Chapter 1069: Beauty and the Boar

Ling Han and the others had spent centuries cultivating to such a level.

They knew the difficulty of achieving consecutive breakthroughs at such a level - it was definitely impossible.

More, it was not just one person that had achieved it, but a whole group of people.

The probability of this was dozens of times less likely.

Even more unthinkable.

But the impossible had happened. Which meant that the Ancient Emperor had to be behind it, for only he had the power.

This was why they all quailed inwardly after Prince Le had finished speaking.

And the Electric Vortex Tribe relaxed a little as well, afraid that they would have snuffed out Prince Le by accident.

The way things were turning out, it seemed like there was a halo around Prince Le. Somehow, fate seemed to have chosen him.

And for them, fate was synonymous with the Ancient Emperor.

This was why he had such unbelievably good luck and had survived so many catastrophes. This time too, he had improved by leaps and bounds. Some even suspected that everyone who had entered the Ancient Soul Tower was but a stepping stone for Prince Le engineered by the Ancient Emperor.

This would definitely make all of them hesitate.

Ling Han narrowed his eyes. "Stop blind guessing. The one who obtains the Yan Huang Golden Bead will be the new Yan Huang emperor. Besides, we are not targeting Prince Le specifically, but the one who killed my nephew and the Eastern Spirit Marsh's young master - Wu Yu!"

They would not be intimidated by Prince Le at this time. After all, it was just Prince Le's words. They had centuries of experience in this world - they would not be thrown off so easily. Besides, they had gone to such great pains to capture them.

Before this, they had already discussed it. After leaving the Ancient Soul Tower, the only way they could answer to the Floating Souls Demon Lord and the Eastern Spirit Marsh Domain Master was to kill the murderer, Wu Yu. Otherwise, they would be in trouble. Especially Lei Bao and the other four - they were not the younger brothers of the Eastern Spirit Marsh Domain Master.

Their resolve did not change now. The only thing that changed was that Lei Bao and the others no longer tortured Prince Le and the others with lightning. Lei Bao, who held Prince Le, only bound him, and imposed no additional discomfort. He said to Prince Le, "Prince, forgive my offense. But our young master died by Wu Yu's hand. If we do not collect this debt, we cannot answer to our domain master. And we cannot answer to ourselves, who swore to protect him!"

They had chosen a middle ground. Because of this miraculous improvement, they were warily respectful of Prince Le, but they could not let the enmity go. Therefore, they chose to only target Wu Yu's trio.

They knew that Wu Yu and the others were divided into two factions. One group was Prince Le's, while the other was Wu Yu's. And now they were only targeting Wu Yu's group.

"A life for a life is heaven's justice. There’s no Dark North Tribe to save you this time." Ling Han knew that it was time to end things fast. He already saw many people crowding around. Wu Yu's battle just now had attracted attention, and others might well know about the existence of the bloody tree. They were probably curious as to who would be bold enough to challenge it.

Wu Yu was also scanning with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. He saw a few groups of people nearby, but no Yan Huang Tribe members. Although the majority of participants were Yan Huang Tribe members, many were stuck at the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

At the second level, the Yan Huang Tribe no longer held a great advantage.

Wu Yu spotted people from the Central Golden Shine Empire, as well as from the Immortal Kingdom in the Clouds. Also some demons, and sea region demons at that. They seemed to be from Antarctic Eddy, the southernmost lands. There were also sea region demons from the Emperor's Electric Reservoir. These cultivators had a distant relationship with the Yan Huang Ancient Country. As for the sea region demons, it went without saying. While humans were fighting amongst themselves, they definitely would not get involved.

Therefore, although there were witnesses, when they saw Ling Han's group taking on a prince and the star, Wu Yu, they chose to watch passively from the sidelines.

They would not dare to come close, but simply observe from afar. Therefore, Wu Yu could not make out what they were saying. But they could clearly see that Prince Le and the others had been captured.

"I heard that this bunch ambushed Prince Le's group a few days back. It led to the Floating Souls Demon Lord's son, Ling Yi, and the Eastern Spirit Marsh's young master, Lei Xuefeng, being slain by Wu Yu. They wanted to kill Wu Yu to take revenge, but the Dark North Tribe saved Wu Yu."

"This time, they meet again, and the Dark North Tribe isn't here. Seems to be trouble for Wu Yu's gang."

"Yeah. Even Prince Le has been controlled." 

"Do you think they will kill Prince Le as well? He seems to be the hot favorite."

"Hard to say. The Dead Souls Demon Tribe are soulless wretches. The Raging Thunder Marsh people think highly of themselves and brag about standing on par with the Yan Huang Tribe. What wouldn't they do? But those two female sword immortals from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom - no idea why they're hanging with that crowd."

