Chapter 1098: To Kill With A Borrowed Knife

Previously, Prince Le had consented to the alliance on the basis of his respect for Prince He, as well as his persuasive ability.

But ever since Prince He readily abandoned them at the Yan Huang Golden Bead's appearance, and his lack of alliance with others, the agenda of his alliance was all too clear.

Probably similar to Prince Yu's.

Although Prince Le did not know his specific agenda, but he felt more confident of obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead with Wu Yu stronger. Therefore, he no longer wished Prince He to follow by his side and interfere.

Before, Prince Le had looked forward to them working together, where they would stand a better chance to defeat stronger opponents. But now it seemed like Prince He would instead be the first one to stand in his way if the Yan Huang Golden Bead appeared.

Therefore, his refusal was decisive.

Perhaps this curt response was the reason for Prince He's group's ugly looks.

Su Yeji rolled her eyes. "Seems like Prince Le is unwilling to team with us Yan Huang tribe anymore. Didn't we agree to it before? If everyone was like you, the Yan Huang tribe would have fallen to outsiders in one fell swoop."

She said this very naturally, but this did not change the fact that she was not originally Yan Huang tribe.

Yuwen Changfeng said: "Prince Le, reconsider. If you are with us, we can protect you from any dangers. At least, we will not let Prince Le fall into any traps. This sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower is different from the fifth. There are dangers everywhere. Especially in the swamp below."

Prince He's face was emotionless as he looked at Prince Le with an unreadable expression.

Prince Le did not wish to go up against him. Right now, he was in a difficult spot. "Seventh brother, you know all too well the Yan Huang Golden Bead's significance to us. I don't wish us to end up killing each other over this. So let's split up. I feel like the alliance is meaningless." He spoke without reservations.

"Alright, your words are sound. After all, this thing is too important for us brothers. If it really comes to that, I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself either. Go on and leave then." Prince He suddenly smiled. He smiled so widely that it was a little creepy.

Although he said this, but Wu Yu's side all knew that he was angry, which was why he would say such contrary things.

Prince Le wished to pacify him, but Wu Yu stopped him, urging him to leave.

Princes and princesses were no better or worse than each other. All fought for their own future, except Prince Yu was more direct, while Prince He was more insidious in his approach. In any case, the less contact they had in Ancient Soul Tower, the better.

After Prince Le had listened to Wu Yu's counsel, he turned and left with Wu Yu and the others in another direction.

This world was very poorly lit. The group of them very quickly vanished from Prince He's sight, leaving nothing but blackness behind.

Su Yeji rubbed her chin gently and folded her arms. "If he can even survive that, that punk is definitely a tough opponent to deal with. And there's too much news about Prince Le going around. We have to be careful of him. The way I see it, why not finish him off here? As long as Kingmaker Le is dead, Prince Le is essentially invalidated."

Hua Muchen sneered at her. "What do you know besides killing? Can you use your brain a little? Who doesn't know that the combination of Wu Yu and Prince Le is a threat to everyone? Because they might very well represent the Ancient Emperor's will. But since everyone is jealous of him, it's best to leave these things to others. Murder with a borrowed knife is the highest order of solutions. For example, that Princess Yin, who got her Imperial Insignia stolen. Have you forgotten who she is with now?"

Su Yeji's face turned sour after being insulted thus. But she sneered back: "So you have brains? If you really had brains, how come you couldn't hold on to your man?"

"Enough. Shut up. Stop being embarrassing." Prince He said mildly, cutting them short. They had been at each other's throat, and now subsided, contenting themselves with murderous looks.

Qi Tianyin stepped forth, and spoke from beside Prince He: "I feel that the prince's consort speaks well. Against such a threat, acting ourselves might pull us into a maelstrom of danger. Borrowing a knife is the prudent way. Prince Xiao and Princess Yin just passed by not long ago. The prince should still have Prince Xiao's message talisman. Wu Yu is headed exactly in the opposite direction from them. The prince can......"

Yuwen Changfeng said: "Princess Yin dearly wishes Wu Yu dead, and her seraphic dao treasure returned. Since she is with Prince Xiao...... I think they could be informed of Prince Le's location. It is but a small matter."

Prince He was deep in thought.

In his mind, his relationship with Prince Le was not bad. Back then, he had liked this little brother of his. Clever, with talent, and respectful, even idolizing him at times.

