Chapter 1094: Vairocana

It was like a long farce had finally come to an end.

Those who took pleasure in the disaster and were secretly happy definitely made up the majority.

Many people were fairly happy to see this genius who had dashed their own hopes fall.

The strong would always invite envy.

Those who genuinely cared about Wu Yu were already pale with worry.

Fortunately, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had remained outside this time. With the Heaven Devouring Avatar around, he would still exist in this world even though his real body had died.

Of course, because of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi could immediately ask Wu Yu what was happening.

At first, Wu Yu was silent, and they were extremely worried.

Prince Le and the others were also worried. But their worry for Wu Yu was mingled up with worry for their own futures, and not as pure as the worry of the other two.

This was normal.

Wu Yu was an outsider to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Besides his own friends, the princes and princesses would not easily feel a bond with him.

Let alone his enemies and those from the external tribes.

Seeing Wu Yu's blank face and silent manner, Prince Le could not help asking again, "Your clone is still here, so your real body must be fine, right...."

He was not very sure of the relationship between Wu Yu's real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was no ordinary clone.

Both the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi knew that Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was no indicator of his real body's state.

Prince Le's face was a little grey. He had been filled with hope that Wu Yu could have again created a miracle through his fight with the Blazing Bird.

And now his hopes had been thoroughly dashed.

The Yan Huang Golden Bead had already reached the sixth, perhaps even seventh level of the Ancient Soul Tower. And with Wu Yu gone, they were probably stuck here.

Just as he was in the throes of despair, Wu Yu's white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar suddenly said, "Don't worry. It was an accident, but I don't die so easily."

Before, Wu Yu had not spoken not because of his wounds or shock, but because his concentration had been fully occupied somewhere else. Therefore, the Full Moon of Nanshan still held hopes.

Because he reckoned that under normal circumstances, the heat on the surface of that sun would have incinerated Wu Yu as quickly as the Blazing Bird.

But since he had calmed them down, it meant that there was still life. He comforted Ye Xixi, entreating her to wait patiently.

This time, listening to Wu Yu's words, he exchanged a look with Ye Xixi. They knew that there was hope for a comeback.

"After all, we are all inheritors of immortal legacies. At this crucial time, the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his body might very well emerge to help him. Of course, it is but a possibility." Much was still unknown about the immortals' legacies. Therefore, they did not count on them to save them in many situations. Otherwise, they would have been cut down early enough, just like Ming Long.

Ming Long had lost her life about one yuan ago, when she was about as strong as the Regent, or even considerably stronger. That was exactly why she, who had been so high-profile, had been ganked and killed without a presence like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor to protect her.

"It's good that you're fine. It's good that you're fine...." Hearing Wu Yu speak again, Prince Le was relieved. He opened his eyes wide, searching the central sun for any sign of Wu Yu, but he saw nothing.

What was going on?

In the instant that he had been swallowed up by the sun, Wu Yu had thought himself doomed as well.

The inside of the central sun was a hellish scene. An unimaginable heat swamped him, and he could not possibly use the Somersault Cloud to escape from within.

Death was but a brief moment away.

In that moment, his six physical body worlds of the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body were burned away layer after layer in a flash, each world stripped away within a breath's time.

He knew that he might very well vanish from this world within six breaths of time.

In this time, the Blazing Bird had not even finished melting yet.

He could clearly feel his physical body crumbling. Each tier of the Celestial King Buddha fell without resistance, crumbling hundreds of times faster than the speed of his recovery.

Death was closer than it had ever been. Its shadow had already fallen across his temple.

At this time, he was frantic too. Of course, he was not content. He had labored so hard to come this far. How could he die here? So many would rejoice in secret.

And so many would be laughing at him in secret.

But as time ticked on, his flesh continued to crumble, beyond all salvation.

He could not control it.

"I'm dead. All is lost. I'm really doomed this time!"

He could hear Ming Long's wailing as well.

She had really pinned all of her hopes on Wu Yu.

Wu Yu could only smile wryly.

He was indeed unlucky this time. Who knew that these nine suns would expand when someone neared, and swallow them up?

His first tier crumbled into ash.

