Chapter 1056: Within Three Breaths

Now they were too lazy to argue any further with Prince Le.

To them, because Prince Le was more famous, they actually required more courage. Previously, when they argued with Prince Le, they were also just trying to convince themselves!

Wu Yu could tell that the Yuan Pearl Lord was only in charge of setting up the spirit design. He did nothing else. As for the other three groups, the ones who truly attacked were the youths. For instance, Ling Yi, Lei Xuefeng, Xuan Xing, and Xuan Chen. Of course, they were only comparatively young. Their real ages were much older than Wu Yu's group. The youngest, Lei Xuefeng, had cultivated for at least 100 years more than them!

"Then let me service Prince Le!" The Floating Souls Titanic Beast Ling Yi was already standing in front of Prince Le.

The sisters, Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen, targeted Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu was the second most famous among them. Xuan Xing looked at her little sister and giggled slyly. She said, "Alright, you can have him. I will take that wild boar."

Lei Xuefeng looked and saw that there were also Qu Haoyan and Baili Zhuihun. He said, "Let's kill the remaining two guys. One of them is the son of an Army General, the other one's father is just a small provincial lord. It's nothing to kill them."

Lei Bao, who was behind him, said, "Young Master, it's best not to kill anyone. Besides, sometimes being killed is not the worst fate. Young Master, why don’t you let me try something?"

"Sure, you go ahead!" Lei Xuefeng laughed heartily.

Someone walked out from the group of muscular men and locked onto Baili Zhuihun. He immediately stood in front of Baili Zhuihun, right before Ling Yi and the others. One could only see fierce lightning curling around his hands now. The blue lightning on his left hand was darker in color, while the lightning on his right was lighter in color. They were probably differentiated by Yang lightning and Yin lightning. At this point, he did not say anything but punched both fists into Baili Zhuihun's solar plexus as Baili Zhuihun watched in horror. Instantly, Baili Zhuihun screamed loudly. He kept screaming as his entire body was covered in lightning. He was pale and trembling. Obviously, he was in great pain. However, he could not die!

"Stop! I swear to the heavens! If you do not stop now, one day, everything that I endure today, I will return it to you tenfold!" Prince Le roared in fury.

Pa! Ling Yi gave him a tight slap across the face. He said scornfully, "You better shut up. You can't even take care of yourself!"

He was quite brave to dare to slap Prince Le. Wu Yu have finally witnessed this group's determination.

On the other side, Lei Xuefeng seemed to be deaf to Prince Le's furious shouts. He was now standing in front of Qu Fengyu and he said to Lei Bao, "Uncle Bao, yours is not the most terrifying move. Watch me!"

He reached out his hands and, before Qu Fengyu's desperate eyes, pressed them onto her chest and kept tapping her body. Qu Fengyu screamed tragically. Qu Haoyan, who was beside her, was raging. However, Lei Wang immediately appeared beside him. He used the same method as Lei Bao and struck Qu Haoyan with enough lightning to force his eyes to roll over. Qu Haoyan could not say anything. However, Qu Fengyu had already cried in despair. She was almost in a fit. There was nothing more humiliating to her than this.  

"Pretty darling, are you going to use the same method on me?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was still joking. He looked at Xuan Xing perversely.

Xuan Xing smiled brightly but stretched out her sword. That sword tip trailed the Full Moon of Nanshan's lower abdomen and went lower. She grinned. "If I chopped it off, would you be unhappy?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled and said, "Oh, it would make you regret that." 

He was not afraid of any humiliation. This was his special characteristic. After all, he had been through so much pain since young. It was the same for Wu Yu. He would not surrender just because of some physical torture.

Xuan Chen, who looked identical to Xuan Xing, was now in front of Wu Yu. She held the same kind of sword. It was blue, dotted with stars. This should be an advanced dao treasure, but it should be at the same level as the Dark North Royal Obelisk. She slowly stabbed the longsword into Wu Yu's chest. The sword tip had already sunk in by half a cun[1].

"Is it painful?" Xuan Chen asked.

Wu Yu smiled and said, "You can poke a few holes into me, but don't think that I will even frown."

Xuan Chen said, "I understand. So to force people like you to lower your head, there is only one way, and that is to inflict pain on those you care about. Lei Xuefeng, don't you think that the girl over there is more special? "

Lei Xuefeng was molesting Qu Fengyu on the other side. Hearing Xuan Chen's shout, he looked at Qu Fengyu's tearful face and then at Ye Xixi. He grinned and nodded, saying, "Of course. So I saved her for last. The best things have to be enjoyed last."

As he spoke, he was already in front of Ye Xixi. Obviously, he was going to treat Ye Xixi the same way as he had treated Qu Fengyu.

Prince Le gritted his teeth and said, "Let me say it one more time: I will definitely return the humiliation tenfold! For each and every one of you!" 


Each time he spoke, Ling Yi smiled and slapped him.

