Chapter 1092: An Intense Battle with the Blazing Bird

Wu Yu's actions made the bickering between Prince Yu and Prince Xiao seem a little out of place. 

Therefore, they shut their mouths shortly after. 

Everyone's attention was still on Wu Yu, regardless of whether they were in the Ancient Soul Tower or those outside the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Prince Yu and the others were feeling miserable at their current height. However, Wu Yu was still persevering while moving higher. Although he wasn't particularly fast, it was sufficient to send shock through the hearts of the crowd. Obviously, they were indignant and disgruntled. It was just that they were more experienced and didn't show their emotions. 

Now it was almost Wu Yu's solo act. 

Prince Yu and the rest weren't in the same direction as Wu Yu. Therefore, they couldn't possibly make a huge detour to interrupt him. 

The heat from the nine suns was terrifying. At the height where many sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were, Wu Yu was just the size of a thumb. 

Compared to them, the height Wu Yu had reached was way higher! 

He had become the target that the Blazing Bird was most wary of. If it wasn't for the fact that Wu Yu was still a distance away, it wouldn't be making ferocious cries, it would be spewing magma at him. 

Wu Yu's tolerance for the heat was gradually getting higher and higher. Through countless cycles of incineration and tempering, his physical body could even be forged into a mightier object. The Invincible Vajra Body was least fearful of flames to begin with. He had only reached his current height through numerous cycles of refinement in flames. Therefore, what the crowd was seeing was Wu Yu constantly challenging his limits. Soon, he was exceptionally close to the Blazing Bird and also the nine suns! 

This time, the spectators were panicking. Initially, the crowd was at ease because even elite experts like Prince Yu didn't have a clear shot. 

However, no one had gotten as close to the Blazing Bird as Wu Yu was currently. 

If he could deal with the Blazing Bird's attacks, no one would be able to stop him. For example, Prince Yu and the rest were already struggling to maintain their current height. 

"Everyone, let's not panic. He isn't a match for the Blazing Bird at all. Even though he has heard the Ancient Emperor's dao musings and experienced a meteoric increase in strength, the Blazing Bird would still require an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator to take down!" 

"You are right. There's nothing to worry about. Moreover, he can't possibly be as nimble as the Blazing Bird at that height. He might even get himself killed!" 

"Just watch and see. Wu Yu is definitely going to die after messing with the Blazing Bird!" 

Initially, the crowd almost fell apart due to the fear of failure. However, the chatter arose rapidly. It was then that they felt more at ease. Among them, many had seen Wu Yu trying to intercept the Blazing Bird, but he had clearly failed. 

As the Heaven Devouring Avatar couldn't last long above. Wu Yu had left it behind with the Full Moon of Nanshan and the rest before taking flight. 

From where the Heaven Devouring Avatar was, the main body was as tiny as a little black dot. Naturally, the Blazing Bird wasn't any bigger, and both of them seemed like they might be engulfed by the sun at any moment. 

"What do you think? Is it possible?" Prince Le asked anxiously. 

Wu Yu answered, "The chances aren't high, but I'll take the opportunity to give it a try. If we succeed, we will make it big!" 

After all, the Yan Huang Golden Bead was right before him, and he had gotten stronger. Moreover, the other experts couldn't interrupt with Wu Yu's great circumstances now. 

If he missed this opportunity, he didn't know when he would have such a great one again. 

At this moment, his main body was right in front of the massive bird. 

The nine scorching hot, giant fireballs were like vortexes of death. Although the flames on the Blazing Bird were towering, it was nothing as compared to the nine suns. 

The Blazing Bird was extremely savage. Initially, it thought it would be safe by hiding here. Yet, Wu Yu surprised it by showing up. Although its instincts were telling it that Wu Yu wasn't a huge threat, its restless temper would definitely want to eradicate Wu Yu in the first instant. 


Wu Yu thought of using his advantage in speed to go against the Blazing Bird. He knew that if he clashed with it, he would be courting his own death even though he had the Imperial Insignia. 

Therefore, he shrank himself further with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Initially, he was minuscule to the Blazing Bird before him. Now he was no different from a mosquito, and a lightning quick one at that. 

After becoming smaller, the heat he had to endure from the suns was a little smaller. He could also move with more ease. 

He retrieved the Imperial Insignia and held it in the Dragon Sword form. Although the Imperial Insignia was small, no one would doubt its strength. 

An ordinary advanced dao treasure would have spirit designs that would allow it to change size freely. 

Even so, shrinking to the current size was the limit. 

Wu Yu's objective was to flick the Yan Huang Golden Bead out with the toothpick-sized Imperial Insignia. 

The Blazing Bird started releasing ferocious attacks. Sometimes, a Spirit of the Universe's attacks could be simplistic. However, the effects were also incredibly frightening. 

