Chapter 1054: Floating Souls Titanic Beast

In the blink of an eye, more than 10 days passed.

Wu Yu estimated that those who had rushed upwards had reached the sixth or even the seventh levels by now.

Yet he remained on the second level. On the one hand, the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared at the second level about 10 days ago. On the other hand, Prince Le was determined to find the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace.

This was because he felt that the Yan Huang Golden Bead was not one to be earned by being fast. According to his understanding of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, this might carry on for a very long time. It was possible that it might take half a year to determine the ultimate victor.

Hence, there was no need to rush at the moment.

He believed that they could only stand a chance when they became stronger. Otherwise, it would be like Wu Yu's first attempt, where he failed to obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead despite it being right in front of him.

Or perhaps it would be like his second try, when he clearly could snatch it but had bumped into Prince Yu and could only hide instead.

Wu Yu agreed with Prince Le's words. Strength was the key.

At a time when the other princes and princesses were rushing to reach the ninth level, it was commendable that he could resist the urge and lower his goals to remain at the second level of Ancient Soul Tower.

There were very few people on the second level. On the one hand, it was because many of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators could not come up from below, and on the other, it was because the stronger ones had proceeded to higher levels.

Many experts had entered. The level that Wu Yu's group was currently at made them one of the weakest.

The only difference between Wu Yu and Prince Le was his view on the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. To be honest, Wu Yu did not really believe that such a place would be in this tower. He also did not really trust the palace's effectiveness that they were talking about.


An endless sea of flames burned before them. This was the flaming world of the second level. Their environment looked the same everywhere. They felt as though they were walking about in circles.

Such a random search could drain one's patience easily. At least Qu Fengyu and her group felt that this was meaningless.

Actually, they had the mindset of the majority. No matter which level, they were all vast, endless worlds. Finding the tiny little Yan Huang Golden Bead would be akin to finding a needle in a haystack....

"This is really hopeless. How did the Ancient Emperor arrange for this…." Qu Fengyu said helplessly.

"These are all tests for Prince Le. Persevere, don't give up. We can succeed. The Prince must be the Ancient Emperor's chosen one. If not, we could not possibly have been so lucky to have seen the Yan Huang Golden Bead twice, while others have not even seen it once. If Wu Yu was stronger, then perhaps we would have gotten it already." Baili Zhuihun comforted her.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold had swept past too many places, and the conclusion was still nothing, nothing!

Other than flames and those Spirits of the Universe, there really was nothing else here.

Many who remained in the second level had lost their patience early on and gone up. Hence, the second level became emptier and emptier. In the end, they basically need not avoid anyone.

At this moment, everyone had their own emotions as they continued to advance through this endless sea of flames.

Wu Yu searched quietly. His eyes were tired and he shut them to rest for a while. When he opened his eyes again, the Seven Stars Fortifying Design was flying close to the ground.

Suddenly, he saw that there seemed to be a ripple of a spirit design on the ground below. It was very weak. If he did not use his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he would not have discovered it.

The first thought that popped up in his head was: why would there be a spirit design here?

The second thought was: danger!

He was instantly alarmed and quickly made the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug fly higher up!

But he seemed to have been too slow. They were already trapped within the boundaries of the spirit design. This spirit design was prepared early. It looked like a trap. When Wu Yu reacted, he knew that this was not a spirit design from the Ancient Soul Tower. This was arranged by someone else. Someone had set up a trap here!

It was a pity that he had coincidentally shut his eyes at that moment. It was just his luck that when he opened his eyes, they were already deep into the spirit design.

If not, they might have evaded it.

The spirit design suddenly activated. Its power was extremely mysterious and very intricate. Under a chaotic situation, such a spirit design could easily defeat martial cultivators or demons. The Seven Stars Fortifying Design remained, but the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug was exhausted. The spirit design took this opportunity to attack. The spirit design did not manage to break down the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug's Seven Stars Fortifying Design, but it managed to shake the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. It forced the spirit design to transform back into the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug in confusion.

Slick, slick, slick, slick!

Instantly, Wu Yu felt as though he was trapped in a spider web, entangled by countless spider threads. In that instant, his entire body was bound. He could see clearly that the spirit design had instantly transformed into a gigantic spider web. The moment the Seven Stars Fortifying Design was shaken and destroyed, the rest of them had been tied up by the threads. They were entirely trapped within this spider web. Wu Yu quickly used his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to turn small, but the spider web entangling him turned small too. It had totally trapped him!

He originally wanted to use Paradise's Fiery Demise from his Eyes of Fire and Gold to directly burn away this spider web, but this spirit design was obviously stronger than Wu Yu had predicted. When he was tied up, sharp threads directly pierced into his body. One color from the threads entered Wu Yu's blood, and in that instant, it acted like poison, forcing Wu Yu to lose his spiritual power. His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was also controlled by these messy and tangled threads.

This was equivalent to being tied down entirely. There was no need to talk about the others when even he was trapped. The Full Moon of Nanshan used Gone from the Skies but failed to evade. He was forcibly exposed from his invisible state. The seven of them, including the Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug, were now entirely trapped in this spider web.

