Chapter 1068: Old Friends

Wu Yu was wary of this bloody cloud-like attack. 

Even with his Invincible Vajra body, it would be hard for him to take an attack of this kind head-on. The bloody tree was even more fearsome than he had imagined. 

The bloody tree was most likely an existence that was fear-inducing to many in the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower. 

He was more worried that the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would be hit by the attack, as this was a move that could threaten their lives at this moment. 

Therefore, Wu Yu made his response swiftly. First, he shrank to his smallest size with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth before retreating at full speed. After all, he was extremely fast. 

At the same time, he gave his orders to the Elusive Firefly. The Elusive Firefly was hovering in the air initially and had not drawn the attention of the bloody tree. When it received Wu Yu's orders, the Elusive Firefly enlarged suddenly and became a point of green, fluorescent light in the air. Immediately after, it started splitting at a blistering speed. 

When Wu Yu was done giving his orders and lifted his head, the air above the bloody tree had been covered in green, fluorescent orbs. Those orbs were like the stars in the sky, densely packed and still constantly growing in number. 

"God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design!" When the bloody cloud pressed towards Wu Yu, the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design was activated. Countless green, fluorescent orbs descended onto the bloody tree and exploded. Wu Yu could still clearly remember the power of the fluorescent orbs. There weren't any thundering explosions, but the impacts of the attacks could disintegrate one's core. Therefore, when the bloody tree used its branches to block, those branches rapidly vaporized. As the fluorescent orbs descended, Wu Yu could still see numerous mouths on the bloody tree. Therefore, he directed the fluorescent orbs into these mouths to attack the interior directly. 

Pa pa pa!

Under the attacks of the fluorescent orbs, Wu Yu could see that all the mouths were destroyed. Numerous fluorescent orbs even attacked the interior after entering through the mouths. Those were the most frightening hits, and they resulted in the body of the bloody tree flickering in green, fluorescent light from time to time. A deafening cry shook the world, followed by thousands of holes appearing on the bloody tree. A large portion of its body had been dyed green. 

Wu Yu could also sense that when the maternal body suffered severe injuries, the spores seemed to have lost all vitality. They became sluggish and could no longer keep up with Wu Yu's speed. As the Full Moon of Nanshan was concealing himself, he wasn't the target of attack. As for Ye Xixi, she was a far distance away from the beginning and thus hadn't been affected. 

This put Wu Yu a little more at ease. He turned around abruptly and enlarged his body to the limits with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. At the same time, the Infernal Sky Pillar in his hand blazed with furious flames. Together with the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design as support, Wu Yu landed consecutive blows. The Infernal Sky Pillar came smashing down and broke the bloody tree into several segments through constant hewing. Amidst a tragic cry, the bloody tree fell to the ground. Wu Yu piled on with his Paradise's Fiery Demise and eliminated the last sign of life from it. 

As for the bloody cloud of mini trees, they dropped like dead flies, dyeing it a sea of red after losing the hive mind. Many of them had landed on the leaves of the surrounding trees. 

Without saying a further word, Wu Yu put the corpse in his Sumeru Pouch. After which, he entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda to bring a sumptuous meal to the Heaven Devouring Avatar, who had been feasting. The bloody tree was equivalent to feasting on a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator or even better. Therefore, it should be sufficient to raise the Heaven Devouring Avatar to a similar level as Wu Yu's main body or even slightly greater. 

In that case, Wu Yu's battle strength had been perfected. 

After meeting up with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, Wu Yu informed them, "After this round, we can head to the fourth level." 

"Who would have expected this bloody tree to be so impressive. His last move was really problematic for me," the Full Moon of Nanshan commented. 

"This battle is just the beginning. If we had encountered that bloody tree before we got into the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, we would’ve definitely been dead," said Wu Yu. 

They knew the huge improvements that the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace had brought to them clearly. This made Wu Yu, who had been harboring some animosity against the Ancient Emperor, a little conflicted. As for Ye Xixi, she wouldn't feel the same. Regardless of anything, she would only have hatred for the Ancient Emperor. 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was devouring rapidly and would likely be done soon. Therefore, Wu Yu ordered the Seven Stars Fortifying Design to bring Prince Le and the rest back so they could continue upwards to the next level. After all, Prince Le and the rest had been waiting for them for a long time. 

To his astonishment, through his connection with the puppet, Wu Yu could feel the Seven Stars Fortifying Design and Silver Moon Mantis had been ambushed at the same time. Wu Yu wasn't clear of the circumstances, but they would most likely be dire. This was because the other party clearly had prepared in advance and the Seven Stars Fortifying Design was breached swiftly. As such, Prince Le and the rest were in grave danger. Although the Silver Moon Mantis was around, it seemed to be restricted by the other party. This suggested that the other party wasn't just an individual. 

Although the other party wouldn't kill Prince Le in the Ancient Soul Tower, Wu Yu realized that this would still be troublesome. 

"Perhaps the commotion we caused while fighting the bloody tree was too big and drew others over. Subsequently, they were watching from afar and saw Prince Le, who was not being protected by us!" 

