Chapter 1101: Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design

They had stopped, but Wu Yu had no intention of doing the same.

They had two things that Wu Yu was in urgent need of, so he would not hold back.

One was that he lacked huge quantities of God's Way Pills. Of course, he wasn't about to say no to all the advanced dao treasures and seraphic dao treasures as well.

Wu Yu had long set his eyes on the Saintly Sword of Hundred Flowers and the Saintly Sword of Blood Jade.

When Prince He was beaten back, Wu Yu moved on to the others. He shrunk his body to the smallest, trading it off for a considerable speed boost. The dragon shield had reverted back to its sword form, and he moved like a blur that was also terrifyingly hot. These ordinary sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were putty in his hands.

Besides the three major spirit designs on the Imperial Insignia, it had many other utility spirit designs that were more than enough to deal with these four. As Wu Yu came blazing through, he cut them down like weeds, especially in their traumatized states. They all fell within 10 breaths of time, their Sumeru Pouches in Wu Yu's hands. All of their advanced and seraphic dao treasures were in Wu Yu's possession. Wu Yu was not completely without mercy. After taking out the God's Way Pills in their pouches, he tossed the rest back.

Hua Muchen and the others were petrified through the entire process.

Only Prince He could barely stand against Wu Yu. At this time, he had just recovered from the rebounding power of the Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell. He had just shaken off his wounds when Wu Yu began to bear down on him.


"Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky!"

In the moment that he recovered, Wu Yu again sent an attack flashing from his sword. The golden roc blanketed the skies, the sword qi barraging through. Prince He gritted his teeth and unleashed the second attack of his qilin battle axe. But Wu Yu was quicker. A slash, and both of Prince He's arms were sent flying, along with the qilin battle axe. The qilin battle axe landed in Wu Yu's hands, and the two dismembered arms landed in the swamp.

Prince He was thoroughly doomed.

The qilin battle axe was putting up a heroic struggle in Wu Yu's hands. However, it could not escape Wu Yu's grasp. Of course, Wu Yu did not bother to fight it. He dumped it in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Imperial Descent was successfully taken, and Wu Yu's job here was done.

Ultimately, this was his goal.

Ever since he first laid eyes on the qilin battle axe, he had longed for it. This was a weapon for his real body. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had not had a proper showing off for a while now, and Wu Yu would leave the Imperial Insignia to his Heaven Devouring Avatar, which was more suitable.

From now on, his real body would wield the Imperial Descent, while his Heaven Devouring Avatar would wield the Imperial Insignia.

With the affinity between them, they should become even stronger.

As for the Saintly Sword of Hundred Flowers and the Saintly Sword of Blood Jade they would be given to Ye Xixi. She had a rather limited array of moves for now, and needed the support of a seraphic dao treasure. The Full Moon of Nanshan could just focus on training his Demonic Eye of Illusions.

After they were all taken, the 10 people stared and stammered at Wu Yu incoherently.

This was perhaps the greatest blow of their lives.

"What goes around comes around. I've been eying your weapon for a long time. But we had no enmity, and taking your treasure seemed inappropriate. But now that you've shown a murderous side, I won't hold back in exacting justice for your actions, Prince He."

Wu Yu's eyes were calmly regarding Prince He.

"Is my father emperor so bent on Prince Le...." A tear rolled down Prince He's cheek, and a wild look crept into his face, filled with abject despair.

Evidently he thought so. Wu Yu's current strength had come from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

This was all the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's plan for Prince Le to rise.

Wu Yu could feel his despair.

"Don't worry. It's not the case. All that I am was earned by myself. You should believe the Ancient Emperor. The Ancient Soul Tower is a meaningful place. A fair platform. Otherwise, what would all these outsiders be doing here? Playing second fiddle?"

Wu Yu left them with those final words. His job here was done, and he had no need to be considerate of their feelings.

All that he left to them was his retreating figure.

Wu Yu had fought so spectacularly that even Prince Le and the others could see it from afar. But the battle was over swiftly, and they already knew what was happening through Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Prince Le was goggling at Wu Yu as well.

"All done." Wu Yu's real body returned quickly.

"And how was it?" Prince Le was still worried, because he did not know Wu Yu's intentions.

"Taking away his seraphic dao treasure, the Imperial Descent, that's not overboard, is it?" Wu Yu said.

Actually, Prince Le had guessed as much. He nodded. "A deserved lesson." He had also taken away many God's Way Pills, which were enough to strengthen his Unshackled Doppelganger. They should be enough to bring them to the next level.

