Chapter 1095: Rebirth from the Cocoon

The Invincible Vajra Body.

The fourth tier, Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body.

The fifth tier, Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body.

And now the sixth tier, another level up.

Wu Yu recited the scripture. At the start, all he knew was that the sixth tier required a rebirth from the brink of death.

All he knew was that the name of the sixth tier was different from the previous two tiers. It was a new transformation, where he would reach a new height.

Its name was Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body.

He seemed to be nearing the fundamental essence of the Invincible Vajra Body.

Wu Yu did not know what Vairocana was, or what Invincible Vajra Body was. But he knew that the core of the Invincible Vajra Body was something called Buddha.

He knew what Buddha was.

To him, it was another type of martial cultivation, except it was slightly different, focusing more on the physical body.

Whereas martial cultivators valued qi. Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was a type of qi.

Of course, martial cultivators prized dao even higher. It was a spiritual thing.

As for buddhas, they had spiritual concerns as well. Wu Yu had no idea what they were called.

But he had a feeling that buddhas and martial cultivators were slightly different from ghostly cultivators. He could feel a difference in the dao between the three.

He also knew what buddhas were like. Most of the time, they radiated golden light and had bodies that seemed to be made of metal itself, unmovable as mountains, and everlasting.

Presently, he was sitting in the lotus position in the center of the sun, putting his palms together like a buddha.

He entered this "buddha" with his heart and mind. He knew that this word was pronounced as Buddha. [1]

He poured all of his efforts into the scripture, going over it again and again without ceasing. At first, he did not comprehend the meaning of the arcane phrases.

Because the Invincible Vajra Body was far from dao, and even more removed from the Great Way of Immortality Art.

He guessed that the Invincible Vajra Body was different from the Full Moon of Nanshan's Nine Cycles of the Imperial Immortal Body. The Nine Cycles of the Imperial Immortal Body was still within the realm of dao. Wu Yu had discussed it with the Full Moon of Nanshan before.

As for ghostly cultivators, they seemed to belong to a diverging branch of dao. For example, Ye Xixi was also cultivating dao, it was just that her dao was slightly different.

Therefore, the Hell Incarnation Avatar was also a type of dao.

That was why, in terms of physical fighting ability alone, the Nine Cycles of the Imperial Immortal Body and the Hell Incarnation Avatar could not rival Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body.

While he was lost in meditation, all sense of time vanished.

Besides the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others, and Princess You Xue, no one else knew that Wu Yu was still alive in the center of the sun.

Many had gone directly on to the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower. It was improbable that the Yan Huang Golden Bead would appear anytime soon at the fifth level, and it was fruitless to stay here.

Many were forced to remain here, and were racking their brains for ways to reach the sixth tier. Some were truly helpless and gave up.

Some continued to try over and over again, and fail repeatedly. They, too, chose to give up and remain here at the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

Only a small percentage of the fifth tier of the Dao Querying cultivators managed to rush through with luck.

Therefore, the number of people here continued to fall, until it was in the single digits in the end. Of course, this was not including those like Prince Le, who were in hiding.

"Don't be anxious. I might need some time before I can come out. But I can assure you that there is no danger to my life," Wu Yu said to them through the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Hearing such certainty, Prince Le broke into a relaxed smile. "Don't worry. Take your time. We're in no hurry. When you're recovered, we'll go to the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower." 

Qu Fengyu said, "Those people are jokes! They thought you died. They laughed and left in a flash. I would love to see their faces if they knew you were alive!" 

"Yeah, they were celebrating for nothing. Haha, we might not have any hope for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, but we'll definitely fight our way up!" Baili Zhuihun cheered.

"Are you done? You guys are not even the ones doing any work. You're just here for the show," Ye Xixi said resentfully.

She had been on the verge of tears, and had not seen them worried for Wu Yu. They were only thinking of themselves.

Qu Fengyu was angered and was about to retort, but Qu Haoyan stopped her. Prince Le did not comment either, patiently waiting for Wu Yu's return.

In the central sun, Wu Yu proceeded as usual. The fiery sun was the key to the recreation of his physical body, and the scripture was his tool. With both method and environment, all that remained was experience and understanding. Of course, one needed patience and perseverance, and most important of all was the will to endure pain. The Invincible Vajra Body had always been this way. The stronger one's body was, the more pain one had to endure.

As for the difficulty, it increased with each tier.

