating the changes to the Eternal Darkness. He had to completely seal this space off. He expanded the space to tenfold of what it had been. It was extremely wide, and Nangong Wei and the others were all very far from Wu Yu.

As for the Antarctic Ice Beast and the other two, they were given enough room to fight. By nature, demons needed space in order to bring forth their potential.

"Nine-Headed Demon King, we three will exact revenge for you."

“We will kill this Wu Yu and spill his blood as tribute to you...."

All three were vengeful, and gave Wu Yu no time to delay. They all transformed into their true forms within the Eternal Darkness.

First was the Dead Sea Monarch. He was originally a sea region, a ruby-red ocean before Wu Yu's eyes. Wu Yu had no idea how to attack such a humongous body of water. His body could take any shape, and seemed pretty unkillable. Within the ruby-red ocean, there were many things screaming and wailing. Bones continued to tumble out from within, and the bleached bones bore the marks of the years. The ghostly wails were unsettling.

The Antarctic Ice Beast looked like an iceberg. His body was bristled with sharp edges and spikes. When he appeared, the temperature of the Eternal Darkness fell noticeably. His body was in constant flux as well. It could change from an iceberg to a super strong beast that was similar to a polar bear. The iceberg constantly shook with savage roars.

Finally, the Emperor's Electric Dragon from the Emperor's Electric Reservoir. This was not a real mystical dragon. He was but an electric eel, albeit with a mystical dragon's bloodline. He was covered with blue dragon scales, with an eye symbol on each scale. His eyes exploded with thick, blue lightning that danced in terrifying webs along his scales. They cocooned the Emperor's Electric Dragon and made him seem like a mystical dragon swimming in the clouds above them!

All three sea region demons had the finest bloodlines. They had all cultivated to the seventh tier of the Dao Querying Realm. Even though they could not become demon immortals, they were respective overlords in their territories. No one thought that they would one day be gathered in the Ancient Soul Tower to deal with a nameless upstart called Wu Yu.

In the Ancient Soul Tower, Wu Yu had grown from a smallfry, not even comparable to a heaven dragon general, to someone who more or less ruled the Ancient Soul Tower. The metamorphosis that he had been through made others balk at its incredible speed.

The Ancient Emperor's dao musings and the Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body had helped him surge forth to become another dominator in the Jambu Realm!

At this time, the three mighty demon kings were prepared to kill him. They showed no intention of holding back. Just as they were about to strike, Wu Yu smiled. "Why the rush? Two on three isn't fair."

Saying thus, black smoke hissed out from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It turned into a white-haired, red-eyed young man. The sinister air about it shocked them, and on closer look, it was exactly Wu Yu's likeness.

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