Chapter 1067: The Thousand Mouths Monster

The trio of Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi, together with the illuminated Elusive Firefly, approached the bloody tree silently. Although the bloody tree wasn't moving right now, it would likely chase after Wu Yu and the rest if they chose to flee. 

"It's been a long time since we encountered a suitable opponent. Those we encountered previously didn't make the cut. Let's hope that this damn tree can last a little longer in your granddaddy's hands today!" The Full Moon of Nanshan's eyes lit up and he could no longer wait. The Ancient Emperor's Dao Musings had enabled him to make a huge leap and propelled him to the Dao Querying Realm directly. With his Nine Cycles of Imperial Immortal Body, Gone from the Skies, the Demonic Eye of Illusions, the Flowered Branch of Reincarnation, Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, and other mystiques, challenging an opponent five tiers above him, or a sixth tier Dao Querying existence, wouldn't be a major issue. 

Obviously, they had to be careful when dealing with an elite Spirit of the Universe in the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower. Wu Yu still remembered that the golden scorpion he had encountered in the first level was extremely tough and a lot stronger than the Burnished Golden Ant. 

"Oh ya. In the previous two times we encountered the Yan Huang Golden Bead, once was on the tail of the golden scorpion, while the other time was in the belly of that rock tortoise. Could it appear in the bloody tree this time?" Ye Xixi was like a flickering phantom as she spoke. She had reached a higher tier in the Black Sand Demonic Shadow recently and therefore gained better transformation methods. Moreover, the All Amalgamating Cat had always been powerful. Even at this point, the All Amalgamating Cat would allow her to reach the third tier of the Dao Querying Realm. Together with her Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy converted through the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra, it shouldn't be an issue for her to take down a fifth tier Dao Querying cultivator. 

Ye Xixi's words jolted Wu Yu's memory. Perhaps the Ancient Emperor was fond of sticking the Yan Huang Golden Bead on living creatures. Therefore, he took a scan across the bloody tree once again. At the very least, he didn't find anything on the surface. In fact, he didn't think that the chances of the Yan Huang Golden Bead remaining on the third level would be high unless the Ancient Emperor truly wanted to give the Yan Huang Golden Bead to them. 

In the blink of an eye, the trio and the Elusive Firefly entered the range of the bloody tree's branches. The top of the trunk of the bloody tree had numerous branches extending out like blood-red hair or blood-red venomous snakes. Each branch seemed to be distinct and was swaying slowly. The rustle of the branches sent chills down Wu Yu's spine. Wu Yu could clearly feel the immense essence of heaven and earth encompassed within the bloody tree. 

"Be careful, this is a lot stronger than the golden scorpion we encountered in the first level," Wu Yu reminded. 

"Alright!" The Full Moon of Nanshan used Gone from the Skies, which had reached a higher level. He vanished before Wu Yu instantly, and it would be hard for Wu Yu to locate him again. It was more advantageous for him to cast his mystiques and illusions in this state. 

It hadn't been long since Ye Xixi inherited her immortal's legacy. However, her demeanor had undergone a major change. The Hell Incarnation Avatar had transformed her demeanor towards a colder and serene inclination. At the same time, it added a tint of obscureness as though she was an exemplification of a vortex that could drag anyone into hell. Such feelings were intensifying, suggesting that she had huge room for improvement in the future. 

The Nine Cycles of the Imperial Immortal Body and the Hell Incarnation Avatar were different from the Invincible Vajra Body and weren't about absolute strength and toughness. However, they had deeper, more unique characteristics. The demeanor of the Full Moon of Nanshan was getting more and more orthodox and exceptional, resembling an immortal that was banished to the mortal realm but untainted by the worldly filth. He was gorgeous and stunning and even had the appearance of a king among immortals. Obviously, this was a stark contrast from his personality. 

Ye Xixi was the complete opposite. Although she was resembling a hellish ghostly immortal more and more, she was extremely pure like absolute darkness. Wu Yu could see her eyes gradually turning grey and empty, but he knew that she was still a simple-minded little girl at her core. It was just that she was carrying hatred and she had to silently endure it. 

Three different body compositions and three entirely different demeanors! 

Before the bloody tree, he required physical strength. Therefore, Wu Yu used the Immortal Ape Transformation and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to turn into a giant of over six zhang. At the very least, his current height was greater than the diameter of the bloody tree. The Infernal Sky Pillar in his hand blazed ferociously and looked capable of splitting the ancient tree into halves. As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he had vanished from sight, while Ye Xixi remained a far distance away. She wasn't fond of battles and would rather provide Wu Yu some assistance in suitable moments. In fact, she might not need to get involved in the battle this time. 

As for the Elusive Firefly, it was just the size of a thumb, loitering above the ancient tree currently. It was waiting for Wu Yu's instructions to attack. Therefore, it appeared like only Wu Yu's main body was standing before the bloody tree, ready to clash with it directly. 

