Chapter 1072: Stormy Skies

This also meant that the Full Moon of Nanshan had not killed them.

The two were definitely cruel and uncaring. Callous souls that would be dealt with through even more stony-hearted means.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was truly heartless beneath his facade.

But even then, his apathy towards his opponents was a part of his own dao.

Besides, his illusion techniques had been refined to the peak, and the two were currently enjoying themselves more than he was.

"Hey, Prince. If we weren’t helping you with the Yan Huang Golden Bead, I wouldn't even want to leave. Those two babes are really affectionate. They even grabbed on to me and didn't want to leave. They said they would be mine from now on, to do as I please with." The Full Moon of Nanshan snickered.

Prince Le sighed and then smiled. "Not a bad ideal. Bring them along. They're not weak, and can help us. You won't be lonely on your journey either."

Hearing this, the Full Moon of Nanshan gave an embarrassed laugh and hurriedly said, "No, it's fine. As beautiful as they are, I don't go for seconds. Let me and them live our lives in each others' memories! Daddy here is a rolling stone that gathers no moss. My dao keeps me going!"

"Smelly, shameless thing. Better shut your mouth." Ye Xixi was unhappy at his smug manner.

“Oh no, the little girl hates me now. I'll keep quiet," the Full Moon of Nanshan guffawed.

No one was a perfect person. Wu Yu himself was not perfect, and neither were the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. There would definitely be conflict. Everyone was unique.

But this did not change the union of their hearts against all else, staunch as a rock.

After a while, Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen caught up to them. Their faces were flushed, their eyes wide and puppy-like. They entreated the Full Moon of Nanshan to stay, and the Full Moon of Nanshan was scared silly. He fled.

Wu Yu definitely could not bring them along. Therefore, he had already quickly controlled Prince Le and the others to fly away swiftly before they arrived, so that they would not catch up, loving or hating....

Given Wu Yu's current speed, it would be a miracle if they could catch up.

When Wu Yu and the others vanished from their spot, many of the onlookers from the Jambu Realm revealed themselves, unable to express their shock.

"Wu Yu is too frightening. Of course, Prince Le and the others are even more terrifying. I believe that the Ancient Emperor might be favoring Prince Le." 

"If not, Wu Yu would not dare to kill so brazenly. Ling Han and Ling Yi are both from the Dead Souls Sea Region. The Dead Souls Demon Lord and the Floating Souls Demon Lord will definitely want revenge." 

"But he's not afraid at all. This shows that he is looking forward to it fearlessly."

“Although this is just the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower, and no longer the most-watched spot, news of Wu Yu and the others improving will definitely spread and inspire dread in the hearts of others. All that is unknown is if those outside know of their drastic changes...." 

"Although it seems likely for now, I think the Ancient Emperor is a man of his word. He would not be so low as to toy with us...."

"It’s useless to guess blindly. We'll have to wait and see what the truth is. The Yan Huang Golden Bead appeared at the third level before, so it's not hopeless for us. I heard that it appeared higher up a few times as well, but they were unable to catch it." The constant appearances of the Yan Huang Golden Bead made everyone feel like they stood a chance to catch it. And they were so sure that this was not their imagination. They had heard of too many close shaves with the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

And at this time, Wu Yu adjusted his direction, headed for the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

In the sky above the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower, there was a void above the huge tree, where tornados howled. The strong winds had condensed into jade-green blades that whirled through the air constantly. They were all around them, occasionally clashing into each other and exploding violently. If one was not powerful enough, one would very easily be cut into pieces if one forced their way through. 

Some stayed at the third floor of the Ancient Soul Tower and did not continue on. It was not that they thought they stood a better chance at the third level, but they were not strong enough to proceed.

The fourth and fifth levels of the Ancient Soul Tower were the most crowded.

