Chapter 1090: Mark of the Immortal Phoenix

Wu Yu was now filled with rage, hatred, frustration, and disappointment. He rarely lost control of his emotions like this. 

Nangong Wei was also furious and frustrated. She was like a bundle of fierce flames. Of course, Wu Yu was an even larger bundle of flames. At this moment, these two bundles of flames clashed and had no intention of merging.

Wu Yu inhaled deeply to calm down after failing to kill Nangong Wei. He glared at her and killing intent filled his eyes. Sometimes, this intent intensified or decreased. It came and went like waves.

Nangong Wei was forced into the corner by him. She could not move at all, but her gaze was sharp and stubborn. Their eyes stared into each other, with just the distance of a fist between them. They could hear each other’s breaths loud and clear. They collided, fought, and suppressed each other. Wu Yu could gain the upper hand, but she was not any weaker.

When their emotions rose to the extreme, Nangong Wei was also struggling hard and resisting Wu Yu's strength. She tried to activate her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to break away from Wu Yu's control. However, Wu Yu's hands were like mountains holding her down. His muscular body pressed onto her as well, flattening her against the wall. She could not move at all even when she struggled. It was already good enough that she was not crushed.

Maybe at this moment, this was considered as having skin contact. He could smell the fragrance on her body. This made Wu Yu's emotions change gradually. His anger and killing intent had rocketed, but then he slowly calmed down. However, his anger could still be ignited at any time.

Nangong Wei gritted her teeth, held her head high, and looked at him arrogantly. She did not seem to be afraid of death at all, as if she believed that Wu Yu would not dare to kill her.

"What are you doing so close to me? If you want to take advantage of me, just say it. Don't get close to me by pretending to want to kill me, coward." Nangong Wei could not breathe with Wu Yu pressing onto her. Her expression was still grim. Maybe she saw that Wu Yu's killing intent had lessened a little, so she was more confident that she would not be killed.

As for why she had said that, maybe she didn't even know the reason herself. There were always some subtle feelings between men and women. Maybe she had sensed that after the intense murderous intent had filled the space between the two of them, and their conflict had peaked, something seemed to have changed slightly between them.

Hearing this, Wu Yu's anger was ignited again. Nangong Wei seemed determined to argue with him, and this led to an escalation of the conflict between them. At this point, when Wu Yu heard her sarcastic remarks, he sneered instead. His eyes were still filled with domineering pressure. He uttered each word slowly, "Take advantage of you? Aren't you too confident? You do have a different identity now as Princess Phoenix Dawn; however, do I have to like you?"

Nangong Wei also smiled and said, "Since that's the case, can you not lean on me?"

As she spoke, her body writhed. She wanted to struggle out of Wu Yu's control.

When Nangong Wei moved, Wu Yu subconsciously pressed down onto her with greater force to prevent her from struggling. Now they were even closer. Lust always seemed to appear most unexpectedly, making people do crazy things. When Nangong Wei stopped provoking him and stayed still, Wu Yu could remain calm. However, she had a good figure, and now that she was trying to wriggle her way out, her actions aroused the fire within Wu Yu. Even though he had no intention at all for the conflict to head towards this direction.

When he looked down, he could see that her body was slightly red with grasp marks from her struggling. This seemed like the most beautiful scenery in the world. Such a scene struck Wu Yu deeply. While Wu Yu had seen it at the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, that was just a mere illusion. It could not compare to what he could see and feel so strongly now as she struggled.

"You!" Although Nangong Wei was direct with her words just now, she was also shocked when sparks flew from their confrontation. Her body started to heat up. The angrier she became, the more she struggled, and the more intensely these sparks burned. She was no longer a child and naturally knew what was pressing against her.

She had never thought about Wu Yu in this way, but such a feeling actually melted her cold heart.

It was said that all immortals had children. Other than the Spirits of the Universe, even immortals could not escape from the iron-clad law of nature of leaving behind a genetic legacy. Therefore, all immortals still possessed the seven emotions and six desires, no different from mere mortals.

"Ah, what a wonderful moment. Gather your strength, let's push forward and conquer this little girl!" At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly heard a highly excited voice. This voice gave him a scare and he quickly released Nangong Wei, backing away several steps.

His mind was still very unsettled.

The person who spoke was Ming Long. She was really excited, as though she was about to watch a show. She was trembling with excitement. Her voice was shaking. Wu Yu really did not know why she was so obsessed with watching such scandalous scenes....

"My God! Did I interrupt you? I really deserve to die. If I knew that, I would not have made a sound. Wah...." As soon as Ming Long saw that her “show” was over, she was so angry that she beat her chest and stomped her feet. She almost killed herself in her fit.

"Thank you very much." Wu Yu calmed down quickly. To tell the truth, he had some lingering fear from the experience, so he was thankful for Ming Long's interruption. When the heat between the two of them subsided, he looked at Nangong Wei again, and this time, he was clear-headed.

