Chapter 1062: New Worry

Ye Xixi was at the 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm initially. She was not done yet. Wu Yu took a look and saw that she was now at the second tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. She was most likely making a push for the third tier. However, it appeared to be not going as she wished. The Ancient Emperor's dao musings were meant for those in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. After which, the effects would be a lot weaker. 

Just as expected, she stabilized at the second tier of the Dao Querying Realm when everything ended. 

The All Amalgamating Cat was resting on her lap from the beginning. It was probably the most shocked currently. 

Although it was a shame that she couldn't reach the third tier Dao Querying realm, Wu Yu and Ye Xixi knew it was still great to have reached the second tier.  After all, she was practicing the dao of Ghostly Cultivators and Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was the one she hated the mot. It was a challenge in itself for her to endure and choose to accept. Up to this point, she still wasn't willing to look at the Ancient Emperor's statue. In a place like this, she was enduring immense mental torture. Therefore, she had not been speaking much after entering the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Wu Yu caressed her head and nodded slightly. Her eyes were slightly red and Wu Yu knew about the hatred that she was harboring in her heart.  To remain silent even before her arch enemy required courage. It wasn't easy for Ye Xixi to have achieved the improvement she had. 

With the All Amalgamating Cat, the Violet Kingdom primordial energy that she successfully converted with the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra and her gradually improving Hell Incarnation Avatar, she could even fight toe to toe with a fifth tier Dao Querying cultivator. 

Full Moon of Nanshan had ended before Ye Xixi did. He naturally wouldn't disappoint the rest. Although he was a distance from the Dao Querying Realm at the beginning, the process was rather smooth as he entered the first tier of Dao Querying Realm. As such, Wu Yu became the only one that failed to reach the Dao Querying Realm. 

Nonetheless, this didn't stop him from being the strongest one among the team.  Full Moon of Nanshan still wouldn't be a match for Wu Yu with his Nine Cycles of Imperial Immortal Body, various Mystiques and Demonic Pupil of Illusions. He was slightly stronger than Ye Xixi and probably could vaguely go against a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator! 

With their current line-up, Wu Yu and the rest could face Ling Han's group if they encountered them again. Wu Yu could go toe to toe with them without being casually dispoed. As for Prince Le and the rest, although they weren't particularly strong at this point, they were now Dao Querying cultivators. Moving around Ancient Soul Tower shouldn't be an issue. 

Prince Le was only worried that the someone had obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Now, he couldn't wait to get out. 

"Wu Yu, are you able to tell the extent of opponent you can defeat no?"  Prince Le stared fervently at Wu Yu.  Initially, he had thought of keeping the Dao Palace to himself. However, in consideration of his future, he was willing to bring Wu Yu and the rest in. This shoed he had sufficient ambition and decisiveness. He knew clearly even if he had made huge improvements, he couldn't have obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead. He still had to rely on Wu Yu. 

No that they were in the Dao Palace and completed the metamorphosis, it wouldn't be anything if they failed to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. 

"I probably could defeat a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator."  Wu Yu estimated. 

"Impressive!  You have indeed not disappointed me!" Prince Le laughed heartily. 

Qu Fengyu and the rest had stepped out from the gloom after making huge improvements and thought they could roughly match Wu Yu. Upon hearing Wu Yu, they tucked their shoulders.  They still didn't dare to be rude to Wu Yu. 

"Since my father had given this mysterious encounter to us, we definitely have to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Otherwise, we would have let down such an amazing encounter!  We have been delayed for long enough. Now, let's continue searching for the Yan Huang Golden Bead after we get out. Let's work together and create a miracle with our own hands!"

"We will brave any danger, and rise to Prince Le's call!" Qu Haoyan answered loudly. 

Emotions were running high. 

Wu Yu also smiled and said, "With this encounter, I'm confident we definitely wouldn't let the Yan Huang Golden Bead get away."  Having been through such a frightening change, the group was eager to show the world their metamorphosis! 

There're so many experts in the Ancient Soul Tower...... 

When they walked towards the shut portal with agitation and ambitions, the portal opened automatically. Just as they were grinning widely, the smile on Prince Le vanished after two steps out of the portal. This was because he saw someone within the spirit design of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace while King You Ying and the rest were frowning outside the spirit design. 

The one within the spirit design was none other than Prince Yu. He had a stoic expression and caught sight of Prince Le when Wu Yu and the group stepped out. To the astonishment of the group, he revealed a smile and said, "Father is really meticulous. Whilst you guys were listening to his dao musings, I thought of entering and watch by the side. In the end, I couldn't open that dao portal. Otherwise, I might have gain something from it." 

Wu Yu had shook him off previously.   Perhaps he went around searching for some time and eventually decided to return. He knew about this place from the beginning. Therefore, returning here would be reasonable. It was just that Wu Yu had not expected this initially and wouldn't have subsequently when he was overwhelmed with excitement of his own dao querying. 

