Chapter 1093: Death Comes

All of this happened in a flash.

The Blazing Bird and Wu Yu were again locked in struggle.

Perhaps all life in the Jambu Realm was watching this battle with bated breath.

Wu Yu had just stabilized his body. He did not dare to approach the nine suns again, but the Blazing Bird came swooping down again. All his exits were blocked.

The Blazing Bird was fairly aggressive, especially after Wu Yu had attacked it.

It had gone into a frenzy, and continuously attacked. Much of the surrounding area had been turned into a sea of flames. Below, the magma seemed to burn the clouds themselves, framing the nine suns. It was especially hot towards the center sun.

Those below could not see clearly, but they knew that the Blazing Bird had been angered, and that Wu Yu was in danger.

And that was indeed the case.

The Spirits of the Universe of the Ancient Soul Tower all had a strange feel to them. The bloody tree and other spirits of the universe below had all been scary, but they were a far cry from this Blazing Bird.

Prince Yu and the others all had been unsuccessful in taking it down, with good reason. Wu Yu daring to take it on alone was mad beyond reason.

Wu Yu was currently being besieged by the demented assault of the Blazing Bird. He could either hold on, or escape with the Somersault Cloud.

When the going got tough, the tough might decide to get going, but that was not the way Wu Yu liked to do things. Especially when so many people were watching.

Wu Yu raised the Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell and zoomed around the attacking radius of the Blazing Bird, aiming for the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

The Blazing Bird was smarter now, keeping its distance and not allowing Wu Yu to close in. It tried to reduce Wu Yu to ashes from afar.

Swept up in their fight, Wu Yu had gotten close to the Yan Huang Golden Bead at times, and was even almost succeeded a few times. But their fight was edging them closer and closer to the central sun.

As his flesh felt the searing heat, he looked up to see that the central sun was covering more than half the sky above his head!

"If I go any closer, I'll be in trouble. I have no choice but to back off a little."

Recognizing this problem, he began to turn his mind to leaving the Blazing Bird. He would reposition with the Somersault Cloud, but he was not going to give up yet.

He could back down and double back. There might be other ways to obtain it, and Wu Yu was still hopeful. 

But at this moment, something that Wu Yu had not planned for happened!

This was the closest he had been to the central sun.

Just as he was about to flip backwards, a tremendous suction came from above him.

Even those below him, and those at the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, could see it. When Wu Yu was close enough, the flames of the central sun suddenly roared forth, spreading everywhere!

In a flash, the central sun expanded by 20%, and this increase was definitely fatal to Wu Yu!

Because of this, both he and the Blazing Bird were engulfed by the flames of the central sun.

And then the flames receded back as fast as they had exploded, returning back into the central sun. But as they vanished, both the Blazing Bird and Wu Yu had been swallowed up.

When the central sun returned to its original position, the Blazing Bird seemed to have been "eaten."

Of course, Wu Yu had been near it, and this extremely rapid development must have swept him up as well.

All of a sudden, the nine suns returned to their usual state. Nothing was left in the empty sky - it was as though nothing had ever happened.

The central sun was like a huge beast that had been lying in ambush, watching as the critters fought before it. When the critters reached its mouth, it had opened wide and gobbled them up lightning quick before they could respond.

The sky was quiet now, and the people below, including the elite experts, had fallen into a shocked hush.

This hush had spread across the entire Jambu Realm!

Those that could remain nearby, or were at the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, could see clearly. The Blazing Bird was a black shadow, rapidly shrinking. This meant that the Blazing Bird was unable to resist anymore, and was being broken down swiftly.

If the Blazing Bird had perished, then Wu Yu, who had also been consumed....

Everyone knew that this floor was this hot entirely because of the nine suns, which were the furnaces of this world.

Because of the nine suns, even those like Prince Yu did not have the ability to get near the Blazing Bird.

Even they could not get near, and Wu Yu could only barely remain nearby. But even if he did, the heat was completely different from being swallowed up.

Just like how huddling by a fireside for warmth was not the same as jumping into said bonfire.

