Chapter 1105: Emperor's Electric Dragon

The Emperor's Electric Reservoir was considerably far from the Yan Huang Ancient Region, so few people had been there. It was also a sea region but the sea region was made up of water that was fused with endless bolts of lightning. 

In that vast sea region, surging lightning was common, and it was even more frightening than the lightning created between layers of clouds. That was a sea of endless lightning bolts. 

Demons in that area were born in a very extreme environment. Since birth, they carried lightning bolts and were living creatures born for lightning. 

Their dao techniques and mystiques were all created amidst the lightning. 

On the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the Raging Thunder Marsh was a similar place. The Raging Thunder Marsh was also a region where lightning gathered. However, in terms of density of lightning bolts, it was definitely not comparable to the Emperor's Electric Reservoir. Moreover, the comprehensive strength of the Raging Thunder Marsh couldn't match the Emperor's Electric Reservoir. 

It was rumored that the Emperor's Electric Reservoir was formed from a discarded lightning bead of the Jade Emperor. 

Therefore, all the demons from the Emperor's Electric Reservoir had lightning coiling around them. The strongest of them all had a huge body with purple lightning coiling around him. Even his teeth were sharp and he had a savage look. 

"This must be the Emperor's Electric Dragon, an elite bloodline in the Emperor's Electric Reservoir. There are definitely fewer than ten of the species. Although he can't be classified as a mystical dragon, it is said that he possesses a smidgen of the mystical dragons' bloodline. His battle strength is definitely not any weaker than that of the Dead Sea Monarch or the Antarctic Ice Beast." Prince Le told Wu Yu everything he knew to inform Wu Yu about how frightening his opponents were. 

This time, they wouldn't have someone as strong as King You Ying to help him. 

"In other words, the four batches of people are relatively equal in strength. All of them have a seventh tier Dao Querying existence leading them. The remaining demon kings are at most just making up the numbers. Nonetheless, the key of these groups of people is still the ghostly cultivator, Prince Diablo. What are they planning to do?" 

An eighth tier Dao Querying ghostly cultivator, four seventh tier Dao Querying demons, and dozens of sixth tier Dao Querying demons! When they first entered the Ancient Soul Tower, a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator, or the equivalent of Qu Yin, could’ve sent Wu Yu's group to the afterlife. 

However, the current line-up didn't intimidate Wu Yu at all. 

While Wu Yu was quickly understanding the strength of the group, Prince Diablo finally said leisurely, "This is how things go here. Everyone is fighting for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, and it would be pointless of me to try to limit the Yan Huang Tribe on my own. However, I now have more friends to target the Yan Huang Tribe with me. We are willing to let go of our past grievances to work together. Although there might not be an immediate impact, we would still reap rewards by working hard together over time. If you don't believe me, why don't you take a look for yourself?" 

After he finished his words, he pointed to the Tenebrous Stone Pillar behind Wu Yu. When Wu Yu turned around, he saw the Tenebrous Stone Pillar starting to fade. When it turned transparent, he was shocked to see dozens of people trapped within. These people seemed to have turned to stone, completely immobilized within the Tenebrous Stone Pillar. 

Soon, the transparent Tenebrous Stone Pillar turned back to its pitch-black and glossy appearance. 

It was just an instant, but Wu Yu caught a clear look of almost everyone in it. These people had all been turned into stone and locked within the Tenebrous Stone Pillar. Although they might not be dead, they would likely not make it out of the Tenebrous Stone Pillar before the end of the event of the Ancient Soul Tower. 

After showing Wu Yu this, Prince Diablo said with a gentle smile, "Many little things add up to something great! For example, I have now taken down 63 experts from the Yan Huang Tribe. This proves that my trap is pretty effective. Before we got you on the hook, we had a major haul with Prince He and his subordinates. Nonetheless, Prince He wasn't the biggest fish that we got. Before them, we caught the seventh tier Dao Querying sixth princess, Princess Yun, and the tenth prince, Prince Feng. Other than them, we still got Prince Feng, Princess Yu, and many others." 

"You've killed them?" Wu Yu couldn't help but feel his heart tremble at his ruthlessness. Among the 63 people, over a dozen were princes and princesses, and they had all fallen into his hands. Among them were Princess Yun, Prince He, and Prince Feng, three of the top ten princes and princesses! 

Wu Yu had just taken Prince He's seraphic dao treasure. He had not expected Prince He to fall into the trap before them. 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, Prince Diablo shook his head in a hurry and answered, "Kill them? I wouldn't dare. I'm just making them take a break instead of running around. The treasures of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage were offered by us in the first place. Since the Ancient Emperor is putting them up, we wouldn't let them go to you guys again. Since the Yan Huang Golden Bead hasn't shown up, we have lots of time to spare. Therefore, we got together to make our competitors from the Yan Huang Tribe take a short break. When we finish you and Prince Le off, the competition will drop again and we will get more people to work with. In the end, even Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, and others will likely have to take a break in my Tenebrous Stone Pillar. Nonetheless, you can be assured that once the competition for the Yan Huang Golden Bead ends, I'll let you guys back into a place you can hide in fear, the Immortal's Capital." 

