Chapter 1088: In a Stalemate

Actually, Wu Yu still possessed a certain advantage in this competition for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. He could hide in the blazing bird's flames with his tiny body.

If others attempted to hide in the blazing bird's flames, they would easily be discovered. Also, they would never be able to withstand such hot flames even though they had strong vibrant Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. These raging flames were almost as hot as the nine suns in the sky. The average martial cultivator would be burnt toast if they touched the bird's flames even for only a second. Only Wu Yu could enter the flames and be so close to the blazing bird.

However, Wu Yu was still far from the Yan Huang Golden Bead, which was on the blazing bird's forehead.

"Alright, I'm giving it my all."


The other martial cultivators had ways of momentarily entering the flames burning around the blazing bird. However, they would very quickly be shaken off or be attacked by the blazing bird. Many more martial cultivators could not even catch up to this blazing bird. Luckily, this blazing bird was mostly running in circles. Hence, it failed to shake off its pursuers.

Wu Yu withstood the searing flames and went closer to the blazing bird's body. No one had noticed his tiny body. However, when he had neared the bird's body, Wu Yu knew that he could not hold on much longer in this searing heat. He needed to win the battle as quickly as possible.


He broke through the flames at a terrifying speed. Actually, he was now wielding the Imperial Insignia in his hand. It was just that the Imperial Insignia was miniscule now; it was like a toothpick and was practically undetectable.

Wu Yu had given it his all. The blazing bird had not noticed him yet, and Wu Yu had landed right on its body. He ran up its body. To be honest, his Invincible Vajra Body was now burned into a bright red color. However, the heat was still bearable. He quickly ran to the blazing bird's head and moved closer to the Golden Bead. As the bird was too fast, Wu Yu needed to embed himself in its body in order to remain on it. Otherwise, he would be flung away and would lose the bird!

Yan Huang Golden Bead! 

Wu Yu could already see it.

The Golden Bead was embedded in between the brows of the blazing bird. It was stuck there. Countless attacks were directed at the Golden Bead. The blazing bird used either its body or its wings to block these attacks.

Wu Yu was like an ant on this blazing bird. He crawled quickly to the Yan Huang Golden Bead between the blazing bird's brows. His heart was pounding loudly and he was so excited that he could actually no longer feel the pain of the searing flames. 

Just as Wu Yu was about to make his move and dig the Yan Huang Golden Bead out, the blazing bird seemed to have noticed him. In an instant, it raised its head and let out a long, piercing wail. This wail almost exploded Wu Yu's head. Then, in the next instant, fierce, roaring heat currents erupted from the pores of this blazing bird's body. Wu Yu had no way of controlling his body in these extremely hot currents and was directly blasted out.

Wu Yu's plan to secretly obtain the Golden Bead amidst the chaotic battle had utterly failed. While no one had noticed him yet, he was already swept out of the flames of the blazing bird. Wu Yu could only use the Somersault Cloud to jump out of the range of this chaotic battle and escape from being devoured by the bird's flames. He had already reached his limits.

After he had jumped out, Wu Yu realized that due to his actions, the blazing bird no longer flew in circles. It had changed its direction and was actually soaring upwards into the sky. At this moment, the nine suns were at the east side of the sky, and the blazing bird was headed in that direction. The other people continued to chase after it frantically.

The blazing bird had managed to shake them off this time and shot up into the sky at once. Now this was purely a competition of speed. The blazing bird's speed was outstanding, and the fastest people of the group of experts chasing after it could only run after its tail. The weaker fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators were quickly left behind in this race.

In the blink of an eye, the difference in power of this group of 1,000 experts was made visible. The stronger experts followed the blazing bird closely, while the weaker martial cultivators had been shaken off. The people who managed to follow the blazing bird were the strongest of the experts who had entered this Ancient Soul Tower.

"Is it heading towards the nine suns? That place is hotter than its body!" Wu Yu immediately gave chase. He had just seen that he could succeed in getting the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

While Wu Yu was fast, he had missed the initial chase and hence could not catch up within this short period of time. Thus, he could only use the second tier of the Somersault Cloud, and he leapt in the direction of the nine suns. This was definitely the right direction!

When Wu Yu travelled through space and instantly appeared in the sky above, he could feel the intense heat on his back. This place was much hotter than the blazing bird's body. It was burning him so badly that he was getting charred. He turned back to look and saw that the nine suns were just behind him. Each of the suns looked to be 10 zhang wide. These nine suns hung at his back and blocked any routes of escape. No ordinary martial cultivator would willingly be at Wu Yu's current position. Actually, to reach the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, one would have to pass through that black circle and need not go near these nine suns at all.

However, this was a good position. When Wu Yu looked down, the blazing bird was headed in his direction, just as he had predicted. Obviously, the blazing bird was sure that no one other than itself could bear the heat of the nine suns. Wu Yu could tell that Prince Yu and the other experts had slowed down the higher they went up in the sky. Wu Yu guessed that his current position was the highest point that they could reach. If they ventured any higher up into the sky, they would be burnt.

After pulling apart the distance between it and its pursuers, the blazing bird flew into Wu Yu!

