Chapter 1099: A Murderous Sword

Wu Yu could guess that Prince Xiao and Princess Yin had clearly not come for Prince Le.

As royal family, it was not very convenient for them to kill or do in their own little brother.

If they wished to incapacitate Prince Le, it was obvious that they only needed to kill Kingmaker Le.

In a place like Ancient Soul Tower, killing a Kingmaker was still acceptable.

After all, Wu Yu still had Princess Yin's treasure in his hands - the seraphic dao treasure that he had snatched from her.

Killing a Kingmaker who stole a princess' dao treasure. Acceptable.

Therefore, as Wu Yu sent Prince Le fleeing, Princess Yin's command only sent three figures in pursuit, that blew past Wu Yu on their trail.

They were Xiong Zhan, Jiang Wenyu, and Jiang Wuzhou.

Over there, Wu Yu had the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the Elusive Firefly. They were biting off more than they could chew on this chase.

But then again, their true motive was Wu Yu's real body, and the Imperial Insignia in his hands. Perhaps the chase was simply calculated to make Wu Yu worry.

Wu Yu read this from the glint in Princess Yin and Prince Xiao's eyes.

Prince Xiao wanted to kill him!

Princess Yin wanted to kill him to vent and bury her humiliation. And of course, to win back her seraphic dao treasure!

The killing intent of the duo was very clear.

Wu Yu was rather unhappy about this.

So as expected, princes and princesses were born into nobility. They could not touch Prince Le, but they could kill him. 

No matter how strong he became, perhaps he would forever be a weed in their eyes, or Prince Le's weapon.

This was not Prince Le's fault at all, but he did feel a niggling of resentment.

And this resentment was quickly inflating.

Princess Yin clung onto Prince Xiao's arm, saying coyly: "Second brother, I'm depending on you today. You must kill him, alright? He's really very dangerous."

"Alright, alright. I'll get Imperial Insignia back for you. But there has to be some benefit in it for big brother, hmm, my good sister?" Prince Xiao teased.

"Aww, second brother, don't tease me. I don't have any hope of getting the Yan Huang Golden Bead either. From now on I'll see if my widdle bitsy strength can help you." Princess Yin said in a cutesy voice.

"In truth, the Yan Huang Golden Bead is a high level fight, and you all are lacking. You don't stand a chance indeed. But seeing how sincere you are, I'll help you out. After all, I can't let this outsider bully my little sister, can I?" Prince Xiao said.

"My thanks to second brother." Princess Yin smiled like a little girl, all peaches and flowers. 

After this exchange, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already made it far away, and Wu Yu found this a rather sickening conversation. He interrupted: "Are you two going to fight or not? The lewd way you two are going, is this going to be some sort of indecency between siblings? Windy Fiery Skies Platform might even be watching outside. That would be something."

"Impertinent!" Prince Xiao's face turned green. A powerful aura swept up the darkness towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu had been waiting for the opportunity in this exact moment of change.

At this moment, he had mighty physical prowess, and the huge Immortal Ape shimmered in the darkness. The golden hair concealed its brute strength below, that burst forth in this instant. 

"Violent Art!"

This transformation art coarsened his arms, and he wielded the Imperial Insignias sword like the Ancient Demon God.

One breath, and fires came forth. He had the Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body now.  He had immense strength, and a heat of the level of the central sun. Such heat made Princess Yin blanch, as her entire body was scorched. It was Prince Xiao who sent her away, and then turned, startled, to Wu Yu. Wu Yu had already struck.

Building on the Violent Art-

"Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike!"

His strike pierced the skies, bringing down torrents of sword qi that turned into golden clouds. Within the clouds, an immortal palace could be vaguely seen. The stupendous suppression of the many immortals came bearing down, as though Heaven's armies had assembled in full. All of it coalesced into a supreme sword of gold and black, and fell on Prince Xiao!

"Impossible!" Seeing this attack that was at least 10 times as powerful as her own had been, Princess Yin was stupefied. She had been the user of this Imperial Insignia, and she knew how powerful the sword that Wu Yu had summoned was. The golden immortal ape was a shadow that haunted her. She took a step back, and then another. The darkness of this world could not hide the terror in her heart.