Originally, Wu Yu could not possibly reach this place alone, nor would he have dared to head on further. But things were different now. When they reached the crown of this huge tree and the maelstrom of jade-green blades, he was already prepared.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were prepared to go through this challenge alone, while Wu Yu was responsible for taking Prince Le and the others. The Seven Stars Fortifying Design might not be able to tank as many blades as Wu Yu could, but it was much faster than he was. And he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body to the smallest. With the Dark North Royal Obelisk holding the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, also at its smallest form, Wu Yu was like an ant carrying a chicken egg that had Prince Le and the others all squeezed in. He charged through the dancing storm of blades!

Increase speed!

He was going to use sheer speed to charge through. With all his effort, the Seven Stars Fortifying Design turned into a shadow. Wu Yu was even faster than the green blades, and dodged with agility. If not for the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, the blades could not even touch him!

As he dodged, he continued to charge onwards. Within the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, Prince Le and the others were tugged along so fast that they cried out in alarm. Each time, they saw the blades about to hit the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, but Wu Yu always pulled them out in the nick of time!

It was obvious that the Seven Stars Fortifying Design was taking much less damage than when they were going through the black lightning previously. Last time, they had been hit many times, but they had not suffered any hits for now. Wu Yu's body had been hit by the green knives, but his robust Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy blocked it. A single attack alone was unable to break his defenses.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi followed behind, dodging as well. They could actually fit inside the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, but they were stronger now. They had to familiarize themselves with their new strength. This needed training, and so they were challenging themselves today. It was fairly effective - at least Ye Xixi had become familiar with her new strength.

Recently, she had been constantly elevating her Black Sand Demonic Shadow, and also working on her other mystiques, which she said would soon be useful. When her four great mystiques reached Wu Yu's level, she would be quite powerful. After all, her cultivation level was the highest amongst the three.

At the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower, the higher one went, the more violent the green knife storm was and the more blades there were. There was a dense cloud that was fairly hard to avoid. This tested the limits of Wu Yu's speed and control. But he continued to adapt accordingly, leaping and ducking. Each time, he intricately threaded the needle through the deadly storm.

Although he was carrying the Seven Stars Fortifying Design, neither the Full Moon of Nanshan nor Ye Xixi had as easy a time as he did. They had each been hit a few times, but they managed to hold on. Their Nine Cycles of Imperial Immortal Body and Hell Incarnation Avatar had not yet reached Wu Yu's level, and still needed recovery time.

After about an hour, Wu Yu finally charged through an extremely dense barrage of knives. He had taken a few blows, but more importantly, the Seven Stars Fortifying Design had only been hit once and therefore was in good condition. And then he charged through the golden vortex. When he emerged, there was solid ground beneath his feet.

Close behind were the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, who emerged by his side. They had safely reached the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, and by their own efforts.

"If we had known it was so tough, we would've asked Prince Yu to bring us to the eighth level and then ditched him there. Would have been a piece of cake," the Full Moon of Nanshan grumbled. He was bleeding from several cuts and was clenching his teeth against the pain. Ye Xixi had some wounds as well, but she was holding up well, not making a single sound, unlike the squawking Full Moon of Nanshan.

Wu Yu was not hurt much. He had had a relatively easy time with things. He looked up at the fourth level of the Ancient Soul Tower and saw an endless grassy plain before him. The air was extremely quiet and this did not seem to be a chaotic place. It was a little like the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower, but that was a forest with many Spirits of the Universe. Here, he could see none.

Up in the sky, there was no sun, but a golden vortex similar to that at the first level. The golden vortex was constantly above them, no matter where they went. Wu Yu could make out some colorful lightning bolts, which had more variations than the black lightning of the first level. They seemed much denser as well, and their intensity was stronger.

In order to reach the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower, they would have to traverse the sea of lightning. Wu Yu considered this. Given their current strength, there might be more opportunities in the fifth level of the Ancient Soul Tower. Therefore, he said, "Let's compose ourselves and then head for the fifth level."

After all, the fourth level did not pose that big of a threat, and they could recuperate here.

The endless grass and cool winds were very comfortable, completely different from the first and second levels.

Wu Yu's wounds healed quickly, while Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan had to spend a little more time.

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