Chapter 1053: Dignity

"Your meaning is that the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace is in the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower?" Wu Yu did not let such temptations get to his head.

Hearing his question, Prince Yu knew that Wu Yu was interested. He nodded with a slight smile. "Of course. You probably couldn't go to the other places either."

Wu Yu let some interest show. He asked again, "And this Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Hearing the Ancient Emperor's dao musings will let me quickly reach the peak of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm?"

He was currently only at the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and already had such fighting ability. If he could reach the peak of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, his battle strength would be awesome.

Although he could not take on the Ancient Soul Tower solo, he could at least roam freely.

"I just came from there yesterday. I listened for a spell, and even at my cultivation level, I gained quite a lot. Let alone you. You know what I regret the most? It's that if I had entered 300 years ago, I could have at least saved 100 years of time." Prince Yu sighed.

He was willing to bring Wu Yu there, all to take Wu Yu's place as Prince Le's minder.

In truth, if such a place existed, it sounded like a deal not much worse than the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

But the greater the lure, the greater the risk. To him, Prince Yu was not to be trusted. That might very well be a place of his imagination, and he would bring Wu Yu to some unsavory place instead. Also, Wu Yu both feared and respected the Ancient Emperor. The Ancient Emperor's dao musings, however divine, might be problematic for Wu Yu.

Therefore, the risks of this deal, alongside the unethical betrayal, made it one that he would not accept. Of course, hearing about a place like the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace did Wu Yu no harm at all.

Right now, he was basically clear on everything he needed to know.

Wu Yu feigned a troubled expression. He again asked, "Do you swear to heaven that what you just said is nothing to deceive me?"

His expression looked like he was sold, but still conflicted. One look at him and anyone would think the deal was sealed.

Prince Yu gave a chuckle. He was probably convinced by Wu Yu's expression. He relaxed a little. "I swear. This is no easy thing. In fact, I can bring you to Ancient Emperor Dao Palace to experience it. If you think...."

Prince Yu had not even finished speaking.

This was the most relaxed time for him. He was obviously at ease, his heart buoyed with the thoughts of imminent success. But halfway through his pitch, Wu Yu suddenly did a somersault and disappeared before his eyes.

That's right. Wu Yu had taken the opportunity to flee.

When he was surrounded thus, even if he had used the Somersault Cloud to flee, he might have crashed against his opponent and failed. Therefore, he had waited. After all, the sword qi enclosure was too small.

After making him drop his guard with some verbal trickery, he had left at a completely sudden moment, when his opponent had not been expecting it. Prince Yu was fully focused on finding ways to persuade him to go to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, and not on containing him....

Wu Yu did not know whether he would be furious, frustrated, or laugh bitterly. He might even hate Wu Yu for his trickery. But that was inconsequential. The Ancient Soul Tower was huge, and it would not be easy to meet him again.

He flipped twice in quick succession with the second tier of the Somersault Cloud, covering hundreds of li. Because the Heaven Devouring Avatar was with them, Wu Yu found their location with ease.

Actually, when Prince Yu had said that he was looking for Prince Le, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had already told Prince Le and the others to leave quickly. They had already been hustling away for a good period of time, while Wu Yu's real body caught up to them later. 

Before long, he was within the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. Wu Yu had it fly low, avoiding the eruptions from below while speeding on.

"What's the situation?" Prince Le and the others already knew that Wu Yu had discovered the Yan Huang Golden Bead on the rock tortoise.

Wu Yu thought a while, then told Prince Le about the encounter with Prince Yu. After all, between the two of them, he would definitely side with Prince Le.

He told the matter from start to finish. Before, he had been locked in a battle of wits with Prince Yu, and so the Heaven Devouring Avatar had remained silent.

"He wants to work with me? Because the Yan Huang Golden Bead appears near me? Prince Yu normally doesn't show his face and is easily forgotten. To come up with such an idea...." Prince Le felt the sense of danger. Because here, he had no ability to resist Prince Yu.

"If I had known, I would have stayed an extra half a day outside and had some experts accompany me. But even with their protection, I would not have anything to deal with someone of Prince Yu's caliber." Prince Le frowned.

"There's more. He wanted to make a deal with me for me to leave you. He wanted to go with you alone," Wu Yu said.

"A deal with you? What deal?" Prince Le was sore.