Actually, another reason why Wu Yu wanted the Imperial Descent was so that he could defeat the seventh tier Dao Querying puppet.

The Imperial Insignia was serviceable, but when Wu Yu entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he would still need the Imperial Insignia to protect Prince Le and the others.

Prince Le had no objections to how the matter of Prince He was handled, and the matter was blown over.

Wu Yu immediately proceeded to the next matter, which was mastering the qilin battle axe.

At the same time, he presented Ye Xixi with the Saintly Sword of Hundred Flowers and the Saintly Sword of Blood Jade.

He sheltered them all within the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat, wielded by the Heaven Devouring Avatar. And then he sank it into the depths of the swamp. There was a definite chance of encountering Spirits of the Universe here, but the Full Moon of Nanshan and the Heaven Devouring Avatar could handle them.

As for Prince Le and the others, although they were anxious to chase the Yan Huang Golden Bead, they could only wait.

Ye Xixi was delighted. The Saintly Sword of Hundred Flowers in one hand and the Saintly Sword of Blood Jade in the other, she was making good use of the time to cultivate them.

Of course, within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the speed at which Wu Yu would master the qilin battle axe would definitely be much faster than Ye Xixi mastering her new treasures.

After all, he had five times as much time within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Imperial Insignia had been conquered by Wu Yu already.

As for the Imperial Descent, it had witnessed Wu Yu's power, and seen how he had destroyed Prince He in impressive fashion.

Wu Yu's words were filled with superiority and a hardness that also induced the Imperial Descent to submission.

In this submission process, Wu Yu was very aggressive, forcing the three fire qilins to bow to his will, and willingly at that. With this qilin battle axe, his real body's fighting abilities grew dramatically.

And then he turned his attention to the myriad of spirit designs on the qilin battle axe.

There were three major spirit designs.

Firstly was the Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting Design that Prince He had used before. Wu Yu had seen its power firsthand, and it was no weaker than the Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky.

The second was called the Apex Predator's Sky Piercer. It was also an Offensive Spirit Design. The qilin was the apex predator of all beasts, and this Offensive Spirit Design embodied it. Although Wu Yu had never seen it before, the complexity of the spirit design indicated that it was even stronger.

The third was an even more elite spirit design. It was known as Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design. From the name, it was probably similar to Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike.

They were similar in artifice, but there were two major spirit designs that were different, and they also had differing strengths. The Imperial Descent was fundamentally stronger by a little, and so this Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design should also be slightly stronger.

These three were all Offensive Spirit Designs, and the battle axe had some similarities to Wu Yu's original Infernal Sky Pillar, which was why he took to it more easily.

Of course, completely familiarizing himself with these three Offensive Spirit Designs and practicing until he was adept would take some time. Luckily, the Floating Dreams Pagoda granted him five times the amount of time, or the Yan Huang Golden Bead would have been long gone by the time Wu Yu had mastered these seraphic dao treasures.

The days passed. After about 10 days, Prince Le was getting anxious. Wu Yu had not let him down, appearing punctually. He was stronger now, and that bolstered Prince Le's confidence. In this time, Ye Xixi had also completed the blood bonding of the two seraphic dao treasures, but she was far from being able to use the spirit designs.

She admired Wu Yu's speed.

"Give me another hour or so." Wu Yu again dived into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He prepared to use his real body's strength to clean up the seventh tier Dao Querying puppet.

Another challenge.

Nine spirit designs appeared before his eyes.

His cultivation level had not increased, but Wu Yu was confident that he could fight the puppet that was seven tiers higher.

His target was the black spirit design.

The advanced puppet within the black spirit design was obscured, but Wu Yu could feel the immense pressure emanating from within.

The same went for the ninth, white spirit design, although it was a little clearer. It looked like a beast of some sort, perhaps a lion or tiger or some such.

But the black spirit design was too dark, and hid too much.

However, Wu Yu chose to challenge it. All would be clear.

Before he fought, he had already geared and buffed up.

Firstly, the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth mystique turned him into a six-zhang-tall giant. Then he transformed into a golden Immortal Ape. Finally, he gripped the qilin battle axe, covered in dragon scales, in his hands. The long and thick battle halberd had two keen blades flanking the point. Compared to the staff of before, it was a more fatal weapon.

After he chose the black spirit design, black light flooded the entire place, dimming the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The blackness very quickly faded away, leaving the seventh tier Dao Querying puppet before Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was a little unsettled when he first saw it.

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