The Blazing Bird was made entirely of fiery-red magma rocks. Magma could still be seen within the rocks. It wasn't just hiding a volcano, but numerous volcanoes. Therefore, the magma deluge it could spew was limitless. The clashes with its body and the slicing with its wings were also extremely effective. 

Although Wu Yu was harshly affected by the nine suns, his agility and swift movements made it impossible for the Blazing Bird to see him most of the time! 

Just like a quick and relentless mosquito! 

Wu Yu used the Swift Art once again. For those on the ground, the initial black dot was even harder to locate now. 

Bang! Bang!

Large amounts of magma deluge scattered down like countless ribbons from the nine suns. 

"Wu Yu is pretty smart. It's unbelievable that his physical body could endure such heat." On the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, everyone was commenting about Wu Yu. The one who made that statement was none other than the Dark Sea Emperor. 

"Relying on his speed and not clashing directly with the Blazing Bird.... Perhaps he really stands a chance." 

Wu Yu was representing the Yan Huang Tribe. Therefore, the Yan Huang Tribe members outside the Ancient Soul Tower were in a rather good mood. It was just that most of them had a prince or princess that they supported. Therefore, there were few that actually had high hopes for Wu Yu. 

When they saw Wu Yu battling the Blazing Bird, their hearts started racing. Many people were even more anxious than Wu Yu. 


Another huge deluge of magma swept across. Although Wu Yu was quick, he was still embroiled within, boiling away. 

His body was charred black instantly. Although none of his physical body worlds had shattered, the damage he had taken was grave. 


After withstanding the first wave of attacks and charging out of the magma, he was burned on every inch of his skin. Although his physical body was rapidly recovering, it would still be an issue if he was hit several more times. 

The Blazing Bird thought that it had finished off Wu Yu. At this point, it was flapping its wings triumphantly while soaring and crying out loud. 

To its astonishment, Wu Yu emerged and charged above it. Shocking, bright light burst forth from the minuscule Imperial Insignia in his hands. 

"Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky!" 

Wu Yu was suppressing the power of the spirit design. While aptly applying the spirit design, he came up with something new. For speed, he sacrificed power. Despite reducing the scale of the attack and the sword qi formed being smaller, it was extremely dense. The Roc Dragon sword qi was only one-tenth the size of the Blazing Bird, but it was shining brilliantly. In a split second, Wu Yu plunged it into the face of the Blazing Bird! 


Following a loud explosion, those that were close, like Prince Yu, had their nerves tensed up. This was because they could see the face of the Blazing Bird completely exploding. Magma rocks were shattered and magma was scattering! 

Wu Yu was waiting to see if the Yan Huang Golden Bead was knocked off and could get a clear view with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Although the area around the beak was in tatters, he hadn't managed to damage the area between the brows. Therefore, the Yan Huang Golden Bead was still perfectly intact!

Prince Yu and the rest broke out in cold sweat. Fortunately for them, Wu Yu hadn't succeeded. 

Even those outside the tower probably had a big scare. 

"That Wu Yu is pretty impressive. If he had succeeded...." 

"Don't think about it. It's not possible. Definitely not possible!" 

"He was just lucky. This time, he's in for it!" 

After taking an attack from Wu Yu, the Blazing Bird's anger rose to the limits. The moment it was struck, it released a large amount of magma deluge. Endless flames descended like a blanket and shrouded Wu Yu! If he were swallowed once again, the damage he would take would certainly be fatal! 

At this instant, Wu Yu made his decision. 


In his hand, the Imperial Insignia took the shield form. The golden longsword morphed into a black shield with a majestic engraving of a Tortoise Dragon. Although the shield wasn't huge, it was sufficient to cover Wu Yu. 

"Imperial Dragon Shield: Mystical Tortoise Rattles Hell!" 

The Defensive Spirit Design didn't just have defensive effects. It also had strong repulsive functions. When the Imperial Dragon Shield was formed, the magma deluge collided with it heavily! 


Although the shield was small, it reflected one-third of the magma back onto the Blazing Bird, drenching it. 

Benefiting from the toughness of the Imperial Dragon Shield, Wu Yu wasn't hit. Nonetheless, he was knocked back and his vitality and energy flow were turbulent. 

The heat from the nine suns had affected his performance. While he was knocked back, he could feel the heat on him getting more intense. All of a sudden, he realized that he had been knocked in the direction of the nine suns and towards the middle sun! 

He knew that he had to avoid the attack immediately. However, everything happened in a split second. The power of the Blazing Bird was too ferocious. Moreover, it was berserk! The Imperial Dragon Shield could not dissipate the threat completely. 

Moreover, the magma-drenched Blazing Bird seemed even more infuriated than before. It continued its charge towards Wu Yu and pushed Wu Yu even closer to the sun in the middle! 

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