Chapter 1087: Eternal Blazing Bird

The Golden Raptor Battleship sailed fast. It covered 100 li in an instant. At this moment, someone was updating Prince He on the whereabouts of the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Prince He had a wide social network, and this was his advantage over Prince Le.

The position where the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared was not too far away. On the way, while Prince He remained calm, his team members had already taken out their dao treasures. They were prepared for a fierce fight to obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Wu Yu said to the Full Moon of Nanshan, "When the Yan Huang Golden Bead appears, I shall approach it alone. Be alert. You guys and Prince Le will remain at the peripheral and must not come near the battlefield. Otherwise, others may use Prince Le's safety to threaten us. "

The Full Moon of Nanshan replied, "No problem, it is indeed easier if you go alone."

This was because Wu Yu could instantly escape using the Somersault Cloud in the event that he had successfully obtained the Golden Bead. If they were present at the scene, they would just become a burden to Wu Yu as he would no longer be able to escape freely.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had full trust in Wu Yu and did not attempt to play the hero. Of course, there was no doubt that he would be a great support if his abilities were useful in the situation.

"Will Prince He's group be our only competitor?" Ye Xixi asked.

If that was the case, then the situation would be awkward. By ferrying them in his battleship, Prince He was actually causing trouble for himself. He had provided transport for his own competitors.

However, Wu Yu shook his head and said, "Each time the Yan Huang Golden Bead appears, there will be many people at the scene trying to catch it. Since Prince He has received the news from someone, it means that there are already many people at the Golden Bead's position."

Hence, he was prepared to snatch the Golden Bead in the midst of the upcoming chaotic battle.

When Wu Yu finished speaking, he heard loud noises. The commotion proved that they definitely had many competitors other than Prince He.

"We are here. Prepare to fight and snatch. There are many people here!" Prince He's voice carried a tinge of nervousness. At this moment, he had already put the Golden Raptor Battleship away.

It was amusing that the instant the Yan Huang Golden Bead appeared, Prince He was no longer concerned about his original intention to ally with them. It was a waste of time now to utter even one more sentence. The instant he had put the Golden Raptor Battleship away, all 10 members of his group had gathered and rushed towards the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Wu Yu and his group had disembarked as well. They split into two teams and moved separately based on Wu Yu's instructions and arrangement. Wu Yu was in no rush because he knew that the Yan Huang Golden Bead could not be obtained simply by being fast. A special method was required to obtain the Golden Bead.

As soon as the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Prince Le's group disembarked from the Golden Raptor Battleship, they transferred to the Hidden Immortal. While the Hidden Immortal was not as fast as the Golden Raptor Battleship, it could conceal itself. It would not be easy for Prince He to find the Hidden Immortal if he did not execute a careful search. 

While everyone else was rushing towards the Yan Huang Golden Bead, the Hidden Immortal sunk into the mountain valleys below. By hiding within the inconspicuous valleys, Prince Le's group would be safe. After hiding, the Full Moon of Nanshan could secure their surroundings in his invisible state. After all, Wu Yu had left the Elusive Firefly behind him as additional protection. Prince Le's group could not be any safer, being hidden in the valleys with the Elusive Firefly while everyone else was busy chasing the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

On the other side, Wu Yu entered the competition for the Yan Huang Golden Bead alone!

He kept a low profile. At this moment, he first hid the Imperial Insignia and used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to transform his body into the smallest size. He was no taller than half a chi and was like a tiny clay sculpture. However, he was lightning fast in this form. His speed after transformation had increased by three folds. Coupled with the Swift Art, he was incredibly fast. There were probably not many in the Ancient Soul Tower who could be faster than Wu Yu. Even Prince Yu might not be able to catch up to Wu Yu at his current speed.

The moment that he had disembarked, Wu Yu had noticed the environment at the position of the Golden Bead.

This was a spread of scattered mountains and valleys with magma rivers flowing underneath and through them. These magma rivers formed a network of rivers. Magma surged all over the place and crashed against the river banks. Large numbers of lava hounds and lava lions lurked inside these magma rivers!

Some of them had stuck their heads out of the rivers in curiosity. They were no doubt the lava lions. These lions hid in at the river bottoms and continuously spewed magma into the rivers, forming fierce currents. Such an environment seemed especially chaotic.

However, no one cared about these furious, roaring Spirits of the Universes as everyone's attention was on the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Wu Yu had a quick look at the people who had gathered here and became worried. Those who had gathered here, excluding the people who were under protection, were at least at the fifth tier of the Dao Querying Realm. There were many people here, and they were all top experts of the Jambu Realm. The number of people here had exceeded Wu Yu's estimations. At his level, he had no advantage at all when competing against this group of experts!

"Those who were above the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower have probably come down upon hearing the news about the Golden Bead!"

Now basically all the experts of the Jambu Realm in the Ancient Soul Tower had gathered at this place.

Wu Yu's eyes swept across this group. There was no need to mention the other experts. Even Prince Yu, who was an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator, was in this group of experts competing for the Yan Huang Golden Bead!

There would definitely be many other eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators from the various powers competing for the Golden Bead. Wu Yu had seen several other experts who were on par with Prince Yu present here.

