Chapter 1071: Floating Souls Dreamy Life

This was probably the opponent with the largest true form that Wu Yu had ever fought against. 

If they were in the boundless sea, the Floating Souls Titanic Beast would definitely be able to display its frightening strength. 

However, this wasn't the sea, but a forest. 

Wu Yu definitely wouldn't belittle his opponent. After all, his opponent had reached his current cultivation level and was a terrifying overlord of a sea region. With such a colossal body, seeing him moving in the sea region would be a sight to behold. 

When the Floating Souls Titanic Beast showed his true form, he launched his attack shortly after. 

"Floating Souls Dreamy Life." 

The most tricky thing to handle about a demon was always their Natural Mystiques. The Floating Souls Titanic Beast was no exception. When Wu Yu heard clashing sounds from his body, he knew that he was casting its Natural Mystique. 

"Wu Yu, I know about the three mystiques of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. They are Floating Souls Dreamy Life, Unbounded Souls, and Necro Brilliance. He’s probably casting Floating Souls Dreamy Life, a powerful hypnotic mystique. After he casts the mystique, he can cause a large amount of living creatures to sink into deep slumber. The other two are powerful offensive mystiques and I don't know much about them at this point...." 

Prince Le was sharp and shouted loudly to inform Wu Yu at this point. 

"Hypnotic?" Just as described, Wu Yu could hear an eerie voice coming from the body of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. The voice was faint and mesmerizing, seemingly reaching one's soul directly. When Wu Yu heard it for the first time, he had a serene feeling and couldn't muster any sense of anger. In fact, all his passion and excitement for battle vanished. At the same time, he was crafting reasons for himself to give up. This was a negative mental state and definitely caused by Floating Souls Dreamy Life. 

Wu Yu was alert! 

"Paradise's Fiery Demise!" 

To go against this Natural Mystique, Wu Yu used his own mystique immediately. This was the most effective offensive move against a large marine living creature like the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. With his huge body, there was no chance he could avoid the inferno. When fire columns bursted out of the Eye of Heaven and the Eye of Earth from the top and bottom of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast, Wu Yu could see the Floating Souls Titanic Beast struggling and shrinking. Clearly, he was taking damage. However, what was precarious was that Floating Souls Dreamy Life was still activated. Since he started cultivating, Wu Yu had never felt so sleepy. 

“His mystique is truly compelling!" Wu Yu couldn't help but feel that his opponent was really strong. However, he had something more frightening, and that was his Somersault Cloud. When he felt like he could no longer resist, he did a flip with his Somersault Cloud to escape to a faraway place. However, a faraway place was just escaping from the front of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast to his back. Once Wu Yu left the region controlled by the Floating Souls Titanic Beast, he instantly felt more perked! 

He knew that he had to attack immediately while he had a clear consciousness. 


He charged to the other side of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast while his Infernal Sky Pillar enlarged to its limits and became several times the size of Wu Yu. Now Wu Yu was like an ant carrying a chopstick with both hands. Yet this ant happened to have boundless strength! Carrying raging flames, the colossal Infernal Sky Pillar, which was almost the same size as some giant trees, descended from the sky and smashed down on the body of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast with a resounding crash! 


The Natural Mystique of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast was finally disengaged after he took a strike from Wu Yu directly. Moreover, Wu Yu could hear him mourning tragically. The power of the Infernal Sky Pillar was triggered from the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters design. When the destructive forces erupted on his body, the giant body of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast shattered before shrinking violently to just three-quarters of his initial size! 

It was said that the bigger the Floating Souls Titanic Beast was, the stronger he would be. Wu Yu had basically destroyed a large chunk of his strength. He had injected his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into his physical body in that strike, and his might was on full display here! 

A scene like this left many dumbfounded. Wu Yu's current battle was just like a performance. The Floating Souls Titanic Beast was colossal, but he wasn't the sea. Now his giant size seemed to have become a liability.... 

On the other hand, Wu Yu was like an ant battling an elephant.... 

Ling Han knew that he had to suppress Wu Yu right now and instantly activated his second Natural Mystique. Wu Yu was surprised that his transparent body could still emanate such brilliant light. His body seemed to have been set ablaze, and the transparent jellyfish became a dazzling, blue light source. Just like moonlight shining down on the forest, the piercing brilliance gathered into a giant column and shot towards Wu Yu! 

Wu Yu didn't know if this was Unbounded Souls or Necro Brilliance, but he thought that it was likely to be Necro Brilliance. Through this mystique, Wu Yu could tell that his opponent was getting restless. Moreover, the anxiety was probably an exemplification of his horror. 

At this point, many people in the crowd believed that Wu Yu would be hit by Necro Brilliance and get killed in the process. However, Wu Yu still had a smile across his face. He didn't just have an upper hand in terms of battle strength, but also composure. Now he discarded the Infernal Sky Pillar as though he was getting rid of a suit of cumbersome armor. Immediately after, he did a flip backwards just before the Necro Brilliance was about to reduce him to dust and vanished from the sight of the crowd! 

After getting extremely familiar with the application of the Somersault Cloud and having sufficient practice, Wu Yu could basically maintain an undefeatable stand in battle! Although the attack was terrifying and had hit Wu Yu, causing a certain level of damage to his body and even reducing parts of his flesh to ashes, Wu Yu still managed to escape. When he returned, his injuries had almost fully recovered! 

As a result, Ling Han dispiritedly assumed that his terrifying strike couldn't even injure Wu Yu. Although Wu Yu couldn't see his expression at this point, he knew that Ling Han was probably flabbergasted by now. 