Wu Yu told him.

"Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, Ancient Emperor's dao musings!" Prince Le was shocked.

"You know about the Ancient Emperor's dao musings? He said that someone of your age probably didn't," Wu Yu said.

Prince Le was still unsettled. "Indeed. The Ancient Emperor Dao Palace has not been mentioned for a long time. It is said that if any prince or princess makes a great contribution tot the Yan Huang Tribe, the Ancient Emperor will reward them by bringing them to the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace to listen to the musings. At that time, the princes and princesses all worked very hard, but no one earned that privilege. Later on, it was gradually forgotten. After all, no amount of effort seemed to reach our father emperor's mark. And Prince Yu said that the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace is here, and he went in before?"

Wu Yu nodded. That was indeed what Prince Yu had said.

Prince Le said, "Seems like besides the Yan Huang Golden Bead, we can also look for the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. I heard things about it. If we can find it ourselves, we need not be afraid of Prince Yu's trappings. Besides, he said that the dao inside is tremendously useful for the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and less so for the Dao Querying Realm. This is correct. I heard that the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace's musings are more concerned with the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm."

Prince Le's words made sense. If Prince Yu brought them in, it might be a trap. But if they found it by themselves, that would be real.

"Is the Prince sure to look for the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace as well?" Wu Yu had assumed that he would definitely see it as Prince Yu's trap.

"Why not? All of us are at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. If we can reach the peak quickly, and even break through, then our group will not be limited in our movements within Ancient Soul Tower or be bullied everywhere we go. The four of us can at least have the strength to protect ourselves and not be burdens to you. And the three of you can definitely take on stronger opponents, even those geezers who have been cultivating for close to 500 years. Isn't that right? That way, we can truly have a shot at the Yan Huang Golden Bead!" Prince Le said with great feeling.

Evidently, he felt helpless within the Ancient Soul Tower. Although Wu Yu had not said it, even he had felt that all four of them had been complete burdens from the start. They could not help at all, and had even hindered Wu Yu in all sorts of ways. Prince Le himself was not satisfied with the situation.

His demand on himself was at least to be able to watch out for himself.

And not for Wu Yu to have to constantly protect him with the Seven Stars Fortifying Design. Battles, plunder, all of it was Wu Yu's undertaking alone, while he hurried away to hide from danger.

This was definitely wounding to Prince Le's ego.

Wu Yu understood how he was feeling.

"Can I not gravitate towards the dao of my father emperor?" A faraway look came into Prince Le's eyes.

Wu Yu understood now.

Besides, it was true that all of them were Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators. Prince Le and the others were already near the peak. If they reached it, their strength would see some improvement, and at most, they might be able to keep themselves safe.

Ye Xixi was already at the 10th tier. If there was such an opportunity, she might be able to reach the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm. Given her abilities, her fighting strength would increase greatly. After all, the Hell Incarnation Avatar and the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra had both already seen astronomical improvements.

The ones destined for great change were definitely Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. They were the ones who had cultivated the immortals' legacies the furthest. All they lacked was cultivation level. Once both reached the peak, and leveled out their greatest weakness, the entire situation would change.

The Ancient Emperor Dao Palace was probably here at the second level.

They had no leads to find either the Yan Huang Golden Bead or the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. They could only wander blindly and test their luck. Therefore, there was not much difference whether they were looking for one or both.

The only difference was that there were much fewer people here on the second level. The golden vortex had culled many from the first level.

Even so, the eruptions were significantly more dangerous than the debris on the first level, and much faster as well. The Seven Stars Fortifying Design might be hit, and so it remained in a constantly damaged state in this fiery world. There was no time for it to recover like before.

When they came across a large patch of black soil that looked safe, Wu Yu knew that this was definitely a sleeping rock tortoise. All was good if no one disturbed it, but once it was roused, the danger was high.

However, their previous experience meant that Wu Yu would still burrow into the magma to see if the Yan Huang Golden Bead was there. They could not always be lucky - the Yan Huang Golden Bead did not appear again.

Blindly wandering about the second level, they would definitely meet people. Wu Yu gave them a wide berth, both Yan Huang Tribe and others. Because here, there were many experts. Meeting the weak Prince Le, it was normal to want to at least humiliate him, not even considering the intense rivalry between royal siblings.

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