Chapter 1052: Ancient Emperor Dao Palace

He actually wanted Wu Yu to take him to Prince Le....

What was he planning?

He had used his sword qi to form an area in order to trap Wu Yu.

Trapping Wu Yu meant that this was an order.

However, Wu Yu's mind was on another matter.

The Yan Huang Golden Bead.

He had to find an answer.

Prince Yu had either already obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead or was oblivious to its presence.

Some time had passed. If he had obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead, then the Ancient Soul Tower experience might already be over.

With an owner, there would have been a clear outcome for the Ancient Soul Tower. That would mean that they should be chased out of Ancient Soul Tower.

But there was no change yet.

This meant that the last possibility was true. Although he had killed the rock tortoise, he did not know that the Yan Huang Golden Bead had been embedded in the rock tortoise's belly up till a moment ago.

The Yan Huang Golden Bead had left without anyone's knowledge during the fight.

Wu Yu relaxed a little with the bead not being obtained yet.

And now his problem was how to escape safely.

The sword qi enclosure was definitely his threat to Wu Yu.

For now, he sensed no killing intent from Prince Yu, so Wu Yu asked, "Prince Le and I were, unfortunately, separated. I wonder, why does Prince Yu wish to meet Prince Le?"

Prince Yu looked at him emotionlessly. Betraying neither amusement nor anger, he arched an eyebrow slightly. "Don't try tricks with me. I know you know where he is at. Your two friends are still there, aren't they?"

He was referring to the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

This showed that he understood Wu Yu well. The Full Moon of Nanshan was indeed Wu Yu's friend, but Ye Xixi's status was officially a ghostly cultivator under Prince Le. Others should not know about the relationship between Wu Yu and Ye Xixi.

"All the more I have to ask. Why does Prince Yu wish to meet Prince Le? This is the Ancient Soul Tower, and you know that as Kingmaker Le, I am naturally worried that Prince Yu has ill intentions for Prince Le. If Prince Yu does not make things clear, I will not comply."

Wu Yu waited without fear.

He was confident that Prince Yu could not catch him.

But Prince Yu was unexpectedly candid. "While Little Le is young, he is also a rival. The Yan Huang Golden Bead stubbornly refuses to appear. I wish to join forces with him. Perhaps the chances of the Yan Huang Golden Bead showing itself will be higher."

He wished to move with Prince Le.

He must have heard that the Yan Huang Golden Bead had appeared in the first level and that Wu Yu had almost snatched it. He had probably also made the connection to Prince Le and suspected that the Ancient Emperor had devoted extra attention to Prince Le. Therefore, as long as he remained close to Prince Le, his chances of encountering the Yan Huang Golden Bead should be higher as well.

Indeed, a shrewd approach.

Wu Yu forced a dry chuckle. "Does Prince Yu think that Prince Le has good luck? And that the Yan Huang Golden Bead will appear near him?"

Prince Yu nodded. "The rumors would not be baseless. I went up to the fourth floor of the tower but found nothing. I know where I should be, all too clearly. Lead the way."

He had set his heart on moving with them.

Perhaps it would indeed be safer with him around. But if there were any treasures, especially the Yan Huang Golden Bead, there would be no question. Given the strength of such an elderly cultivator, he could even be Wu Yu's grandfather. Snatching things from him would only be a daydream.

The Yan Huang Golden Bead was a dream in itself. Following him would kill any hopes of even a miracle.

But through these two encounters, Wu Yu actually agreed that staying by Prince Le's side seemed like the easiest way to encounter the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

This was good news for them. Therefore, he had to quickly reject Prince Yu, or they would lose their only advantage. A rare chance given by the Ancient Emperor to Prince Le.

Therefore, Wu Yu shook his head. "No. Please forgive my refusal. The Ancient Soul Tower has driven Your Highnesses mad over the  Yan Huang Golden Bead. I know that there is intense competition between your highnesses. If I bring you to Prince Le, it would not be favorable for him, and that would be wrong. Prince Le treats me well, and I will not harm him."

He used this reason to reject him.

Prince Yu narrowed his eyes with a new hint of anger.

"Given your current strength, if I choose to force you, you have no power to resist, Wu Yu." Prince Yu's voice cut into him, sharp as swords.

