Chapter 1070: Floating Souls Titanic Beast's True Form

Wu Yu was not in the least bit worried about the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The two girls might look pretty, but they were ugly in their attacks. They would definitely pay the price. And Wu Yu was feeling murderous as Xuan Chen had let Lei Xuefeng make light of Ye Xixi.

As for Ling Han, the sixth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm Floating Souls Titanic Beast? Just wait and see.

However, he would definitely not let Ye Xixi face so many experts of the Dead Souls Demon Tribe alone. Therefore, he called forth the Elusive Firefly, equivalent to a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator, to fly by Ye Xixi's side. As Ling Han neared Wu Yu, the others surrounded Ye Xixi with wicked faces. Wu Yu's white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar emerged from the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

When they saw the Heaven Devouring Avatar emerge, they all felt a sense of foreboding, especially the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. A deadly feeling gave Ling Han pause just as he was about to attack. After devouring the bloody tree, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had again grown stronger. He was basically as strong as the main body now. He could use three advanced dao treasures with ease.

The flowing, white hair fluttered in the wind, while the red eyes seemed to drip blood. He held the Dark North Royal Obelisk in one hand and the Blood Coagulant Rapier in the other. Two swords held horizontally, and he stood with Ye Xixi, pulling her back together, leaving Wu Yu's side. They drew the battle away, while the Heaven Devouring Avatar said, "Old geezers, you are shameless for ganging up on a little girl. But it seems like shameless is how you were brought up. Come on, then."

"Braggart! Kill his clone too!" Ling Han glared. He ordered the Dead Souls Demon Tribe forth with a finger. They had already come crowding in, still unaware of the most horrifying threat - the Elusive Firefly.

Two beings equivalent to sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators, and Ye Xixi herself, who could take on a fifth tier Dao Querying cultivator. They could finish these guys off with ease. From today onwards, Wu Yu would no longer be the weaker party!

Before Ling Han, the group fought Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar and Ye Xixi. The Elusive Firefly had yet to attack, instead attaching itself to Ye Xixi's side. The Silver Moon Mantis had begun though, entering the fray. Even Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar did not need to use its full strength. These Dead Souls Demon Tribe members would be good practice for Ye Xixi. Therefore, the only one fighting as hard as she could was Ye Xixi, in order to challenge herself.

However, others could not tell that Wu Yu was going easy on them. They simply thought that it was an even match! The problem was that an even fight was a scary proposition already. When they saw that Ye Xixi could fend off two fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators, they could not believe their own eyes!

"How is this ghostly cultivator so powerful!?"

"She's even more powerful than Wu Yu! Impossible! Wu Yu's clone seems like it's just being beaten, but she can fight off two experts! Those two Dead Souls Demon Tribe members must be at least fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators!"

"And they're in their true forms! I recognize them. Definitely fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators. One is a Dead Sea Giant Squid, the other is a Deep Sea Anglerfish!"

They saw a deathly grey, giant squid curled around big trees. His body was covered with countless small pockets that were like volcanoes. His cavernous mouth was horrifying. When he swallowed, he seemed to turn the entire area into an ocean. The other demon fighting with Ye Xixi was a gruesomely ugly fish. Half of his body was bony. His most prominent feature was a feeler hanging out from his head, on which hung a bright lantern. Although it was a lantern, it was also part of his flesh. Fire was dancing within it. 

The Natural Mystiques of such demons were fairly difficult to deal with. It was indeed difficult for Ye Xixi to deal with them alone, but from the start of the intense battle, she had transformed into a sandstorm that left her opponents completely unable to find her!

An epic battle that tumbled trees around in the chaos was unfolding behind Wu Yu. The battle grew larger and larger, forcing the spectators to have to retreat continuously. But Wu Yu could see all with a casual sweep. More people had come than before, including some Yan Huang Tribe members. But seeing the scale of the battle, they knew their own limits and did not dare to come forth.

"It doesn't matter how strong the ghostly cultivator is, or how superbly talented she is. The true power here is the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. Wu Yu will definitely be unable to stop him," someone commented.

Without question, they had acknowledged Ye Xixi's legitimacy. But they were all too clear of what Ling Han was capable of. And the Electric Vortex Tribe had yet to act as well. Their young master had been killed by Wu Yu as well.