When he was done with his words, the surrounding crowd burst into laughter, clearly mocking Wu Yu and the group. Indeed, they had a large group. Other than the Yan Huang Tribe, close to one-quarter of the experts from the outside tribes had gathered here. There might even be more experts joining them in the future. For example, Nangong Wei had likely joined them recently. 

First, they lured people into their enclosed trap. After which, they surrounded and attacked them with superior numbers. This was a trick they would never get sick of. 

At this point, Wu Yu finally had a clear understanding of their objectives. Their alliance was what Prince He was fearing. It was just that the alliance that Prince He had sought wasn't really to team up, it was to target Prince Le. 

Wu Yu took another look at Nangong Wei. At this point, she stepped forward and seemed to have broken away from her train of emotions from before. She stared at Wu Yu and said, "Wu Yu, you have seen the outcome of Prince He, Princess Yun, and the others. Take a look at our strength now. You should be aware of what's coming next. I'll advise you guys to stop resisting. Just let Prince Diablo turn you guys into stone and you guys will just be taking a deep sleep for some time instead of risking your life. When you guys wake up, the fight for the Yan Huang Golden Bead will be over. In this case, you guys will at least survive in the Ancient Soul Tower. Don't you agree?" 

"You sure make it sound like a reward!" Wu Yu remarked. He obviously wasn't pleased that he was trapped in a place like this. The alliance of ghostly cultivators, demons, and sea region demons was truly frightening. However, with his current strength, it would be hilarious if he was intimidated. 

The shame was that Nangong Wei was still belittling him at this point. 

"If you still don't know where you stand and choose to resist obstinately, don't blame us for not being courteous. Don't forget that you almost lost your life when you acted arrogantly and were devoured by the sun. This time, we are offering you a living path. Stop returning our kindness with ingratitude!" Nangong Wei's eyes were raging with fire while looking down. This bossy demeanor jolted Wu Yu's memories of when they were still in the Shushan Immortal Sect. She was still disparaging him! 

Hearing her, Wu Yu couldn't help but titter. "Forget it! Since you are so confident, why don't you let your men come here to fight me alone. I'm guessing you wouldn't need all your men, right? After I cripple all the trash from your Nanyin Demon Continent, you would probably not say the same thing again." 

Their impression of Wu Yu was when Wu Yu knocked back the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King. In their view, two sixth tier Dao Querying demons should be sufficient to take Wu Yu down. When they heard Wu Yu brazenly suggest that they would require everyone to besiege him, they broke into laughter. 

"Is this guy crazy? All of us against just himself?" 

"When we fought with Princess Yun, we only sent out two seventh tier Dao Querying demons!" 

"For Prince He's group of 10 people, we dealt with them with just the Nine-Headed Demon King from the Nanyin Demon Continent...." 

They laughed hysterically while holding their bellies. 

"I heard that demons have always been foolish. Despite gaining sentience, they are still ignorant wild beasts. Now that I've seen you with my eyes, it is indeed as what the rumors claimed." While they were laughing mockingly, Wu Yu's words halted their laughter. 

They were shocked to hear Wu Yu mocking them for being ignorant. 

Seeing this, Prince Diablo said plainly, "Alright. Finish him off and wait for bigger prey. Stop fooling around and wasting precious time." 

They enjoyed seeing Yan Huang Tribe members fuming and feeling helpless. Therefore, they were hurling humiliation incessantly. However, this wouldn't work on Wu Yu. 

When Prince Diablo finished speaking, the slender Nine-Headed Demon King asked, "Since this guy isn't afraid of death, let me deal with him. Is that alright, Princess?" Wu Yu was taunting the demon race from the Nanying Demon Continent. Therefore, he had to step forward now. 

Obviously, they wouldn't send too many people over. Otherwise, they would be shaming themselves even if they won. In their view, sending the Nine-Headed Demon King was already an overt move of dominance. Based on their conjecture, sending two sixth tier Dao Querying demons would be sufficient. Nonetheless, the Nine-Headed Demon King decided to do it himself to play it safe. 

"Yeah. Teach him how to shut his mouth!" Nangong Wei's words suggested that she hated Wu Yu for not knowing his place. She had no idea where he got his confidence from. 

Perhaps she really enjoyed her identity as Princess Phoenix Dawn. 

"Nine-Headed Demon King! Nine-Headed Demon King!" 

When they were targeting their prey, they would most likely send a force that was just sufficient to deal with them. However, since the seventh tier Dao Querying Nine-Headed Demon King had offered to do it himself, Prince Diablo naturally would allow him in. The Nine-Headed Demon King entered the Eternal Darkness to face Wu Yu alone. 

"Just you? Aren't the rest coming?" Wu Yu looked at him with a confident smile. 

"I won't need ten breaths of time to take you down. You have indeed gotten stronger swiftly since I saw you at the Nanyin Demon Continent. However, you are still a junior after all; there's a huge difference between us." Pitch-black smoke started coiling around the Nine-Headed Demon King. 

"Really? If you aren't killing me, I'll be killing you." Murderous intent seemed to be brewing in Wu Yu's eyes. 

"I'm different from him. He might not have the guts to kill, but I do. Therefore, you have ten breaths of time to decide if you want to leave this place," Wu Yu added. He was referring to Prince Diablo. 

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