Chapter 1076: Imperial Insignia

The Full Moon of Nanshan saw that Wu Yu had already burned the bridge, so adding some more fuel didn't mean much. And in terms of shooting his mouth, he was many cultivation levels ahead of Wu Yu.

"Tsk tsk tsk. This big man's body is so thick. Can the Princess take him? Stop ogling me. I know that I was born very handsome and more charming by half than those three goons beside you. But I'm a very realistic person. I'm not interested in old women. So you better not swoon and lust over me, Princess."

The Full Moon of Nanshan waved his fan of beauties and smiled, speaking in a distinguished tone.

This was a true master stroke that the Full Moon of Nanshan had delivered. Princess Yin had been verbally destroyed. She had never been insulted like this before in her life and was rendered completely speechless. She could only stretch out a hand to point at the Full Moon of Nanshan, screeching, "That one dies too! But cut off the tongue first! Cut it off!" 

"Yes! Yes!" Xiong Zhan had been ready to take them all on alone, but he saw that Princess Yin was roused now. And the Full Moon of Nanshan seemed to quail after being pointed at. He hurriedly fled to the left, and Xiong Zhan took off after him, a huge beast that turned the grassy plains to ashy soil.

At this time, Prince Le was rapidly bringing Wu Yu up to speed on the strengths of these people. They were roughly at the same level, with different specialties. For example, Xiong Zhan was a close combat expert, and his strength and physique were superb. Of course, he was not at Wu Yu's level, but still much stronger than other martial cultivators. The advanced dao treasure in his hand, the Supreme Qiankun Sword, was at the same level as the Dark North Royal Obelisk.

Wu Yu had already seen a huge, black sword appear in Xiong Zhan's hands. The huge sword swept out, a slice of death and destruction that wilted the grass. It was even more violent than the Dark North Royal Obelisk's power, and Xiong Zhan's mystiques were considerable as well. He was at least as strong as Ling Han, which meant that if the Full Moon of Nanshan met him, he would be hard-pressed to defeat Xiong Zhan. However, Wu Yu reckoned that the Full Moon of Nanshan's illusion techniques would prevent him from losing, and even give him a definite advantage. It should not be a problem to keep him occupied.

Actually, Wu Yu had never been worried about the Full Moon of Nanshan. Although he lacked an ultimate killing move, he could really tie an opponent up. Even a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator could not take him down in short order. His Gone from the Skies kept him elusive.

"Wu Yu, you cannot underestimate her. This is Princess Yin. She looks weak, but she's one of the strongest in this group! Mainly because of the seraphic dao treasure that my father emperor personally bestowed upon her! And it is a fairly powerful seraphic dao treasure at that! I'm afraid that your real body might not be able to withstand this seraphic dao treasure. If you're planning to break through the line here, and have the others merely hold their opponents back, then I suggest you and your clone face Princess Yin together."

Wu Yu had intended to have the Heaven Devouring Avatar deal with Jiang Wuzhou, but he realized that Princess Yin was the true power here after listening to Prince Le. And she had a seraphic dao treasure.

After hearing this, Ye Xixi said, "Big Brother Yu, don't worry. I can't handle him, but I have a way to hold him while avoiding a head-on fight. You can have the Silver Moon Mantis to help you as well."

It was a risk for Ye Xixi to fight solo. Wu Yu was currently weighing things out as well. This was different from his original plan, but he indeed planned for himself to make the breakthrough. As long as he defeated Princess Yin, the battle would be as good as over. But if his real body was not strong enough, the entire fight would backfire, and Nanshan and Ye Xixi would also be in trouble.

"Big Brother Yu, I can handle it!" Ye Xixi's battle will was especially strong recently. Perhaps she had felt the pressure as well. But her cold resolve reflected in her eyes, and Wu Yu acknowledged it. Prince Le did not need the Silver Moon Mantis with him presently, and Wu Yu called it over, also splitting from Ye Xixi.

"Hey, beardie, I reckon you can't take me down," Ye Xixi said stoutly to Jiang Wuzhou. Wu Yu laughed. She was so cute.

"Kill that one too!" Princess Yin was also infuriated by Ye Xixi. Firstly, she was a ghostly cultivator, and secondly, Ye Xixi was young. Compared to Princess Yin, she was the cute, petite one, and Princess Yin's jealous heart railed. Hearing this, Jiang Wuzhou had no choice but to let go of Wu Yu and comply, turning to kill Ye Xixi.

"What a powerful puppet."

The Silver Moon Mantis hovered near Ye Xixi in support, its hands like knives as it stood before her, fearless of death or pain. It attacked Jiang Wuzhou dementedly.

Jiang Wuzhou had many advanced dao treasures on his person. He had the Soul Piercing Needle, the Emperor's Omnibrush, and the Ancient Wind Bells. They were all advanced dao treasures with more than 400,000 spirit designs!

With the Emperor's Omnibrush in hand, he began to draw all kinds of beasts, which came to life and surrounded Ye Xixi. With the Ancient Wind Bells, he shook them, calling forth strong winds that assailed Ye Xixi. The Soul Piercing Needle was also standing by. It could be used as an ultimate killing move at any time!

