Chapter 1060: Questioning Dao and Answering Dao

Of course, the most excited of all was still Prince Le, who worshiped the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. This was the place he had dreamed of, day and night.

He knew that his father emperor knew that he was in his dao palace.

He wanted to weep hot tears of joy.

As the dual identities of immortal and father came together, it was indeed enough to make one get carried away. In the eyes of the princes and princesses, their own father was a legend. He rarely appeared in their lives, but yet had never disappeared. His mark was always on them.

Therefore, Wu Yu could understand why he was so emotional.

As for himself, he was warily respectful of the Ancient Emperor, and was constantly trying to read him. There was some sort of enmity going on.

Before he had arrived here, he already knew that he and the Ancient Emperor were not on the same level. If the Ancient Emperor had any plans for him, it would not get that complicated. He had tread lightly up till this point, but now that an opportunity had presented itself, he would step up to the plate and enter the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace.

Of course, he knew that there was no guarantee that he would walk away with gains. Perhaps it was designed by the Ancient Emperor especially for his sons and daughters. Even if they listened to the same dao, they might not glean the same things.

Standing at the doors of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, there was nothing but gold within. Prince Le knelt at the door in respect and then led the way over the doorstep. Qu Haoyan, Qu Fengyu, and the others hurriedly followed behind. The blow dealt to them by the others had been too big. Especially the dao companions Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun - neither had spoken a word since.

If not for Wu Yu cutting down Lei Xuefeng on the spot, the conflict would have been even greater.

Baili Zhuihun had asked Wu Yu in private why he had not acted before Lei Xuefeng had groped Qu Fengyu. Wu Yu could only say that there was no way out if they had acted prematurely, before the Dark North Tribe had arrived. Baili Zhuihun had experienced it for himself, and obviously had no rejoinder. But Wu Yu guessed that he was still unhappy and was holding it against him.

Wu Yu, You Xue, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi also entered the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace.

The Ancient Emperor Dao Palace was not especially big. All four walls were made of gold, a dazzling sight accentuated with many ancient spirit design carvings. At their current cultivation levels, a closer look would have spiraled them into confusion and would be of no help to their dao at all.

However, the eight of them would not look at these things which they did not understand. Their gazes were directed to the front, straight from the position of the main doors. There was a huge "person" seated on the dragon throne, more than three zhang tall, and wearing gold and black dragon robes. An open and vast aura came forth and struck them deeply. Wu Yu almost thought that the person on the throne was real!

The left eye of that person was golden, like a golden sun radiating with heat. The right eye was black, like a black vortex. While the left eye was radiating blinding light, the right eye was absorbing all light that entered, like an endless abyss.

"Father Emperor!" Even Prince Le had thought it was a real person. He hurriedly knelt on the floor, Qu Haoyan and the others following suit. However, Wu Yu saw with his Eyes of Fire and Gold that this was a statue, and not a real person. But it was a carving of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

The mouth of this statue was moving. If you focused on it, you would realize that he was speaking of dao, and the more closely you listened, the louder the voice grew.


When they entered, the doors automatically closed behind them.

Wu Yu's heart was thumping. He was still very wary at this time.

However, as nothing else happened, he still proceeded forwards to the nine golden futons. They were right below the Ancient Emperor statue, which was slightly hunched over them. If you sat under the statue and looked up, the Ancient Emperor seemed to be towering over you, and the pressure was palpable.

"Listen well." Wu Yu patted Prince Le's shoulder to steady him and then turned his attention to the Ancient Emperor's dao musings. Only then did Prince Le realize that it was a statue. There was a futon right before him, and he had already heard the Ancient Emperor's dao musings. He knew that this opportunity could not be missed, so he took a seat on the most central futon. On his left was Wu Yu, and then Princess You Xue, Ye Xixi, and the Full Moon of Nanshan to the left afterwards. Qu Haoyan and the others sat to his right. There was one empty futon at their end.

Luckily, there were nine spots and nine futons. They almost did not have enough space.

When Wu Yu sat down, he had already closed his eyes, turning fully to the Ancient Emperor's dao musings.

In truth, he was not as hung up on the Ancient Emperor as Prince Le was. Therefore, he could listen more calmly to what the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was talking about. If he heard something that was different from his thinking, Wu Yu would definitely stick by his own.

Of course, the success of others was definitely one to learn from. After all, the legends had said that anyone of a certain level could improve greatly in the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. This showed that the dao was not biased, but suitable for the masses. It might even have captured the essence of dao, and spoke of its true nature.

Everyone's dao was different, but there had to be some universality that connected at the fundamentals.

He listened quietly.

At the start, when he was not paying attention, the voice was soft. But the more one focused, the louder the voice got, until you were completely immersed in it, forgetting where you were and who was with you, completely engrossed in the world of dao.

Wu Yu was the same.

"What is dao? In the heavens, in the world, dao exists. Dao is endless and eternal. It forms sky palaces, the world, and hell.

"Dao is everything. It is the cause, it is fate, it is order, it is your soul, all combined. It is endless life.

"To become immortal, one must reach new heights, look upon the worlds."

Wu Yu listened carefully. He realized that he was speaking of the basics, but he made a lot of breakthroughs here. He had many doubts in the past, but listening to this had filled in the blanks that he had not been clear about.

