Chapter 1086: Golden Raptor Battleship

The Qilin Battle Axe's name was Imperial Descent. 

Just from the name, Wu Yu knew that the weapon was probably made at the same time as the Imperial Insignia. 

Wu Yu had experienced a meteoric rise in strength after gaining the Imperial Insignia. Therefore, he was certain that even when the seventh prince, Prince He, held the 830,000 spirit design Imperial Descent in his hands, the difference in their strength would be negligible. 

The Imperial Descent was resonating with the Imperial Insignia. With the three red Qilins residing within the pointed tip and two blades, the imposing aura of the kings of all walking beasts was imbued within. It was just like having three ancient red Qilins sitting on them. 

It was just for a brief moment that Wu Yu saw the Qilin Battle Axe. Immediately after, Prince He was waving his Imperial Descent and charging towards the two lava lions. 

Wu Yu didn't have the intention to compete with Prince He in this aspect. This wasn't a crucial battle and it didn't matter who won. However, he couldn't put up an overly dismal performance. Otherwise, he couldn't achieve his objective of impressing the other party. 

Therefore, before Prince He clashed with the lava lions, Wu Yu made his move. His actions were simpler and more violent. This was because the lava hounds before him didn't pose a threat to him at all. Even without using the three main Offensive and Defensive Spirit Designs of the Imperial Insignia, he could cause absolute destruction just using his colossal physical strength, the transformations of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, the sharp edge of the Imperial Insignia, and several small scale spirit designs! 

Also, Wu Yu had grown extremely huge after using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, he was almost taking down one with every strike, just like a ferocious tiger that had charged into a flock of sheep. Soon, the rampant Spirits of the Universe were quickly collapsing before Wu Yu. Truth be told, Prince He had asked for a contest because he wanted to see Wu Yu's strength. This was also a form of sizing Wu Yu up. 

When Wu Yu was battling, he was also observing Prince He. He was imposing when waving his Qilin Battle Axe. Among all the princes and princesses that Wu Yu had seen, Prince He probably had the demeanor that resembled an emperor the most. 

His opponents were the two lava lions, one male and one female. Both of them were much stronger than Wu Yu's targets. The deluge of lava that they could spew was also 10 times greater than the lava hounds. Within a short period, they could create a large sea of lava, attempting to engulf Wu Yu and the rest into a world they had full control of. The giant magma river below their feet was also swept towards the sky under their control. 

Prince He had charged into the lava. However, Wu Yu could still see the situation inside clearly with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. When Wu Yu finished off half of the twenty-plus lava hounds, Prince He looked like he was about to use the Offensive Spirit Design of the Imperial Descent to obliterate the two Spirits of the Universe directly. 

He had probably verified that the Yan Huang Golden Bead wasn't on the two Spirits of the Universe. 

Obviously, if the Yan Huang Golden Bead could be found so easily, it would have long been snatched away. 

Wu Yu could finish off the remaining lava hounds swiftly just by relying on his instincts. His boundless physical strength was the perfect counter to these Spirits of the Universe. 

"He's probably going to use the Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting Design!" Although Prince Le couldn't get a clear look, he came to the same conclusion. He happened to know a lot about the Imperial Descent, suggesting he was envious and probably once coveted it. 

Wu Yu focused and, just as he expected, he saw Prince He activating the spirit designs on the Qilin Battle Axe. Controlling the gigantic Qilin Battle Axe with both hands, he was like a god of battle. Dazzling light illuminated the area, and at the top of the Imperial Descent, the scale armor of the Qilins were glittering. It was as though the giant beasts were awakening. The scales were where several hundred thousand spirit designs were fashioned. On each dragon scale, there was an exquisite drawing with numerous spirit designs hidden within. When Prince He activated the spirit designs through his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, light burst forth blindingly. 

"Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting Design?" Just as Wu Yu had expected, Prince He darted forward. With the middle pointed tip of the Imperial Descent as the focal point, he targeted the lioness. The lioness was agile and swift, capable of creating issues for Prince He. Therefore, Prince He had chosen to target her first. As Prince He charged forward, a red Qilin shot out from the Imperial Descent. Although it had the appearance of a Qilin, it was actually an energy burst created by the spirit designs of the seraphic dao treasure. It was similar to Wu Yu's Imperial Dragon Sword: Golden Roc Covers the Sky. 

The lioness had no means to avoid that attack at all when Prince He penetrated her chest area and flew out from her tail. The lion happened to be in front of him when he emerged from the lioness, and the spirit designs had not halted. At this juncture, he swept his battle axe across and a second Qilin shot out and swept from the side onto the lava lion. Dazzling, blinding light burst forth and the immense power of the seraphic dao treasure bathed over the lava lion. In just an instant, both the male and female lions were blown into smithereens. The tough lava stones that they were made of fell and splashed into the magma river. 

Clearly, the Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting Design wasn't fully executed. Since its name suggested "triple kill", there was definitely a third move. He had just executed a simple lunge and sweep. Judging from his posture, the last strike was most likely a cleaving blow to rend even the heavens! 

