Chapter 1104: Prince Diablo

He had indeed not noticed at the time, but Wu Yu could only say that this seraphic dao treasure's spirit design, in addition to how dark the world was, made it almost impossible to avoid, even if he had been more careful.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry that he had been trapped again.

Besides that, he was surprised that the ones who had set this trap included the Nanyin Demon Continent's Nangong Wei.

"I reckon that the black pillar's space is invisible from the outside, which is why they are not worried at all. They have trapped us here to toy with us. And if I'm not wrong, Message Talismans and the like won't make it out either, so you can't get the other Yan Huang Tribe members to help you. Perhaps you can call King You Ying, but even if they came, they aren't as strong as this bunch outside, and can't interfere. So it seems like we have to rely on ourselves for this one." The Full Moon of Nanshan observed with a dry chuckle.

That he could still laugh when surrounded and put down was a talent. After all, Prince Le and the others were sour. Perhaps he saw clearly how many experts there were.

Indeed, Wu Yu could also feel that this spirit design was a completely sealed space, similar to the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Message Talismans and the like would not be able to make it out.

Also, if those outside could not see in, or feel the disturbance here, then the trap setter indeed had plenty of time to deal with Wu Yu slowly, or even lock him here permanently.

"Can we break the spirit design of this seraphic dao treasure and charge out? You have two great seraphic dao treasures, don't you?" Prince Le hurriedly asked.

"I'm not sure. I would have to try to find out. But they won't sit idly by and watch me wreck it," Wu Yu predicted.

His eyes were fixed on Nangong Wei. She was definitely very shaken by the fact that he was alive. He knew from her trembling, red eyes that had briefly locked with his own, before she had quickly averted her gaze, as if wanting to hide her feelings from Wu Yu. He was surprised to see such conflicted emotions.

"She already forgot me, and should be dearly wishing for my death. She should have been very happy to see me devoured by the sun. Why is she acting so strangely upon seeing me now?"

Just from one's expression, it was difficult to read a person's thoughts. In any case, Nangong Wei had concealed herself amongst the demon horde from the Nanyin Demon Continent, no longer facing Wu Yu. Wu Yu could not even see her face and expression now.

Just when he was beginning to recall memories of Nangong Wei, he suddenly saw black smoke bloom within the space, forming a wide, black robe, from which a pair of wizened hands and a wizened, pale face emerged. His eyes were sunken and his teeth were more or less gone. His face was wrinkled, and his eyes were veined with blood. He was a masterpiece of ugliness, and his appearance shocked the other demons.

Under ordinary circumstances, martial cultivators would not be too ugly. As for demons adopting human form, they might be even more beautiful. But one group of people only grew uglier. They were the ghostly cultivators who used the most extreme of cultivation methods. Those who did not exceed Prince Yu in age would normally not look too frail, but this person looked much older than Prince Yu. That aside, he still looked like a bloodthirsty, cold, and cruel ghostly cultivator. His cultivation level must have been built on the backs of mountains of corpses.

"I told you that we would catch a big fish soon. You guys thought it would be Princess Xi? Or some other prince or princess in the top 10? I believed that there would still be Yan Huang Tribe members heading up to the seventh level of the Ancient Soul Tower, but damn, this is a big fish indeed. Kingmaker Le, back from the dead. This means that the young star keeping Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, and the others on their toes, Prince Le, must be here too. That's another big fish." The old man's voice was raspy, as if rubbing two sheets of paper against each other. A creepy voice. Chilling even.

After seeing him, Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and the others babbled a bit, their faces turning pale. Their reactions belied the inexperience of their youth. Of course, it also spoke volumes about how scary this old guy was.

Wu Yu actually recognized him. When he had gone near the central sun at the fifth level, this person had been nearby as well. He was basically the strongest ghostly cultivator in the entire Ancient Soul Tower. He was the Devilsky Court Emperor's younger brother. Wu Yu could not recall his name, but he had a nickname: Prince Diablo. He ruled over Diablo City in the north of the Devilsky Court, and was an influential eighth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator. He was an elite genius of the Jambu Realm, about on the same level as Prince Yu.

Coincidentally, he was born but a day earlier than Prince Yu, and so was marginally able to qualify for the Ancient Soul Tower.

