Chapter 1064: God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design

Although the Immovable Nine Palaces Design was breached, Wu Yu wouldn't just sit back and wait for his defeat. 

Amidst the green fluorescent orbs that were constantly bombarding his body, he chose to shrink his body to the limit and took on his most agile state. 

Since he couldn't stop them, he could rely on his extreme speed to dodge. 

With his vast Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as support, his speed increased substantially. Together with the Somersault Cloud and the Swift Art, the current Wu Yu with three times speed from the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth was probably moving at the limit of what was possible in the human realm. Moreover, he wasn't just swift, but also small in size. Since his huge body couldn't withstand the bombardment of the firefly, the firefly ended up being helpless after Wu Yu shrank himself. 

The fluorescent orbs weren't slow at all and were numerous. It was just that rounds and rounds of bombardment failed to connect with Wu Yu. 

Obviously, Wu Yu had his own difficulties. This was because the countless fluorescent orbs looked exactly the same. They weren't simple clones of the firefly puppet, but the attacks of the firefly puppet. They looked exactly the same as the firefly puppet was surrounded in the same fluorescent light. 

With its unique fluorescent light, an ordinary person would find it hard to identify the main body out of the densely packed fluorescent orbs. 

Although Wu Yu had his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he still couldn't identify it at the moment. After all, he kept a distance away and the puppet had hidden well. 

Wu Yu had destructive battle strength. However, due to the uniqueness of the puppet, he had no choice but to suppress his restlessness and cautiously search for the main body. As long as the fluorescent orbs didn't hit Wu Yu, they wouldn't disappear. Therefore, the number of fluorescent orbs remained the same and they constantly flew around to attack Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu and the firefly could be said to be mutually suppressing each other. This puppet wasn't like the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug, which clashed directly with Wu Yu. Instead, using its unique method, a puppet could display amplified battle strength. However, if one discovered its weakness, it would also become easier to defeat the puppet. For example, Wu Yu just had to identify its main body to make things a lot easier. 

He had the speed to move within the numerous fluorescent orbs while searching for the main body with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Others wouldn't be able to do this. Demons with large bodies would be especially hard pressed in this situation as the firefly would be their nemesis. Under normal circumstances, the barrage of attacks from the firefly would definitely defeat a sixth tier Dao Querying demon. 

Therefore, Wu Yu was the kind that was best suited to face the firefly. 

In the protracted battle, Wu Yu thrillingly avoided the constant attacks of the fluorescent orbs on multiple occasions while searching for the main body. This was a long and dry process. When he lost his patience or wasn't fully focused, he would be easily hit by the fluorescent orbs. Wu Yu had taken the impacts from the fluorescent orbs and knew that they were definitely something. What was especially bad was the momentary numbness after he was hit. During this period, he could barely move, and other fluorescent orbs would descend constantly, numbing the opponent and bombarding him to death. 

Wu Yu ended up taking three days for the seemingly easy-to-deal-with puppet. In the end, he found the main body of the firefly with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. It had really hidden itself deeply. Without a moment of hesitation, Wu Yu casted Paradise's Fiery Demise with his Eyes of Fire and Gold to trap it within the heaven and earth flames! 

Immediately after, his Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters swiftly and accurately hit the firefly. Its defence was not similar to that of the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug and wouldn't be considered as its strength. Therefore, when it took Wu Yu's all out attack, it shattered instantly and the spirit designs collapsed. It would probably take a few days for it to be restored fully. 

Regardless, Wu Yu was content as he had succeeded. He could easily foresee the firefly puppet helping him out greatly moving forward. It would be especially so in the Ancient Soul Tower. Wu Yu also started familiarizing himself with the unique characteristics and spirit designs of the firefly. 

At this point, he considered challenging the seventh tier Dao Querying puppet in the black spirit design. Wu Yu took a few glances at the black light that completely shrouded the puppet's body. He couldn't see at all but could vaguely sense its terrifying aura. 

Wu Yu thought about it and eventually gave up. He wasn't very confident and he wouldn't succeed if he was challenging it with just his main body. Moreover, through the challenge of the sixth tier Dao Querying puppet, he could clearly feel the lack of power of his Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. Overtime, the advanced dao treasure had accumulated several chips and cracks were developing over its surface. 

This was a factor limiting his current battle capacity. Therefore, he chose to give up on challenging the seventh tier Dao Querying puppet for now. 

As for the fifth tier Dao Querying puppet, its name was Silver Moon Mantis. As Wu Yu had defeated the sixth tier Dao Querying puppet, he could use the fifth tier Dao Querying puppet directly. The Silver Moon Mantis was a full offensive puppet, the complete opposite of the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug. Moreover, its speed was ferocious and had two huge, sabre-like forearms. Its attacks were extremely quick and covered with numerous Offensive Spirit Designs. 