Wu Yu's understanding of dao in the past had tended towards himself. How he was feeling determined dao. It was his bravery, his state of mind. But the deeper he went, the more he stopped. He continued to absorb the Ancient Emperor's teachings readily, until the dao he contemplated reached a greater scope. Until his qualia receded to but a portion of the overall picture. The great dao encompassed all, but was tinted by each individual's subjectivity.

In cultivation, dao was embodied through spirit designs. Complicated spirit designs were capable of bringing forth terrifying power because the strokes were derived from the dao of heaven and earth.

After listening for an hour, Wu Yu was already deeply immersed, and going through a magical transformation.

He had come warily. While he did not trust the Ancient Emperor's dao, he did not want to waste such an opportunity. Therefore, he used his own experiences to judge it. At least up till now, he had not heard anything he was uncomfortable with. Rather, he gained more and more with each utterance. And he keenly felt that this was what he needed. It was what he had struggled with for a long time, something he had not understood while refining immortal medicines or fashioning spirit designs.

It was very difficult for mortals to help mortals cultivate. Therefore, only through spirit designs and immortal medicines could one record one's dao in some tangible form, while immortals could get to the essence of dao. At least in terms of fundamental quality, Wu Yu had made a terrific improvement. He knew why such dao was useless to Prince Yu - he had long realized this and was moving on to more advanced places. While for Wu Yu and the others, they had to complete their dao in the movement from the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm to the Dao Querying Realm.

This was exactly what Dao Querying was about.

Wu Yu's heart had been filled with doubt, and the Ancient Emperor was like a god, casually saying things that washed them away. After two hours, Wu Yu was already fully engrossed. He forgot everything else. There was only dao and constant growth. As for how much he grew, Wu Yu himself did not know. All he knew was that the more the Ancient Emperor spoke, the more he learned. Many of his doubts had been resolved, and he instinctively felt that these were the right answers.

Wu Yu even suspected that the Ancient Emperor spoke differently to everyone. Everything that he spoke was customized for Wu Yu, crafted specifically to ease his doubts.

This continued for many days, which might have been 10 or even 20 days. Through this time, Wu Yu had heard millions of words. They did not stop. In his daze, he absorbed all the information, which continued to fuel him to breakthrough after breakthrough. The dao was like little pearls of wisdom that fastened onto his Primordial Spirit and then melted in afterwards. His Primordial Spirit went through metamorphoses like never before, and it reached unbelievable new heights!

How high?

Wu Yu himself did not know. But while the Ancient Emperor kept speaking, his dao only continued to grow. He was like a ravenous beast, who gorged and gorged with no intentions of stopping.

Wu Yu had no idea how much time had passed. But he finally felt a sense of completion. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was in the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. He lifted his head to the two eyes of the Ancient Emperor statue. The intimidating statue seemed to bear down on the top of his head.

Ming Long told Wu Yu that 22 days had passed since they had arrived. This meant that they had been in the world of dao for close to a month.

Many things could have happened in the Ancient Soul Tower in these 22 days. For example, the Yan Huang Golden Bead could have been found.

Of course, it was not guaranteed. And since they were still in the Ancient Soul Tower, it meant that there had been no conclusion yet.

As Wu Yu gradually opened his eyes, he realized that his point of view was different already. He could not believe that he had listened to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor nonstop for 22 days in the world of dao. There had not been a single pause, and the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had spoken quickly as well.

Of course, this was dao that the Ancient Emperor had spoken of in the past, during his own cultivation. When he came to his senses, Wu Yu no longer had the sense of "dao that the Ancient Emperor spoke to me specifically." All was one voice now.

Wu Yu came to just as the dao musings came to an end. He looked to his left, and Princess You Xue and the others were opening their eyes at this time as well. Wu Yu could tell that all three had made astronomical progress.

It was not just him.

This meant that it was not just him who had gained today.

And on the other side, even Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and the others also looked like they had made great progress. Especially Prince Le. His eyes were shining. Clearly, his dao contemplation had improved by leaps and bounds for him to have such a significant change. Wu Yu saw a crucial change within him - confidence. He had become a confident person.

The confidence to roam the Ancient Soul Tower.

He again knelt before the Ancient Emperor and then said to them, "I think that after so many days of listening to dao, everyone has greatly expanded their knowledge. Under the teachings of my father emperor, we have all made huge progress, perhaps unbelievably so. Only immortals can speak of all the dao, and this has helped others further themselves considerably....

"Right now, we have all made such great progress in our cultivation levels. Do not be in a hurry to go out. Use all the God's Way Pills that you have and see how far you can progress, and how far your Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy will swell. I wager that many will reach the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm already! My father emperor's dao musings are most pertinent for the Dao Querying Primordial Spirit. I wonder how much everyone has comprehended." They had made incredible progress in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and perhaps even succeeded in Dao Querying. However, this would be proven through the strengthening of their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Right now, their Primordial Spirits were already strong enough to reach new heights.

Wu Yu still had many God's Way Pills from before, and the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had some with them as well. Princess You Xue went without saying. In recent times, the Dark Sea Emperor had given her many, clearly a sign of his doting on her.

Everyone excitedly resumed their lotus positions on the futons, refining huge quantities of God's Way Pills and using the abundant amounts of medicinal power to fuel their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Wu Yu was originally at the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. He was very eager to see how far he could go....

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