Chapter 1055: Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation

At this moment, the four groups were smiling and applauding as they stood in front of Wu Yu's group. Whereas Wu Yu's group was entirely trapped within the formation.

The Yuan Pearl Lord was a sixth tier Dao Querying cultivator and relatively strong. He had spent a lot of effort laying out this spirit design. At their current level, it would be extremely difficult for Wu Yu's group to attempt to escape. They were too young.

Prince Le had faith since he heard Wu Yu say that he had a way out. Prince Le's expression remained calm as he asked, "Was this Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation set up to capture that tortoise Spirit of the Universe? You are all familiar to me. Floating Souls Titanic Beast Ling Han, Yuan Pearl Lord, Xuan Xing, Xuan Chen, and the young master of the Eastern Spirit Marsh."

His words made it clear that first, he knew this spirit design, and second, he could identify them by name. This was actually also asserting his dominance. It meant that he knew them and that whatever they did to him, the Yan Huang Tribe would know of it.

Unless they could kill all of them without a trace.

Of course, they would never dare to do that.

Unexpectedly, after listening to what he had to say, they still smiled and looked at each other.

The Floating Souls Titanic Beast Ling Yi nodded and said, "Prince Le actually knows us. This is a great honor. However, Prince Le has guessed wrongly about one thing. Our spirit design was not prepared for the spirit of the universe, but for the Yan Huang Tribe. We have had it prepared for quite a few days and have only caught some small fries. We did not expect to catch a big fish today."

His words were not friendly.

He did not hide at all but explained his motives clearly. They had set up this spirit design for the purpose of defeating Yan Huang Tribe members, and they had succeeded in doing so. Except they had not caught any princes, but ordinary Yan Huang Tribe members.

Xuan Xing from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom giggled and said, "You are our greatest catch today. Actually, Prince, you must be curious as to how our group got together. Allow me to explain for the Prince. All of us share a common interest, and that is: we hate the Yan Huang Tribe, especially those high and mighty princes and princesses from Yan Huang Tribe. I'm sorry, but, Prince Le, I'm talking about you."

"Speaking of big fishes, Prince Le is very famous in Yan Huang. While you’re weaker than many princes, you are unbeatable in terms of fame. As a big fish, Prince Le is only secondary to Prince Yu. Of course, we dare not offend Prince Yu." Lei Xuefeng from the Raging Thunder Marsh burst out laughing. His personality seemed to be open and careless. He did not hide his laughter.

Xuan Xing from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom was very close to Wu Yu and Prince Le. While she had the makings of a sword cultivator, even more so, she had the attractiveness of a beauty. She spoke sweetly and winked lightly. "Three days ago, we caught Prince Cheng. At the beginning, he was like you guys. He had no fear and was not scared. He even scolded and humiliated us. However, after a round of beating, he knelt and prostrated before us, begging for his life. He looked so pitiful. After all, he is a noble prince. When has he ever suffered before?"

Prince Cheng had previously fought with Wu Yu. Wu Yu, of course, had an impression of him.

When Xuan Xing spoke, her twin younger sister, Xuan Chen, took out a mirror. That mirror projected some images. They could see that it was Prince Cheng and a group of Yan Huang Tribe members. They were beaten up badly, especially Prince Cheng, who was stripped naked. When the images started playing, he was already kneeling on the ground, prostrating to them. This went on for about 10 breaths of time. Almost everyone from this group slapped Prince Cheng a few times on the face before letting Prince Cheng go. It was only then that the images stopped playing.

This was definitely ruthless humiliation.

After Prince Le and his group finished watching, even though he had a bad relationship with Prince Cheng, his face was flushed red with anger. Strong killing intent flashed in his eyes. As for Qu Fengyu and the others, they were angry yet scared. While furious, upon thinking carefully, these people were scaring them by showing them Prince Cheng's pathetic state. They wanted them to experience such cruelty and humiliation, and they were likely to use the same moves that they had used on Prince Cheng on Prince Le.

After Wu Yu watched, he could not understand this group. Were they mad?

They were now sniggering and confident, as though they had total control over the greater plan. They seemed to have sunk into madness. 

Prince Le, seething with anger, said, "Something is wrong with your heads! You actually dare to humiliate the princes. Don't forget that this is the Ancient Soul Tower. You are humiliating the sons of my father emperor, the Ancient Emperor! You will get nothing by doing this and will definitely get killed! "

Ling Yi from the Dead Souls demons snorted coldly. He stood in front of Prince Le and was only one zhang away from him. He said, "We get nothing? You are wrong. After we exit the tower, we will show these images to everyone else. The entire Jambu Realm will learn our names. We will be famous. The entire Jambu Realm, other than the Yan Huang Tribe, will be delighted to see those images! The high and mighty princes actually kneeling, begging, and even being slapped by me. That is such a beautiful image. You will never understand as a prince. Of course, you will be one of these begging princes. "

It was obvious that they really hated the Yan Huang Tribe.