As for the firefly puppet, its real name was Elusive Firefly. If the Dignified Sword Elemental, the Dignified Trident Elemental, and the Dignified Archer Elemental formed a series of puppets, then the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug, the Silver Moon Mantis, and the Elusive Firefly would form another series. It was just that the latter series were stronger and more complicated. 

The main design of the Elusive Firefly was the Innumerable Fluorescent Orbs Design, which was on the main body of the puppet. 

There were two applications of the Innumerable Fluorescent Orbs Design. One of them was the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design, which had been used against Wu Yu previously. Countless fluorescent orbs would descend, and they definitely looked capable of even killing gods. 

The other application was known as Spatial Fluorescent Orb Design, which was a transformation of the Innumerable Fluorescent Orbs Design. When triggered, countless fluorescent orbs would be formed. However, the effects would be different from the God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design. The Elusive Firefly had not displayed this design and therefore he wasn't particularly clear of it at the moment. Nonetheless, he believed it had something to do with Qian Kun space. He would need more time to decipher how to use the spirit design. 

To sum everything up, Wu Yu was very satisfied with the Elusive Firefly puppet. After conquering it, his battle strength had increased substantially. Although he still couldn't defeat the most elite existences in the Ancient Soul Tower, like Prince Yu, he could really roam freely when encountering others. 

Initially, he was at the lowest echelons of the Ancient Soul Tower. Now he was comparable to those cultivators with several hundred years of cultivation, like Qu Yin, Ling Han, and others. 

He might even be stronger than them. 

After swapping out with the Heaven Devouring Avatar, it had only been slightly over half a day on the outside. 

Wu Yu realized something. "If my Heaven Devouring Avatar could improve further, my battle strength would increase further."  

However, he wasn't in a hurry. The battle strength of the Heaven Devouring Avatar was dependent on the main body. Now that the main body had improved, it was just a matter of time for the Heaven Devouring Avatar to grow stronger. He could do so at any moment since there wasn't a lack of opponents he could kill and there were lots of Spirits of the Universe within the Ancient Soul Tower. 

When he got out, Prince Le and the rest were still loitering around the second level. Without a doubt, Prince Yu was still following them silently. It was just that Prince Le and the rest couldn't see him. 

Wu Yu looked around and found that there were not many people left on the second level. Those who couldn't reach the second level were still remaining in the first level. Those who could go further up were already gone. He felt like it was about time for them to head up. 

When Wu Yu was conquering the Elusive Firefly, Prince Le had encountered some members of the Yan Huang Tribe. He had asked them and learned that some people had even reached the eighth level. Along the way, the Yan Huang Golden Bead seemed to have appeared several times, but no one had been able to get their hands on it. On the other hand, several intense battles had broken out because of it. It was said that battles were extremely intense in the higher levels. After a period of conflict and having no one to control them, the people were no longer as reserved as before when fighting. 

It was especially so between the Yan Huang Tribe and the other tribes. There were always conflicts. The one that Prince Le was asking had come down to sought refuge after getting intimidated in the fights. Based on what he said, the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared in almost all levels. As such, he might as well go down to the lower levels. Perhaps his chances would be even higher. 

He was right in some sense. However, Wu Yu still believed that the higher the level and the more people gathered, the more the Ancient Emperor would want it to appear. Therefore, he still wanted to head up. Now that he had conquered the sixth tier Dao Querying puppet, he was prepared to move to a higher level with Prince Le and the rest. 

However, the sea of flames that shrouded the sky wasn't a place that was easy to get through. Wu Yu was fine, but Prince Le and the rest might find it problematic. After all, their cultivation levels had increased rapidly, but they lacked dao techniques and mystiques. 

After both of them had a quick discussion, they decided to make use of Prince Yu since he was following them. Therefore, Prince Le shouted, "Big Brother, since you chose to move with us, why don't you show yourself. We would like to get to the third level of the Ancient Soul Tower. I wonder, can you help us with that?" He had the Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron, a seraphic dao treasure, so bringing Wu Yu and the rest up wouldn't be an issue. After speaking, Prince Le waited patiently. Just as he had expected, Prince Yu showed up before them. With a smile across his face, he said, "Since Xiao Le didn't give me the cold shoulder, as your older brother, I naturally wouldn't mind." His weird actions made it hard for one to read him. However, he was still decisive and swept everyone into the Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron the next moment. Immediately after, he soared upwards rapidly. The truth was, he had been to the top of the Ancient Soul Tower and had since come down. To him, getting up was a simple task. After all, he was just going to the third level now. 

Based on what the members of the Yan Huang Tribe from before had said, the third level was a big forest with ancient, towering trees. It looked safer than the previous two levels but was actually several times more dangerous. This was because many of these ancient trees were Spirits of the Universe. However, they were hard to differentiate. As a result, they often moved suddenly and gave others a scare. On top of that, there were also many other Spirits of the Universe. 

When Wu Yu arrived in this world, he found it to be as described. They appeared in a vast and boundless forest with countless trees that reached into the skies. Strong, green winds were blowing ferociously in the sky.... 

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