Chapter 1083: Prince's Consort and Su Yeji

When Wu Yu saw the group of people, he could not help but feel that there were no weak teams at the fifth level of Ancient Soul Tower and higher. 

Most of the people moved in teams. Those that preferred to move alone, even if they were strong, might still be bullied by a team whose members came from the same place. 

Therefore, unless one was as strong as Prince Yu, it was rare to see someone move alone. 

Many mavericks were forced to team up with others after suffering. Even if the team might not have a common goal, they would at least not be suppressed directly when they faced another team. 

It was especially so if they were to come from the same tribe or the same immortal kingdom. 

Wu Yu had seen different people getting together at the lower levels of the Ancient Soul Tower. For example, the Dead Souls Demon Tribe and the few from Raging Thunder Marsh. 

The team before them was clearly bigger. When everyone showed themselves, Wu Yu was surprised to see 10 of them. 

Most of them were from the Yan Huang Tribe. Therefore, Wu Yu could tell that this was also a Yan Huang Tribe team with a single glance. 

They were similar to Princess Yin but visibly stronger and more terrifying! Among them, sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were the most common. There were also three fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators and two fourth tier Dao Querying cultivators. All of them looked like they had cultivated for over 400 years, probably in the same generation as Princess Yin. In fact, some of them looked even older, with an entire head of white hair. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu knew they were definitely standing at the top of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country. From their demeanor, dispositions, and expressions, they were undoubtedly rulers of a region that had seen countless grand events and in control of millions upon millions of lives. 

The one directly in front of him was the one who had spoken earlier. He had gold hair mixed within his black hair. His eyes were gold as well and he resembled Prince Le. However, he was visibly older and had the appearance of a middle-aged man. Nonetheless, he had a refined demeanor. Although he was wearing a golden robe, he didn't appear as an eyesore, but gentle, scholarly, and amiable. The gentleness and the deep character he displayed made him an approachable person. 

He was the leader of this group of people and probably had a standing similar to Princess Yin. 

Without saying, Wu Yu understood. Someone with his demeanor and an elite following would undoubtedly be a prince. Others could have reached this level, but they wouldn't have that many followers. 

"I'm surprised to see you here! Seventh Brother." Upon seeing him, Prince Le's eyes flickered. However, he turned solemn quickly and bowed slightly to the person before him. 

The Seventh Prince was a little older than Princess Yin and was definitely one of the strongest existences among the princes and princesses. It was not surprising that he would be so strong. 

Between his eyebrows, there was the ancient word "He". Most likely, he would be Prince He. 

Wu Yu was able to recall him. Completely different from Princess Yin, he had an upstanding reputation in the Yan Huang Ancient Country, with many people believing that he would be a wise ruler. Most people associated with him were gentlemen and there was almost never any negative news about him. Instead, he had done many charitable deeds and enjoyed decent fame. He was kind but not an indecisive man. It was said that he had guts and gusto and was a just and honorable prince. Relative to the reclusive Prince Yu, he was rather eminent. 

Therefore, when Prince Le saw him, he didn't have the same animosity like he had when he first saw Princess Yin. 

"I was simply passing by and happened to come upon your dispute with Princess Yin. Who would have thought Kingmaker Le to have such strength. You have really hidden it well. And the other two here are inspiring heroes too. Old men like us feel utterly awestruck." 

From Prince He's eyes, they could tell that he was astounded. 

Wu Yu understood that the strength they had displayed would stump anyone who saw them. After all, their entire group was below 100 years old and yet had made it to the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower with their own strength. They were probably the only group that could have achieved this feat in the entire Ancient Soul Tower. Moreover, they were definitely the group with the lowest average age. 

While Prince He was speaking, Wu Yu was sizing up the rest. Prince Le was also secretly giving him an introduction. 

To the left of Prince He was a beautiful lady in a long, red dress, and her gentleness was impossible to forget. There were lots of flower accessories on her head and her long dress had embroideries of numerous flowers, making her appear as though she was born within a sea of flowers. She was probably the best embodiment of everyone's dream girl. 

Wu Yu could tell that she wasn't from the Yan Huang Tribe at first glance. He also could remember the information he had read previously. She was from the Oriental Flower Tribe of the Oriental Flower Immortal Realm. She was the dao companion of Prince He, the Prince's consort, and her name was Hua Muchen. It was said that her parents were influential figureheads in the Oriental Flower Immortal Realm. 

Standing next to Prince He, she looked like a virtuous wife, but her strength was not to be belittled. She was also a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator. 

There was another lady standing on the other side of Prince He. She was especially eye-grabbing as well and had a completely different demeanor from the Prince's consort. She wore a black, tight-skinned outfit that perfectly traced her devilish figure. Her exquisite features were intoxicating and her eyes were mesmerizing. Her flaming red lips were even more conspicuous. What shocked Wu Yu the most was that she was a ghostly cultivator. The reason why she wouldn't fade in existence beside the Prince's consort was because she was Kingmaker He. 

Just as Wu Yu had suspected, there were princes or princesses that had ghostly cultivators as their Kingmakers. This also showed that this ghostly cultivator was indeed someone amazing to be of such high stature. 

