Chapter 1075: A Straightforward Youth

"What is going on between Prince Le and the ninth princess?"

The youths and powerful beings from various kingdoms who had stayed outside the Ancient Soul Tower had noticed that the fourth mirror had been showing the same image for quite a while.

At the same time, the images on the other mirrors had changed a few times.

The contrast between the fourth mirror and the other mirrors indicated that something different might have happened. From the opening of the Ancient Soul Tower until now, other than during the appearance of the Yan Huang Golden Bead, there was never an occurrence where the mirror's image had remained unchanged for such a long time.

The Yan Huang Tribe members, the Regent, various royal uncles, as well as their aristocrats were now filled with doubts and questions.

When even the Yan Huang Tribe was confused, there was no need to mention the other spectators. Now the experts from various immortal kingdoms in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, demons, as well as sea region demons from various major sea regions were attracted by this outlier and were engaged in a discussion among themselves. Some of these people were powerful beings who ruled certain territories. Some them people simply frowned and continued to watch the mirrors. 

When Luo Pin saw Wu Yu appear in the mirror, her eyes lit up. However, based on her experience, Princess Yin's group of four were not poised for casual banter.

"Wu Yu's group is probably going to suffer when faced with such an opponent," the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon said. 

"Is that what you think will happen?" Luo Pin said with a warning tone.

"Unless he escapes alone. However, he looks to have a good relationship with the other two and will not leave them behind. So if the two parties engage in a battle, he will probably be humiliated."

Luo Pin glanced at him before she turned back to continue watching the mirror. The Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon, who was beside them, glared at the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and indicated for him to comment less. The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon shook his head and scoffed dismissively.

Other than the mystical dragons, the Phoenix Supreme, the Dead Souls Demon Lord, the Dark Sea Emperor, and the Starry Skies Sword Emperor all looked concerned. The competition in the Ancient Soul Tower had obviously entered the second half and there were aggressive battles everywhere. The Ancient Soul Tower was filled with many exciting scenes. However, the fourth mirror was focused only on displaying these two groups. What was the Ancient Emperor trying to do?

At this moment, Wu Yu was another focal point of the entire Jambu Realm. However, he was unaware of this. The people inside had no idea when their situations would be projected to the outside world and when the attention would be on them.

Hence, rather than holding back, the participants in the Ancient Soul Tower had decided to ignore the constant possibility of having their actions exposed to the outside world.

The current situation involved Princess Yin insisting on heading to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace to take a look. She did not believe Prince Le's words that the palace would be ineffective for her.

Prince Le could only shake his head, and he said, "Big Sister Yin, I'm really sorry. We worked very hard to reach the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, so we will not return to the second level. Besides, the Ancient Soul Tower is now in chaos. Even if we return to the second level, we might not be able to find the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace anymore. "

Upon hearing Prince Le's explanation, Princess Yin turned to look at the three males by her side. She murmured sadly, "I will bring your group back up the fourth level after you have led me down to the second level."

The Emperor's son-in-law Jiang Wenyu said, "Prince Le, you better listen to your big sister Yin. We can promise you that after we have reached the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace and have taken a good look around, we will help you return to the fourth level. "

Jiang Wuzhou, who was beside him, crossed his arms and smiled coldly. He said, "Well, if you ask me, perhaps Prince Le has received the benefits of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace and boosted his competitiveness. At such a time, he will naturally be unwilling to share such a transformation with his siblings. I can understand such motivations. "

Kingmaker Yin, Xiong Zhan, followed up closely and added, "If that is the case, Prince Le is really selfish. Since he is going to overlook his familial ties, then we do not need to hold back. We can just grab them and bring them to the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower. If Prince Le can be more understanding, then perhaps he will not have to end up in such a humiliating position."

Upon hearing their comments, Princess Yin said coyly, "You three should stop saying such unpleasant things. He is my younger brother. How can you guys treat him so rudely? I think that my younger brother should be very willing to take me to the palace to take a look. "

Wu Yu chuckled right after watching their performance. He was beside Prince Le and he said, "That's enough, we are not some three-year-old kids. The four of you should stop acting in front of us. Based on how you have approached us just now, I know that you must have intended to suppress Prince Le upon seeing him. Firstly, by running over him, you can display your dominance over him. Secondly, you can teach this little brother, who you see as an ignorant child, a lesson for taking too much of the limelight. Even if you had not coincidentally realized that we have gone to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, you would seek other excuses to make things difficult for us. Since Jiang Wuzhou and Kingmaker Yin have made it so clear that you guys are threatening us, Princess Yin, why can't you just be more forthcoming? Such an indecisive pretense is unbecoming for your age."

One had to admit that Wu Yu's words were the most offensive. It was not those straightforward words that pointed out their ruse, but the last sentence, and in particular the last word about the Princess's age that was the most angering.

With one look, Wu Yu knew that this Princess Yin, who still continued to dress like a little princess at such an old age and enjoyed being cared for by three men, hated having her age being pointed out. She had cultivated for about 400 years and was considered middle-aged. She was equivalent to being 40 years old in mortal age. However, she desired to remain at the age of 20. 

Wu Yu's group's current years of training was only equivalent to five years old in mortal age. They had unlimited possibilities for their future.

Wu Yu's words were straight up rude, directly causing Princess Yin to explode in rage.