And then his second tier, third tier, and fourth tier....

In the blink of an eye, it was the fifth tier.

Perhaps he was having flashbacks, but time seemed to slow to a crawl.

It was said that before a person died, they could recall the deepest memories of their entire life.

Many scenes indeed flashed through his mind.

For example, that snowy night, when he had been forced to take the Spirit Severing Powder while the blizzard howled....

For example, when he had narrowly escaped with his life from the Ninth Spirit, but laid down a grave for her....

For example, when he had cut ties with Shushan at the Mortal Arena, and decided to leave....

For example, when he was in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence in the Yan Huang Imperial City, and decided to win a precursor dragon scale for a beauty....

For example, when he was on the Taigu Immortal Path, in the Dark North Kingdom, in the Infernal Inferno, in the Nanyin Demon Continent....

Every scene, every person, every incident, every new insight into dao, every vow, every fight, all the love, hatred, enmity, and passion he felt, the chasing of every goal, every blind thought he had - all of it flashed past, so briefly but so clearly.

It was so clear that Wu Yu wept. He keenly felt what a waste it would all have been if he died now! He still had too many things left unaccomplished. And if he only had the Heaven Devouring Avatar left, he might not even be able to control himself, let alone accomplish all those dreams and goals....

At this time, a fresh surge of passion seized him, an urge to chase his dao, an endless resolve that drew him like a moth to flame. All of it squeezed him, and as his fifth physical body world crumbled, he let out an involuntary roar, imbued with an incredible will.

Ming Long was completely helpless now. This accident had come too suddenly. She had egged him on to fight the Blazing Bird before, and now was speechless.

"I’m dead for sure this time. I think I'd better see where the Ruyi Jingu Bang takes me! Perhaps when I awake again, another few hundred thousand years will have passed. Your Heaven Devouring Avatar might be mush by then."

She felt regret and was unwilling to leave. She broke into tears. Although she was hard of mouth at times, she was quite fond of Wu Yu as well.

"No need to be sad. Both you and I cannot die."

She had not expected those words to come out of Wu Yu's mouth.

She had also noticed that after his fifth tier had crumbled, his final tier held fast against the horrifying heat. As the flames tore at Wu Yu's body like savage beasts, he did not seem to fall to the flames.

"What is happening!?" Ming Long was stunned. She could not believe her eyes.

Because what was happening now had completely exceeded her expectations.

Wu Yu's gaze was steady. "Just the final tier left. On the brink of death. But the sixth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body is rebirth on the brink of death."

"You had an enlightenment?!" Ming Long shrieked with excitement. She was not at all familiar with that cultivation level.

Wu Yu nodded. "Perhaps the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal helped me along. Before I died, in the last breath, I recalled many things in my life, and also the words of the sixth tier of the 10,000 words of the Invincible Vajra Body's incantation."

"And now you are coincidentally in an environment favorable to cultivate the sixth tier of the Invincible Vajra Body?" Ming Long exclaimed delightedly.

"Indeed. Actually, this is harsher than the necessary environment. But as long as I have the sixth tier's incantation, it will ensure that I do not die in this environment. And where there is life, there is a chance to cultivate."

"Indeed. This place is more fearsome than the Elixir of Fire Spirit by far! This is the place of the Ancient Emperor's Immortal Treasure of the Gods!"

Wu Yu was in the center of the huge, burning sun. Perhaps the sun was trying to consume him but found that the last spec continued to persist.

At this time, Wu Yu's face was serene as he began to chant the scripture. As he mouthed the words, they took form as golden characters that began to flow like water over his skin. These golden words enabled him to barely survive the incredible heat.

1,000 dense words of scripture covered his body.

Being consumed by the central sun had been an accident. And at the cusp of death, he had received the help of the Ruyi Jingu Bang. In this hellish environment, he had recalled the scripture of the Invincible Vajra Body's sixth tier and turned this hell into a heaven for his metamorphosis.

At this time, everyone thought that Wu Yu was dead, and were secretly feeling good. What they did not know was that Wu Yu was currently being reborn from the brink of death in the middle of this central sun.

This was Vairocana, Vajra Buddha Body!

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