Chapter 1058: New Alliance

Those from the Raging Thunder Marsh knew that this was over. There was nothing else they could do and could only leave some harsh words behind. 

"Our young master is dead and we would definitely make you pay the price for it, Wu Yu!" 

"We have a long road ahead. The Ancient Soul Tower is massive. There will be opportunities to meet again. I don't believe you will be so lucky each time!" 

Although that was what they said, they left in a hurry shortly after. 

Only those from the Dead Souls Sea Region were left. 

Ling Han asked, "What's the matter? You guys are from the Dark North Tribe! Are you guys thinking of eliminating me here?" 

King You Ying answered with a chuckle, "Forget it. Someone like you isn't deserving of my time. When you have the guts to face Hellfire and not back out like a coward, you can come challenge me again. However, there's no way the Hellfire would let people from the Dead Souls Sea Region off easily after committing numerous heinous crimes! Just think carefully about how it will feel like being reduced to ashes!" 

As he spoke, he gestured to Wu Yu to follow them and ignore Ling Han and his group. 

Although King You Ying didn't make a move, his verbal assault on Ling Han was still frightening. This was because Ling Han had been paralyzed stiff before the Hellfire calamity for several dozen years. He was fearful and horrified. To him, this was the greatest threat he was facing, and King You Ying's words might have just destroyed his dao heart. 

However, no one would care about how he was feeling. Wu Yu and his group made their way past him and left with King You Ying. Wu Yu was grateful to King You Ying. As for Ling Han, they deserved what they got. 

After Wu Yu and Prince Le thanked King You Ying, King You Ying asked with a faint smile, "After experiencing this trap, what are your thoughts about it?" 

Prince Le answered, "You will always be humiliated if you are weak. Only true strength will bring you pride." 

King You Ying nodded and said, "You are right. Pride is indeed hard to attain. Wu Yu, what about you? I heard that you killed the young master of the Eastern Spirit Marsh and the son of the Floating Souls Demon Lord." 

"My thoughts?" 

Wu Yu pondered for a moment before answering, "Perhaps what I felt was that age isn't a reason for being weak." 

"If you were stronger than us at your current age, old people like us would be very devastated." Bei Yuji chuckled. 

The truth was that Wu Yu was still thinking of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Perhaps that was the key for them to truly ascend the tiers of strength greatly, to allow them to roam freely in the Ancient Soul Tower. At their current states, they could easily be humiliated by anyone. 

Prince Le seemed to have understood this. 

"Moving forward, are you guys going to go with us? You Xue, that girl, she sure misses you. However, I wouldn't be at ease to let her follow you. Her father has instructed me personally to take good care of her," said King You Ying. If they went with them, the chances of finding the Yan Huang Golden Bead or the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace would be slim. Therefore, Wu Yu rejected the offer. Naturally, Princess You Xue also knew clearly that it wouldn't be appropriate for them to stay together. 

Wu Yu was about to reject when Prince Le asked, "If it is just the few of us, finding the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace might be too difficult. Can we get them to help us? To search for the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace together?" 

Wu Yu had not expected him to want to find the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace so bad that he would be willing to divulge the secret to others. Wu Yu asked, "If more people know about it and all of them go searching for the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, it wouldn't be a great idea, right?" 

"Rest assured. The Ancient Emperor Dao Palace has a restriction spirit design that makes it so only those with the blood of a prince or princess can open it and bring others in. Even if outsiders know about it, there's nothing they can do. As for other princes and princesses, they might not find it even if they know the location of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Our hopes are slim. Why don't we get them to help us?" 

Wu Yu took a look before answering, "There are several teenagers from the Dark North Tribe. If they could find it, they would definitely let the teenagers in." 

Prince Le also noticed the issue. Truthfully speaking, this was something that belonged to the Yan Huang Tribe, so he wasn't willing to allow others in. However, he required their help and definitely had to pay a price. Therefore, he answered, "In that case, I'll only allow your friend, Princess You Xue, to go in with us. Other princes or princesses won't do. If they can't agree to this condition, there's nothing we can do about it. If we bring too many outsiders in, I'll receive condemnation and scoldings from the Yan Huang Tribe. Obviously, this is precedent on the fact that the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace really exists and we can find it...." 

If Princess You Xue could enter, it would naturally be great. 

After communicating with Prince Le, Wu Yu went up to King You Ying and said, "Senior, we would like to go with you guys. However, there's another thing that we hope Senior could help us with." 

The Dark North Tribe had a good opinion of Wu Yu as well. After all, Wu Yu was on good terms with them. Therefore, King You Ying asked, "If there's anything we can help with, feel free to speak about it. You don't have to see me as an outsider." 