The scripture was arcane and complex. Firstly, Wu Yu read it a thousand times, until his mouth was almost rotten with the words. The golden scripture characters on his body began to multiply, denser and denser. It was a golden cocoon that wrapped him over and over. From afar, he indeed looked like a cocoon. Only up close was it recognizable as dense scripture characters.

A thousand words, a thousand times. He repeated it, and contemplated it. At the thousandth time, the arcane scripture finally began to clarify. There was some progress, but he was far from fully understanding it.

Each tier of the physical body was a new level of resolve.

The Invincible Vajra Body was not as simple as training one's body.

But at least the thick scripture layers had already sealed off the fires outside. Otherwise, Wu Yu would have already been burned to ash. He felt virtually none of it now.

He knew that he had to curb his impetuousness. He had to reach the level of a buddha, and a buddha was never hasty. Focus, and do each task to the best. The reward was found through the process.

He had to focus and persevere.

If he felt that he was too obtuse and inferior to understand it, all the more he had to quieten himself to chant it.

Wu Yu continued to repeat the words. Even after a thousand times, his improvement was modest, but at least he had gained some understanding. Some progress, at least.

More importantly, the golden cocoon that the words had created began to grow larger and larger. Although it still could not be seen from outside the central sun, it was at least 10 zhang in diameter. It could not be seen because it was pure gold.

Another thousand times!

And another thousand times!

His reading speed quickened with his familiarity. Especially the parts that he already understood, those were the fastest of all.

But from the start until now, about 10 days had passed. In these 10 days, Wu Yu had been constantly chanting. He himself did not know, and did not pay attention to the golden cocoon, which had already reached half the volume of the central sun!

At this time, Wu Yu had lost count of how many times he had repeated the scripture.

It might have been ten thousand times, or tens of thousands of times. Because his speed of chanting was too quick. It was not just his mouth that spoke the words. Every particle of his being vibrated with the sound of the scripture. Greater and greater, until anyone who approached the nine suns would almost be able to hear.

But for now, there was nobody near the nine suns. After 10 days, this place was virtually deserted.

No one had discovered the slight increase in brightness of the gold of the central sun, as though there was something within.

Prince Le and the others were very curious as well. They asked a few times, but Wu Yu did not tell them, instead telling them that they would know once he was out.

Actually, at this time, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was of help to Wu Yu. It, too, sat in the lotus position, palms together and eyes closed, murmuring the scripture in a low voice.

With this, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi knew that it had to be the Invincible Vajra Body.

"Old Wu has again found the silver lining in the dark cloud. Back at the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, a significant improvement in his cultivation level made his physical body advantage not as strong as before. Right now, his physical body has transcended a new cultivation level. I bet there's no one in the Ancient Soul Tower, perhaps even the Jambu Realm, who is his match," the Full Moon of Nanshan marveled enviously.

"Big Brother Yu is brave and confident. All his transformations are justly deserved," Ye Xixi said with a proud look.

"I'm those too. I'm brave, and I'm confident," the Full Moon of Nanshan teased.

"You are narcissistic, and too sloppy. Compared to Big Brother Yu, you're rubbish."

"Damn me. You dare to sully my name blindly? You ignorant little girl, you don't understand the charms of Nanshan. Me and Old Wu just have different daos, haha...."

Their banter was already a familiar phenomenon that Wu Yu was used to.

Although he did not feel it yet, after countless repetitions of the scripture, he no longer needed to actively think about it. Instead, after a certain time, he suddenly felt like he had been enlightened.

It was like looking into a mirror.

An unexpected surprise.

Of course, he himself was not sure how much time had passed.

All he knew was that at the end, every atom of his being was chanting the golden scripture, until he was surrounded by countless characters. And when he finally succeeded, two huge changes happened.

The first change: the innumerable characters seemed to come to life, like little beasts. Each one opened its mouth and swallowed the flames outside. These flames were the core of the central sun.

Each character devoured a little, and became flaming characters.

The numerous characters seemed to devour the whole central sun in a short time.

And then the second change was that each character contracted, entering Wu Yu's body after turning into a flaming character, fusing with the particles of his body.

At this time, Wu Yu underwent a prodigious metamorphosis.

His ordinary atoms, after being infused with the scripture, began to change into golden "buddha" characters.

His entire body was made out of countless golden "buddhas."

As the central sun was devoured into his body, he was now closely tied to the buddhas....

This transformation was not a quick process. It took maybe half a day. But Wu Yu could just imagine how strong he would be after half a day.

1. TN: the original character 佛 also has another meaning and pronunciation.

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