Chapter 1091: Prince Xiao

Almost all the experts in the entire Ancient Soul Tower had gathered under the nine suns. 

None of them had stopped trying. 

Wu Yu had been entangled with Nangong Wei for a while. Therefore, he was surprised to still see the Spirit of the Universe hovering near the nine suns. 

People were densely packed under the nine suns, and every single one of them was a fifth tier Dao Querying cultivator or stronger. Previously, the Blazing Bird was in a sorry state from the pursuit of the crowd. If it wasn't quick, it would have been ripped into pieces. 

If there weren't that many people below it, it would definitely fly down. 

The Yan Huang Golden Bead, which was the dream of every cultivator, was still embedded between its eyes. Looking from below, Wu Yu could see both martial cultivators and demons getting restless. 

They had been searching around the Ancient Soul Tower solely for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. With their final objective right before their eyes, everyone was thinking of getting the prized treasure and making themselves known to the world. At the same time, they would get all the treasures from the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

That would be reaping fame and wealth at the same time. 

For the princes and princesses, this was something that could change their lives and determine if they would become an existence similar to the Ancient Emperor or eventually be reduced to ashes. 

Any prince or princess would probably be anxious about it. 

Even Prince Le's desire for the Yan Huang Golden Bead would definitely exceed anyone's imagination. 

This scene was like going up to a pack of famished wolves starved for dozens of days and presenting them with a helpless lamb. If not for the fact that the lamb had a giant fireball around it, they would have charged forward. 

Upon hearing that Wu Yu was prepared, Prince Le's eyes lit up. 

He was anxious as well and was hoping that Wu Yu would go up. That was the only way he would stand a chance in the competition. After all, from what he had observed, the strongest experts, including Prince Yu, were getting several opportunities by constantly trying. 

Perhaps it wouldn't be long before someone would get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. If that happened, Prince Le would lose the most important thing in his life. How could he not be anxious? 

Even if Wu Yu felt like this was a hopeless situation, he might still make Wu Yu give it a try. 

Wu Yu's advantage was his Invincible Vajra Body and his tolerance for the nine suns. 

Wu Yu also knew that this might be the best opportunity they would get. If he still refused to make a move, their journey in the Ancient Soul Tower might just come to an end. 

Moreover, he could still use his Somersault Cloud to escape if he encountered an issue. No one could possibly hold him. 

To play it safe, he shrank himself with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth first before soaring through the crowd of people. At this point, everyone was looking at the few above them who were still trying. No one happened to be focusing on him. 

However, they weren't blind. Everyone was in a stationary state. When Wu Yu swiftly soared towards the sky, others could still see him despite his small size. It was especially so for those who were paying special attention to him. 

"Wu Yu is right there!" 

All of a sudden, someone was after him. Wu Yu took a quick glance and saw two groups of people. One was the quartet of Princess Yin. Previously, they had caught up to Wu Yu's group. However, they had suffered a crushing defeat at Wu Yu's hands. Nonetheless, they hadn't given up and were pursuing Wu Yu. 

The other group was the demons from the Nanyin Demon Continent. Wu Yu could see Nangong Wei in the middle of their protection but couldn't see her expression clearly. The group from the Nanyin Demon Continent wasn't small and therefore the threat was real. 

However, it would be an uphill task for them to catch Wu Yu. 

The huge commotion had exposed Wu Yu to the public eye. With so many experts around, they instantly located Wu Yu when they turned around. 

"So that's Wu Yu? He seemed to have succeeded in intercepting the Blazing Bird for a brief moment previously." 

"This brat keeps appearing and disappearing out of the blue. He's definitely a real threat. When he first came in, he was pretty strong. I heard that he went through the Ancient Emperor's dao musings since then and has experienced a meteoric rise in strength. Several sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators are no longer a match for him!" 

"I heard that he stole the ninth princess' seraphic dao treasure!" 

"He's definitely not showing any mercy." 

"It is said that Prince Le is receiving special attention from the Ancient Emperor. Although he's young and isn't strong at all, many believe he's a strong contender to be the next Yan Huang Emperor. Therefore, the other princes and princesses are wary of him. Nonetheless, Prince Le is just relying on his Kingmaker, Wu Yu!" 

"Wu Yu is going up?" 

"Shall we stop him?" 

"That's not necessary. Several eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators can't even get higher, let alone him." 

It wasn't just those in the vicinity that had their eyes on Wu Yu, but also those on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. 

Since the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared again, the image on the fifth mirror was constantly changing but was always on the Blazing Bird and the numerous experts. Therefore, when Wu Yu caused a ruckus, those elite experts outside the Ancient Soul Tower also saw him. 

"It's Wu Yu again?" 

"He defeated Princess Yin and even got her seraphic dao treasure. Now he even showed up here." 

"Is he going for the Yan Huang Golden Bead?" 

As many people had heard that Prince Le was receiving special attention from the Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu's appearance was exceptionally attention-grabbing. Many elite existences fixated their gazes on Wu Yu, who was being pursued by the demons of Nanyin Demon Continent and the quartet of Princess Yin. 

