Chapter 0107: Death

Just as Wu Yu realized this, the Viridescent Ivy, under the handsome man's control, bound Wu Yu and controlled him. The dagger head extended like a vine, growing branches and thorns right before his eyes. And then it extended into the deadly spirit design.

"How could they be controlled? It's like they lost their wits. What sorcery is this!?"

Wu Yu had no way to respond besides yelling. The cave was filled with his cries, but it was just too deep. His voice could not carry out. Besides, Lan Shuiyue and the others seemed not to have heard him at all.

The Viridescent Ivy firstly twined around Lan Shuiyue, tying her up with Wu Yu. And then it slithered towards the vaguely struggling disciples at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm.

Wu Yu watched wide-eyed as all ten Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were controlled by the Viridescent Ivy in short order.

Even with the Inner Vajra Buddha, Wu Yu could not shrug off the handsome man's tremendous spiritual power, let alone the rest of them.

"Who are you? You dare to trespass in the Heavenly Sword Sect? Our Sect Leader and Sect-Protector are not far. If you dare to touch us, you will definitely die!" Wu Yu stared coldly at the man.

His handsome features remained unperturbed. He turned to the Black Bear Spirit and the others. "Dismantle the Lost Heart Design. Time draws long. Old Shentu will be alerted."


From this, Wu Yu could guess that the leader seemed to be as familiar with the Valley of Immortal Fate as the lines on his palm.

The two demons changed the positions of a few skulls, and the man seemed to disperse some current of spiritual power. The design that addled their brains dissipated, and all of them regained their senses, only to realize that they were trapped!

"What is this!?"

Who did this!?"

"What just happened?"

They were all thrown into confusion.

They were all trapped, while the shark demon was free. He scampered over to the handsome man and groveled before him. "This young demon pays his respects to the mighty Ghost-Faced Ape."

"Mm. Now fuck off."

The Ghost-Faced Ape pressed down on his skull, then flung him aside, sending the shark demon tumbling on the ground. He passed the shark to face the trussed up group.

"He's stopped us from using the Beacon of Flame!"

Wu Yu realized this now.

The Lost Heart Design's presence allowed the Ghost-Faced Ape to trap them all at once. Otherwise, in the confusion, someone would definitely have used the Beacon of Flame.

Seeing the three demons defer to the Ghost-Faced Ape, who had no Demon Fishing Rod line on him, they were starting to understand the situation.

"Brethren, he's a demon from outside. He laid a trap for us and tied us here, so we are unable to use the Beacon of Flame." Wu Yu had ceased his struggles temporarily. One look and you knew that the Ghost-Faced Ape was far beyond their level.

"What are we to do? What are we to do?" The Viridescent Ivy was terrifying. The more they struggled, the more they were attacked.

"What!?" Hearing Wu Yu's words, their expressions changed.

Although the Valley of Immortal Fate was dangerous, there was no danger to their lives. There were many seniors of the sect stationed here. This was, after all, the territory of the Heavenly Sword Sect, and no external demon had dared to encroach before.

But the Ghost-Faced Ape before them was very real indeed.

He had used a trap to negate their Beacon of Flame. At this time, he could carve them up like sashimi.

"Where did you come from, demon? How dare you trespass in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Free us immediately, or our Sect Leader, Sect-Protector, and elders will all come after your life!"

"Release us immediately!"

Amidst their outraged outbursts, they were frantically using dao techniques to batter the Viridescent Ivy. But it was difficult to use dao techniques when one was completely bound. They could only resist with spiritual power alone. But with 10 disciples of their level resisting together, even their raw spiritual power alone could shake the Viridescent Ivy. Some branches were even shorn off. 

"Demon, know your limits!"

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were full of backbone.


Faced with their outbursts and threats, the Ghost-Faced Ape's face remained unchanged. He lifted a hand so all could see. It sprouted black hair. And his hand had changed into a sharp claw!

The claw's edges instilled fear in their hearts.


Without a word, the Ghost-Faced Ape plunged his claw into the noisiest disciple, crushing his organs. When he pulled back, it was covered in fresh blood.


The person's screams suddenly stopped.


He was covered in blood. His head drooped, his body already devoid of breath.