Wu Yu happened to be finishing off the last lava hound at the same time. In terms of speed, he was neck-to-neck with Prince He. However, he had not used his Offensive Spirit Design like Prince He had. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu finally had a grasp of the might of the Imperial Descent. Based on his rough estimation, the Imperial Descent would be even stronger than the Imperial Insignia in his hands. Wu Yu's main body had been using a staff for a very long time. Now that he was using the Imperial Insignia, he had not fully acclimatized to it. 

"Haha! Kingmaker Le is indeed incredible. Having achieved this level of strength at your young age, we would only be shameful in comparison. It's hard to find anyone like you in history. I'm impressed!" Prince He put the Imperial Descent away and laughed heartily as he moved towards Wu Yu amidst the strong winds. 

"I wouldn't dare. Prince He's battle prowess is off the charts. A junior like me has lots to learn from you," Wu Yu said humbly. 

The turbulence in the magma river subsided gradually and it seemed like there were no longer any Spirits of the Universe emerging. 

The group gathered together. 

"Since these Spirits of the Universe are willingly hiding within the magma river, let's continue following the river upstream. What do you guys think?" Prince He suggested. 

His side would definitely listen to him. Therefore, he was actually asking for Prince Le's opinion. Prince Le answered in a hurry, "That's how I feel as well. Our chances of encountering the Yan Huang Golden Bead would likely be higher." 

Since there was no differing view, the group swiftly moved upstream by following the magma river. 

Along the way, Prince Le asked Wu Yu in secret, "Wu Yu, do you have thoughts about the Imperial Descent? After all, I have a feeling that you are still lacking a seraphic dao treasure, right?" 

He knew Wu Yu still had the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

Wu Yu was unmoved and said, "Prince, you have overthought things. Prince He is on good terms with Prince and isn't like Princess Yin. I wouldn't snatch another's treasured possession without reason. Moreover, I'm a staff user. The battle axe is a little different and I would likely find it a little awkward when using it." 

Prince Le asked, "That might not be the case. After all, the battle axe just has an additional component on top of the staff. Moreover, it could do what a staff does as well. It would be an uphill task for you to find a staff-like seraphic dao treasure. After all, there aren't many people using that type of dao treasure. Even a battle axe isn't common." 

Judging from what he had said, he seemed to be reasoning it out for Wu Yu. Wu Yu didn't know if this was a test for him. Therefore, he shook his head and said, "Prince, let's not joke about it. Prince He is a respected brother of yours. He isn't our enemy." 

Prince Le answered, "It would seem so at this moment. The truth is, I can't read him well. However, I'm just raising a scenario. If he plots against me, we definitely shouldn't be courteous with him. Obviously, this isn't likely based on my understanding of him. I'm just being a little paranoid because we are in the Ancient Soul Tower." 

It appeared that he was honest with Wu Yu. Wu Yu could tell that Prince Le still felt conflicted regarding Prince He. Otherwise, he would have rejected him up front and wouldn't move together with Prince He. 

"If that is the case, I'll definitely protect you. However, they are stronger than us. Therefore, we have to act accordingly." 


This conversation was like Prince Le saying that he was closer to Wu Yu than to Prince He as they were the ones that were on the same line. At the same time, he had given Wu Yu autonomy to act as he deemed in emergency. 

"I could have overthought about it as well. If we can recruit another party from the Yan Huang Tribe or just have more people join us, I won't be that worried," Prince Le mumbled. 

Indeed, once their numbers increased, they would verify that Prince He had indeed planned to team up. At the same time, it would probably overthrow the idea that he was acting like Prince Yu, who thought Prince Le had special attention from the Ancient Emperor and therefore would have a higher chance of finding the Yan Huang Golden Bead by following Prince Le. 

The atmosphere was cordial and they were basically chatting joyously as they moved upstream. Along the way, numerous Spirits of the Universe had shown themselves. However, they were killed and they hadn't seen the Yan Huang Golden Bead yet. 

"Someone saw the Yan Huang Golden Bead three days ago. Where could it be?" 

Prince He was worried. 

"Over these days, a number of people have come down to the sixth level of the Ancient Soul Tower from the seventh level." 

At this juncture, Prince He suddenly received a Message Talisman. He took a look and his eyes lit up immediately. He exclaimed loudly and excitedly, "The Yan Huang Golden Bead has appeared. Quick!" 

The Message Talisman had also indicated the direction. 

He gathered the group immediately. Now there was a contest of speed. Prince He summoned an advanced dao treasure battleship. It was gold and glittering like a giant hawk. It seemed to be the Golden Raptor Battleship. It was said that it was extremely quick. Prince He waved and swept everyone into it. After which, he accelerated. The golden raptor extended its wings, soared through the sky, and flew at breakneck speed! 

Indeed, it was way faster than Prince He's typical speed. Moreover, he was carrying people along. 

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