"Kingmaker He is from the Devilsky Tribe. Her name is Su Yeji and she was once a genius in the Devilsky Tribe. She killed a disciple of an influential figure in the Devilsky Tribe but was saved by my seventh brother," Prince Le quickly explained it to Wu Yu. 

Prince He, the prince's consort, and Kingmaker He were all sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators. In that case, their team wouldn't be any weaker than Princess Yin’s. Princess Yin had Jiang Wuzhou, but Prince He had two other sixth tier Dao Querying followers. 

The two old men were well-known figures in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. The taller one with a domineering vibe was the Army General of the Huang Dragon Army, Yuwen Changfeng. He came from an ordinary background but had still managed to reach the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm before age 472. This wasn't simple at all, and he was stronger than Qu Yin at the very least. 

The other relatively shorter cultivator looked exquisite and was known for his range of tricks. He was the state lord of the Cloud's Equal State, Qi Tianyin! 

Five sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were already stronger than Princess Yin's line-up. Furthermore, there were three other fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators and two fourth tier Dao Querying cultivators. All of them were state lords or city lords of some massive cities. One could easily tell that Prince He's capital was deeper than Princess Yin’s. 

Wu Yu had a rough sense in his mind by now. He knew if there was a battle, it would be even more daunting and dangerous than when he first encountered Princess Yin. It was especially so considering that the other party had a lot more people. Protecting Prince Le would be impossible. Therefore, he concluded that it would be best to not clash with them. 

However, Prince He didn't seem to have such thoughts at all. Prince Le had informed Wu Yu that there were no conflicts between Prince He and him. In the past, Prince Le respected Prince He and had visited him several times to seek guidance in cultivation. Prince He had always agreed to his requests and would answer him patiently. 

When Prince Le was very young, Prince He was already famous. 

Prince He took a few more looks at Prince Le and complimented, "Little Le, you are pretty lucky to have a Kingmaker like Wu Yu. After all, he's a Kingmaker appointed personally by our father."  

On the other end, Kingmaker He, Su Yeji, said, "Don't just keep praising him. I'm not bad either." That coquettish voice was crime-inducing. 

Prince He laughed heartily. "That's a given. My Kingmaker is the best Kingmaker in the world." 

It was then that Su Yeji was content. However, Wu Yu could clearly see the minute changes in expressions of the Prince's consort, Hua Muchen. She probably wasn't pleased with that statement. However, she didn't react to it, as she was probably used to it. Moreover, Wu Yu could sense that the two women seemed to be competing against each other. 

The status of the Kingmaker seemed to overlap a little with that of a dao companion, making things awkward at times. Luckily, Prince Le didn't have a dao companion and both Wu Yu and Prince Le were men.... 

Wu Yu could tell that Prince He probably didn't know that it was because of the Ancient Emperor's dao musings. Rather, he probably thought that Wu Yu and the rest were at this level and was therefore shocked by it. 

However, he didn't press on this issue but asked about the cause of the clash with Princess Yin. 

Prince Le said, "The main reason is because Sister Yin was worried that I was too outstanding and would compete with her for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Therefore, she tried to put me down. However, she probably had not expected Wu Yu to defeat her. After which, Wu Yu took her Imperial Insignia as punishment, preventing her from flaunting her strength and recklessly teaching others a lesson." 

Prince He frowned and said, "She has truly gone overboard this time. Despite her experiences, she still hasn't learned to act her age. This is indeed her fault. Since you guys took her Imperial Insignia, there's no need to return it to her. Just take it as teaching her a lesson." 

He paused for a moment before continuing, "The truth is, I don't think our Yan Huang Tribe should be having internal conflicts now. The Yan Huang Golden Bead is extremely precious and there are many experts from other tribes casting covetous eyes on us. Whenever they see us, they try to restrict and besiege us using any means. Our predicament in the Ancient Soul Tower is perilous. Therefore, I feel that the wisest decision is not to compete internally. Rather, all my sisters and brothers, together with all the Yan Huang Tribe, should unite together and defeat the outsider tribes first. Once we get the Yan Huang Golden Bead, we can compete among ourselves internally through individual strength. Otherwise, if the Yan Huang Golden Bead were to fall into the hands of an outsider, we would be embarrassing our father and the entire Yan Huang Tribe." 

Although that was the right thing to say and his thoughts were bold, Wu Yu knew that it would be hard for this to materialize. This was because the Yan Huang Golden Bead had an extraordinary meaning to all the princes and princesses. However, if the princes and princesses had a vested interest in unity, they would form a formidable force that could rampage unopposed. If they were overwhelmed by outsider tribes because they refused to unite together, that was inevitable as well. This was something that the Ancient Emperor had probably plotted. 

However, Prince Le had the same idea as Prince He. He nodded and said, "That's how I feel as well. We should be suppressing those outsiders first. Our eldest brother should be the one taking the lead. It's truly a pity he does not wish to step up." 

Prince He nodded. "He's really a little too seclusive and lacking in responsibility. All he cares for is himself. Right now, I'm intending to recruit others. Little Le, why don't we team up? We would be even stronger and could continue to grow even more. We definitely cannot allow the Yan Huang Golden Bead to fall into the hands of outsiders." 

He wanted to team up? 

Wu Yu knew that this was probably his true motive. 

The key was that Prince Le was considering this as well. With his respect and trust for Prince He, he seemed to have the same idea. 

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