Wu Yu threw caution to the wind and instantly transformed to his largest size using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He held the Imperial Insignia in his hand, and when the blazing bird rushed towards him, he instantly activated its spirit design.

"Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky!"

His sword thrust out. Instantly, a golden roc covered the sky and transformed into countless rays of sword qi raining down. They clashed with the blazing bird. At this moment, the blazing bird realized that Wu Yu was in the sky above it. It used its large wings to block Wu Yu's attack!

Ting, ting, ting!

Wu Yu realized to his dismay that there was a reason why this blazing bird had not been immediately killed after being surrounded by so many experts. Its body was really sturdy, and it was as strong as an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator. An eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator would be considered as one of the most powerful experts in the Jambu Realm. This was also why Wu Yu's attack was completely ineffective against the blazing bird. The other party withstood his sword qi, retaliated, and spat a strong stream of lava. Wu Yu could only use the Somersault Cloud again to escape from the other party’s attack range. 

He returned to the ground and looked up into the sky. Actually, many people had seen him just now, but they were unable to stop him. Fortunately, although Wu Yu had become stronger now, his attack was still ineffective. Everyone had their eyes on the Yan Huang Golden Bead, so even if they were shocked by Wu Yu’s attack, they no longer paid attention to Wu Yu, who had left. They continued to pursue the blazing bird.

Wu Yu watched as the blazing bird escaped higher and higher. From the ground, he could see that the blazing bird had almost reached the nine suns. At such heights, the blazing bird was like a small dot beside the nine suns.

Many of the people who were chasing after the blazing bird had stopped their chase. They sighed and retreated. They knew that they had no chance of reaching the blazing bird. The difference between the top experts and the normal experts was that the top experts stopped at a position closer to the blazing bird, but they also had no gains. Even at Prince Yu’s position, they could only bear the scorching heat and watch the blazing bird fly freely below the nine suns.

However, no one had given up yet, even though it was impossible for anyone to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead for the time being. After all, everyone could still see the Yan Huang Golden Bead on the blazing bird's forehead. Everyone was trying to think of ways to get it. Also, more people had joined in.

Wu Yu saw that everyone had calmed down at the moment. It was a stalemate now, unless someone could think of a way to deal with the blazing bird, or the blazing bird was crazy enough to come down on its own.

Wu Yu was tempted to go up and try, but he guessed that he would be burnt to ashes at that position. He had experienced the blazing bird’s scary ability just now. His current attacks could not break through the blazing bird's defense.

Wu Yu had reported the situation to Prince Le and told him that Prince Yu had already seen him during the pursuit. He instructed them to stay put and remain hidden. Their hiding place was actually some distance away from here. When Wu Yu moved towards their hiding place, he took a look behind him. Prince Yu did not approach him.

"Prince Yu probably got close to Prince Le because he had thought that the Yan Huang Golden Bead would appear near Prince Le. Now that the Yan Huang Golden Bead is in front of him, he should not care so much about Prince Le anymore."

Wu Yu analysed.

In fact, anyone on the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower could see that the blazing bird was with the nine suns. There was no point for Wu Yu to stay with the large crowd. However, he did not expect to bump into an acquaintance as he returned back to Prince Le’s side.

In a dark valley, a young girl in an orange dress, with long hair like a waterfall and a holy aura, was pacing with her head lowered. The huge, male demon beside her looked at the sky with fiery eyes.

The young girl was very beautiful, born from a noble bloodline and with natural elegance. Her every move looked like it was out of the world and she looked like a fairy from the heavens. She was Nangong Wei, Princess Phoenix Dawn in everyone’s eyes.

Like Prince Le and his group, she had also stayed hidden. The demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent had all gone after the blazing bird, leaving behind a demon king, the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King, to protect her.

Wu Yu had met this demon king in the Ancient Demon Lake before. At that time, he was no match for the demon king at all. Now he could fight this demon king.

Seeing Nangong Wei, Wu Yu recalled that she had deliberately woken the rock tortoise in order to put him in danger at the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower. At that time, he wrote down a mental note to take revenge. Now, it would be some time before anyone could possibly get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. This was the perfect opportunity for him to take a bite out of her.

He entered the deep valley right away. Nangong Wei and the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King had seen him in the first moment, but they were not as fast as Wu Yu. Wordlessly, Wu Yu controlled the Imperial Insignia in his hands and attacked the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King.

That Eight Pupils Bull Demon King was alarmed but could not counter Wu Yu's attack in time. Wu Yu only had to use a simple move to force him to retreat, exposing Nangong Wei to his control.

"It's you!" Nangong Wei was shocked. As the distance was a little far just now, she had not managed to see who had appeared in the sky and attacked them. From her memories, she must have thought that Wu Yu would be stuck at the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

Wu Yu did not bother to reply to her. She was only at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Wu Yu pulled her over with one hand and controlled her in a flash. Then he left instantly on the Somersault Cloud. The Eight Pupils Bull Demon King was not injured at this time, but it would be very difficult for him to catch up to Wu Yu, who was running away at a terrifying speed. It would be even harder than reaching the heavens.

"How dare you kidnap me!" Nangong Wei was furious.

Wu Yu smiled and said, "It's not the first time. Why are you so agitated?"

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