Chapter 1102: 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer

When the black light faded, what appeared before Wu Yu was a bird-type puppet.

It was not an insect like the Seven Stars bug, the mantis, or the firefly.

And what had given Wu Yu a jolt was that it was made in the image of the king of birds, the phoenix immortal beast.

Although it was a puppet, it had the same quality to it as a phoenix immortal beast. Pure, dignified, awesome, and superior.

The difference was that this phoenix puppet was not made of flesh, but iron instead, a carbon-black that was tinged with hues of other colors.

Of course, these metals were all precious treasures with nine spiritual marks or more. Many were 10 spiritual mark materials. It was said that 10 spiritual marks was the peak in the mortal realm.

Treasures more valuable could only be found in the Sky Palaces.

There were many elite precious treasures and alloys that Wu Yu could not name. Some formed the body, others the beak. Some were fashioned into metallic feathers, while others became the eyes. These precious treasures and materials were joined under hundreds of thousands of spirit designs to take the shape of the puppet before Wu Yu's eyes.

Its name was: Black Phoenix.

Wu Yu knew that the Black Phoenix was definitely stronger than the Elusive Firefly.


The difference between them was like the gap between a sixth and a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator. Seventh tier Dao Querying cultivators had been through two dao calamities, both Heaven's Thunder and Hellfire. They would definitely be stronger.

At this time, the Black Phoenix appeared before Wu Yu, flapping its metal-feathered wings. They made a grating sound that was harsh on the ears. Each feather was densely engraved with spirit designs that were also connected. This made Wu Yu realize that even after mastering the Imperial Descent, it would not be a sure thing to take down the Black Phoenix.

But once he took down this puppet, his fighting strength would make another leap, no doubt. His Heaven Devouring Avatar also had room to grow. If it wielded the Imperial Insignia alongside his real body, with the puppets in support, Wu Yu was confident that he could fight an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator!

He was very satisfied with himself. Besides, he was still young. He had never expected that he would achieve such ferocious progress, that blazed ahead of the Jambu Realm.

Although in terms of reaching immortalhood, he was not actually in the Dao Querying Realm yet. But before reaching immortalhood, he might very well be stronger than an immortal.

At this time, his strongest state started to do battle against the Black Phoenix puppet! The golden Immortal Ape was about the same size as the Black Phoenix. And comparatively, Wu Yu was stronger, and more suited to inflicting damage.

Of course, his paws were even more terrifying when they were curled around the qilin battle axe. The golden battle halberd was circled by huge beasts, and had an explosive energy to it. The sharp spike and two blades were shockingly keen, and their deadly energy inspired fear in all. Their sharpness was like fitting teeth on Wu Yu's bestial strength.

His current body was no longer a volcano, but a sun. In this battle, the superbly hot flames curled throughout the Floating Dreams Pagoda, bathing it in heat. Even the Black Phoenix was slightly affected. Flesh-based fighters would be severely troubled when made to withstand the heat coming from Wu Yu's body in such an environment.

However, after the Black Phoenix felt threatened, it let loose a keening cry, and its metallic body spread out. It took wing above Wu Yu's head, and the rapidly turning spirit designs on its body indicated that a terrible attack was about to be unleashed.

As expected, a mighty blast of energy was unleashed. Numerous spirit designs, beginning from its belly, began to glow, until the trail reached the bird's beak. Suddenly, a huge blast of voluminous, black mist billowed forth, falling on him like a sea!

When this black mist fell on Wu Yu's position, it suddenly changed, hardening into a black metal. Wu Yu found himself surrounded by black metal. From the volume of the black mist, Wu Yu was probably in a metal ball of 10 li in diameter! 

The metal had been created from black mist, but Wu Yu knew just how solid it was. If not for the sharp weapon in his hand, he would have been unable to break free.

However, just as the Black Phoenix's attack began, Wu Yu already guessed that the spirit design would turn out a certain way: contraction!

From outside, a huge, black, metal ball appeared below the Black Phoenix. The Black Phoenix started to use its spirit designs to activate the other key to this killer move. The huge, metal sphere began to shake violently, and then contract. It shrank at a fast pace. If this continued, Wu Yu would become a meat pancake in the crush of metal, perhaps ground to dust.

