Chapter 0109: Staking Lives

If he were to escape this deadly crisis, then he had to first win the opponent's trust.

Wu Yu naturally could not leave with the Ghost-Faced Ape.

Once they left the Valley of Immortal Fate, he would lose the protection afforded by the sect, and then all hope would be lost.

At this moment, Lan Shuiyue's life was in no immediate danger either.

"I'll just have to risk it!"

Wu Yu had already made many mental preparations. He moved past the Ghost-Faced Ape and the discontent Black Bear Spirit to stand before Lan Shuiyue. At that moment, Lan Shuiyue was babbling, curled up in a corner. After hearing that Wu Yu had secured her life, she regained hope, and a glimmer of life returned.

"Congratulations, Senior, you have a son!" The shark demon hurried to fawn over him.

There was only one Ghost-Faced Ape within the land. And with the Ghost-Faced Ape convinced, his mood lifted.

While they were talking, Wu Yu faced Lan Shuiyue alone. He rapidly blinked to her, but his mouth said, "I am going to leave the Heavenly Sword Sect. After all, I might be discovered at any time if I stay here. I have the blood of a demon in my veins. This is a fact. But I can't bear to leave you behind. If you don't come with me, they will kill you."

As he spoke, Wu Yu heaved Lan Shuiyue up on his shoulder. Lan Shuiyue was still the same, her face in shock. But Wu Yu understood that she had grasped his intent.

Wu Yu propped her on his shoulder with her legs in front and her body and head behind Wu Yu's own. As long as Wu Yu walked behind the ground, the demons would not be able to see Lan Shuiyue's expression and movements.

"Everyone, please rest easy. This woman has the heart of a mouse, and she has been thoroughly undone by her fear. Are we leaving the Valley of Immortal Fate immediately? It's late. And Elder Shentu might come for a look." Wu Yu very quickly adopted his role.

"Alright. Let's go!" The Ghost-Faced Ape was very happy that Wu Yu had shown no aversion to his true identity.

"You don't like the Heavenly Sword Sect?"

"Naturally. They hate demons. If they saw my true form, I would be dead. That’s why I've been searching for a way to escape since way back," Wu Yu said.

He chatted with the four demons as he casually brought Lan Shuiyue to the side.

Normally, he and the Ghost-Faced Ape would walk in front.

But whenever they met an obstacle, Wu Yu would pause briefly, and lag a few steps. Finally, he ended up behind.

While they chatted, Wu Yu made them relax their suspicions and guard, until he was treated as one of them.

The time was now.

"I'll just have to stake my life on it!"

The look in Wu Yu's eyes changed. His finger, from an unseen angle, pinched Lan Shuiyue's thigh. After being quiet for so long, and listening to Wu Yu's conversation with them, she must have caught on to Wu Yu's plan.

At this time, Wu Yu could only pray that this woman was as smart as a whip!

But judging by the fact that Lan Shuiyue had not screamed and yelled, she should be on the same page.

As expected!

In that instant, Lan Shuiyue swiftly retrieved the Beacon of Flame from her Sumeru Pouch, and ignited it. The pillar of flame burst forth!


In the firelight, the Ghost-Faced Ape and the three demons jerked back, stunned.

Wu Yu roared with anger, and threw Lan Shuiyue to the ground with a frustrated expression. He made his excuses to the Ghost-Faced Ape and the rest. "I.... I was too careless. I thought she was scared witless, which was why I didn't restrain her...."


The Ghost-Faced Ape was furious. He had been very loving towards Wu Yu in this time, and would have given in to him in many things. Allowing Wu Yu to bring along an insignificant woman was naturally not a problem. Wu Yu had promised him that Lan Shuiyue would not dare to do anything; after all, she was also afraid of death. That was why the Ghost-Faced Ape had not spared it much thought. In his excitement, he had forgotten to confiscate her Beacon of Flame.

Of course, even if it had been taken, Wu Yu still had one himself.

"I'll kill her!"

The Black Bear Spirit roared, charging towards Lan Shuiyue.

Lan Shuiyue had been a great help. Wu Yu could not just let her die like this. He shielded Lan Shuiyue's body, and stared malevolently at the Black Bear Spirit. "You can't kill her! She's mine."


In this instant, a fine line descended from outside, locking onto Lan Shuiyue, and twining on her body.

Lan Shuiyue was within the cave, and if Elder Shentu's Demon Fishing Rod wanted to pull her out, the four demons would definitely intercept it and destroy Lan Shuiyue.

Naturally, that would alert Elder Shentu. And he would come in, and Wu Yu could be saved.

"Wu Yu, you!"

Lan Shuiyue saw that she was about to be pulled out, past the Ghost-Faced Ape. Instantly, she understood why Wu Yu had kept her alive. He would use her death to save his own life!

Instantly, her face became even more pale.

However, in that split-second, Wu Yu grabbed hold of the Demon Fishing Rod line.

With the Ghost-Faced Ape so close, there was no possibility that Elder Shentu could pull them out alive. The only hope would be to force Elder Shentu to come to them. And to do so, Wu Yu needed to send him a signal.

He used his tremendous power to pull the line, frantically holding it back. The fine line was already tearing into his flesh, but he did not frown. He wanted to make Elder Shentu understand that he was resisting. There was something wrong!

