Chapter 1096: The Champion Returns

It was hard to believe how magnificent it was.

The golden-bodied buddha was austere and dignified. It was still, as immovable as a mountain, and would never perish.

And now his body was made out of billions upon billions of these golden-bodied buddhas.

Of course, others would not be able to see it. Only Wu Yu knew how strong the densely-knitted golden-bodied buddhas were.

The combined sturdiness and strength of the golden-bodied buddhas became his strength.

And these golden-bodied buddhas, after devouring the central sun, naturally began to burn with golden flames. Abundant physical strength was imbued within them.

This corpus was known as Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body.

This far exceeded Wu Yu's expectations for the new tier of the Invincible Vajra Body. He knew that his current body was filled with boundless energy.

His body was no longer the six physical body worlds of before. The billions of golden buddhas imbued in him defensive and regenerative powers that far exceeded the total of the six physical body worlds. 

Metal and fire reached perfect harmony within his body.

For those at the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, something major had happened.

Suddenly, they could feel that it wasn't as hot anymore.

Something seemed to be happening in the sky.

When they and Prince Le's group looked up, they saw the enormous central sun begin to shrink inwards at a rapid rate, as though an extra mouth had appeared within. Before they knew it, the huge, central sun had been consumed until only a small speck was left. From where they were standing, they could not see what the small dot was.

"The largest sun is gone!"

Thunderstruck faces all throughout the fifth level stared agape at the sky. They all wanted to know what the small speck was.

"Doesn't that mean that the vicinity of the black circle is no longer as hot? We have a chance to reach the sixth level!"

"Yeah! Let's go, quickly!"

"But why? Why did the sun disappear, as if devoured?"

"That's just a quirk of the Ancient Soul Tower. Nothing to do with us."

No one made the connection to Wu Yu, who had been engulfed by the sun previously.

To Wu Yu, he had succeeded. He had taken the place of the central sun. While he looked no different than in the past, as the golden light was dimming and he reverted back to normal, his physical body was already heaven and earth compared to his previous state. 

Those at the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, including the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others, could not see very clearly. But over at the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, the fifth mirror showed a scene for a full 30 breaths of time. When it first began, the central sun had been whole, and those outside were watching from very close to the central sun.

"Seems like something is there. A big patch of gold." Those who were sharper very quickly spotted it. A closer look would reveal that it was a cocoon composed of countless golden scripture characters.

Closely following this, they watched the central sun's shrinking, and its consumption. They saw the flaming, golden letters and then a figure emerge from their midst.

Everyone held their breath. Regardless of who they were, everyone watched with eyes wide in disbelief.

They gradually saw the figure clearer. The golden letters had already fused into this person's body and the scene in the mirror was fading. In the last moments, they saw that the body wreathed in golden light and flame was Wu Yu!

An uproar broke out after the picture winked out. But it remained in their minds.

To devour the entire central sun into one's body. Those outside could not experience it for themselves, but they knew how powerful it would be. More importantly, Wu Yu had come back from the dead. Or perhaps he had never died.

This news spread like wildfire throughout the world.

The elite experts did not say much, but they looked at each other. Whether the Dark Sea Emperor or the Dead Souls Demon Lord, the Oriental Flower Fairy or the Starry Skies Sword Emperor, all had shocked expressions. They took a long, calming breath.

Di Shatian was in an excellent mood, and could not help clapping. "As expected of Kingmaker Le! He has not let our Yan Huang Tribe down. This nirvanic rebirth has definitely brought Kingmaker Le to a higher cultivation level. His growth and rise is legendary, and no one can stop it! Although our Yan Huang Tribe does not have many elite geniuses, we do have such superhumans!"

He laughed loudly.

The Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms had all sorts of gripes against the Yan Huang Tribe. Even within the Ancient Soul Tower, the Yan Huang Tribe was being ostracized and targeted.

But at this time, Di Shatian had seen Wu Yu's miraculous rebirth. This was straight out of a myth, and he was seized with emotion. He felt that divine favor had played a part.

Of course, divinity meant the Ancient Emperor.