"How bold of them! They dare to hold our prince!" Some Yan Huang Tribe members cursed from afar. They were all middle-aged men, but they did not dare to join in the fray, preferring instead to hurl insults from afar.

But this had roused Ling Han, who had been reeling a little from the shock of Ye Xixi's performance. And in this time, Wu Yu had already transformed into a six-zhang-tall golden Immortal Ape of unparalleled savagery. He felt the horrifying pressure exuding from him, and Ling Han felt a pang of fear. However, this awakened his own bloodlust, and he lifted a finger, sharp as a blade. Without a word, his eyes blazed with killing intent, and he pointed the finger at Wu Yu. An incredibly powerful and keen burst of sword qi erupted forth. The crowd saw that Wu Yu could not dodge it at all. His windpipe was pierced by the sword qi!

"Wa!" They imagined Wu Yu's neck being skewered and severed, his brains falling to the floor....


An unexpected sound, and Wu Yu's head remained firmly in place. His expression had not even changed. They looked closely and saw a white scar on Wu Yu's neck....

Wu Yu asked with a laugh, "Ling Han, was that feeble move of yours a boring probe, or the sum of your pathetic strength?"


Everyone was swayed by Wu Yu's dominating charisma. They were still reeling, because the situation had not played out as expected at all, besides the Full Moon of Nanshan fleeing. It seemed like Ling Han and the others should have crushed their fights, but instead it felt like they were on the back foot. Ling Han himself seemed a little lost.

As Wu Yu spoke, the Infernal Sky Pillar in his hand thrust forth, thickening along the way. It flew before Ling Han's eyes, charging at him like a mountain!


A circle of light appeared before Ling Han's eyes, shielding him. But the circle of light shattered immediately, and Ling Han was sent flying back, all the way until he crashed into a huge tree 100 zhang wide, cratering it!


An uproar. It was all too obvious now - Ling Han's attack on Wu Yu had had no effect, while a simple thrust from Wu Yu's dao treasure had sent the famous Floating Souls Titanic Beast flying!

This was proof that Wu Yu had the strength to stand up against the Floating Souls Titanic Beast!

When Ling Han came to stand before Wu Yu again, he was shaken as deeply as the onlookers. Because he knew that the strongest of their group was still Wu Yu.

"Show me your best. Stop giving me that deer in the headlights look. You might not leave alive today. Stop thinking about how I did it. If you could figure it out, you wouldn't be at my mercy right now." Wu Yu pointed at Ling Han with the Infernal Sky Pillar. His words boomed like thunder in their ears.

These words were arrogant to the extreme, but Wu Yu's current form made them work. In contrast, the Floating Souls Titanic Beast seemed frail.

"Young man, you've been through some transformations. But curb your pride. Many like you never make it to immortalhood alive." However, Ling Han was a power in his own right. He had inadvertently lost the upper hand to Wu Yu, but he very quickly recovered his composure. His eyes were a little strange. His pupils were gone, leaving only the sclera.

"Who would have thought that Wu Yu would grow so strong as well. Damn... this is madness.... This bunch.... Why does it seem like Prince Le has already reached the Dao Querying Realm...." There were dozens of spectators, and they were all dumbfounded.

Their minds were blank, unable to process such a scene. Only Wu Yu's daring words continued to echo in their minds, and Ling Han's feisty response, although it paled a little compared to Wu Yu's.

But Ling Han was still shockingly strong. There were not many experts of his caliber at the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower. He was taking Wu Yu seriously now, and revealed his true form. It was his strongest form. He was treating Wu Yu as a difficult opponent of the highest threat!

At this time, his body seemed to turn to liquid, swiftly expanding. Suddenly, a huge ocean seemed to appear before Wu Yu. This was the Floating Souls Titanic Beast's body. But it was not a true ocean. The Floating Souls Titanic Beast's body was transparent, and not composed of water, but his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy!

If Wu Yu had been big enough, he could have seen the Floating Souls Titanic Beast in its entirety. Right now, he could only see an ocean before him. But he had grown up by the sea, and knew its creatures well. This was a jellyfish.

That's right. The Floating Souls Titanic Beast was a jellyfish. Of course, it was not like the jellyfishes that Wu Yu had seen in the East Sea. This was a jellyfish as big as a sea. And Wu Yu was an insignificant speck before it!

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