In the Valley of Immortal Fate, there was basically nobody who would ignite the Beacon of Flame and then not want to leave!

Besides, Wu Yu's tremendous power was something that none of the disciples possessed when they entered. With such a response, Elder Shentu's suspicions would definitely be alerted!

He would think that only the Black Bear Spirit had such power.

And the Black Bear Spirit was standing in the perfect position next to them!


Since Wu Yu had resisted, Elder Shentu relaxed the line. At the same time, the Black Bear Spirit, fox demon, and shark demon's lines tautened.


The three adult demons squawked and were dragged out. All that was left was the Ghost-Faced Ape, whose face was wintry now.

Wu Yu holding on to the line had already revealed everything.

But the Ghost-Faced Ape did not understand.

"Why? You are my progeny. Why would you set yourself against me!? Why linger in this human territory when you are a demon!?"

Wu Yu needed to play for time.

He put on a tortured expression. "I know.... But the Heavenly Sword Sect has treated me well. Otherwise, I would long have died."

"That is why you put me in such danger!?"

The Ghost-Faced Ape roared. His anger caused his body to change from a human into an ape on two legs. His body was about as big as Wu Yu, but his hair was black. And the grotesque face and fangs were extremely horrifying. No wonder he was called the Ghost-Faced Ape.

A demon's body was not an accurate indicator of power. Although the Ghost-Faced Ape's body was not huge, his deadliness was many times that of the Black Bear Spirit's.

It was clear that the Ghost-Faced Ape valued his own progeny very highly. Otherwise, he would not hold back on killing Wu Yu, even after everything that had happened.

Wu Yu shouted loudly, "I don't want to hurt you. I just want you to leave quickly. If you leave now, Elder Shentu will not chase you."

"You won't come with me?" The Ghost-Faced Ape's fangs sprayed a chilling haze of blood.

"The Heavenly Sword Sect has treated me well, a boon that I must repay. Perhaps I will look for you in the future," Wu Yu said.

He respected the Ghost-Faced Ape for sticking to his principles of blood. But it was also a fact that he had killed many martial cultivators. As a disciple of Feng Xueya, he had a responsibility to avenge his brothers and sisters.

Wu Yu was clear that there was no clear good and evil in this world. There was evil in good, and perhaps some good in evil as well. Most of the time, it was simply a difference in logic.

That was why he had to fight on, to live!


The Ghost-Faced Ape beat his chest in fury.

He did not care about the Black Bear Spirit and the others. In truth, he had not even made any preparations to break the Demon Fishing Rod, because that would have alerted Elder Shentu. He only wanted to take Wu Yu with him, but he had not expected that Wu Yu would refuse, and even deceive him.

"In my life, I hate being deceived the most!" the Ghost-Faced Ape howled.

His huge and violent eyes gave Wu Yu a death glare. He growled, "You, who have my bloodline, actually deceived me and betrayed me. You made me happy over nothing! You think I will forgive you!? Even if you are of my blood, you must die!"

He was even more cruel than Wu Yu had expected. 

Hearing this, Wu Yu knew that things were about to go sour.

The trump card of kinship he had forged was no longer valid.

Luckily, Elder Shentu ahd to be on his way in. He was the most familiar with the Valley of Immortal Fate, and naturally knew this position.

"Time to go!"

Wu Yu dragged Lan Shuiyue up, who was staring at their conflict in fear. He ducked into the deeper portion of the cave. The deeper the Ghost-Faced Ape chased them, the harder it would be for him to escape when Elder Shentu showed up.

"Run quickly. Elder Shentu will be here at any moment. I don't want to see you die!"

As they ran for the deeper regions of the caves, Wu Yu created an illusion for the Ghost-Faced Ape.


The Ghost-Faced Ape was already mad with anger, and in a killing mode. His terrifying power repressing Wu Yu, the Viridescent Ivy snaked out again.


Lan Shuiyue was completely blindsided. Wu Yu had taken her Sumeru Pouch before, and he knew that there were mighty talismans inside. Lan Huayi had given them to her to protect her life!

Bang, bang, bang!

Lan Shuiyue was in a flurry and pulled them all out, flinging them out behind her. Some fell to the floor without even being activated.

Wu Yu only had a Beacon of Flame in his hand. He lit that too. He felt like the commotion would only speed Elder Shentu on his way.

The explosions from the talismans had the effect of delaying the Ghost-Faced Ape for a while. Wu Yu and Lan Shuiyue had already escaped back to the place where the disciples had been murdered. This was a dead end, with nowhere else to go.

"Wu Yu!" 

All of a sudden, Lan Shuiyue stared at him.

"Who would have thought that I would die with you at the end."

"No one's going to die!"

Wu Yu had made it this far. He would not give up!

He had fought his battle of wills this far. If he were to die, then that was fate.

Suddenly, Ming Long spoke up. "Wu Yu, listen to me. Attack the face of that wall." 

Without a hint of hesitation, Wu Yu lifted the Demon Subduing Staff and laid waste to the wall, smashing the rubble all around them. The end of the Demon Subduing Staff suddenly experienced an awesome attraction when it came into contact with a certain rock. The boulder actually swallowed him in. At the last moment, Wu Yu grabbed hold of Lan Shuiyue, saving her life.

If he left her behind, she would definitely be gobbled up by the Ghost-Faced Ape.

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