Although he was happy, not all the Yan Huang Tribe members shared his sentiment. Some were afraid, others jealous. Somebody said, "Bluntly speaking, Wu Yu is just an outsider, it’s just that he has been personally watched over by the Ancient Emperor. This means that his legacy is formidable. But in the end, he is an outsider. He is Kingmaker Le, and not Prince Le. Ultimately, I think that everything he has belongs to Prince Le. If that's not possible, his outsider strength has nothing to do with Prince Le. Wu Yu can't possibly become the future Yan Huang emperor, can he?"

If Wu Yu had been Prince Le, things would have been perfect.

From the moment Wu Yu had arrived in Yan Huang, the whispers had begun that the Ancient Emperor only commanded him in order to take his legacy, and it would all come to benefit Prince Le in the end.

As awesome as Wu Yu was, he was not from the royal family, nor the Yan Huang Tribe. Some saw his fate as destined to be terrible. They did not know who would eventually benefit from it. Perhaps Prince Le.

Wu Yu naturally knew this as well, which was why he had the Ancient Demon Realm prepared.

But the Ancient Emperor was an immortal. Wu Yu knew that being watched by an immortal was definitely troublesome. But he did not shirk away. He simply wished to become stronger. If his fate had already been determined, then his dao was to change that determined fate. Wu Yu had already thought this problem through.

But Wu Yu did not know that Luo Pin was smiling as she watched him. Her smile was rarely seen, but once she smiled, her warmth and elegance were peerless. She did not say anything, but her smile alone conveyed all. Wu Yu was getting closer and closer to her now.

How strong was his physical body right now?

Without testing it out, Wu Yu himself would not know. But he knew that those of Princess Yin's caliber would not last a breath's time in his hands right now.

His current body was even hotter than the central sun. If he wished, he could make his body as hot as it had been, making things unbearable for his enemies. Although not comparable to the nine suns combined, it was enough within the Jambu Realm!

Invincible Vajra Body, sixth tier!

The Vairocana Vajra Buddha had been completed perfectly.

At this moment, Wu Yu descended from the sky. Those at the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower did not see him land on the scorched soil, where he was met by Prince Le and the others.

"Brother, congratulations! You survived a great calamity, and will have great fortune after!" Prince Le came forth to embrace him.

"Your body is really scalding!" Prince Le exclaimed.

"Indeed. If not for my maximum suppression, I could turn everything around you into ash." Wu Yu smiled.

"Amazing! Sick!" Prince Le shook his head in wonder, whether out of admiration or respect.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi remained behind. They were beaming as well, but they did not come up to him. They did not need to.

"Let me ask you just this: an you defeat seventh tier Dao Querying cultivators now?" Qu Haoyan asked.

Wu Yu shook his head. "I do not know. I will need to test it out at the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, or perhaps the seventh level."

"Alright. We have lingered here for a dozen days already. It is time to head up. Show those who celebrated your death just how strong you are." Prince Le was very worked up.

Because he felt that the Yan Huang Golden Bead was closer than ever before. When he had first entered, he had been very anxious, and felt that he did not stand a chance at all. But now, his blood was boiling with excitement.

Wu Yu looked at him with a smile.

He wanted to ask what on earth the Ancient Emperor was doing. From the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace to the central sun, all had been Wu Yu's own hard struggle. But this was the Ancient Soul Tower, and Wu Yu did not have a reason to suspect that this was connected to the Ancient Emperor.

His strength had exploded forth at breakneck speed. He would leave at a completely different level compared to when he had entered.

But the question that even Wu Yu was thinking about was: would he even be able to leave?

His only escape route was the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, which he had prepared to use at any time.

"No matter how many there are, anyone who sends me to hell in this life, I'll send them to hell too! Whether they are immortal or ghostly immortal, or the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!"

As for the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu was puny within his eyes. His fate did not belong to him. He would just have to wait and see what happened next. Perhaps he could become the next Yan Huang Ancient Emperor?

Of course, that depended on Wu Yu alone.

The road was fraught with danger.

The only option: fight till death.

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