They were simply unlucky to accidentally enter someone else's trap.

When they were trapped, they immediately heard applause. There were giggles and laughter too. Someone approached them from afar.

"Old Wu, what do we do now?" The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at him.

Prince Le and his group also looked at Wu Yu. They had no way of escaping at all. All hope was on Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu had become their core spiritual strength after they entered this place.

Wu Yu knew that this would be difficult, but he had to give them some hope. Hence, he said calmly, "Let's wait and see. Don't worry. I know what to do."

Just as he said this, the person who had set up this spirit design arrived. What made Wu Yu surprised was that he did not expect so many people to be involved. There were about 20 of them, and they were made up of many parties. There were sea region demons, ghostly cultivators, and even martial cultivators.

They were all ambassadors of 10,000 kingdoms.

Wu Yu had looked through the information before and recognized these people. However, he did not know all of them. Basically, when these people came out, he had an impression of the few main characters. Based on his current memory, it was no problem for him to remember about 20,000 people. 

His eyes quickly swept across.

If he did not remember wrongly, these people came from a few places.

One, the most obvious was the few demons. They were all sea region demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region.

Second, there was one lone elder who seemed to be a ghostly cultivator from the Rising Cloud Nation.

Third, there were two from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom, a sword cultivator immortal kingdom mostly populated by martial cultivators who loved to use swords.

Fourth, there were some from the Raging Thunder Marsh.

These four parties were the top few powers comparable to the Dark North Kingdom. Of which, the demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region were the much hated enemy of the Dark North Kingdom. He really did not know how these people would meet, and even work together to set up this trap!

Since they appeared together at this moment, it clearly meant that they were the ones who had set up this spirit design.

Prince Le was worried that Wu Yu and the others could not recognize these people. Hence, once they appeared, he secretly and quickly introduced them to Wu Yu.

"Dead Souls Sea Region demons! These are the Floating Souls Demon Lord's people. The Floating Souls Demon Lord is the demon second to the Dead Souls Demon Lord in the Dead Souls Sea Region. He is very powerful and his true form is the Floating Souls Titanic Beast. There are two Floating Souls Titanic Beasts here. The small one is called Ling Yi, at the third tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. He is the Floating Souls Demon Lord's son. That big one is the younger brother of the Floating Souls Demon Lord, called Ling Han. He is at the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. The remaining demons are all followers of the Floating Souls Demon Lord. They range from fourth to fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators."

Just this group of demons from the Dead Souls Sea Region had strength that far surpassed Wu Yu's group.

"That elder from the Rising Cloud Nation is a travelling elder. He is called the Yuan Pearl Lord. He should be the main person who set up this Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation today!"

The Rising Cloud Nation was a ghostly cultivator nation. Yet the elder followed this group. This was really unexpected.

The remaining were the Black Starry Skies Kingdom and the Raging Thunder Marsh. These two were immortal kingdoms that disliked the Yan Huang Ancient Country greatly. They saw themselves in a higher position and felt that other than the Ancient Emperor, the Yan Huang Ancient Country was no different from them.

"The two from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom are twin sisters. The older sister is called Xuan Xing and the younger sister is called Xuan Chen. Their father is the Xuan Yang Sword Emperor, an expert who is one of the top three strongest in the Black Starry Skies Kingdom. The two of them are quite strong and both are at the fifth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. They have cultivated for close to 300 years."

Xuan Xing and Xuan Chen were identical twins, no doubt. They looked alike and were both seductive and attractive beauties. They wore sword lanyards. While they were about 300 years old, they looked like young ladies in their twenties. They were at their sweetest age. Under their sword lanyards, they were curvy and sexy. They smiled attractively. Of the two, the older sister was more seductive, while the younger sister was colder. However, the younger sister's figure was even sexier.

"The last group is from Raging Thunder Marsh. The youth in the middle is the young master of the Eastern Spirit Marsh. The Eastern Spirit Marsh is the second largest territory in the Raging Thunder Marsh. Its Domain Master is also a top expert. The others are Lei Bao, Lei Jun, Lei Wang, and Lei Xing. They are all followers of the Eastern Spirit Marsh's Domain Master. They are fifth tier Dao Querying cultivators! The young master of the Eastern Spirit Marsh, Lei Xuefeng, is older than me by 100 years. He is a first tier Dao Querying cultivator. He's not really a genius."

Wu Yu actually recognized all four groups.

The first group was the Dead Souls Demons. Each of them had greyish-black skin. The Floating Souls Titanic Beasts, Ling Yi and Ling Han, looked very large and strong but also very cold.

The second party was the Yuan Pearl Lord from Rising Cloud Nation. He did not speak and stayed behind the large group. Yet he was the person who had set up this spirit design.

The third group was a pair of sisters from the Black Starry Skies Kingdom. They carried long swords on their backs and wore starry sword lanyards. They were attractive and distracted the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The fourth group was from the Raging Thunder Marsh, with the skinny young master of the Eastern Spirit Marsh, Lei Xuefeng, leading a group of tall, bulky, and muscular men whose upper bodies were covered in lightning.

So, what did they want by surrounding them with smiles on their faces at this moment?

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