Wu Yu thought of this possibility in the first instant, and this was the most likely scenario. After all, the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower was serene initially. A huge commotion like the one he had just caused would often draw the attention of the surrounding martial cultivators or demons to approach silently. 

The most pressing thing was to rush to the scene immediately. Wu Yu only informed both of them that Prince Le was in danger before getting on his Somersault Cloud and darting forward. To prevent the bloody tree from injuring Prince Le, he had asked them to get back a far distance. It was also because of this that others had been given opportunity. Nonetheless, Wu Yu was expeditious, while the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi would catch up soon after. After roughly three breaths of time, Wu Yu appeared at the scene. 

At this point, the Silver Moon Mantis was still being restricted, while the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug had been wrecked into a pile of scrap metal. It was then collected by the Floating Dreams Pagoda. When he arrived at the area, Wu Yu squinted his eyes and instantly understood the circumstances. Fortunately, it was still alright. At the very least, Prince Le and the rest weren't under the threat of death, although the four of them were being held hostage. Those that had restrained them could possibly be considered people Wu Yu was familiar with! 

Wu Yu looked across. The Floating Souls Titanic Beast of the Dead Souls Demon Tribe was easily handling the attacks of the Silver Moon Mantis. The beautiful twins, Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom, were with the other demons of the Dead Souls Demon Tribe. To their left were Lei Bao, Lei Xing, Lei Wang, and Lei Jun from the Electric Vortex Tribe, and they were holding Prince Le and the other three respectively. They had fully restrained Prince Le and the other three, and this left Prince Le and the other three rather furious. However, the difference in strength made them helpless even though they were a lot stronger than before. 

They were in the second level before and Wu Yu had not expected them to remain on the third level for so long! 

When Wu Yu arrived, Ling Han stopped. Wu Yu also put the Silver Moon Mantis away. It was pointless to attack him now. With Prince Le and the rest in their hands, it was truly cumbersome. Fortunately, their team was lacking the Yuan Pearl Lord. It appeared that he was no longer hanging with the team after the previous encounter, since the Yuan Pearl Lord hadn't lost much in the process. 

"I was wondering who was causing the huge commotion and killed so many Spirits of the Universe along the way! So it's you guys! It’s a shame that the Dark North Tribe people aren't with you this time." Xuan Xing was the most active. The moment she saw Wu Yu, she couldn't help but chuckle. From how she reacted, she definitely believed that victory was in their hands. 

Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the shrunk firely had all appeared here and standing opposite of the group. 

Lei Bao was the leader of the Electric Vortex Tribe. When he saw Wu Yu, the lightning in his eyes exploded. He berated, "Wu Yu, seems like lady luck isn't on your side for you to encounter us again! There's still justice in this world. Our young master, Lei Xuefeng, was killed by you. We are definitely going to avenge him today! There was a path of redemption for you, but you chose not to take it. Instead, you chose to march towards death. Without the protection of the Dark North Tribe, you dared to move around the third level alone? Initially, we had lost all hope of finding you guys again. Just as we were prepared to give up, you chose to seek your own death! How amusing! Our young master has blessed us from heaven!" 

They surveyed the surroundings and didn't find any Dark North Tribe members. Now that they had gotten hold of Prince Le, the current situation left them extremely excited. Obviously, they wouldn't dare to kill Prince Le. However, everyone else other than Prince Le could forget about having a good outcome today. This was especially so for Wu Yu, who had killed Lei Xuefeng and Ling Yi. 

Ling Han had been under direct orders from the Floating Souls Demon Lord to take care of Ling Yi. Now that Ling Yi was dead, he had to bear the responsibility for it.. He was seething with killing intent towards Wu Yu. At this point, he joined the group and glanced coldly at Wu Yu, Prince Le, and the rest. All of a sudden, he got a shock and exclaimed, "How did you guys make such huge improvements within a month!? Everyone has reached the Dao Querying Realm and you guys aren't even 50 years old! Oh my God! How is this possible...." 

He was the first to notice it. 

"What?” This discovery left the rest stupefied. Even Lei Bao and the rest were a little overwhelmed, while Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen had amusing reactions. They couldn't see Wu Yu and the other two clearly, but Prince Le and the rest were just before their eyes. Previously, their cultivation levels wouldn't escape the eyes of Ling Han and the rest. It was the same for now as well. 

"Three to four tiers of improvements! This isn't possible...." Xuan Xing's red lips opened up slightly and she was in disbelief. 

"What did you guys go through? We definitely didn't see things wrongly...." 

While they were surprised, it didn't matter if Prince Le and the other three had made huge improvements, as they still couldn't escape from being held hostage. They weren't a match for those middle-aged men from the Electric Vortex Tribe. 

They remained in a state of shock for roughly 10 breaths of time! Even after that, their eyes were still wide open. In the end, Prince Le said, "Perhaps you guys should now know who's the real chosen one." 

Perhaps he knew that the Ancient Emperor had never chosen anyone. 

However, he believed that he would impress the Ancient Emperor if he could get out like this. At the very least, the opponents he was facing were all stronger than him. 

Prince Le's comments gave them a huge scare. Nonetheless, this wouldn't alter their killing desire towards Wu Yu. 

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