The moment Wu Yu escaped, his Elusive Firefly had arrived at the top of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. Although Wu Yu knew that his main body was strong, he was aware of his weakness. Right now, he was lacking an offensive method to subjugate the opponent. At this juncture, he could only rely on the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design of the Elusive Firefly to make up for it! 

After Necro Brilliance, countless green, fluorescent orbs started falling onto the giant and helpless body of the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. Immediately after, they started disintegrating the Floating Souls Titanic Beast's body, creating a hail of fluids that constantly fell to the ground. All Wu Yu could hear now was the mournful cries of Ling Han! 

In areas where the green, fluorescent orbs landed on the Floating Souls Titanic Beast, they were like corrosive acid. The Floating Souls Titanic Beast constantly shrank and the crowd finally came to the realization that the Floating Souls Titanic Beast Ling Han was finally defeated. Moreover, Wu Yu personally came down and started smashing relentlessly with his Infernal Sky Pillar. Under the bombardment from the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design and severe attacks from Wu Yu, Ling Han was getting walloped. At this point, he could only beg for mercy while trying to shake the fluorescent orbs and Wu Yu off! 

"Wu Yu, I admit my loss! It's all my fault! I'm giving up! I'm not a match for you! You have won! Let's end this!" 

Although he was begging for mercy, he was doing so with a tough tone. Therefore, Wu Yu responded with a scoff. Since he had activated the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design, he could no longer control it. After all, this was a spirit design. Amidst the incessant explosions of the fluorescent orbs and mournful cries from the Floating Souls Titanic Beast, the Floating Souls Titanic Beast was rapidly decimated! 

"Wu Yu! How dare you kill him! You are dead for sure! Our Dead Souls Demon Tribe will never let you off!" At the very end, the other party could only hurl threats and angry roars in hope of intimidating Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu was unmoved. Having reached this stage, it didn't matter if he killed or let the Floating Souls Titanic Beast off. This was because it would never let Wu Yu off. In that case, Wu Yu might as well send him to the afterlife. 


The Floating Souls Titanic Beast exploded into powder. 

At this moment, the crowd was anxious and dumbfounded. 

Only Wu Yu appeared to be at ease. 

Others from the Dead Souls Demon Tribe, who were engaged in battles elsewhere, were flustered and wanted to return to save Ling Han. However, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar stopped them in their tracks. Now that Ling Han had definitely died, Wu Yu wouldn't show mercy to this group of cruel and savage demons, as they wanted to claim Wu Yu's life before. This was his dao. The world was big and martial cultivators in this world had to kill and plunder to fight for the opportunity to become an immortal. 

Cultivation is plunder. The strong rule.

In the face of battle, he would never back off. 

It was because of this that once Ling Han died, his Heaven Devouring Avatar went all out and sent other members of the Dead Souls Demon Tribe to the afterlife. The Dead Souls Demon Tribe gained their name because they ruled over a sea region and were extremely brutal in their actions. Countless vengeful spirits in the sea were a result of their actions. 

They were like the ghostly cultivators among demons. 

On the other hand, Ye Xixi had relied on her strength to kill the Dead Sea Giant Squid, and the Deep Sea Anglerfish was on the brink of death! In the end, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar stepped in to finish him off easily. To sum it up, the Dead Souls Demon Tribe was completely annihilated in a short period, and not a single one managed to escape. Seeing the devastated areas around them, Wu Yu met up with Ye Xixi, and the Elusive Firefly also landed on Wu Yu's shoulder. Wu Yu and Ye Xixi looked towards where Lei Bao and the rest were. 

"Do you want to die or live?" asked Wu Yu. 

Lei Bao took a deep breath and tried to curb the shivers of his legs. He looked at Wu Yu and said, "You are really the greatest miracle in the Jambu Realm in the past 10,000 years. We are truly convinced!" 

At this point, anyone with some intelligence would know that they should get away as soon as possible. They were fortunate that they were in charge of holding down Prince Le and the rest and not part of the group fighting with Wu Yu's group. 

The Electric Vortex Tribe left in a jiffy and vanished from sight soon after. 

Only Wu Yu's group was left, and the dumbfounded crowd who couldn't get away yet. They were a little fearful initially. However, at the thought that they had no conflicts with Wu Yu, they felt more at ease and chose not to flee immediately. 

"I have to agree with Lei Bao that since the Ancient Emperor's dao musings, your improvements are too frightening." Qu Haoyan looked at Wu Yu and sighed emotionally. Although Qu Fengyu and the rest weren't speaking, they probably felt the same way. 

Wu Yu looked at Prince Le and said, "It might still not be sufficient in the Ancient Soul Tower. Nonetheless, we can continue heading upwards to see the fourth, the fifth, or even higher levels of the Ancient Soul Tower." 

Prince Le heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Wu Yu was finally willing to head upwards. 

"What about Nanshan?" asked Prince Le. 

He hadn't returned, but Wu Yu believed it wouldn't be a huge issue. Therefore, he answered, "Let's wait for him for a while." 

The rest of the crowd left during this period. They were afraid that if they continued spectating, Wu Yu would give them trouble. Even other members of the Yan Huang Tribe didn't dare to approach, as they were worried Wu Yu might be angry that they hadn't stepped in to help previously. 

After some time, the Full Moon of Nanshan came back with a rosy complexion and an extremely good mood. His legs looked a little wobbly though. 

"What happened to them?" asked Wu Yu. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled faintly and said, "They willingly bowed down to me, and I'm currently still salivating from the experience." 

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