He knew that if he had continued being rash today, he would have made a mistake. The relationship between him and Nangong Wei had changed a long time ago. They no longer had the same relationship as before. Besides, Nangong Wei had lost her memory. They could not possibly become dao companions in this lifetime. It would be even more impossible for them to have dual cultivation. If they had not stopped at that last moment, their relationship would become very messy. At that time, there would be no way that they could become real dao companions. After all, she was Princess Phoenix Dawn. It was impossible for them to be together.

Also, he would lose Luo Pin. Luo Pin had come all the way here to cheer him on. If Wu Yu had failed to live up to her expectations and feelings here, he would hate himself, and Luo Pin would never be with him again.

"Sometimes, lust is a ball of evil fire that can make people lose their senses." He was still a little afraid. If not for Ming Long, maybe he would have let both Nangong Wei and Luo Pin down. Maybe that would have been a blow to his dao.

The point was that Ming Long was too excited. She had not meant to stop them at all.... Her dao was different from Wu Yu’s. She seemed to want Wu Yu to be like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and build a big harem....

In the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat, it was now icy quiet except for the gasping sounds of the two people.

Wu Yu took a deep breath. After all, he had returned to the right path before making a mistake. He could only have lingering fear after almost making a mistake. However, the situation just now was not his intention. Moreover, the relationship between himself and Nangong Wei was already inextricably complicated. At that moment, all his memories in Shushan surfaced in his mind. At this point, Wu Yu had already forgotten the name of the man who he had killed, that man who stood beside Nangong Wei....

At this moment, Nangong Wei's long dress was a bit messy, her pretty face was flushed, and emotions were racing through her eyes. Wu Yu could not understand why she would have such complex feelings at this moment. He could not tell what she was trying to express. Disappointment? Relief? Fear? Or disgust?

He watched as she struggled with her emotions. 15 minutes passed quietly before she finally calmed down. Both of them were extremely clear-headed now. Nangong Wei leaned against the wall and barely managed to hold herself upright. She stared at the ground and was quiet.

"Let me go. I was just frustrated and did not mean what I said. I do not have the time to go to some desolate Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Let me go...." Nangong Wei's voice was hoarse and she was on the verge of crying. Her voice trembled.

"Alright." Wu Yu wanted her to leave. It was just that he wanted to talk to her about the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. He did not expect for her to admit that she was simply threatening him with the Dong Sheng Divine Continent out of spite.

He seemed to be avoiding any more contact with her. Seeing that she had finally relented and admitted weakness, he quickly opened the Tortoise Shield Dragon Boat. However, Nangong Wei was not strong enough to stay on the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower alone, exposed to the harsh suns. Wu Yu protected her as she rushed into the sky. The moment they emerged, they saw that the area nearby was covered with demons from the Nanyin Demon Continent. They were frantically searching for Nangong Wei now!


"Wu Yu, you are courting death!"

In an instant, Wu Yu was exposed in front of them, and the whole group of Nanyin Demon Continent demons rushed towards him. Wu Yu had wanted to return Nangong Wei to them. Hence, he quickly threw Nangong Wei at them. He did not think much and quickly used the second tier of the Somersault Cloud to leap out of their attack range. In the Ancient Soul Tower, no one could catch Wu Yu when he was alone.

He emerged in another place. Wu Yu was exposed to the harsh suns. At this moment, his heart was still a mess even though he had returned Nangong Wei to the demons.

"Forget it, stop thinking about her and continue being a pure, young boy. You did not even do anything, why worry so much? You're really stupid. You can't even appreciate the beauty when she is right in front of you. You will definitely regret it many years later. If it were up to me, you would be like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. He is the true winner of life," Ming Long chattered again.

After hearing her words, Wu Yu also thought that he should forget about this incident. What happened just now was beyond his plans. He had only intended to teach Nangong Wei a lesson. Well, what happened could also be seen as a lesson taught.

He still felt weird thinking about Nangong Wei. At this moment, he touched the mark of the phoenix on his neck and realized that this mark was burning slightly. He did not know if he was just imagining it.

"This mark is branded here. As long as it is still there, I don't think I can ever forget about her." Wu Yu was a little helpless.

He threw this incident to the back of his mind for now. He raised his head and looked up into the sky. At this moment, 1,000 people were gathered below the nine suns. He could see that the blazing bird was still pacing around the nine suns and had not dared to leave their protection. These top experts who were closest to the blazing bird were still attempting various methods to pull it away from the nine suns. Otherwise, they were attempting to bolster their defences so that they could reach the position of the blazing bird.

However, at the moment, no one had an effective method; even spirit designs were not useful. More time might be required.

Wu Yu returned to Prince Le first.

"News has spread. People have seen you. I heard their discussions. Now everyone knows that we have been to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace and increased our strength. Many of these people are probably wary of us now." Prince Le had been waiting for Wu Yu's return and let out a sigh of relief. Without Wu Yu, he did not feel safe.

"What should we do now?" Prince Le asked.

Wu Yu looked at the sky and said, "I intend to find a way to go up."

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