Chapter 1100: Battle Axe and Black Shield

The relationship between Wu Yu and Prince Le was inexplicably changing.

"If one day you can become the Ancient Emperor, and the world is below you, would you treat him as you do those who threaten you now?"

Become the Ancient Emperor.

The dream that burned endlessly in Prince Le's heart.

As Wu Yu raised this point, the light in Prince Le's eyes grew seadier.

The last vestiges of doubt disappeared.

"There is so much competition. If you're not mean enough, someone meaner will take the lead." Full Moon of Nanshan said offhandedly. Of course, these words were for Prince Le's benefit.

"The Ancient Soul Tower played a big part in getting me to where I am today. Since we have reached the point where we basically have the ability to withstand them, then we should fight for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. The next time we meet, I will not pass up the chance. But if there is a chance to grow stronger, I will not pass up on it either. Let's go."

Perhaps Prince Le did not fully understand Wu Yu's words.

However, Wu Yu had expressed great confidence regarding the Yan Huang Golden Bead. He gave Prince Le hope, and his enthusiasm also began to rise.

"Prince He!"

Thinking of how Prince He had plotted to send others after him following his own refusal to team up, the fire of anger was lit in Prince Le's heart. The betrayal of one's trust often led to anger.

Wu Yu had already planned for this. That was why the last time they met Prince He, he had had Lazy scrutinize this person carefully.

In this dark world, Wu Yu knew that it would be hard to track someone down once they parted. At this time, the All Amalgamating Cat's powers came to mind.

And they were soon put to good use.

The All Amalgamating Cat had quite some confidence in finding Prince He. Seeing its fat and lazy countenance was all the proof one needed.

With it in the lead, the rest followed behind in the darkness.

The swamp underfoot indeed concealed many Spirits of the Universe. They were all eight-headed snakes made of mud, that could not die. Wu Yu used Paradise's Fiery Demise each time to thoroughly destroy them.

Others had also been threatened by these eight-headed snakes, but they evidently did not deal with them as easily as Wu Yu did. Most of the time, they would be embroiled in a fight, which was very dangerous.

Although there were obstacles, but Wu Yu was certain that they were constantly closing the distance on Prince He.

"I can deal with them alone. Does the prince need to show his presence?" After about half a day, Lazy indicated that they would soon meet. Wu Yu turned to consult Prince Le.

If they met, Prince He would definitely accuse him in turn. Was Prince Le willing to fall out over it?

"You settle it. I'll await your good news." Prince Le thought about it. He still did not like the notion of a head-on confrontation with Prince He.

Prince He's deceit had already thoroughly disappointed him.

This was the perfect opportunity for Wu Yu to flex his potential.

Therefore, he left the Heaven Devouring Avatar with Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the others. The All Amalgamating Cat pointed him in the right way, where Prince He and the others were some 20 li away. Wu Yu headed over directly, and could definitely find Prince He and the others.

After deploying their conniving plan, they had left their original position.

The thought of Wu Yu appearing again was far from Prince He and the others' minds. This was also why they would dare to tell Wu Yu's location to Prince Xiao.

Of course, they did not know how strong Wu Yu currently was.

Therefore, when Wu Yu suddenly appeared in their path, their shock was total. They could not believe their eyes, although the shock was clear of any worry or fear.

That Wu Yu was not dead was a miracle, and that he had found them was like successfully searching the sea for a needle. They were incredulous.

"Impossible. Am I seeing this wrong? You guys?" Yuwen Changfeng was agog, and looked around to see similar expressions.

But as he realized that everyone was equally surprised, they figured out that there was no doubt.

"Prince He must have done something wrong. Otherwise, he would not be so fidgety to see me." After Wu Yu appeared, he stood before their eyes.

"Where is Little Le? Are you following us? And what nonsense are you spouting? Bold, aren't you, Wu Yu?" Prince He was still very calm.

Wu Yu could not be bothered to have a verbal snipe out. He immediately said: "Prince Le was heartbroken to learn that Prince He plotted to send others to kill him. He no longer wishes to see Prince He. As for me, it's very simple. I'm here for revenge. Prince He threatened me to such an extent, I almost lost my life. I should definitely return the same feeling to you."

As he spoke, the golden glass-like Imperial Insignia appeared in his hand, the mystical dragon with its golden wings extended. In his hand, its radiance was manifold that of when it had been in Princess Yin's hand. Wu Yu cut an impressive figure at this time.