Wu Yu smiled. "Does Prince Yu mean to punish or kill me? But if I do not agree, can you force me to go to Prince Le? Prince Yu can search for him yourself. If I'm here, Prince Le must be nearby. Isn't that right?"

His casual responses were a measure of his courage.

After all, this was the Ancient Soul Tower, and the Ancient Emperor might be watching every moment. Wu Yu wagered that he would not do anything foolish unless under the most extreme circumstances.

Actually, Wu Yu had already prepared to escape with the Somersault Cloud. This sword qi enclosure could not hold him at all. His only fear was a sudden attack that would be difficult to dodge.

Ordinarily, Prince Yu's ire should have been raised, and he might even attack Wu Yu, forcing him to submit. But instead, Prince Yu's expression loosened up. He seemed to recall something new. "Wu Yu, how about a deal? You don't need to pretend. I know that you and Prince Le are only getting along fine. You're not that close. You refused because you won't get any benefits, right?"

A deal?

Wu Yu did not know what medicine he was selling from his gourd.

Prince Yu was ordinarily a low-profile person, spending little time with others. Wu Yu did not have his measure.

"My wish is for you to take me to Prince Le and then leave. I will bring him to search the Ancient Soul Tower. And you will obtain something beyond your wildest dreams." Prince Yu went straight to the point, not beating around the bush.

Wu Yu laughed inwardly. This Prince Yu had the right idea. If Wu Yu was around, he would only be an obstacle. Therefore, he not only wanted to control Prince Le, but also to chase Wu Yu away.

However, he was curious. Why was Prince Yu so confident?

Before Wu Yu said anything, Prince Yu continued, "I know that you have the fighting ability of a Dao Querying cultivator, all through your physical prowess and some superb mystiques. But your real body remains stagnant at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. Your Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy pales in comparison to others. And I have a way to change that for you. You will see a huge increase in your cultivation level. You will at least rise to the pinnacle of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm without question."

Wu Yu had not been interested, but this caught his attention. Of course, he definitely mistrusted Prince Yu's words. Besides, he could not throw Prince Le to this wolf just for that. It would be dishonorable. After all, Prince Le had indeed helped him out before.

As for Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he could not deny it, which was tantamount to admitting it. This was indeed Wu Yu's weakness. If not for his physical strength and mystiques, he would definitely not be punching so far above his weight.

Therefore, Prince Yu continued in a benign tone. He asked Wu Yu, "Have you heard of the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace?"

Wu Yu was in no hurry to escape. His interest had been piqued by Prince Yu's talk of a speedy rise, and there was no harm in knowing more.

He shook his head.

Prince Yu was expecting this. He smiled. "In the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, there are the Ancient Emperor's Dao Musings. This is something that only we princes and princesses of a certain age know about. Little Le probably doesn't. When we were young, we could not see our father emperor either. We heard our ancestors say that he trained in a place called the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. He would occasionally speak about his cultivation experiences out loud and record them. That voice is in Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Day after day, year after year, the voices never cease. Each speaks of the great dao's truths, straight from the mouth of an immortal. Naturally, all will be heard clearly. Each utterance can send a person into enlightened stupor, their cultivation level rising greatly. Just listening to one will definitely end a slump and ensure a huge breakthrough in dao realm. It is especially useful for Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators because the voices are the Ancient Emperor's insights on the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. The elders told us that the princes and princesses who perform best might be brought into the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace to cultivate with the Ancient Emperor. And if you do great deeds, you can also be privy to the musings. A pity that in so many years, no sibling has caught the Ancient Emperor's eye. Despite my many accolades, I, too, am not qualified to enter the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. Before I came to Ancient Soul Tower, I thought that the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace did not exist. But it actually appeared. The problem is that I have now passed the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm and therefore the dao inside is of no use to me."

While he had been cryptic before, now he revealed all.

There was a place in the Ancient Soul Tower called the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace. It would bring great improvement to Wu Yu's cultivation level.

"I know where the Ancient Emperor Dao Palace is. I will take you there, you will take me to Prince Le. Is that profit enough for you to leave Prince Le's side? Truth be told, you and he are cut of different cloth. You are much more talented than he is, and you have no need to serve such trash. I saw it from the beginning. Without you, Prince Le is nothing."

Prince Yu's calculations were cut beautifully.

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