The young master of the Eastern Spirit Marsh from the Raging Thunder Marsh also scolded at this moment. "For several years, our Electric Vortex Tribe has laid low and trained hard. We constantly have to use up our kingdom's resources just for the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. We still have to come personally to pay tribute. The Ancient Emperor has never given us the opportunity to compete fairly with you all. This time, we finally got the chance. The Ancient Emperor wants to test his princes, so we shall be your tests. Let us see if the princes who have been humiliated by us can still be qualified to be the future emperor of Yan Huang. Haha!"

He dared to voice out his dissatisfaction and hatred towards the Yan Huang Tribe so openly. These were the true thoughts in his mind. Of course, Wu Yu knew that the ambassadors of 10,000 kingdoms were mostly dissatisfied in their hearts. To them, this was personally sanctioned by the Ancient Emperor to allow a fair competition. This was the opportunity for them to teach the Ancient Emperor's citizens and children a lesson. Some foreign members still did not dare to do much to the Yan Huang Tribe, but there were some like them who even cooperated to set up spirit designs for the sole purpose of defeating the Yan Huang Tribe.

Because they obviously knew that the Yan Huang Golden Bead was not prepared for them. Hence, they might as well earn other things here, for instance, a release of their hatred, or fame.

Prince Le knew their goals clearly now. But he thought that they were still ridiculous. He said, "You all are too naive. My father emperor is no saint. Do you really think that he will give you the opportunity for a so-called fair fight? I dare say that your group is dead. The Ancient Soul Tower is very big and very mysterious. The people outside cannot see everything, and if you all died mysteriously, no one would collect your corpses! Your families will never be able to seek anything from your deaths! The Spirits of the Universe and the dangers here can all send you to your deaths!"

While Prince Le did not speak too bluntly, anyone could understand what he meant. He thought that this group of people was being too naive. They had actually done something so meaningless. They should know that they were inside the Ancient Emperor's immortal treasure of the gods. What could escape his eyes? He could effortlessly create some accident to quietly kill this whole group for humiliating his son like that. From the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, it was clear that the Ancient Emperor was no saint. Hence, there would be no absolute fairness to speak of….

This could scare them.

However, if Prince Cheng had said that, then perhaps all of this would not have happened and they would really be afraid. The problem was they had already humiliated a prince. They were beyond the point of no return.

After Prince Le spoke, they stared at each other. A debate and argument broke out among them.

But in the end they did not change their minds and instead became more desperate. Since they had done it once, they should simply continue with what they were doing. Xuan Xing still laughed. "From this point, I can tell that compared to us, you understand the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor even less. The Ancient Emperor has many sons and daughters. He needs to choose an inheritor from real tests. He will definitely be harsh. Since he set up this Ancient Soul Tower, then he will maintain fairness. The humiliation of some weak sons and daughters only proves their uselessness and that they are not qualified to fight for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. If you do not believe me, let me ask you. Since young, how many times have you even caught a glimpse of the Ancient Emperor?"

The last question indeed put Prince Le in a bad place.

"The key is that it is not only us who are doing so. Who in the Ancient Soul Tower would not beat up Yan Huang Tribe members upon catching them? Some of them have more sinister moves than us. You guys have been too arrogant. This is the Ancient Emperor wanting us to teach you a lesson. So why should we not? If you had not fallen into our hands today, you would still be beaten up by others tomorrow. If that is the case, you might as well be beaten up by us!"

Prince Le was indeed upset. However, the other party had spoken the truth. In the past, without the Ancient Soul Tower, the Ancient Emperor had allowed them to challenge Yan Huang Tribe members, including the princes and princesses, during the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. His descendants and children had to fight for themselves. The Ancient Emperor never seemed to take part in such minor fights. Despite the numerous years, only he himself acted as deterrence as his might increased. 

After all, these mortal fights were too minute to him.

Wu Yu knew early that Prince Le had no way of changing their minds. Wu Yu could only ask for Prince Le to buy as much time as possible.

Prince Le and their argument only forced them to act even crazier. Wu Yu could not cut into the quarrel. Soon, they lost patience. Ling Yi's uncle, Ling Han, said, "Let's attack in case something else happens. We have done this once. This time, let's quickly enjoy the feeling of venting on these serfs! All you young princes can't even hold the hatred within your hearts. This doesn't bode well for your future!"

They would definitely not kill anyone, but they would humiliate them in all ways and even destroy their dao hearts. This was also very cruel, especially for people of Prince Le's status. When had they ever been humiliated before?

"I'll deal with the girls!" Lei Xuefeng from the Raging Thunder Marsh stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He sniggered as he looked at Qu Fengyu and Ye Xixi.

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