As such, Wu Yu told them about the possible existence of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace and that they were searching for it. 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, they were astonished. However, Wu Yu could also tell that something about them was odd. This baffled Wu Yu. All of a sudden, King You Ying and Bei Yuji laughed. "We have naturally heard of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. You guys have come to the right person regarding this." 

Wu Yu was pleasantly surprised. It seemed like they knew something about it. Therefore, he asked, "Senior, why would you say that? Could it be...." 

He was confused. The truth was, Wu Yu could know whatever Princess You Xue had seen or heard if he wanted to. However, there was nothing related to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace in her mind. Therefore, Princess You Xue was equally baffled. However, Wu Yu knew from Princess You Xue that when they were searching for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, Bei Yuji left on several occasions to scout certain dangerous areas. When she returned, she only spoke about it with King You Ying. Therefore, there might be something that the couple knew that Princess You Xue wasn't aware of. 

Just as expected, Bei Yuji said, "A few days ago, we were transferred into a scorching hot sea of flames. We moved within it for a long distance and seemed to have discovered a golden palace deep in the sea of flames. However, the surrounding spirit designs inhibited me from getting closer. I tried many ways but couldn't succeed. Nonetheless, that's the only palace that I saw in the Ancient Soul Tower and the only place where the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace might be." 

"That's definitely the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace!" Prince Le was exhilarated. It was just a casual thought to ask them for help; he had never expected them to know where the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace might be! 

"This is interesting. You guys are saying that the Ancient Emperor preaches the dao personally in the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace and it would be greatly beneficial for Primordial Spirit cultivators? However, there's another issue. Even if we brought you guys there, there are spirit designs around the palace and we can't get in," said King You Ying. 

With regard to this, Prince Le was confident. He said, "My father has set up restrictions. Based on what I know, only I can open up the spirit design and bring others in." 

At this point, King You Ying and the rest smiled. He said, "That's great news! Although it wouldn't be useful for old people like me, it would be valuable if we could get the young to listen to the Ancient Emperor's dao musings. In that case, what are we waiting for? Let's head there now!" 

Surprise. This came too abruptly. 

To prevent misunderstandings, Wu Yu had to step forward now to explain. He said, "Senior, Prince Le can't bring too many people in, especially so for people from other tribes. If the seniors of the Yan Huang Tribe found out about it, Prince Le would definitely be implicated. Therefore, we could only bring Princess You Xue in. As for the other princes and princesses, I'm sorry...." 

Wu Yu was familiar with the other princes and princesses. They were all once Wu Yu's competitors. 

They were initially exhilarated but stupefied now. Princess You Xuan questioned, "Only we know about the location of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Why should we lead the way when only one of us can get in? We even saved you guys just now. Don't you guys know about gratitude?" 

The other princes and princesses were indignant as well. The key was that if Princess You Xue had a great encounter this time and left them in the dust, they would be in even greater danger in the future. 

Prince Le lowered his head and said, "Everyone, we are truly sorry about this. We have to also consider the views of our Yan Huang Tribe. The Ancient Emperor's dao musings are simply too important. After all, you guys are from the Dark North Tribe and not like them, who are my closest aides. I could at most bring Princess You Xue in. This is because she's on good terms with Wu Yu. As for others, I'm really sorry...." 

Obviously, Prince Le was the key to entering the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Without him, those from the Dark North Tribe couldn't enter. 

The princes and princesses became garrulous. As for Wu Yu and the group, they didn't say much and waited for King You Ying's response. This was where they felt complicated. 

The truth was that Wu Yu had a vested interest in this. He naturally wanted to help Princess You Xue. If she could have this opportunity and overtake her brothers and sisters, she might become the new emperor of the Dark North Kingdom. This was something he thought was the best. Regardless, he wouldn't allow her other siblings to enter. 

"Could we really not have one or two more people?" asked King You Ying. 

Prince Le shook his head. "King You Ying, you should understand my dilemma...." 

Using something that belonged to the Ancient Emperor to strengthen others was indeed a sin. They could easily be condemned. 

They were also clear in their intentions. If King You Ying rejected their offer, they could only rely on themselves then.... 

At this point, King You Ying went to discuss with several elders. In the end, he said, "Alright, let's do it. I can also understand your dilemma. This movement is also to gain a good friend. If Prince Le could really become that existence that we dream of, we hope you will take care of our Dark North Kingdom as well." 

Prince Le received a definitive answer and was naturally overjoyed. He nodded forcefully and said, "Thank you, King You Ying. If there is such a day, I'll definitely not treat the Dark North Kingdom badly!" 

They took a long term approach and found it pointless to strain the relationship with Prince Le. Moreover, it was just a simple act for them. If Princess You Xue benefited from it, it would be an unexpected gain. Although this wasn't fair to the others, they also knew that Princess You Xue had obtained this opportunity with her own personal connections. 

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