Chapter 1106: Onyx Water Mystical Region

The Nine-Headed Demon King was a well-respected demon on the Nanyin Demon Continent, and the juniors would have to bow down in fear whenever they saw him. Yet Wu Yu was provoking him repeatedly. Wu Yu's contemptuous attitude and using death to threaten him before so many other demons had naturally drawn the irk of the Nine-Headed Demon King. 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, the Nine-Headed Demon King bellowed, "The Princess is right. It's about time to shut the mouth of this imbecile!" All of a sudden, the aura of the demon king filled the entire Eternal Darkness and then swarmed and collapsed onto Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu had also put away his smile. He was using taunts previously in the hopes of breaking away from the predicament. Now that the time was ripe, it was time for him to make his move.


He was even quicker than the Nine-Headed Demon King. Before the watchful eyes of the demons, the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat opened up and Prince Le, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and the others appeared before them. However, this was just for a moment. The Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat morphed back into the Imperial Insignia and was put away by Wu Yu. At the same time, Wu Yu summoned his newest puppet, the Black Phoenix. 

The moment the Black Phoenix appeared, it devoured Prince Le and the rest, including the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, into its stomach. They would likely be safer in its stomach than within the Imperial Insignia. 

Immediately after, a demon-like golden Immortal Ape that was enlarged by the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth appeared before their eyes. The golden Immortal Ape was holding a giant and imposing qilin battle axe, the Imperial Descent!

Behind him, the equally huge black metal phoenix was flapping its wings, hovering around Wu Yu while releasing alarming murderous intent. 

Now, Wu Yu had made a complete transformation. Previously, he was like a little lamb waiting to be culled. Now he was definitely a ferocious wild beast! 

"I'm going to repeat myself again. This time, I'm going to kill you." Saying the same words in his current demeanor, the fear factor was no longer the same. At the very least, no one was laughing after he spoke. 

Even Nangong Wei appeared a little more solemn. Perhaps she recalled the nightmare that Wu Yu had brought to her. 

"Spare your dogshit!" The Nine-Headed Demon King was infuriated. However, different from before, he truly felt pressure from Wu Yu now. It was especially so from the puppet, the Black Phoenix. Therefore, he dared not be conceited and reverted to his true form within the Eternal Darkness to the astonishment of the crowd. 

When he dealt with the seventh tier Dao Querying Princess Yun, he had only revealed his true form towards the end. 

When Nangong Wei saw the Black Phoenix puppet, she was a little stumped. After all, it had the same appearance as her true form, so she was a little affected when she saw it. 

However, the attention of the crowd was still drawn by the true form of the Nine-Headed Demon King. Wu Yu knew about his true form. He was pitch-black, had a colossal body, and nine necks extending towards nine savage-looking snake heads. On each of the heads, there was a huge meat bump that resembled a hammer. 

This was a nine-headed black snake! An elite bloodline that could definitely reach the level of a demon lord. Below the six demon lords of the Nanyin Demon Continent, he was definitely one of the strongest. 

The nine-headed black snake was hidden within the black mist. His savageness and heavy and boundless aura were definitely from an ancient ferocious beast! It had been a long time since Wu Yu had a battle with a demon. A seventh tier Dao Querying demon like him would have an exceptionally exuberant physical body. For the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he would definitely be a delicacy! 

"Nine-Headed Demon King! Take him down!" 

Numerous demons were cheering. Seeing the ferocious form of the nine-headed black snake, they were horrified to their cores. It was easier for demons to submit to more frightening demons. 

Demons were often known for their mystiques and physical strength. However, Wu Yu was even more frightening than a demon in these aspects. 

The nine huge heads of the nine-headed black snake smashed down towards Wu Yu at electrifying speed. At this moment, they seemed to have become nine fists, and Wu Yu's vision was filled with countless snake shadows! 

The Black Phoenix retreated behind Wu Yu, while the main body charged ahead directly. The Imperial Descent constantly changed in his hands as he clashed with the nine-headed black snake in a brutal close-combat fight! 

Puff, puff, puff!

Black blood scattered across the sky. Many people thought this clash would be intense. However, the outcome was the complete opposite. It was wishful thinking of the nine-headed black snake to clash physically with Wu Yu. When Wu Yu changed his weapon from staff to the qilin battle axe with one pointed tip and two blades, the destructiveness increased extensively. In the blink of an eye, a large number of wounds were opened on the body of the nine-headed black snake. If it wasn't for the fact that he was bulky, Wu Yu would likely have severed several of his heads. The other demons were dumbstruck by what they had just witnessed. 

The nine-headed black snake lost miserably and was drenched in his black blood. His nine heads were also overwhelmed with attacks. 

