Chapter 1059: Door to the Dao Palace

After hearing this, those who profited smiled, while those left out would, of course, protest.

The remaining princes and princesses were unhappy.

"No way! Why can You Xue go, but we can't?!"

"Prince Le, you're shameless. We saved you. How dare you."

"Everyone, shut up. Firstly, why You Xue? Let me ask you: who has a connection with Wu Yu and Prince Le? Secondly, it was us who saved them. Not you lot." King You Ying silenced them with a few sharp retorts. A few of the princesses were still sniveling.

They looked at Princess You Xue and Wu Yu with spite, but now that King You Ying was angered, the girls did not dare to speak.

Of course, internal conflict within a group was inevitable. It would definitely exist to some extent.

Wu Yu felt that King You Ying and the others still understood. While it seemed like they had done most of the work, without Prince Le, they could not even let Princess You Xue drink from this cup.

Besides, they valued the relationship with Wu Yu and Prince Le, perhaps due to the instructions of the Dark Sea Emperor. This was like buying a favor. And if the two truly made it big in the future, then the Dark North would benefit as well. And all they had to do was show the way.

Rather than buzz around in the Ancient Soul Tower like headless houseflies, like the others were doing, why not move towards a target?

"Lets go!"

In order to prevent any unwanted treasure, King You Ying immediately pulled out a warship, an elite advanced dao treasure. It was black, and shaped like an arrow. A sleek, black, and powerful machine. Wu Yu and the others boarded and immediately felt the terrifying thrust of this warship carry them through the flames, speeding on. Because Bei Yuji had passed this area in the last few days, she was familiar with it.

Prince Le was still tense, worrying if the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace truly existed, and if they could find it. At this time, Princess You Xue had already come over to join them, while the other princes and princesses of the Dark North Tribe were seething at the other side. Their expressions were ugly, all good spirit gone. They looked at Wu Yu with spite, completely unable to understand why King You Ying would stoop to such self-abasement.

Within the warship, they could see towering spouts of flame erupt around them, as well as more rock tortoises. For those of King You Ying's level, the second level was indeed a breeze. 

"Almost there."

After a few hours, King You Ying had them make ready. Wu Yu saw that the scene before them was a sea of colors. Fiery explosions erupted occasionally, and it was a chaotic sight. The temperature was also at an extreme. Wu Yu guessed that perhaps out of all the youngsters, he alone could withstand it.

"The fires here are terrifying. Without us, you lot wouldn't have been able to go in, even if you had known about this place," King You Ying said.

As the warship entered the sea of fire, the flames that filled their vision made Prince Le realize the truth of those words. He could not have entered alone. This would definitely have repelled the other princes and princesses.

The arrow-like warship advanced with frightening speed within the sea of fire, moving deeper until there was nothing but flame around them. They seemed to turn almost liquid, gushing around them as though they would burn all life into ash.

"Almost there." Bei Yuji nodded slightly, looking ahead.

This place was colossal. Even if they had come in once before, they would be able to not find it again like this bunch of veteran martial cultivators had.

Bei Yuji's words marked a significant increase in the violence of the flowing flames. And suddenly all was quiet. They had passed through the sea of fire, into an empty, white sphere of space. In the middle of this sphere was a golden palace. It was not large, and it was shrouded in golden and black clouds. It did not look like much, but it radiated a saintly energy when one neared. A true immortal was within, and everyone was seized with an urge to pay obeisance!

"The Ancient Emperor Dao Palace! This is it!" Prince Le was a little hoarse. Seized with emotion, he looked at the golden palace in wonder. Perhaps it was exactly as the legends had made out. After he ascertained it, Wu Yu felt relieved as well. But he was still doubtful. Could the Ancient Emperor's dao musings really have such great effect on a person's cultivation level? If that was the case, why did the Ancient Emperor not bring all his sons and daughters here and make them stronger than everyone else?

Wu Yu also saw that there was a transparent ring of light around the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. This was the spirit design of authority that only Prince Le and the other princes and princesses could pass.

"Alright. We're here. Make use of the time well. We will guard here until you return. Don't take too long. We still have to go search for the Yan Huang Golden Bead," King You Ying said to them.

There was not much threat here, and everyone had already exited from the warship.

Prince Le could not wait. Wu Yu and the others followed him, including Princess You Xue. As for the other princes and princesses, they had already been chastised and remained where they were, watching with a mixture of longing, jealousy, and spite.

As they neared the circle of light, Prince Le was completely focused. He used a weapon to cut his own finger and then dripped his royal blood on the spirit design. The drop of blood quickly vanished. Wu Yu was reminded of the Ancient Demon Realm, which was also opened with blood. This circle of light seemed to open a gap after absorbing the blood. As the blood flowed through it, the hole continued to widen. When it was wide enough for someone to go in, Prince Le rushed in without a word.

Wu Yu and the others followed close behind. After they entered, the gap began to shrink. Before too long, they were completely fenced in. Looking up, the other princes and princesses were looking furious.

And the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace was right before their eyes.

With Prince Le in the lead, the rest followed behind, excited. They immediately headed for the great doors of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Outside, they could vaguely make out a voice, which definitely belonged to the Ancient Emperor.

When the doors opened, it was as though the Ancient Emperor was within. Wu Yu felt a little nervous.

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Outside, they could vaguely make out a voice, which definitely belonged to the Ancient Emperor.

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