On the other side, Xuan Chen hugged her sword. Lei Xuefeng was beside her, while Ye Xixi was beside Wu Yu. At this moment, Lei Xuefeng was full of smiles. He ignored Wu Yu on purpose and said to Ye Xixi, "Bitch, did you wait too long? Don't be anxious, your good brother is here to service you. Aren't you just a nameless ghostly cultivator? Enjoy your big brother's love and follow Big Brother from now on. Become Big Brother's little slave. What do you think?"

His smile was intensely disgusting.

Ye Xixi's eyes were cold. She remained silent, but her look could kill.

Actually, she was the only one who had a way to escape from this Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation. She could escape by turning into black sand. However, Wu Yu knew that it was useless for her to escape. One grain of black sand would be quite obvious against this backdrop if held to close scrutiny, even outside of the formation. However, if she faced the same situation as Qu Fengyu, she would have to do that.

Just as Lei Xuefeng was about to make his move, Wu Yu turned and looked at him. He asked, "Lei Xuefeng, do you believe that I can kill you within three breaths?"

"Kill me?" Hearing that, Lei Xuefeng guffawed, "Then I'm looking forward to that. You better watch carefully!" This wretched person actually really wanted to humiliate Ye Xixi. Actually, this definitely was Wu Yu's bottom line!

Xuan Chen was really a vicious person. She indeed knew Wu Yu. No matter how much she hurt him, he would not react. However, if she caused Ye Xixi harm, then the effect would be different. Hence, at this moment, she was simply waiting to watch a good show.

Perhaps everyone had just taken Wu Yu's words as a joke.

Even Ling Yi stopped to watch this more interesting show.


Suddenly, Lei Xuefeng's movements stopped. He frowned and looked at Wu Yu with a twisted expression. It was filled with extreme fear, and in the next instant, his body suddenly erupted with countless bloody holes. With an explosion, fresh blood burst out into the surroundings. Within a short time, Lei Xuefeng actually turned into a dried-up corpse!

"Young Master!" Lei Bao, Lei Jun, Lei Wang, and Lei Xing were all stunned. They saw that behind Wu Yu's real body was another Wu Yu. That Wu Yu had blood red eyes and white hair. He held a bloody rapier in one hand and in the other hand he wielded a huge, black cleaver. There was a noisy human head on that black cleaver!

That’s right, they had failed to trap Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. Wu Yu originally kept the Heaven Devouring Avatar as his only way of escape. However, Lei Xuefeng had crossed his bottom line. He would do as he said and killed the Eastern Spirit Marsh's young master within three breaths.

After all, this guy was only at the first tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. The Blood Coagulant Rapier could kill him instantly.

You should know that Ling Yi's group did not dare to kill anyone. However, this time, Wu Yu was even more vicious and more decisive than them. Disregarding the status of the Eastern Spirit Marsh's young master had, he had killed him directly. Lei Xuefeng's last expression was very interesting. He died at the instant when he was most relaxed. Perhaps he had looked at Wu Yu in despair in the end, but there was no other way. Who had told them to tempt fate?

Now Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen both retreated in shock. They stood far away from Wu Yu. The others were instantly shocked too. Wu Yu looked at them. Since he had already killed one, then he was not going to hold back. As for his Heaven Devouring Avatar, his eyes locked onto the weakest of the group, the Floating Souls Titanic Beast Ling Yi. Ling Yi had slapped Prince Le a few times and was at his proudest moment. Lei Xuefeng's death had made his heart skip a beat.

"Ling Yi, watch carefully for my neck-breaking performance." Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar grinned evilly and moved extremely fast. In the instant everyone reacted, his cleaver had already chopped towards his own head. If he was attempting to behead someone else, perhaps someone would have reacted and stopped him. However, he was clearly committing suicide. Everyone was shocked once again.

Until the moment everyone saw that cleaver passing through Heaven Devouring Avatar's neck but realized that it seemed to be cutting through thin air. In an instant later, Ling Yi's head flew out and landed in the sea of flames below. The flames quickly devoured it and the head disappeared. The remaining headless corpse spewed blood into the air and started to fall down too!

He had killed two in an instant, and both of them had important identities. One of them was the son of the Eastern Spirit Marsh's Domain Master and the other was the Floating Souls Demon Lord's son. They were both future leaders! They were already holding very high positions. At least this group of people from the Raging Thunder Marsh looked towards Lei Xuefeng as their leader, while the demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region had both Ling Yi and Ling Han as their leaders. Even though Ling Yi was young, his position was no lower than Ling Han’s.

"Ling Yi!" This time, it was the demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region's turn to be stunned.

They had not expected at all for the two people that they had been ordered to protect to die instantly.

Both had died by Wu Yu's hand. Perhaps they dared not to kill Wu Yu. However, he had attacked fast and accurately. Compared to their slow moves, the difference between them was too great.

To be honest, Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and the others had not expected Wu Yu to kill upon attacking. Qu Haoyan and Baili Zhuihun were originally half dead and in a bad state. Of course, while Qu Fengyu was physically unharmed, her heart was destroyed. At this moment, she felt avenged seeing the person who had humiliated her explode and die a horrible death....

1. 1 cun= 3.333 cm or 1.312 inches

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