Prince Xiao had underestimated Wu Yu as well. He had assumed that he would have his way to Wu Yu. As Wu Yu unleashed his ultimate move, he could only react. The horrifying Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike bore down on him with great speed. Prince Xiao pulled out his advanced dao treasure at the last moment, a painting scroll, and rolled himself in it. The scroll morphed into a black vortex that was pierced by Wu Yu's huge sword and sent into the ground. The swamp exploded multiple times, and Prince Xiao had been plunged into its depths. Of course, he would not die, but he would definitely be in trouble!

Fear was written all over Princess Yin's face when she saw the huge hole in the ground. As Wu Yu's eyes locked onto her, she screamed: "It was Prince He! He told us about your location! It was he who wanted us to do his dirty deed for him, and finish you off! It was Prince He who wanted to kill you! Go get him!"

"Prince He?" Wu Yu gave a dry laugh. He had no intention to kill Princess Yin. It was meaningless - she was no longer a threat to Wu Yu. And the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already made it far away. The trio would not be able to catch it. Prince Xiao could surface at any time, and he would be difficult to deal with. Wu Yu had managed to suppress him with one move, but that had been Wu Yu testing out the limits of his abilities.

To think that he could even beat back an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator - the Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body did not let him down at all.

After putting Prince Xiao down for the count, he could not be bothered to hang around here.

"As for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, we'll see about it." Wu Yu fired his parting shot, and then the Somersault Cloud vanished in thin air. By the time Prince Xiao crawled out in his wretched state, Wu Yu was long gone.

"Where is he!" Prince Xiao spit furiously.

"Fled......" Princess Yin said, distraught.

"But I told him that it was Prince He who told us his location." Princess Yin said.

Prince Xiao was struggling hard to regain his composure. He glowered: "What is up with this Wu Yu? He won't die in disasters, and now has grown so strong? Will nothing stop him? It seems like the Yan Huang Golden Bead might very well end up in his hands. But as strong as he is, there's not much gain to be had from fighting him. Let's leave it to others. You did right, to send him towards Prince He! Even better if he attracts attention from other princes, such as our oldest brother. Isn't he looking for Wu Yu as well? He should be looking forward to dealing with the current Wu Yu!"

"Yes, let's not act. We will send others. We too will borrow a knife to kill the man......" Princess Yin blabbed on. No one knew if she was making plans, or rambling in fright......


As they spoke, Wu Yu had already returned back.

Before he returned, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already spoken to Prince Le.

"She said that it was Prince He who revealed our location, and wanted to borrow a weapon to kill us. They think that as long as I'm dealt with, you will no longer be a huge threat."

Wu Yu warned him gravely.

Qu Fengyu exclaimed: "Impossible. Prince He is an upright person. How could he be so cruel and malicious......"

Ye Xixi snapped back: "You're implying that big brother Yu is lying? Does he need to? You bite the hand that feeds you. Do you know no gratitude? Without big brother Yu, would you even be alive?" She was angry on behalf of Wu Yu.

Even without her outburst, Prince Le himself knew this. He winced a couple of times, and said: "I understand. I was naive. Here at Ancient Soul Tower, when faced with the Yan Huang Golden Bead, any brother or sister I might have could become a demon. Seventh brother's behavior was expected. After all, I could tell that he had envied me for a while." Wu Yu stared at him. "He wants to kill us. If we do not take revenge, how could we call ourselves men?"

Prince Le started, then shook his head. "Let's just concentrate on searching for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. After all, this world is so dark, and so much time has already passed. It's impossible to find him."

But Wu Yu spoke with absolute conviction. "I can find them. This time, even if they have 10 people, I have confidence that Prince He can be punished suitably. Prince, he was going to destroy you. Will you still show benevolence?"

"You can find them?" Prince Le was astonished.

The All Amalgamating Cat meowed importantly, and Ye Xixi said proudly: "My Lazy can."

Wu Yu again looked Prince Le in the eye. "Revenge is best taken while the debt is hot. Otherwise, there will be a second, and third time. He is no longer playing nice, and you don't need to play nice either. Does the prince hope to gain the Yan Huang Golden Bead by kindness, and have everyone support you?"

Wu Yu was pressuring him heavily.

"Can he be punished but not killed?" Prince Le hesitated.

Wu Yu smiled, and said: "Of course. He will be the next Princess Yin."

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