From afar, they could not tell that Wu Yu and the others had improved so greatly. All they knew was that Wu Yu was in trouble. They had considered coming forth to help and earn a favor from Prince Le. But as they factored in the gap between them and Ling Han, they all desisted.

Here at the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower, Ling Han's group was definitely powerful enough to do as they wished. Ling Han himself could undoubtedly reach the fifth or even sixth level if he wished.

They had remained here mostly to hunt Wu Yu.

Of course, experts like Prince Yu or King You Ying, who chose to remain at the lower levels, were the exceptions, although they were fewer.

Therefore, it was obvious that the spectators were not discussing if Wu Yu could get out of trouble, but if the Dark North Tribe saviors could come the rescue him in time. It was no longer the same situation as a month before. The fight for the Yan Huang Golden Bead had reached white-hot intensity. Many had turned to kill with no heed for the consequences and enmities had flared up, both old and new alike.

Ling Han's group was wary of Wu Yu's own progress. Therefore, Ling Han said to the Electric Vortex Tribe, "You lot take care of Prince Le. I'll deal with Wu Yu."

He was a senior who had cultivated for close to 500 years, and was a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator. He was actually going to personally take Wu Yu on, which seemed like child's play. Because he knew that he could not give Wu Yu any chance to escape. Only by leaving here with Wu Yu's head would his senior brother spare his life. Wu Yu killing Ling Yi had caused all sorts of trouble for him this month.

He still had a few of the adult demons and demon kings of the Dead Souls Demon Tribe by his side. They were all at the fourth and fifth tiers of the Dao Querying Realm. The strongest of the Dead Souls Demon Tribe group.

Ling Han would personally deal with Wu Yu, and Xuan Xing and the other Dead Souls Demon Tribe were not about to sit idle. They were prepared to take down the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others. But at this time, the Full Moon of Nanshan was still cocky as ever. He narrowed his eyes, a mocking smile on his face. He said to Wu Yu, "Brother, sorry to trouble you. You actually have to romance that old fart. It's different over here. I choose the twin sisters. Look at them - so similar, but like fire and ice. There is no greater pleasure than to bed them both at once. If these two misses are willing to take care of daddy here, I could give up immortalhood. Well, honeys, are you going to come and catch me?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan waggled his eyebrows at them and then immediately scooted to the left, making as if to leave. His words were careless, and Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen were naturally irritated by them. Many had chased the sisters over these years, but they had all come to no good end. The Full Moon of Nanshan seemed like he was supremely confident, but their reading was that he was simply escaping.

"This coward is actually trying to flee. Dead Souls Demon Tribe and Electric Vortex Tribe, we sisters will bring you his head. And then our agreement will be voided, and we move separately henceforth. What do you say?" Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen waited for Ling Han and the Electric Vortex Tribe to respond. The Full Moon of Nanshan seemed like he had made it a good ways away, but they were not worried. They were both fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators, and confident in their strength.

"Go on, then. Not a human's head though. It's a pig's head." Ling Han waved them off. The way he saw it, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were small fry compared to Wu Yu. But because their ties were rather removed from Prince Le, they should die as well. Instead, it was Qu Haoyan and the others who were the true Yan Huang Tribe members, and they were more hesitant to raise a hand against them. A demon and a ghostly cultivator were not worth such considerations.

"That's true. We sisters will bring that grotesque and despicable boar's head back." Xuan Xing laughed. She stepped onto her jeweled sword. This was the Art of Sword Flight that Wu Yu remembered.

"A dirty pig dares to lewd us. Let's gouge out his eyeballs!" Xuan Chen spat coldly, her eyes filled with disgust and repulsion. There was a dense killing intent in her eyes mingled with a sense of superiority, as though the Full Moon of Nanshan was a vile, nasty thing in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Little Sister. Eyeballs are just the start. For his nonsense and disrespect, we will first cut out his tongue and make him swallow it." Xuan Xing laughed. Both bent slightly at their dainty wastes, and their petite frames were beautifully outlined, especially the curves of their butts, which were especially riveting.

They poured on the speed of their swords. Although the Full Moon of Nanshan had quite a head start, it was apparent that they could catch up to him at their speed.

"Settled. Just this ghostly cultivator left. Let us brothers toy with her to death." And the grey-skinned Dead Souls Demon Tribe members turned malevolently to Ye Xixi. They sniggered, their bulky frames towering large above the scrawny Ye Xixi and the scraggly Lazy in her arms....

"Stop wasting time, attack!" Ling Han growled. All complied.

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