At the end of Nanyin Demon Continent, the demon lords were puzzled to see the demon kings pursuing Wu Yu. the Black and Gold Termite Queen, who was next to the Phoenix Supreme, asked, "Phoenix Supreme, what do you think is happening?" 

"Could something have happened to Princess Phoenix Dawn?" asked Kunwu Demon Lord. 

"It couldn't be. I saw Princess Phoenix Dawn just moments ago. Nothing seemed to have happened to her. However, they looked furious when chasing Wu Yu. I recall that Wu Yu made things difficult for Princess Phoenix Dawn when he was in the Nanyin Demon Continent." 

The Phoenix Supreme was unmoved and said, "Nothing could have happened. If he dares to do something that harms Phoenix Dawn, I won't let him off once he comes out." 

"Didn't you say Ancient Emperor and he...." 

The Phoenix Supreme smirked and said, "If he comes out without the Yan Huang Golden Bead, that will prove that there's nothing between the Ancient Emperor and him." 

The Phoenix Supreme's words were deep. The demon lords thought for a moment and came to a conclusion. The Phoenix Supreme probably thought that Wu Yu and Prince Le were juniors that the Ancient Emperor had high regard for. However, the Ancient Soul Tower, which would determine the future emperor, was simply too important. If Prince Le wasn't the future Yan Huang Emperor and someone else was, it would mean that the Ancient Emperor wasn't raising him to be his successor. 

While they were speaking, Wu Yu was alarmingly quick. He made a detour to approach the nine suns from another direction. While others were still in shock, Wu Yu had reached the same height as Prince Yu and other elite experts. The demons from the Nanyin Demon Continent and the quartet of Princess Yin had long stopped pursuing once they were left in the dust. 

Wu Yu's tolerance instantly stirred a ruckus. 

The crowd was staring at him blankly, never expecting him to reach that height. 

Where he was, even the flames were breaking out in the air. Those nine suns above him were massive and almost covered the entire sky. 

The Blazing Bird had also seen him and was screeching at him. Clearly, it could still remember Wu Yu attacking it previously. 

"How could he reach that height?" 

"It's probably because of his physical body. It is said that he has inherited a compelling body refining art and has forged his body to be extremely tough and heat resistant. Therefore, he can endure the torching of the nine suns!" 

The crowd was stupefied. They had never expected a young man to reach the same level as old cultivators like Prince Yu. These people were largely foreign ambassadors from various major immortal kingdoms. 

For example, the eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator Jin Fenxiong from the Central Golden Shine Empire, who had red hair and golden eyes. In the Central Golden Shine Empire, he was known as the Overlord of the Southern Region. In terms of authority and power, he could even rank in the top five of the Central Golden Shine Empire! 

Wu Yu had caught the eyes of people like him. While they were competing against one another, they had never expected Wu Yu to emerge within their ranks. 

"Wu Yu, get down! How dare you be disrespectful to our Princess Phoenix Dawn. You better come down and receive your punishment now. Otherwise, you won't be able to bear the consequences!" The Eight Pupils Bull Demon King had lost Princess Phoenix Dawn to Wu Yu previously, and he had almost peed in his pants in fear. At this point, he was still harboring a deep grudge. 

To everyone's astonishment, Prince Yu spoke. He took a glance at the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King and said, "Since when has a demon from the Nanyin Demon Continent become so arrogant as to hurl threats to a Kingmaker of our Yan Huang Tribe? Tell me about it. How was Kingmaker Le disrespectful to your Princess Phoenix Dawn?" 

He was protective of the Yan Huang Tribe. 

On the other hand, Prince He wasn't as much. When Wu Yu was being pursued, he had passed Prince He's group but hadn't seen them move an inch to help him intercept the demons. The alliance he had called for previously was just in name. Since the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared, Wu Yu couldn't even tell where they had been. 

Nonetheless, it wasn't like Wu Yu needed their help. 

"Big Brother, you have to be the judge for me. He snatched the Imperial Insignia that our father emperor bestowed upon me!" Princess Yin grumbled. 

"That's because he's capable. You lost your dao treasure. It's better that you don't shame yourself here." She was surprised Prince Yu wasn't going to help her. On the contrary, he insulted her, to the point where she almost spewed blood in fury. 

"Big Brother, you aren't being fair to our ninth sister by saying that." The one who spoke was a relatively younger martial cultivator in a long, black robe. A devilish aura surrounded him and he looked younger than Prince Yu. However, Wu Yu knew that he was at most 10 years or so younger than Prince Yu. 

Between his brows, there was an ancient word "Xiao." This man was none other than the second prince, an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator. He's also one of Prince Yu's strongest competitors within the Yan Huang Tribe. 

They started bickering. As for Wu Yu, who was the center of the vortex of arguments, he didn't hear any of their words. His eyes were fixated on that Blazing Bird. He was calm, constantly thinking of a way to continue upwards. Now he had reached an even greater height than before! 

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