Prince Yu and the others, in the huddling-for-warmth position, were already at the tolerable limit. Wu Yu and Blazing Bird had already been eaten up by the flames. What they were experiencing was on a whole new level of destruction.

Death, silence, shock.

An outstanding and brilliant youth that had attracted attention from all over the world. A sudden accident, and now gone without a trace.

Suddenly, Princess Yin shrieked, clapping with glee, "Whoo! Just rewards for the wicked! A great death!" 

Although she had lost the Imperial Insignia for good, the rage in her heart had been vented.

Even the Blazing Bird had been melted down clean, let alone Wu Yu.

Although these words were only voiced by Princess Yin, this was a truth that everyone accepted. There was no other possibility. Everyone knew how terrifying the suns were.

Although Wu Yu had died in battle, those who had secretly been worrying that he would obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead were now celebrating inwardly.

Of course, some would think that it was a pity.

For example, the Regent outside, or the Dark Sea Emperor. Of course, the Dark Sea Emperor was not just sighing with regret. His face turned bloodless, and he stumbled back a few steps, eyes wide. He knew of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. Therefore, only he prayed that Wu Yu would emerge alive.

But no Wu Yu emerged for a long while. With each breath that passed, his hope faded. News inside could not reach them for now, and Princess You Xue might already be dead.

Wu Yu had taken a big risk to snatch the Yan Huang Golden Bead alone. Many had wished for his death. Therefore, although they did not voice it, many were secretly celebrating.

Many exchanged smiles and felt smug. The mutual sentiment went without saying.

"That Wu Yu is too much of a show-off. He was overconfident. In the end, he was too young, and dashed despite his genius."

"I already said it. Those that stick out as much as he did can never go far. There have been so many exceptional talents throughout the course of history who could never tough it out to immortalhood."

"Makes sense. The more talented you are, the more you need to keep your head down. Calling so much attention to himself, taking this wild risk - all I can say is that he brought it upon himself, and can't blame anyone."

Even outside, many of the leaders of the immortal kingdoms echoed such thoughts. And even some Yan Huang Tribe members as well.

Perhaps only the Phoenix Supreme's face was unchanged. She said, "The Ancient Emperor probably won't let him die. This is the Ancient Soul Tower."

Of course, this was her own belief, and others were not convinced. They felt that Wu Yu would be less likely to receive special care compared to the princes and princesses, and even they had not been saved.

Over at the mystical dragons' side, Luo Pin's face was unchanged, although there was a distracted look in her eyes. Seeing this, the other mystical dragons looked around at each other in silence. Only the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon smirked, as though all had been as he had expected.

Perhaps he was thinking that it was about time to return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

As they were discussing Wu Yu, there was another issue alongside it - the whereabouts of the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

At first, Wu Yu and the Blazing Bird had been the hot topic. But then they made the connection - could the Yan Huang Golden Bead be gone as well?

Prince Yu and the others were searching hard. No one cared about Wu Yu anymore.

Just at this time, a beam of golden light shot out from within the central sun. Everyone looked. Wasn't that the Yan Huang Golden Bead?!

"It's here!"

Spotted again, the Yan Huang Golden Bead was now free of the Blazing Bird, and everyone took up the exciting pursuit.

The Yan Huang Golden Bead seemed to have a life of its own. When it appeared, it shot towards the direction of a black circle. It was the passage to the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower!

"It's going to the sixth level!"

Everyone realized this quickly. The area near the black circle was not that hot. Virtually all the sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators and above could rush in.

No one cared about Wu Yu at this time. When the Yan Huang Golden Bead disappeared into the black circle, all the sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators and above, as well as the parties with such a member, gave chase. They even fought with each other while chasing.

Prince Yu's group had tunneled into the black circle right on the heels of the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

The number of people in the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower continued to dwindle. Before long, less than half were left. Many of those who were not at the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm were also brought along.

"Princess, hurry!" The demon kings of the Nanyin Demon Continent were extremely anxious. But their Princess Phoenix Dawn was still staring at the sun above.

"That Wu Yu is dead for sure. The princess is avenged!" the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King said.

"Shut up!" Nangong Wei glared at him.

She closed her eyes and clenched her jaw. "We go. Upwards."

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