However, he was rising too fast, at an unprecedented pace. Besides, Prince Le gave him the greatest sense of danger right now. Not Prince Yu and Prince Xiao, or Princess Xi, but Wu Yu and Prince Le. The sort of danger that made one restless.

He did not say anything, but sent out a message talisman. And then he said "We go."

Everyone's eyes lit up, and they hurried to leave. It was as though they had ignited the fuse, and were waiting for the dynamite to blow up.


"There's no need to tangle any more with him. He already sees you as one of his biggest enemies." Wu Yu said to Prince Le after they departed. "Understood. After all, this is the Ancient Soul Tower. In the end, only one prince can become immortal. The others must die as their dao fades." Prince Le nodded gravely.

No one knew this more keenly than he did.

Their party continued to search in the dim world for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. They moved slowly, prioritizing the minimization of their signature. If they moved too obviously, the Spirits of the Universe below would discover them.

Wu Yu was currently wondering if he could send his avatar to a higher level. If he continued to devour, he could control it, given his primordial spirit's current standard. He was confident, but the Spirits of the Universe here were mysterious, made out of mud - Wu Yu felt that they would be of limited help to the Heaven Devouring Avatar's growth.

But the lava hounds at the fifth level were pretty hard to stomach too......

"I was a little hasty to come up here. I was afraid that the Yan Huang Golden Bead would be snatched away by others. I should have challenged another higher tier puppet."

The puppet would be stronger than the Elusive Firefly. Wu Yu did not know if his real body alone could handle it. He needed to find a safe spot to attempt the challenge.

He did not sense the Yan Huang Golden Bead within the sixth level. All was desolate. Therefore, he decided to search for a relatively safe place, where he could enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda and challenge a puppet. For now, it seemed like there was no safe place in this dark world.

There were more threats here than at the fifth level, and not even Full Moon of Nanshan could protect them.

Besides, he would need the Imperial Insignia to fight with, and was unable to use the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat to protect them.

Just as Wu Yu was thinking of a way to find a suitable spot, perhaps even returning to the fifth level to grow stronger, his acute senses alerted him to imminent danger.

There was actually another being with unbelievably acute senses. That was Ye Xixi's All Amalgamating Cat. Lazy had been lazily sprawled, but suddenly leaped up, hackles raised. It warily looked behind them. Actually, the All Amalgamating Cat's senses had been very sensitive to danger each time, and Wu Yu recalled that it had superb tracking abilities as well.

As danger approached, Wu Yu sent Prince Le and the others behind him in the Seven Stars Fortifying design. The Silver Moon Mantis and Elusive Firefly were with them. Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi flanked him, and he brought his own avatar out as well, to stand before the Seven Stars Fortifying design. His real body was positioned at the foremost, standing alone against the danger.

This was what Wu Yu considered a more defensive solution. If a difficult opponent appeared, his main body could fend it off, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar escorted the others to safety. As long as he could get them safely away, his strongest main body could leave at any time.

"Heaven is really blind, to leave a despicable wretch like you alive, mongrel." Before they came into view, Wu Yu already heard Princess Yin's voice. She was not using her coy falsetto anymore, but a voice laced with malice and hatred. As expected, Xiong Zhan, Jiang Wenyu, and Jiang Wuzhou were by her side.

So it was them. Wu Yu was surprised that they would actually meet in this dark world. Of course, he was rather relaxed. After all, if it was just them, Wu Yu's real body alone could make them cry for their parents.

Howevere, another young black-haired man walked out to stand beside Princess Yin, hands clasped behind his back and smiling. He wore black robes, and had a threatening air about him that bled into his smile. An unbridled sense of malice. It was the second prince, Prince Xiao, whose reputation was just as huge as Prince Yu.

He was an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator, and now moving together with Princess Yin. He had a belligerent air about him, and Wu Yu immediately knew that he would be a big pain in the ass. He might be one of the few people who could still be a pain in Wu Yu's ass.

Wu Yu reacted quickly.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar took Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, as well as Prince Le and the others, fleeing backwards into the darkness. As for  Wu Yu, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and Immortal Ape Transformation to become a shimmering golden monkey. He held the Imperial Insignia sword in his hand and barred their path, immediately adopting a fighting stance.

With the Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body, Wu Yu was a different person now.

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