"It's him! Prince Diablo! His seraphic dao treasure must be the Tenebrous Stone Pillar of legend! With 860,000 spirit designs! We must be trapped in the fabled Eternal Darkness! We can't escape this world unless we defeat Prince Diablo. We are really in deep, deep trouble this time. Even though Wu Yu has become stronger...." Prince Le was currently even more afraid than when he had met Prince Xiao.

It was rumored that this was a desensitized killer, a vicious guy who had killed millions. Slaughter was his dao.

So the seraphic dao treasure was called Tenebrous Stone Pillar.

And this space was called Eternal Darkness. In Wu Yu's mind, he had come across similar descriptions in his study of the information. This was indeed a spirit design world, tantamount to them being trapped in another space. They could not be seen from outside, and would have to defeat Prince Diablo to get out.

Even if they left them trapped in this space alone, they would be in trouble. Although Wu Yu's real body could escape, the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others could not. Wu Yu was unable to leave alone.

Prince Diablo was one of the strongest ones within the Ancient Soul Tower. He was comparable to Prince Yu and Prince Xiao.

But Wu Yu was not flustered. He had become so strong that he could even force Prince Xiao back in a head-on clash. What else was there to be afraid of?

"What does Prince Diablo intend? Trap us and then silence us with death? This does nothing for you, does it? Reduce your Yan Huang Golden Bead rivals by one?" Wu Yu asked them with an icy expression.

They could not see any panic on Wu Yu's face.

At the same time, he was watching the others as well. In his short period of observation, he came to understand the dozens of them that were present. This bunch was very strong. Anyone who could make it to the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower was no smallfry. There were many demons basically at demon king level. Those who could call themselves demon kings and had their own titles numbered about 50.

Besides a few lone wolves, there were four main factions with considerable power, besides Prince Diablo.

The first group was the Nanyin Demon Continent demons. Naturally, they were led by Nangong Wei. However, she was not the strongest. There was a good number of sixth tier Dao Querying demon kings, and even one seventh tier Dao Querying. That was the gaunt, middle-aged man who stood by Nangong Wei's side. His hair was long and black, and he had an insidious air about him. He had inky-green eyes, and Wu Yu naturally recognized him as the Nine-Headed Demon King.

Wu Yu had met him at the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. He did not belong to any demon lord, but came and went as he pleased. However, he had worked on the Phoenix Supreme's behalf after she united the Nanyin Demon Continent.

The three other powerful groups were actually sea region demons!

Prince Diablo, the Nanyin Demon Continent demons, and numerous sea region demons. This bunch together was a strange motley. Especially seeing terrestrial demons and sea region demons working together.

Of course, the Nanyin Demon Continent did not really count as the main force of terrestrial demons before the Phoenix Supreme had united them. The greater enmity with the sea region demons was with the Million Demon Mountain and the Sky Demon Nation.

The three factions of sea region demons were the Dead Souls Sea Region, which Wu Yu was quite familiar with, and two others, the Antarctic Eddy and the Emperor's Electric Reservoir, which Wu Yu was not.

Prince Le had spotted them as well. Worrying that Wu Yu would not recognize them, he urgently said, "The Dead Souls Sea Region group has a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator, his name is Dead Sea Monarch! His body was originally a sea. A sea full of dead things that had festered for a long time. Souls and seawater mixed and eventually gave rise to sentience, becoming a demon. This body of water was previously known as the Dead Sea. The vast seas eventually became the Dead Sea Monarch. Because his body is seawater, he's especially hard to deal with! And the Dead Souls Sea Region's other demons are quite strong as well."

The Dead Sea Monarch did not pay allegiance to the Floating Souls Demon Lord, and so did not move with Ling Han and the others. Of course, they looked down on Ling Han's group.

"The Antarctic Eddy's demons also have a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator, the Antarctic Ice Beast. This is the most respected bloodline within the Antarctic Eddy. The Antarctic Eddy's demon lord is an antarctic ice beast. This Antarctic Ice Beast should be linked to the demon lord."

Wu Yu glanced over and noted that the demons indeed looked like a frosty bunch. One youthful guy seemed to be made of ice. That was the Antarctic Ice Beast.

The last bunch of demons, with another seventh tier Dao Querying demon, came from the Emperor's Electric Reservoir!

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