Following the cessation of his screams, all the anger and struggling jerked to a halt. Everyone was silent. They looked at the deceased disciple. They had not thought that they would face death on this day.

They had not thought that a demon would really enter the territory of the Heavenly Sword Sect and kill one of them.


They lost their minds.

Some were fearful, others angry.

Beside Wu Yu was Lan Shuiyue. Upon seeing this turn of events, her haughtiness evaporated. She went limp with fear, no longer calling out.

"Su Ci and Hongyi were killed by you! They did not use the Beacon of Flame at all, right...." Lan Shuiyue tremulously voiced her fears.

Those two had vanished too quickly. She had thought they had used the Beacon of Flame, but if so, why had nothing been seen?

And seeing this Ghost-Faced Ape kill a disciple, Lan Shuiyue understood in a flash of fear and dread.

The Ghost-Faced Ape smiled slightly and spoke in an offhand manner, "I've indeed eaten a few female disciples these few days. They didn't taste bad. I especially liked the one in red. She was using this sword."

As he spoke, Ni Hongyi's blood sword appeared in his hands.


Lan Shuiyue staggered a few steps, almost falling to the floor. Wu Yu held her. Lan Shuiyue was already neutralized by her fear. She was pale and trembling. She looked like her soul had left her body.

In truth, Wu Yu hated her. If not for the enmity between them, he would not want to stir trouble with her. Even so, she wanted to destroy this guy who was always pestering her.

But now faced with a greater enemy, he was still one of them. The squabble between them looked petty and insignificant with this demon around.

"You killed Su Ci!" the green-robed disciple beside Lan Shuiyue howled.

"Why? You have a problem?" The Ghost-Faced Ape smiled evilly as he came to stand before the green-robed disciple. After one death, they had all been broken down by their fear. They had never faced a demon that dared to kill martial cultivators before. That was why all of them had given up on their resistance to break the Viridescent Ivy.

"I don't! Don't kill me! I won't dare anymore!" the green-robed disciple wailed. His fear unmanned him, and he bawled.

"That won't do either." The Ghost-Faced Ape smiled as the blood sword in his hand twitched, piercing the green-robed disciple's body. It skewered him, emerging from his back. The green-robed disciple jerked and twitched, his eyes wide. Then his breath faded as he became the second casualty.


They were going crazy now, some howling and others crying. And Lan Shuiyue seemed to have forgotten that Wu Yu was her mortal enemy. She clung to Wu Yu with a death grip, like a drowning person to a log. Her nails were biting into Wu Yu's flesh.

"You martial cultivators kill my demon brothers and even lock them in your demon tower, torturing them. Today, I, the Ghost-Faced Ape, will exact justice. Before I destroy the Heavenly Sword Sect, I will kill a few of you scum first for satisfaction." The Ghost-Faced Ape roared his laughter.

"Senior, I want to kill one."

"Me too."

The Black Bear Spirit and shark demon all clamored.

The fox demon smiled seductively at Wu Yu. He was her treasure.

"Softly. Softly. Let the slaughter begin."

The Ghost-Faced Ape declared.

"Many thanks, Senior!"

In that instant, the Black Bear Spirit and shark demon went insane.

After many years of being cooped up and tortured, they could finally vent.

"Brethren, shrug free of the Viridescent Ivy!"

Wu Yu knew that he could not escape alone. He had to rally them. At this moment, everyone was in imminent danger. They knew that breaking the Viridescent Ivy and activating the Beacon of Flame was their only hope at life!

Otherwise, they were doomed!


The remaining eight disciples wildly attacked the Viridescent Ivy with their spiritual power. All the while the Viridescent Ivy continued to pierce their bodies....

The entire cave was shaking....


Outside the Valley of Immortal Fate.

Beside the river, the ancient Elder Shentu suddenly opened his eyes. "The three demons are actually grouping up together?"

This did not mean anything per se. It was still within the rules.

"It's been so many days, and only Tang Batian has emerged. The others are still contesting, unable to find immortal roots. This bunch is really slow."

At this moment, a middle-aged sword cultivator arrived.

"Anything unusual on the perimeter?" Elder Shentu asked.

"Esteemed Elder, nothing besides the added density of the spiritual qi. The Valley of Immortal Fate is our territory. Who would dare to enter?" the middle-aged man said arrogantly.

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