Chapter 1057: King You Ying

After Ling Yi's baffling death, the group stood rooted into the ground and were completely stumped for a brief moment. 

This included the Yuan Pearl Lord, Ling Han, Lei Bao, and the other elite experts that were either fifth or sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators. Any one of them could have defeated Wu Yu. 

For them, they would be facing stiff punishment after leaving the Ancient Soul Tower. It was especially so for the Raging Thunder Marsh because he wasn't like Ling Han, who was the biological brother of the Floating Souls Demon Lord. 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was extremely mysterious. At the very least, they couldn't tell what it was capable of and therefore were a little intimidated by it. 

"Perhaps we could never find anyone more foolish than you guys. Prince Le was chosen by the Ancient Emperor to be the future Yan Huang Emperor. Yet you guys couldn't see this and chose to target Prince Le in the same manner as you targeted Prince Cheng. I can only express my condolences. Since Ling Yi had offended Prince Le, I could only send him to the afterlife. Moving forward, you guys can choose to continue doing what you like. However, I'd like to see how many among you guys can live past today. I know you guys won't just believe what I've said, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'll just advise you guys to wait and see." 

When Wu Yu said that Prince Le was chosen by the Ancient Emperor, they were intimidated. This was because they had heard similar rumors before. When they saw Prince Le, they were a little over their heads. They believed that humiliating Prince Le would only make them appear more impressive. But the consecutive deaths of Lei Xuefeng and Ling Yi seemed to be indirectly proving what Wu Yu had said. 

"Nonsense! If this is predetermined, why would there be the challenge of the Ancient Soul Tower?" Ling Han had calmed himself, locked on to Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar, and seemed ready to strike at any moment. 

As for Lei Bao and others, they had lost their composure. Knowing that the punishment they would be facing when they left could very well be death, they were all pondering about how they could explain this incident to the Eastern Spirit Marsh's Domain Master. 

Wu Yu tittered, "The coronation of a new emperor has to convince the public. There should be a grand and formal ceremony to announce it to the world, right? Otherwise, do you guys really believe that he would return the tributes from the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage so easily? Are you really that naive?" 

Ling Han said, "Wu Yu, how dare you assume the Ancient Emperor's thoughts recklessly and spread rumors! This is no different from falsifying his edict! Aren't you worried the Ancient Emperor will plunge you into eternal torture?" 

Wu Yu replied with a smile, "Since I have the guts to say it, would I be completely baseless? Forget it. Spare me your nonsense. Aren't you gutsy and want to humiliate us? Let's carry on with that. After all, you won't be living past today. What is there to be afraid of?" 

During the conversation, Wu Yu had full control of the tempo. His brazen words had surprised Prince Le, but Prince Le could still vaguely tell that Wu Yu was just buying time. The more Wu Yu taunted the other party to continue, the more wary they would get. For example, Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen wouldn't dare to act again after seeing the other two killed. As for the Yuan Pearl Lord, he hadn't participated in the first place and wouldn't do so now. As such, only those from the Dead Souls Sea Region and the Raging Thunder Marsh were left. 

The ones from the Raging Thunder Marsh were feeling conflicted. They had no means to explain the incident to the Eastern Spirit Marsh's Domain Master. Just humiliating Wu Yu would clearly be insufficient, unless they killed Wu Yu. However, Wu Yu was the man of the hour in the Yan Huang Tribe. If they killed him, the Yan Huang Tribe would most probably not let them off. Therefore, they were in a dilemma. Humiliating Wu Yu would be the most pointless thing to do now that their men had died! 

Ling Han was facing a similar dilemma. 

Wu Yu was more ruthless than them and had gone for the kill directly. The only way out was to kill him as well. However, they wouldn't dare to kill someone from the Yan Huang Tribe. 

Ling Han had a sudden thought and said, "A life for a life. Wu Yu, you are the one who killed them. You are right that we can't kill Prince Le. Since you have that clone, we will kill your clone instead." He had made up his mind this time and wanted to do so personally. Regardless, he had to give the Floating Souls Demon Lord an explanation. The only threat from Wu Yu was that clone. Therefore, he wanted to destroy that clone first before deciding if he wanted to kill Wu Yu as well to avenge Ling Han.

"That's right! Let's finish off that clone first." 

"I'll help as well." With Ling Han taking the lead, the others from the Raging Thunder Marsh also had a goal in mind. 

They were only so cautious because they didn't know the full capabilities of Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. The truth was that with their strength, any one from them could easily crush Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

With Ling Han taking action personally while the quartet from the Raging Thunder Marsh and Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen staying at the back, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was in a perilous situation. Wu Yu had tried his best to buy time, but this was probably all he could have done. 

"What should we do?" Prince Le was still a little worried. 

He knew that he wouldn't die, but he was worried about Wu Yu and the others. 

At the very least, no one in the Yan Huang Tribe would say a word if the Full Moon of Nanshan or Ye Xixi died. 

The Ancient Emperor had made it clear that deaths were possible in this place. 

Facing Prince Le's question, Wu Yu chuckled and answered, "Prince, you don't have to worry. With us at this stage, how would I not have a solution in mind?" 

That's right. The other party was really strong and had old fogeys that Wu Yu couldn't handle. Those that he could had been sent to the afterlife by him. 