"Attack him with your mystiques!" Nangong Wei shouted. This jolted the dumbstruck nine-headed black snake awake. He knew he would be sliced into pieces if he continued with the frenzied close combat clashes. 

Therefore, he retreated immediately! 

"Onyx Water Mystical Region!" 

He used his Natural Mystique and his nine huge heads suddenly spewed endless smoke and mist. The smoke and mist filled the entire Eternal Darkness before turning into pitch-black, chilling water that engulfed Wu Yu and the Black Phoenix. 

In other words, the nine-headed black snake had turned the Eternal Darkness into his own region. Therefore, the place was now filled with water. 

The water was extremely chilly and swarmed towards Wu Yu in the first instant. Wu Yu could still feel how threatening the icy water was in his current physical state. It felt like it was made of endless extremely small black snakes that could rip into his flesh and body. If too many of them got in, Wu Yu would be torn apart from the inside. Fighting in an environment like this would be causing huge disturbances for Wu Yu. 

Just as expected, the Natural Mystiques of demons were often terrorizing. 

Wu Yu could have teamed up with the Black Phoenix to finish off his opponent swiftly. However, he decided against doing so. 

The reason being that this was part of his plan. If he showed his full strength from the beginning, he wouldn't be able to take his opponents down one by one. It was especially so for Prince Diablo! 

Therefore, he continued his protracted battle within the Onyx Water Mystical Region. 

As for the Black Phoenix, it constantly showed some lowly attacks, giving off the false sense that it wasn't strong despite its appearance. 

Wu Yu wanted to give them the perception that he had a hard time defeating his opponent. 

Therefore, he suppressed his own strength to fight with the nine-headed black snake. When the nine-headed black snake used his Natural Mystique, he pretended to get completely overwhelmed. 

The crowd couldn't see through the Onyx Water Mystical Region clearly. After a series of even but brutal clashes over fifteen minutes, the Nine-Headed Demon King still couldn't take Wu Yu down. Inevitably, many demons couldn't help but be intimidated by Wu Yu. 

"Has he improved again? He's already at this level?" Nangong Wei was completely stumped. 

She had been scared out of her wits on multiple occasions by Wu Yu. 

It was the same each time. He couldn't be killed and his progress couldn't be stopped. 

"He was not at this level the previous time we saw him, right?" 

"Don't be too worried. He isn't that much stronger. The Nine-Headed Demon King is slowly pushing him closer to death. However, he's really outstanding in close combat." 

"That's fine, then." 

Most of the demons were still being patient with the Nine-Headed Demon King. 

Only Nangong Wei had a bad premonition. 

Wu Yu felt like it was about time. 

He had accumulated terrorizing power within the Imperial Descent. 

Moments ago, Wu Yu was almost hit by the mystique Precarious Enigmatic Gateway when he lost his focus. In the end, he had to rely on the Somersault Cloud to barely escape. After using the Natural Mystique, the nine-headed black snake finally showed an opening that Wu Yu could exploit. 

He suddenly appeared below the nine-headed black snake and lunged his spear towards the sky. At the same time, he triggered the second spirit design on the qilin battle axe. 

"Apex Predator's Sky Piercer!" 

With him just below the nine-headed black snake, the sky was the nine-headed black snake! 

Within the Imperial Descent, countless spirit designs were triggered. 

Endless spiritual power gathered on the battle axe. Both his physical strength and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy exploded to the limits at the same time! 

Even without the Violent Art, it was sufficiently intimidating. 


An explosion erupted. 

The current Wu Yu was like the beast that stood at the top of the food chain. The qilin battle axe was his fangs and the three red qilins had fused into his physical body. This triggered major changes to his golden Immortal Ape form as he morphed towards the appearance of a qilin. 

He held the Imperial Descent with both hands and abruptly leapt upwards. The sharpest point was the tip, and it started spinning frenziedly as Wu Yu twisted his torso! 

Soon, a giant and golden tornado was formed! 

The tip of the battle axe was also the sharpest point of the tornado. 

The golden tornado ripped the Onyx Water Mystical Region apart in the first instant. However, it didn't stop there - it continued its way towards the belly of the black snake. The tornado created from the Sky Piercer ripped everything apart before the tip reached the target. 

Within the storm, it was as though 10,000 beasts were galloping! Endless angry roars sent chills down the spines of the spectating demons. This abrupt move came too quickly and ferociously. Before the nine-headed black snake could realize Wu Yu's true strength, the golden tornado had coiled around him. The sharpest point lacerated his flesh as Wu Yu skewered him! 

After which, the golden tornado ripped the nine-headed black snakes into pieces amidst his mournful cries. 

Wu Yu had done what he declared by killing his opponent. 

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