Although everyone had made huge improvements, Wu Yu still wasn't confident to face an elite existence like Prince Yu.  Or bluntly put, he was still a little weaker to Prince Yu. 

"Princess You Xue, congratulations. As someone from an outside tribe, you are able to listen to Ancient Emperor's dao musings that other princes and princesses of Yan Huang could only dream of. Nonetheless, your seniors have been waiting for you. You may leave now." Prince Yu spoke to Princess You Xue first. 

Wu Yu knew this was because he wanted King You Ying and the rest to leave the place. However, they were waiting for Princess You Xue. Therefore, the two parties had been standing off. Now, Prince Yu wanted King You Ying and the rest to leave. Therefore, it's natural that he spoke to You Xue first.  

Truth be told, Wu Yu wouldn't want to implicate King You Ying into this. After all, Prince Yu was still a lot stronger than King You Ying. Therefore, when You Xue was feeling conflicted, Wu Yu asked her to leave first. Now, he had a little confidence to handle Prince Yu and he definitely wouldn't dare to kill them recklessly. 

"Alright." You Xue was obedient. Prince Yu opened the spirit design's channel and let her out. When she met up with the Dark North tribe members, King You Ying bade farewell to Wu Yu before leaving. If Wu Yu needed their help, he would have told Princess You Xue to inform them. Therefore, they didn't remain behind. 

"We are lucky to find father emperor's dao palace. I'm surprised to find big brother here.  However, big brother wouldn't need to listen to this dao musing.  We still have things to handle and would be leaving first." Prince Le cupped his right fist with his left palm and greeted respectfully. 

Prince Yu answered, "You have even reached the second tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm! When I was at your age, I was probably only at the fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.  The difference is really huge!" 

Prince Le replied to his emotional response with a chuckle and didn't say a further word. He wanted to leave the spirit design with Wu Yu and the rest and was surprised that Prince Yu didn't attempt to stop them. Rather, Prince Yu simply watched from the side. However, they faced a pressing issue once they got out. It was the sea of flames. At their level, it wouldn't be easy for them to make it through the sea of flames. 

"Looks like it wouldn't be easy for you guys to leave. Forget it. Let me help you guys out." 

Prince Yu was right behind them when he spoke. The next moment, a huge bronze cauldron showed up in his hand. It looked really old and patches of rust could be seen. Signs of aging was apparent as though it had just been unearthed. 

"Seraphic dao treasure, Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron!" Prince Le squinted his eyes and knew how powerful the dao treasure was with a glance.  A seraphic dao treasure is stronger than an advanced dao treasure and had over 500,000 spirit designs. As for the Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron, it had 800,000 spirit designs! Among seraphic dao treasures, it could still be considered as elite. 

Wu Yu was feeling immense pressure from a dao treasure of this class. Having just made huge improvements, it was deflating to encounter a terrifying opponent like Prince Yu.However, Prince Yu had no other intentions against them. He was swift and that Soul Restraining Ancient Cauldron grew incomparably huge to surround the group in an instant. Wu Yu could have escaped alone. However, it would be pointless if everyone else was trapped in it. 

"Don't panic. I'm just sending you guys out." Prince Yu remarked plainly. Immediately after, he accelerated and darted into the sea of flames in a blink of an eye. In the dao treasure, they weren't threatened by the sea of flame at all and the interior was rather cooling. 

"What is he trying to achieve?" Prince Le was feeling a little apprehensive. 

"Judging from what he said, he probably believes the Yan Huang Golden Bead would appear near us. Therefore, he wants to follow us," said Wu Yu. 

"There's probably no other explanation," commented Prince Le. 

Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled. "It seems like Prince Yu has an inferiority complex. Instead of being confident in his own strength, he chooses to believe you are the one chosen by Ancient Emperor and the Yan Huang Golden Bead would end up in your hands regardless of anything. Therefore, he isn't going to search around and chooses to keep an eye on you." 

"After being through the dao musing, he probably is more certain that Ancient Emperor is guiding you along. From his perspectives, I feel that his grudge is deep. He seems to be completely neglected by Ancient Emperor.   Yet, he's the oldest among all princes and princesses," Wu Yu commented. 

They were out of the sea of flames after a brief secret conversation. Prince Yu let them out once they were in the world where flames were spewing. Once they were out, Prince Le said, "Thank you, big brother. We are in the Ancient Soul Tower and I've been delayed substantially. Now, I have to work hard to find the Yan Huang Golden Bead. As such, I wouldn't be staying around to chat with big brother. When we get out of this place, I'll look for big brother for further chats."  As he finished his words, Prince Le wanted to leave.

"Don't be in such a worry. I'm thinking of joining your party.  After all, with you guys around, the chances of getting the Yan Huang Golden Bead would be that much higher.  Feel free to go wherever you want. I'll just be in the vicinity. If you encounter any dangers, I'll help out as well."  Prince Yu said with a smile. 

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