As for how strong the bloody tree was, he would find out once they clashed. When Wu Yu got into position, he showed his moves. Flames were soaring through the golden Immortal Ape, making the bloody tree feel uneasy. All of a sudden, countless thick branches with diameter similar to Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar swayed rampantly from the tree crown before crashing down towards Wu Yu like a blanket. 

The toughness of each branch was not much weaker than an advanced dao treasure.


Crisp cracking sounds erupted rampantly and Wu Yu was surrounded by the blood-red branches. The branches were coming for him from all directions at neck-breaking speeds, plunging Wu Yu into danger in an instant.

However, Wu Yu also preferred a direct confrontational battle over whittling down an opponent with a barrage of dao techniques and mystiques from afar. He wasn't slow either, so the branches and vines almost moved like snails in his eyes. The Infernal Sky Pillar was also a mighty weapon in his grasp. All of a sudden, one could only see afterimages left behind by the Infernal Sky Pillar, which was emitting nine-colored flames. Wu Yu had complete mastery over the Infernal Sky Pillar. Although the vines were quick, Wu Yu's defense was airtight. With his physical strength overlaid with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, each clash between the Infernal Sky Pillar and blood-red branches would shatter the branches! 

Pa pa pa pa pa! 

Others could see numerous blood-red branches exploding upon impact and occasionally landing hits on Wu Yu, causing huge patches of bloody wounds and even deeper lacerations. However, Wu Yu's main body was extremely powerful and had elite recoverability. Others might have been whipped to death by now, but Wu Yu's physical body was recovering swiftly. Despite the violent attacks, Wu Yu was holding his own well. 

What shocked Wu Yu the most was that the bloody tree had frightening recoverability as well. When the branches were smashed apart, they quickly regenerated while swaying before continuing the barrage of attacks on him. The bloody tree was rooted to the ground and seemed to be absorbing energy from within the earth. 

Under the current circumstances, the outcome would be decided by both parties' endurance. The blood tree wouldn't have to worry, as its attacks did not stop even for a moment since the very beginning. 

However, in no time, its body started rumbling furiously. Large numbers of jade-green vines were growing out of it. The Full Moon of Nanshan specialized in wood and water. He was the most familiar with an opponent like this. Therefore, he casted the Green Frenzy of his Flowered Branch of Reincarnation mystique. Shortly after, the frenziedly lashing branches of the bloody tree stopped abruptly. Numerous vines had coiled around them and had locked down the branches tightly. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan's attack was smooth and fluid. 

Wu Yu was given a brief moment to catch his breath. Without further ado, he darted forward and unleashed a relentless beating on the bloody tree. With his speed, he caused over 10 huge wounds on the body of the bloody tree. Some of these wounds almost crushed the bloody tree. Within the wounds, it wasn't very tree-like and resembled flesh more than wood. At this moment, the bloody tree was in excruciating pain, and it was clearly aggravated. Strangely, Wu Yu and the rest heard a loud roar coming from within it. All of a sudden, its body started wiggling violently. An immense force exploded out of nowhere and ripped apart the Full Moon of Nanshan's Flowered Branch of Reincarnation. 

The next moment, countless cracks opened up all over its body. Thousands of blood-red mouths surfaced from these cracks. This jolted Wu Yu's memory of the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree in the Nanyin Demon Continent. However, those that appeared on the bloody tree weren't eyes, but thousands of bloodied mouths. It was a frightening scene to witness. If Prince Le and the rest were here, they would definitely shiver in fear. After all, a Spirit of the Universe could take all forms. 


Soon after, bloody mist was spewed from the thousands of mouths. The bloody mist spread towards the surroundings like waves of the sea, causing a huge commotion and shrouding Wu Yu and the group within it. 


Wu Yu activated his Eyes of Fire and Gold and was surprised to see the bloody mist to be made of blood-red particles. The blood-red particles seemed to be the spores of the tree. They were extremely small but were growing in the air. Shortly after, they became billions of "small objects." These small objects were strange and looked a little like miniature versions of the bloody tree with branches that were like thorns. As the numbers were simply too colossal, they formed a bloody mist and swept towards Wu Yu in an attempt to obliterate him. 

Undoubtedly, these miniature bloody trees were like billions of metal spikes. Moreover, they were extremely small. Wu Yu guessed that if these miniature bloody trees were to enter his flesh and blood, the most frightening outcome would be that they would start absorbing the essence of his flesh and grow rampantly. If it was just a small amount, it might be fine. However, if the number was too great, Wu Yu might just become a dried husk within a blink! 

This was a rather terrifying attack, and even the Full Moon of Nanshan could feel it. He reminded the rest of the danger and instructed Ye Xixi to hide herself first. After all, the number was too oppressive. If this was released in a place with a high concentration of people, a single attack from the bloody tree would have killed or injured thousands upon thousands of martial cultivators below the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. 

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