However, there were lots of powerful people in the Ancient Soul Tower. For example, in the team of the Dark North Kingdom, many powerful existences had been assigned personally by the Dark Sea Emperor to protect the princes and princesses. 

When Ling Han approached Wu Yu's clone, he suddenly heard a voice from afar. 

"Stop now." This was an empty voice from an old man. Although it was just two words, it felt like they were getting closer. When Ling Han and the rest turned back in astonishment, they saw a group of black-robed people. They were none other than the Dark North Kingdom's team. The team was made up of several old, elite cultivators, and Princess You Xue was also in the team. 

Princess You Xue finally heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a smile after seeing Wu Yu. At the very least, Wu Yu looked unscathed at the moment. 

That's right. When Wu Yu realized that they were trapped, he informed Princess You Xue instantly. 

Through the connection of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, Wu Yu could speak with Princess You Xue without relying on any external aid. In fact, he had been keeping contact with Princess You Xue all along over the past few days. He also knew that Princess You Xue was still at the second level and searching for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Wu Yu had absolute trust in her and therefore told her that he saw the Yan Huang Golden Bead in the second level. 

They were a distance away from the trap, but, fortunately, weren't too far away. Wu Yu then asked her to gather her people to rush over expeditiously. She happened to be with experts from the Dark North Kingdom. Among them, the strongest duo was the biological brother and sister of the Dark Sea Emperor and uncle and aunt of Princess You Xue. 

They were King You Ying and Bei Yuji, both elite cultivators in the Dark North Kingdom. King You Ying was just a few years younger than Prince Yu and was a seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator. His wife, Bei Yuji, was a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator. 

A seventh tier Dao Querying cultivator would have been through the second dao calamity, Hellfire, and would be a lot stronger than a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator. Therefore, with King You Ying around, Ling Han, the Yuan Pearl Lord, and those from the Raging Thunder Marsh wouldn't be a threat any longer. 

King You Ying didn't know about the Soul Manipulation Blood Design but knew that Princess You Xue was on very good terms with Wu Yu. This could be the key to improving the relationship between the Yan Huang Ancient Country and the Dark North Kingdom. Therefore, when they heard that Wu Yu and Prince Le were in danger, they were very willing to rush over. 

Wu Yu was waiting for their arrival and trying to buy time from the very beginning. It was just that they had gone overboard in the process and even wanted to lay his hands on Ye Xixi. Therefore, he had summoned his Heaven Devouring Avatar to intimidate the other party and was forced to kill two of them. 

Naturally, Wu Yu had no regrets. Now his reinforcements had arrived and he would be completely safe. 

This time, it was Ling Han and his group that were stumped. 

They were certain Wu Yu couldn't seek help. This was because they had restricted him completely. However, they didn’t know about the Soul Manipulation Blood Design and naturally wouldn't expect it would be the Dark North Tribe rather than Yan Huang Tribe that came to save Wu Yu and the group. 

Ling Han still put on a tough front and said, "This is a conflict between the Yan Huang Tribe and us. What does it have to do with the Dark North Tribe? King You Ying!" 

King You Ying chuckled and said, "I just feel like interfering with whatever you swines from the Dead Souls Sea Region are thinking of doing. I'll give you ten breaths of time now. If you don't leave, don't blame me for not showing mercy. Yuan Pearl Lord, you are alone, but you are pretty daring. Do you want me to break open your spirit design personally?" 

The first part of his sentence was for Ling Han, while the end was for the Yuan Pearl Lord. 

In the Jambu Realm, the Black Starry Skies Kingdom and the Raging Thunder Marsh had high opinions of themselves and saw the Yan Huang Tribe as enemies. Although the Dark North Tribe had an average relationship with the Yan Huang Tribe, they weren't on bad terms. Others, like the Oriental Flower Tribe, had extremely good relationships with the Yan Huang Tribe. In fact, many people from Oriental Flower Immortal Realm were married to Yan Huang Tribe members. 

The Yuan Pearl Lord didn't have much to say from the beginning. Seeing the situation, he revoked the Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation without saying another word and left without bidding farewell. 

As such, Wu Yu and the rest had their freedom. Wu Yu moved expeditiously and surrounded everyone with the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. Immediately after, he retreated rapidly and was finally out of danger. On the side of the Dark North Tribe, several elders moved in front of Wu Yu and the rest. 

When the Dark North Tribe made their moves, Ling Han and the rest were gloomy but couldn't do a thing. 

Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen were about to leave upon witnessing the circumstances. All of a sudden, the Full Moon of Nanshan shouted, "Hey darlings, why are you in such a hurry to leave? Didn't you say you would be testing me out? I'm more than willing to accept it~" 

Xuan Xing was all right and had not done anything overboard. As for Xuan Chen, although she rarely spoke, she had nauseated Wu Yu when she did. 

However, Wu Yu didn't stop them. They were still strong relative to Wu Yu. Wu Yu had relied on others' strength to break free from this predicament. However, he wouldn't want to rely on others' strength to get his way. 

Therefore, although the Full Moon of Nanshan was indignant, he still let them off. 

"The next time we meet, I'll be returning something to both of you," Wu Yu said softly. 

Both of them paused for a moment but still left in a jiffy. 

Only the people from the Dead Souls Sea Region and the Raging Thunder Marsh were left. 

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