Although such an Offensive Spirit Design was dangerous to him, Wu Yu was fairly happy. Because the stronger the Black Phoenix was, the more useful it would be to him. It also stoked his desire for fighting.

"Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting Design!"

The qilin battle axe in Wu Yu's hand was not the same weapon as it had been in Prince He's. The Imperial Descent had submitted so readily to Wu Yu also because Wu Yu had the ability to bring out the specialties of this weapon. Very quickly, the thrust, sweep, and chop of the Triple Kill Sky Splitting Design had carved a space out in the metal ball. Wu Yu bored through the shrinking metal and broke out.

Of course, if he had been outside, such an attack would have no use on Wu Yu, who would just have escaped on the Somersault Cloud.

But it would be a real danger to others.

Wu Yu charged out, the qilin battle axe his temporary edge over the Black Phoenix. But when he burst out, the Black Phoenix immediately let the attack fail, again locking on to Wu Yu. This time, it moved even more ferociously. After locking onto Wu Yu, its wings beat so quickly that it turned into a blur. It was close to Wu Yu's speed!

At this moment, another spirit design was used. The killing spirit design's power blasted forth, bringing a torrential rain. Except it was not water droplets, but sharp plume feathers that were like little knives. There were billions of them, and they had a singular goal. When the knives came whistling at him, Wu Yu could only dive for cover.

He shrank his huge body to the size of the feather-knives and could dodge them easier. However, he was still locked on to. No matter where he dodged, a flurry of feathers chased him down relentlessly. This attack would definitely riddle the larger demons or Spirits of the Universe full of holes.

The deadliness of this move was even greater than the last.

However, Wu Yu still felt that destroying the Black Phoenix was the real priority! He did not wish to continue tangling with it. After subduing it, he would naturally know its spirit designs. Therefore, Wu Yu whirled and homed in on the Black Phoenix's position. The qilin battle axe in hand, he readied himself.

"Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design!"

He did not hesitate - he even used the Violent Art along with this attack. This was a killing move similar to Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike, but even stronger. He swung the qilin battle axe furiously towards the sky, as though trying to hack down the heavens themselves. With a thrust, the three qilin immortal beasts hidden in the spike and blades shot up to the heavens in a column of firelight. They exploded in golden clouds!

Within the golden clouds, an immortal wreathed in a golden nimbus wielded a huge, flaming battle halberd. The enormous, flaming battle halberd, wielded by the immortal's prodigious strength, came cleaving down towards the Black Phoenix! This was a setup by the immortal. The terrific swing seemed easy to dodge, but this was why this spirit design was truly scary. The Black Phoenix, in pursuit of Wu Yu, was caught in the golden clouds. Before it could fly out, the fiery battle halberd came chopping down, covering everything in golden flames!

Because he had reached the burning Primordial Spirit effect - this was the Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design! It was also the reason for the Imperial Descent's name.

These two major spirit designs, the two great seraphic dao treasures, were the Ancient Emperor's handiwork. And now both were in Wu Yu's hands.

Wu Yu's ultimate move hit it squarely. As strong as the Black Phoenix was, it was skewered, the black metal swallowed by flames alike. Being damaged to that extent, Wu Yu knew that he had already won.

He had indeed conquered the Black Phoenix.

In truth, the Black Phoenix had the same feeling as Nangong Wei. Of course, it was only a puppet, so he would not be too bothered.

"So it has three powerful Offensive Spirit Designs."

Wu Yu began to understand the puppet.

The first attack was called Metal Shadow Hell. This was the Black Phoenix's first attack on Wu Yu.

The second was called Trillion Fatal Feathers. That was the second attack.

There was actually one stronger spirit design, which the Black Phoenix had not had time to pull off. After this spirit design was activated, it would deal considerable self-damage, and could basically only be used once each time it recovered. It was called 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer.

It was fairly powerful. Wu Yu did not understand it too well for now, but this ultimate killing attack made the Black Phoenix even stronger.

The Black Phoenix had another special trait. It had a space in its belly that could protect quite a few people. It also had some Defensive Spirit Designs. As long as it did not die, it was safe inside. This was perfect for replacing the Seven Stars Fortifying Design.

All in all, big gains.

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