Prince He did not foresee that his first ploy would be completely seen through by Wu Yu, and that he would be caught.

"Damn it, Prince Xiao and the others must have betrayed us." Hua Muchen frowned.

"Impossible. If Princess Yin was trying to do us in, why would she not even get her Imperial Insignia back?" This time, Su Yeji's thinking was a step ahead.

Even at this time, the two of them were bickering.

"Enough quarreling. At this stage, there's nothing much to analyze. Finish him." For now, Prince He did not understand what had happened. He guessed that Wu Yu might have escaped from Prince Xiao's clutches. But since only he alone was here, the others might still be under Prince Xiao's control.

Wu Yu was clearly posturing not to let them leave. They had the advantage of numbers, and naturally fighting him was an option.

"Kill!" Yuwen Changfeng and the other elders were of the same mind. The whole thing was quite odd. They had to first suppress Wu Yu, and then leave quickly. As to whether they would kill him, it would depend on Prince He's decision.

"Together." As they agreed to kill, Wu Yu suddenly said this, smiling.

"He's as mad as can be!" Prince He knew that Wu Yu was difficult to deal with, so he himself would fight. But he was uncertain, and also a cautious character. At this time, those beside him nodded. At a signal from him, five people retreated rapidly. They were those who were at the fifth tier Dao Querying Realm and below.

But the other five sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were all confident that they were individually Wu Yu's match. They quickly surrounded Wu Yu from five different directions. Prince He was right in front of Wu Yu.

"Attack!" Prince He did not want to drag it out, where developments would have time to occur. He ordered immediate attack, and he himself showed no mercy. As he shouted his command, he whipped out his own seraphic dao treasure, the qilin battle axe - Imperial Descent. The two weapons were said to be connected. As Imperial Descent appeared, there was actually resonance between them.

Of the two, Imperial Descent was slightly stronger. The three fire qilin immortal beasts roared, as though trying to intimidate the roc dragon and tortoise dragon.

From another direction, Prince's consort Hua Muchen had the Saintly Sword of Hundred Flowers, while Kingmaker He, Su Yeji, had pulled out her own Saintly Sword of Blood Jade as well. They were slightly stronger compared to Yuwen Changfeng and Qi Tianyin.

One versus five!

Prince He's group was supremely confident.

They did not understand why Wu Yu was still so confident. His smug look rubbed Prince He the wrong way, and Prince He was the first to attack, decisive and head-on!

"Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting design!"

Imperial Descent, sparkling with golden light, was a formidable killing machine, an imposing qilin battle axe in the hands of Prince He. Prince He waved his qilin battle axe and came charging, activating the spirit designs as he advanced. Its power burst forth, firstly in a thrust positioned at Wu Yu's chest. The first fire qilin leaped out towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu had already used Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to turn into the huge and savage golden Immortal Ape. In his hand, Imperial Insignia turned into a sword so huge that his five opponents shrank to a puny size.

The flaming golden hair on his body was made out of countless Buddha particles. As each one burst into golden flame, he immediately turned into the sun from the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower. This light illuminated a huge area as clear as day.

As he blazed like a sun, the five surrounding Wu Yu froze in fear at the sudden threat, although they had yet to close in on him. They were burned badly, and the other four were halted by Wu Yu. Only Prince He's Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting design successfully executed!

"Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell!"

Against the qilin battle axe, Wu Yu's Imperial Insignia transformed into an obsidian shield with the lifelike sign of the mystical tortoise. The shield was planted before Wu Yu like a mountain. Prince He's Imperial Descent connected in a clash!

Bang bang bang!

Imperial Descent lashed out three consecutive blows, a thrust, a sweep, and a chop. All were blocked by Wu Yu. Throughout this process, Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell was also used three times. Each time, the opponent's attack was returned punishingly. Wu Yu's current strength was too robust. Therefore, as Prince He used this spirit design, he was instead left bleeding all over from the rebounding energy. Imperial Descent's force was reflected back into his body, and wrecked his body and Violet Kingdom primordial energy.

This attack had instead come back to hurt him. Prince He was forced to step back. At this time, his mind was blank. He was unable to process what this meant.

As for the other four, they were already hard-pressed to endure the fiery punishment emanating from Wu Yu. Seeing Prince He's situation, they were rendered speechless from shock, and forgot about attacking.

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