There seemed to be seraphic dao treasures flashing everywhere in this chaotic battle. Wu Yu's Imperial Insignia paled in comparison.

There were three things attracting this large number of people here. Firstly, the Yan Huang Golden Bead had already appeared three days ago, and secondly, the experts here had social networks as vast as Prince He’s and received the news fast. The third and most important reason was that this time around, the Spirit of the Universe carrying the Yan Huang Golden Bead was too high profile!

Now everyone's eyes were fixed on this Spirit of the Universe, who was made of lava as well. However, this was a bird. It was much smaller than a lava hound, but the flames blazing from its body were quite horrifying. These blazing flames were a few times bigger than the bird's body. Hence, at first glance, Wu Yu had thought that this was a colossal beast that was 10 times larger than the lava lion. 

While its body was not big, it dealt horrifying damage. Additionally, it was extremely fast. This was the reason why no one could catch it yet! It was as fast as Wu Yu.

Its flames, which flared to much larger proportions than its body, had raged everywhere. No one had dared to approach it. This meant that this blazing bird was so strong that even people like Prince Yu had no way of defeating it at the moment.

It was because of this that Wu Yu had an opportunity to see where the Yan Huang Golden Bead was. It was on the forehead of the blazing bird, between its brows. It was very obvious!  Everyone was staring at it!

Without the Eyes of Fire and Gold, Wu Yu would have thought that the raging flames on this blazing bird were part of its body.

With such a commotion, it was indeed difficult for the bird to remain unnoticed on the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

Of course, these experts were now using various moves to hunt the blazing bird down. In fact, many experts had ended up fighting each other in this chaotic situation. Even Prince He, who wielded the Imperial Descent and had entered the competition for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, seemed to have disappeared from the fight. His attacks were nothing compared to those of these experts. Wu Yu felt that if he rushed up, he would be in the same situation and might even accidentally end up being hit by those experts' attacks.

Only experts at King You Ying's level could heavily injure Wu Yu, and Wu Yu had seen many of them here! There were at least 20 such experts, excluding those from the Yan Huang Tribe, at the scene.

Obviously, many more had yet to come.

This was a massive chaotic battle. Only cultivators at the fifth tier of the Dao Querying Realm or higher could stand a chance in this battle. However, even the sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were running around helplessly like headless flies. They could not get near the blazing bird at all. Instead, they were vulnerable to the attacks of others. Within a short time, Wu Yu saw many martial cultivators leaving the fight due to serious injuries!

It was so chaotic that no one could identify the individual experts during their pursuit of the blazing bird. It did not help that there were many demons in this group as well. At one moment, they were just at this position, and at the next moment, this group had chased the bird to another position that was 100 li away!

"I must reach the blazing bird before the others catch up." Wu Yu thought of the method that he had used to get close to the Golden Bead at the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

Wu Yu was at the tail of this huge and chaotic group of experts. He zipped through this group, dodging various dao techniques and attacks along the way, and closed in on the blazing bird. The flames on the blazing bird were extremely hot, and as a result, many experts would not dare to get near it. However, with his Invincible Vajra Body, Wu Yu could go near it without getting hurt for the time being.

Many people had the same plan as Wu Yu. They planned to rush ahead and intercept the blazing bird from the front. However, the blazing bird felt very threatened and was changing its direction constantly. No one knew where it was heading. Basically, it would run in any direction with room for escape.

Wu Yu looked up and saw that Prince Yu was the closest to the blazing bird. There were too many people here, so Wu Yu was not worried that Prince Yu would spot him. At this moment,  Prince Yu's Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron grew extremely huge in his hands. He was going to use the Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron to suppress and trap the blazing bird. Just as he was about to succeed in trapping the blazing bird, others suddenly started to attack his Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron. This was an attack from multiple parties, and they directly blasted the Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron away, causing Prince Yu to suffer a certain degree of injury.

Such events were very common. This was also the reason why no one had managed to obtain the Golden Bead yet!

After all, in the Ancient Soul Tower, it was the fierce competition among the experts that was the most challenging obstruction to obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead. This was especially true for the Yan Huang Tribe members, who were forced away as soon as they got close to the Golden Bead. Hence, even Prince Yu had to ally with his siblings and work together. However, such a temporary and instrumental alliance was unlikely to stand in the face of the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Prince Yu's siblings and other experts from the Yan Huang Tribe were among the people who had stopped Prince Yu from trapping the blazing bird just now.

Wu Yu was troubled while looking at such a chaotic situation. He could not think of a way to snatch the Golden Bead.

"I shall just try my luck. Whatever happens, I won't die." Wu Yu integrated the Somersault Cloud into his body, getting ready to escape at any time. Then he dove into this chaotic group at lightning speed. Battles could erupt at any moment in this group. The dao techniques and mystiques prepared were not only for the blazing bird, they could be used against one another. Wu Yu could only depend on his speed to evade such attacks. However, he still could not avoid being caught in these attacks and getting hurt! 

Wu Yu was very fast and about to close in on the blazing bird again. He had even plunged directly into the soaring flames covering the blazing bird. It was really hot and burning pain seared through him. He would not last long in these flames. He realized that the closer that he got to the blazing bird, the scarier the flames would be!

But at least this time, he was close enough to actually see the Yan Huang Golden Bead!

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