Assessing the situation, Wu Yu knew that Ye Xixi could only hold out for 15 minutes or so, and they would be perilous minutes at that. The Silver Moon Mantis stood in front for now, but it would probably be destroyed quite quickly.

Therefore, he had to end his battle quickly. All that faced him now was Princess Yin and Jiang Wenyu.

The one who had exclaimed at the Silver Moon Mantis's prowess had been the consort, Jiang Wenyu.

Wu Yu only had the real body before them, and so they thought it was a two on one, and Princess Yin did not even need to fight. It was Jiang Wenyu who said, "Say your prayers. I might not have many moves, but it will be all too easy to take you down. My younger brother has moves that can make you despair."

"Oh, the prince consort is so powerful? I doubt it. If the consort is truly that powerful, your hair would not be the color of the grass here. The consort has burned through his years of vitality." As Wu Yu spoke, a little bug flew out from his shirt. It was the Elusive Firefly, which grew huge in the blink of an eye, hovering between Wu Yu and Jiang Wenyu.


The Elusive Firefly spat out a green, luminescent light, which floated like a bubble. It shrouded Jiang Wenyu instantly and then flew away. The Elusive Firefly circled Princess Yin, chasing it. This was one way of using the Spatial Fluorescent Orb Design. Although Jiang Wenyu very quickly emerged from the luminescence, he had already been cast far away by the Elusive Firefly and could not fight Wu Yu.

Jiang Wenyu looked like someone well-versed in verbal taunts. Therefore, Wu Yu did not let him posture. But he immediately shut the Elusive Firefly down from the get go. His dao techniques and mystiques were astonishing, and he wielded two advanced dao treasures, the Filled-Sky Fan and the Sword in the Clouds. His fan and longsword together posed a deadly threat.

All three were formidable forces, and they were suppressing Wu Yu's side in all three battles. It seemed like the Full Moon of Nanshan and the Elusive Firefly could not defeat their opponents alone, let alone Ye Xixi.

As the three separate fights broke out, all that remained were Wu Yu and Princess Yin.

Princess Yin saw that the three men were embroiled in battle, and she had no one else by her side. However, Wu Yu was still smiling before her. This was the greatest taunt to her, and her anger boiled over. She took a deep breath and said icily, "To think that you could force me to fight you myself. It's been a while since anyone has. I'm surprised at how much you've improved since listening to the Ancient Emperor's dao musings...."

"There are many things that will surprise you. No need to emphasize it - you're far from the sharpest needle in the haystack. If I'm rubbing you the wrong way, fight me, then. I'll receive your attack. I heard you have a seraphic dao treasure. Why not give me a taste of it?" Wu Yu felt that if he could get a few more words in, he might be able to kill her through sheer rage.

But Princess Yin only laughed. "You are the boldest person I have ever met in this world. You dare to challenge me. Keke...."

"It is you who has seen too little of the world. Hey, frog in the well, hop out and take a look," Wu Yu said mildly. She was again rendered speechless from anger.

Princess Yin almost exploded. Perhaps she knew that anything she said now would only invite more trouble. The best course of action would be to kill Wu Yu with her strength. That would shut him up. And so for now, she shut up.

From the start, Wu Yu had been taunting her with a purpose. While Princess Yin was raging, and when the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others had their opponents busy, and when she faced him alone, she finally pulled out her seraphic dao treasure.

A seraphic dao treasure had more than 500,000 spirit designs, and was a tier higher than advanced dao treasures, which could not compare at all.

Wu Yu was excited to see it.

Because Prince Le had said, "Her seraphic dao treasure has 790,000 spirit designs, close to 800,000 spirit designs. It is not far from divine dao treasures, which have 1 million spirit designs.

"It was a personal gift from my father emperor, rewarding her for 400 years of working on behalf of Yan Huang. She has had it for perhaps just 30 years. It is a rare treasure that she rarely uses, but it takes the world by storm each time.

"This seraphic dao treasure is called Imperial Insignia!

"The rumors are that my father emperor forged this seraphic dao treasure with 30 different types of 10-spiritual mark materials. The main ones are Dragon's Finery Gold, Thousand Flames Burnished Metal, and Obsidian Cloud, amongst others.  The immortal treasure spirit came from the souls of two immortal beasts, which were transferred into the ancient dao treasure by my father emperor and placed within the Imperial Insignia. The two immortal beasts have a mythic affinity in their origin. They have a connection to the mystical dragons as well. One is called Roc Dragon, said to be the offspring of an elite mystical dragon and some golden roc demon. The other is called Tortoise Dragon, the offspring of another elite mystical dragon and a tortoise demon.

"The Imperial Insignia has 790,000 spirit designs and has two forms. When the Roc Dragon is in control, it is a golden sword. When the Tortoise Dragon is in control, it is an obsidian shield."

Hearing this, Wu Yu's eyes locked on to the Imperial Insignia in Princess Yin's hands. The golden sword looked quite unremarkable, but the stained-glass colors in the gold accentuated it to the height of elegance. There was a golden mystical dragon on the hilt, but it had a huge pair of golden wings. This was the Roc Dragon.

This was the Dragon Sword Form. How would the Dragon Shield Form reveal itself?

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