The reason for Wu Yu's actions was because he knew that based on the other party's attitude today, they were determined to make things difficult for Prince Le. If they did not torture and suppress Prince Le, they would not be willing to give up. Since that was the case, then they should have been straightforward and avoided wasting time by beating around the bush.

Of course, he also knew that these four were not Ling Han's group. A fight with these four would push Wu Yu and his group to their limits. However, this was also a challenge. Wu Yu enjoyed battles, especially since he had inherited his Invincible Vajra Body from the Victorious Fighting Buddha. He looked forward to any battle. His body endlessly craved battles. Even though he knew that the other party would not be easy to defeat, even though he was just a cheetah about to fight a fierce tiger, he would only be revved up with a stronger desire for battle. 

Wu Yu was prepared.

After Wu Yu had spoken, the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug transformed into the Seven Stars Fortifying Design and surrounded Prince Le and the other three, protecting them in this spherical space. Wu Yu kicked it with force and the Seven Stars Fortifying Design rolled far out on the grassy plain, away from them. His other puppet, the Silver Moon Mantis, chased after the protective sphere and stood guard beside the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, protecting Prince Le and his group.

Prince Le and the other three could not get involved in this kind of battle, so Wu Yu would simply and habitually push them out of the battle range. He had the main fighting power here with him. He had his real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Elusive Firefly. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were also with him. They would be just powerful enough to deal with the four opponents from the other party. This was definitely a challenging test, so it all depended on how their opponents weighed their gains and losses.

Princess Yin could only be considered unlucky to have met such a straightforward person like Wu Yu, who would not show mercy with his words at all. At this moment, she was seething and trembling with rage. All three of her followers almost failed to hold her steady. Wu Yu had said that she was only pretending to be young. That was her greatest taboo.

"Kill him! Kill him!" Kill him!" Princess Yin’s voice trembled in anger. She glared at Wu Yu with her bloodshot eyes as she shouted three times in a row to kill him.

Princess Yin was that furious. The other three looked at Wu Yu as though he had killed their mothers.

Jiang Wenyu said, "Nonsense. How dare you slander the Princess. You deserve to die!"

Jiang Wuzhou sneered and said, "Don't waste time talking to him. I'll send this audacious guy to his death. Oh no, that's not what I'm good at. What I'm good at is torturing you till you beg me to kill you."

"Let me do it!" Xiong Zhan was like an enraged bear. At this moment, it was as if there was a storm raging in his chest. He roared and the earth trembled. He pushed Jiang Wenyu and Jiang Wuzhou back. As he strode forward, a shocking aura exploded out from his body. First, his aura pressed towards Wu Yu and suppressed him. When everyone looked at Wu Yu's group, who was standing in front of this enraged bear, they only saw a pitiful group of trembling bunnies waiting to be slaughtered.

"Why did he provoke Princess Yin? Isn't that just seeking death? I know that he is very powerful now, but there are four people on the other side.... " Baili Zhuihun glanced at their opponents and shivered with fear.

"Shut up. Whether Wu Yu said it or not, the situation would've ended up like this anyway. What changed now is that the other party is infuriated and is no longer just teasing us." Qu Haoyan could see clearly that it was impossible for Princess Yin, who obviously had the advantage now, having met a competitor like Prince Le, to miss this great opportunity to suppress him.

Prince Le put his hands on the inner side of the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. His eyes were bright as he watched the three of them, Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi, confronting the other party of four.

What he saw was also what the audience outside saw.

"They are going to start fighting. It seems like Wu Yu has offended Princess Yin. Look at how angry she is."

"Perhaps Kingmaker Le had said something unforgivable. It's as though he had crossed the line with Princess Yin."

"I really don't know what he said."

"However, now we will have something exciting to watch. Look at Princess Yin’s expression. Will Wu Yu die in battle?"

"What you should consider is whether Princess Yin will kill Prince Le after Wu Yu dies in battle. That's the most exciting part. Wu Yu is just a Kingmaker. Princess Yin is furious. She will definitely kill him."

"Even if Kingmaker Le lives, I’m afraid he will suffer major injuries and completely lose his chance to compete for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. As a matter of fact, to the princes and princesses, their siblings are their biggest enemies in the Ancient Soul Tower. To make his own children fight in there and even allow others to watch them battle, I wonder what the Ancient Emperor is thinking.…"

"I think that the Ancient Emperor is smart. The person to emerge victorious from such a vicious competition will be the one who can truly grasp the Yan Huang Ancient Country in his hands and be the future of the Yan Huang Tribe."

"So who will succeed in the end? If you compare the princes and princesses, then it's still the older princes and princesses who possess the advantage. Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, Princess Xi, Prince Kui, and so on.…"

"Not necessarily. We still don’t know who will win. Apart from the princes and princesses from the Yan Huang Tribe, there are many others who have the same strength. From the beginning till now, I haven't seen the Yan Huang Tribe gaining any advantage in the Ancient Soul Tower...."

"Let's wait and see. Anyway, this time, Wu Yu and his group will definitely die."

From Wu Yu's group's point of view, Xiong Zhan pressed towards them step by step on the vast, grassy plain. At this moment, the Full Moon of Nanshan took a step forward and said, "You little beast with developed limbs and a simple mind. Follow your grandpa here and let me teach you what a proper woman is. Your taste is complete trash."

Wu Yu grinned. This guy had the nerve to talk about other people's tastes. When he was in the Ghosts Sea Prison, he himself had said that he would accept anyone as long as they were female.

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